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Ivanti HEAT Neurons Podcast | Best Practices | Tips & Tricks | Latest Solutions

Ivanti HEAT Neurons Podcast | Best Practices | Tips & Tricks | Latest Solutions

By Ivanti Service Manager Consultant & Developer | Since 1996 | Worldwide
Popular Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager, ITSM, Ivanti Asset Manager, ITAM, Ivanti Self Service Portal, ESM Topics. Who is Gregor and a19 Consulting? Gregor has been providing Ivanti Best Practices, for Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service & Asset Manager (HEAT), and since 1996, with tried, tested and true implementations and upgrades. Developing, streamlining workflows, business processes for fortune 500 companies and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT), worldwide, in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, since 1996.
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Email Summaries

Ivanti HEAT Neurons Podcast | Best Practices | Tips & Tricks | Latest Solutions

Email Summaries

Ivanti HEAT Neurons Podcast | Best Practices | Tips & Tricks | Latest Solutions

UAT Test Script Case Examples
One of the biggest issues with writing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) test cases, is knowing where to start and insisting on building your test script around the software.  The fact is, you do not need access to Ivanti Service Manager (ISM, powered by HEAT IT Service Management) and it is actually encouraged not to use ISM at all when devising UAT Test Scripts. In this Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast Episode we will cover UAT Test Cases, Examples, the biggest problems with UAT Test Cases, and how to overcome them. Be sure to the original Ivanti HEAT ITSM Blog Post at
July 7, 2021
Who owns UAT Test Scripts
This Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) Podcast Episode clears up some misconceptions about UAT Test Scripts and is based on my blog post from February 18, 2021 which you can visit at
June 17, 2021
Ivanti Neurons Tenants - Holy Trinity
On-Premise (Self hosted) and Cloud Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager (ITSM), and Ivanti Asset Manager (ITAM) customers have 3 tenants (environments) that I like to call the "Holy Trinity". STG - Stage Environment for Development and System Testing by the Ivanti Consultant / Administrator only UAT - User Acceptance Testing Environment for End User validation of business requirements by the UAT Test Team PROD - Production Environment Any configuration changes to Ivanti Neurons ITSM/ITAM should always follow the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), that is development & system testing in Stage, then push to UAT for End User Acceptance Testing, and finally upon UAT Sign-Off push the changes to PRODUCTION.
June 8, 2021
Email Summaries
It is no secret that I strongly believe Email is a productivity tool from the last century and recommend against enabling one-off email notifications unless absolutely necessary.  A much better way and extremely advanced configuration is to create email summaries.  Do you have an Ivanti Podcast Topic or Question?  Submit it at
June 1, 2021
Ivanti Neurons Update
Ivanti Neurons is the latest name change and rebranding of Ivanti’s Product Line. What was launched as a separate product, “Ivanti Neurons”, and replaced Ivanti Cloud, now has become the new name for the Ivanti Products for ITSM, ITAM, UEM, etc.  You could call it a “shift left name change”. for more information visit
May 28, 2021
Email: Productivity Tool or Time-Waster?
This podcast is based on the Ivanti HEAT ISM Blog Post of the same title.  Do you have an Ivanti Podcast Topic or Question?  Submit it at
May 25, 2021
Common UAT Pitfalls
This Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) podcast is the audio portion of the video created on February 18, 2021. The full blog post and video can be viewed here:
May 18, 2021
Ivanti Self Service Portal
One of the most under utilized features of Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT Call Logging System) is the Self Service Portal. Some organizations are hesitant to roll out Self Service, other companies simply don't know where to start, and then there is the huge price tag from Ivanti Business Partners that lack a consultative approach and are prone to utilize scope of work templates and a cookie cutter Ivanti implementation plan.  Based on the ITSM Blog Post at WHERE TO START WITH SELF SERVICE? First and foremost you want to do an intake of your top obstacles and challenges, see my Ivanti Implementation Poll for ideas, and then contact a seasoned consultant. Why? You are not getting the most out of your Ivanti Implementation until you talk to me. Guaranteed. Who is a19 Consulting?  Providing HEAT Best Practices and now Ivanti Best Practices, for Ivanti Service Manager, and Ivanti Asset Manager, since 1996, worldwide, with tried, tested and true implementations and upgrades for fortune 500 enterprise clients and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT).   Best Practices Internationally in North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia for a multitude of sectors, such as Software, Government, Financial, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Military, Transportation, Events Management, Travel & Entertainment, Mining, Telecom, Education, Utility, Insurance, Legal, Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Oil & Gas
