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All Careers Considered

All Careers Considered

By Indiana University Walter Center for Career Achievement
College students, alumni, recruiters, and career development professionals from Indiana University Bloomington's College of Arts + Sciences chat about how students can explore and pursue their career goals. Episode topics range from 3-5 minute micro-episodes that answer FAQs to longer conversations about the coolest jobs and the best ways to land them.
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Using Technology to Enhance History, Art + Travel for All with Kathleen Burnett

All Careers Considered

The Importance of Diversity in Your Network with Alan Bacon
Alan Bacon graduated in 2003 with his degree in Criminal Justice and African American Studies. He currently serves as the Senior Director for the Social Innovation Fund for the United Way of Central Indiana, which is an initiative dedicated to fighting poverty in central Indiana.  In this episode, Alan shares how his experience in performing arts, specifically with the IU Soul Revue, really shaped his identity as a creative, dynamic young leader. He also shares advice on how to build your network and stay vigilant even the unexpected happens. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to subscribe to All Careers Considered wherever you get your podcasts. This is the last episode of this season of the podcast but stay tuned for Season 4 with Molly which will air in January!
October 22, 2020
Using AAADS major to create positive change with Bianca Tirado
Bianca Tirado graduated in 2009 with her degree in African American and African Diaspora Studies. Since then, she’s been making a difference in her community of South Bend in meaningful and inspiring ways. In this episode, she shares with Molly why she decided to major in AAADS and how it has played a meaningful role in shaping her identity as a young leader. She shares what it’s like navigating politics as a woman and how she’s been able to create positive change. Spoiler alert: she’s also worked with Mayor Pete Buttigieg! Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to subscribe to All Careers Considered wherever you get your podcasts.
October 15, 2020
All Careers Considered: Living Overseas After College with Alex Moler
Alex Moler graduated in 2012 and studied History, International Studies, and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. He has years of experience as a social scientist and has worked on various projects, including those on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. He has lived in multiple countries including England, Somililand, Iraq, and Afganistan. In this episode he shares which student organizations helped him develop as a student, and why he decided to leave IU for a semester. He also shares what it’s been like living overseas, how he stays grounded even when doing research projects on insecure or conflict-affected environment, and what it takes to be good at his job as a research practitioner.
October 8, 2020
All Careers Considered: The Importance of Getting Involved with Sam Gilchrist
Sam Gilchrist graduated in 2006 and studied Anthropology and Political Science. In this episode, he shares his story with Molly, including everything from what it was like changing his major at IU and deciding not to pursue his original plan of becoming a doctor to what it’s been like moving around the country for different jobs in political organizing and campaign management, including working for the Obama campaign. Now he serves as the Western Campaigns Director for the National Resources Defense Council in Denver, CO. You probably won’t be surprised to hear how he landed this cool opportunity and the ones prior: networking!
October 2, 2020
Navigating Competitive Job Fields with Suzanne Schaefer
You may think you know what a think tank is, but do you know about all the different types of roles you can have at a think tank? Suzanne Schaefer works for the Brookings Institution, a highly regarded think tank in DC, as the Foreign Policy Communications Manager. In this episode, she shares with Molly what it’s like working at Brookings as a young professional, how she’s learned to navigate tricky office politics, and how she’s adjusted to a WFH environment amidst the pandemic. She also shares some tips for students who have their sights set on a competitive job in the DC area, regardless of how introverted or extroverted you might be.
September 24, 2020
College Voters Make a Difference with Mark Fraley
We're celebrating National Voter Registration Day with a bonus episode! 🎉 Mark Fraley, Associate Director of the PACE program at IU, talked with Molly about what voting means to him and why college students’ votes matter. He also provides some insight into how to make positive change within your community, regardless of what industry you’d like to work in. Each year, IU partners with TurboVote to provide a place where students can register to vote. If you haven’t registered to vote for the upcoming election, we highly recommend visiting the link to register. Start right now — it only takes a few minutes!
September 22, 2020
Embracing Nontraditional News with Hannah Alani
Hannah Alani graduated from the Media School with a degree in Journalism in 2017. She’s now a reporter for Block Club Chicago, a nonprofit newsroom that focuses on local neighborhood news. While Journalism takes many forms, the freedom of the press is essential to a democracy and is protected by the first amendment. Hannah walks us through her impactful experiences working at the Indiana Daily Student and interning and working in professional newsrooms. She also shares tips for students trying to break into the non-profit journalism business as well. Read the Show Notes
September 18, 2020
Andrea Vega Yudigo Embraces Election Season as a Reporter & Young Professional
Andrea graduated with her degree in International Studies & Journalism in 2019 and is currently a DC-based reporter for NHK, Japan's national broadcaster. As she mentions in this episode, sometimes that first job and post-graduation experience is exactly what you'd expected and sometimes it's not, especially when a global pandemic occurs. In Andrea's case, it's a little bit of both AND has provided some great opportunities to challenge herself, grow, and learn.   In this episode, she tells Molly what it was like doing a gap year in China after graduating from high school before starting at IU, why she decided to change her major, what it's been like traveling all over the country to cover the Biden campaign, and more.  Read the Extended Show Notes
September 11, 2020
Using Technology to Enhance History, Art + Travel for All with Kathleen Burnett
Hoping to study the liberal arts discipline you love, but also seek entrepreneurial opportunities and/or jobs in the tech industry after graduating?  Kathleen is an ideal person to speak on these topics.  In this episode, she shares how her early experiences traveling overseas with her Girl Scout troop inspired her to pursue a degree in history at IU.  She moved to Washington, DC after graduation, where she stumbled upon a common problem to which she created a tech solution (her app, Drover).  Kathleen’s story is relatable, inspiring, and definitely worth a listen!
September 4, 2020
Applying Data to Government + Public Policy with Eric Langowski
Eric became interested in government and public policy when he was involved with student government as an IU student.  He also became frustrated with the way the world was unfolding and became conscious of the need for politicians to make better use of data as a tool to solve problems. Upon graduation in 2018, Eric was looking for a career path that would allow him to apply his academic skillet in math and physics in a way that would allow him to positively impact governmental structures, systems, and policies. In this episode, he shares his path thus far and some things he’s learned about the world of work since graduating in 2018 and moving to Chicago, including how important it is to get a wide variety of experiences as a young professional. Enjoy!
August 28, 2020
Using Her Voice in State Politics with Cherrish Pryor
Cherrish Pryor didn’t know that she wanted to work in politics when she was younger. Now, she’s a Democratic representative to the Indiana House of Representatives. In this episode, Cherrish reflects on how her family members – especially her grandmother – inspired her career goals at a young age. Their dedication to getting people registered to vote in rural Mississippi helped Cherrish to explore what a meaningful career meant to her, even though she didn’t realize that’s what she was doing at the time. Cherrish tells Molly about her time as a student leader and GROUPS Scholar at Indiana University, how she landed her first job in Fort Wayne after graduation, and her experience as an African American woman serving in Indiana state politics.
August 21, 2020
Season 3 Trailer: Democracy + Your Career
Welcome back to a new season of All Careers Considered!  Molly from the Walter Center at IU will interview College of Arts + Sciences alums whose career paths relate to democracy.  Alumni guests majored in various academic disciplines within the College and are up to a wide variety of endeavors, with one common theme which is the idea of empowering people and communities in the pursuit of positive change.  New episodes will begin next Friday, August 21.
August 14, 2020
How to Network in Person with Toni Neely
When you pose for a picture, do you ever feel like you suddenly have no idea what to do with your arms, your face, or your entire body? Navigating in-person networking for the first time can feel a lot like that awkward moment. Networking Ninja Toni Neely, Director of Member Relations for the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and a 1990 alumna from Indiana University Bloomington, empathizes with college students as you put yourself out there as young professionals and interact with other professionals for the first time. In her conversation with career coach Maria Cambone, Toni shares ideas for how you can take baby steps to get yourself started networking with professionals in person, and how networking can open amazing doors in your career journey.
July 23, 2020
Mentoring and Your Career with Megan Caldwell
You may have heard that it’s a good idea to have a mentor.  But how do you find a mentor?  How do you build a relationship with them?  How important is it that you stay in touch?  In this episode, Molly talks with Megan Caldwell, IU alum and Head of Customer at Elevate Security about her experience with mentoring relationships as she navigates her career path.  She also shares some insight into her experience mentoring others. Enjoy!
July 22, 2020
Should I Go to Grad School During a COVID Recession? with Katie Beck
The economic recession that COVID-19 is causing is putting a big dent into the plans of rising college seniors and recent May 2020 graduates. People who thought that they’d go to work in competitive industries for a few years before going back to school – and even people who thought they’d never want to do more school – are turning to the idea of going to grad school now to gain further credentials while putting off their job searches for another two years. Is going to grad school during a recession worth it, though? Katie Beck, a 2009 alumna from Indiana University, shares her story of how she changed her plan and went to law school right after she graduated because of the 2008-2010 recession. She offers different factors for students to consider and gives good advice on what to do when you’re rolling with the economic punches right after you finish college.
July 1, 2020
A Recruiter’s Perspective on the Job Search with Jordan Haas
Jordan Haas, a 2017 graduate from Indiana University's Human Biology and Psychology majors, now works as a Clinical Recruiter at GreenKey Resources in Denver, CO.  He shares how and why he decided to enter the world of recruiting, and offers tips and considerations from his professional perspective for graduates seeking employment during COVID-19.
June 25, 2020
How to Network on Twitter with Galen Clavio
Fun fact: LinkedIn isn't the only place to network on the internet. Galen Clavio, Indiana University associate professor of sports media and IU alumnus from the class of 2001, shares tips on how college students can start using Twitter for professional networking with Maria Cambone. By getting specific with what you want, following leaders in your field, and following the people who they follow, Galen teaches how to build your industry literacy and join the conversation with "real professionals" who have built careers that you admire. 
June 24, 2020
Spotlight on Micro-Internships with Kristin Schrader
Did your internship get cancelled this summer? Looking for a way to strengthen your skills and gain experience during this time?  Apply for a micro-internship! Kristin Schrader, Director of University Engagement at Parker Dewey -- a non-profit that works with employers to facilitate short, paid, project-based internships that can be completed remotely -- talks with Molly McCurdy about how micro-internships work and how to stand out during the application process.