May 12, 2021
What is Regression Testing?
In this Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) Podcast Episode we will look at Regression Testing. This is the audio portion of the video for my blog post created October 1, 2020.
May 11, 2021
What is the difference between UAT Testing and System Testing?
This Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) Podcast Episode focuses on the difference between UAT Testing and System Testing. This is the audio portion of my You Tube Video from October 6, 2020. For more great content be sure to check my blog at
May 10, 2021
Introduction to Ivanti Neurons
What is Edge Computing? Shift Left Paradigm?  Ivanti Neurons?  Nirvana vs Realistic Expectation This podcast is based on the Ivanti HEAT ITSM Blogpost found here: What are your thoughts?  Are you an Ivanti Neurons customer or prospect?  Please share your thoughts and leave a comment for this podcast topic at
May 5, 2021
Ivanti Bar Code Scanning for Assets, Packing Slips, and more
What is Barcode Scanning?  How to use Bar Code Scanners with Ivanti Service and Asset Manager? What is available out of the box and how can you take your implementation to the next level with the a19 Asset Scanner Wizard? Scanning Assets with Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Asset Manager just got easier! No expensive clunky hardware required! All you need is an Android Device, iPhone, or iPAD. An Ivanti ITSM first! Works with ANY Ivanti Role, not just Ivanti Asset Scanner Role More on Ivanti Asset Bar Code Scanning PS: If you're still reading this...  here is a blog entry on Generating Barcodes
April 29, 2021
Ivanti to Acquire Cherwell to Enable End‑to‑End Service and Asset Management
This is exciting news! Looking forward to reconnect with former Bendata/Frontrage HEAT Employees that went to the dark side and joined Cherwell! As well as former Change Control / Burntsand and present Avante Solutions / Kifinti Solutions Consultants! This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 26, 2021
What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)?
This Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) podcast episode focuses on UAT, Test Cases, Scripts, common UAT mistakes and problems, and how to overcome them.  This is the audio portion of the video on the same subject, published September 17, 2020, that you might have seen here at
April 22, 2021
Ivanti Service Manager Implementation Milestones
Today's Ivanti Service Manager podcast is on the topic of Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT) Milestones which are the basis of Ultimate Ivanti HEAT Implementation Success Factors! Be sure to visit my blog at for more great content
April 21, 2021
Former Kifinti Solutions Consultant releases a19 UAT Test Scripts Module for Ivanti Best Practices System
This episode is also available as a blog post: Gregor, a former Kifinti Solutions Consultant, is without doubt a unique and distinctive authority in the Ivanti ITSM space with his consulting and development experience and extensive insight to best practices going back over 24 years with the HEAT and now Ivanti ISM/IAM products. Providing HEAT Best Practices and now Ivanti Best Practices, since 1996, with his tested and true implementations and upgrades, Gregor now focuses on his company a19 Consulting which provides Ivanti Professional Services and Ivanti Best Practices. A19 UAT TEST SCRIPTS MODULE FOR IVANTI SERVICE MANAGER (HEAT) The a19 UAT Test Scripts module significantly improves your Ivanti Service Manager Implementation, Upgrades, and collaboration internally and with your Ivanti Consultant. Gone are the days of using Excel for UAT Test Scripts, or worse, heading into darkness without UAT Test Scripts! Long time Ivanti Consultants, Ivanti Business Partners, and Ivanti Customers alike only dream of having a simple UAT Test tool that cuts their implementation time and cost. Lets face it, when you’re implementing Ivanti Service Manager, you want to focus on strategy and quick execution. Validation Testing is the #1 problem with most ISM Implementations, upgrades, customizations, and integrations due to a lack of UAT Test Scripts. The #2 problem is a lack of process. With an average of over 100 test cases, you need a tool that redefines your Ivanti Service Manager Validation Process. The #3 problem is collaboration. How do you keep your team’s morale up and focused on the key areas for testing when you don’t have a proper UAT Testing System that’s real-time, easy-to-use, and clearly defines key roles, responsibilities, and lets the Subject Matter Experts focus on their area of expertise when you don’t have a proper system?! On top of that, you need precise, concise, timely, and relevant Test Cases and Results to make informed decision and identify actions needed, all while keeping a bird’s eye view with relevant dashboards, analytics, simplified ISM Change Control, and an executive summary.
April 21, 2021