June 24, 2020
Don't Sweat the Small Beginnings with Ellis Dumas
While working toward a big dream or a big goal, it’s helpful to remind yourself to just take things one step at time, knowing that today's hard work and commitment will pay off. IU alumnus Ellis Dumas, Lake County's Regional Manager for the Department of Child Services, talks to host Molly McCurdy about his experience as a 2008 graduate and how he was able to use his people skills and passion for serving his community to build a meaningful career. His advice for this year's graduates: embracing your first small step will pay off big time.
June 24, 2020
Celebrating Your Graduation During COVID-19 with Nathan Langfitt & Rachel Gerber
How do you celebrate an achievement as memorable and important as your college graduation during COVID-19? How can you cope with feelings of loss, sadness, or being overwhelmed because graduation didn’t look the way you planned? In All Careers Considered’s first crossover episode, Maria talks to Rachel Gerber and Nathan Langfitt, hosts of the Major Choices podcast and career coaches from Indiana University's Career Development Center, to think about how to tackle big feelings around graduation.
June 24, 2020
New Skills Equal New Opportunities with Rishika Murthy
Entering the job market during times of economic uncertainty can be daunting, but you’re not alone. In this episode, IU alumna Rishika Murthy, a seasoned digital marketing and communications professional based in Los Angeles, talks with All Careers Considered host Molly McCurdy about what it was like to enter the job market with a graduate degree during the 2008 recession.  Tune in to hear how she turned lemons into lemonade and how with a little hope, persistence, and willingness to challenge yourself, you can too.
June 24, 2020
Lumberjane for a Summer with Maria Cambone
At the end of the 2008-2010 recession, career coach Maria Cambone scored a summer job as a lumberjack on a chainsaw crew in rural Colorado. That experience helped her get her first and second full-time jobs – even though it had nothing to do with her International Affairs major. Maria offers advice on how to remain flexible with your summer plans and how to tell incredible stories about unexpected journeys to help you get ahead in your career.
June 24, 2020
Introducing Season 2
Hey Hoosiers, welcome to the end of the Spring 2020 semester and Season 2 of All Careers Considered. Corona got you down? This season, we’re sharing stories from alumni who faced similarly tough economic times in the 2008-2010 recession to help you with your job and internship searches. Tune in for more from your hosts, Maria Cambone and Molly McCurdy.
June 24, 2020
More on Deciding Whether to Disclose Trans Identities at Career Fairs
Trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and agender college students deserve respect and welcome at Indiana University's career fairs. But if you're a trans job or internship seeker, how do you decide what name to use on your resume? Can you include your pronouns on your clothes or on your application documents? What if it's important to be recognized as who you are -- but it's important to have the opportunity to build experience, too? Maria talks through early ideas to consider as you decide whether or how to disclose your gender identity at a career fair.
June 3, 2020
Deciding Whether to Disclose Disabilities and LGBTQ+ Identities at Career Fairs
Going to a career fair as a college student with a visible or invisible disability or as an LGBTQ+ college student brings extra layers of context to consider. Recruiters won't always see past their biases. So how do you decide when the best time to disclose will be, or if you want to disclose at all? 
June 3, 2020
How International Students Navigate Career Fairs
How do you participate in a college career fair when you're an international student who needs work authorization to have an internship or full-time job in the U.S.? Learning to talk to recruiters about your skills, expertise, and about what work visas really entail can set you up for success. 
June 3, 2020
Talking to Recruiters at College Career Fairs
Okay, so there's someone who wants to hire students like you for a job or an internship who is showing up on campus to decide who to interview. What do you say to them to start a natural conversation and make a good impression? In this episode, you'll get a real quick recipe for a great career fair elevator pitch.
June 3, 2020
What to Wear & Bring to a Career Fair
Over half of employers hiring at career fairs at Indiana University report that the students they see at career fairs aren’t meeting their expectations about what they should wear or what they need to bring. Listen in for tips about how to put your best foot forward and make a great first impression. 
June 3, 2020
What to Know Before You Go to a College Career Fair
You're going to your first college career fair, or maybe you just want a refresher since it's been a whole year since you did this. Maria talks about what you need to know about a company before you go talk to a recruiter, and shares gold-star tips to get your name on their interview list before the fair even starts.
June 3, 2020
Which Companies are at the Career Fair?
Okay, so you're planning to go to a college career fair for the first time. But how do you figure out what companies are going to be there? Indiana University uses an app called The Fairs App to help you figure it out and get around. You can learn about it here.
June 3, 2020
Career Fair 101
In this micro-episode, we cover FAQs about going to a college career fair for the first time. We answer questions like what is a career fair? Who goes to them? What should you expect when you go to one for the first time? How can you find out which employers will be there and where they will be located?
June 3, 2020
Welcome to All Careers Considered
All Careers Considered hosts conversations for college students who are exploring career options, figuring out how to set & pursue career goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving big dreams. We're produced through the Walter Center for Career Achievement at Indiana University Bloomington. 
June 3, 2020