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We talk about everything going on in gaming in India and worldwide, as well as the latest from the IVG community. Video podcast:
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IVG Podcast 78 - Battlefield Hype
Battlefield 2042 and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. That's it. That's the podcast.
June 11, 2021
IVG Podcast 77 - PlayStation's Craig
In this episode of the IVG Podcast: Sony's cross-gen first-party games policy God of War delayed, Days Gone 2 is not coming Horizon Forbidden West fails to wow us Dying Light 2 looks fantastic Far Cry 6 reveal disappoints What we're expecting from Ubisoft Forward Looking back at the Crysis franchise Divided on Gear of War's recent direction Aloy's fat shaming Watch Dogs Legion gets zombies Can Assassin's Creed really go modern-day? Possible GTA5 additions on new consoles Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks could be getting a remake
June 06, 2021
IVG Podcast 76 - Pandiya
The IVG Podcast is now a video podcast. Head over to our YouTube channel for the video version of this episode. In this week's (delayed) episode: Uncharted 4 could be coming to PC. God of War next? Revisiting Days Gone Sony's disappointing Days of Play sale Is India really a market for Sony's PC games? Mounting Dualsense controller issues PS Plus games for June Expectations from the Xbox-Bethesda E3 showcase New Overwatch 2 details Location wishlist for the next GTA The issue with multiple protagonists in games
June 04, 2021
IVG Podcast 75 - Indie garbage, Sports garbage
In the Diamond Jubilee episode of the IVG Podcast: New India PS5 pre-bookings were a mess PS5 exclusives going on sale for the first time More reasons to play The Last of Us Part 2 on PS5 Going back to Mass Effect Why we love/hate Bioware Lore for the sake of lore Days Gone is great on PC Why can't RPGs get shooting right? Cringe gaming events are back Looking back at the best and worst of E3 One unexpected game we want announced
May 21, 2021
IVG Podcast 74 - Minus the bulge
In this episode of the IVG Podcast: PS5 is coming back in stock in India Sony has 25 games in development: What could they be? Debate: Buy both consoles OR PC and one console? Xbox Game Pass' real game-changer Sony's search for a first-party online shooter IP Beyond The Division - Ubisoft franchises that could go F2P Getting the F2P model right Battlefield 6 expectations Pleasantly surprised by Resident Evil 8
May 15, 2021
IVG Podcast 73 - Resident Evil 8
This week on the IVG Podcast: SPOILER WARNING: Our good friend Andre joins to talk about Resident Evil Village - To avoid minor spoilers, skip to 17:40 The PS5 redesign won't mean more abundant stock Nike's PS5 collab Sony's deal with Discord Xbox adds FPS boost to 75 more games Rogue Company: Should your squad move to this F2P shooter? What happened to Overwatch? The hype around 120 fps gaming Outriders keeps us coming back
May 13, 2021
IVG Podcast 72 - Pan Parag and Easy Mode
In this week's podcast: Should games like Returnal and the Souls series have more accessibility options? Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart got us hyped PS Plus games: Battlefield 5 and Wreckfest Sam wants to play Bus Simulator Second Extinction is a mess on Xbox Why are there no triple-A survival games? Where did all the new games go?
May 05, 2021
IVG Podcast 71 - Gaming through a pandemic
Since this week has been a bit light on news and new game releases, we take the opportunity to look back at our how the global pandemic and the lockdowns in India changed the way we approach gaming.
April 24, 2021
IVG Podcast 70 - Remember Cyberpunk 2077?
In this episode of the IVG Podcast: What's happenning with Cyuberpunk 2077? Resident Evil 8 Codemasters' new F1 game got EA'd All the drama surrounding Days Gone 2 Outriders has so many issues, but we still can't get enough Who wants a The Last of Us remake?
April 23, 2021
IVG Podcast 69 - Outriders takes over
This episode of the IVG Podcast is dominated by Outriders, which launched on Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass and saw a massive audience. Also covered on this episode: Why is everyone loving Outriders? Outriders demonstrates why the Game Pass model works Future EA games could dynamically scale game difficulty The possibility of Kojima jumping ship from PlayStation for his next game Why buy games anymore when everything is coming to Game Pass? Why Sony can't do a Game Pass-like service Apple Arcade rises from the dead Nash's early impressions of the PS5 Pulse 3D headset Sony dropping support for PS3 games E3 is back. Does anyone care?
April 14, 2021
IVG Podcast 68 - Xbox on a roll
This week on the IVG Podcast: Xbox making moves: Bethesda on Game Pass, game streaming support Have gamers given up on buying games day 1 More first-party games are going multi-platform Xbox Series X stocks are back in Dying Light 2 is back from the dead Streaming from Xbox Series X Stressing about Dualsense failure Johnny Cage got cancelled Avinash and Gagan discover Mumbai Gullies PS3 vapourware that had us hyped: Eight Days, Killing Day, Agent
March 31, 2021
IVG Podcast 67: The Returnal
After a two-month hiatus, the IVG Podcast is back, and naturally, there is a whole lot to discuss. The biggest development since our last podcast has been the launch of the PS5, and this is also the first podcast since all three of us have had enough time with both new consoles. So here are some of the topics we’ve covered in this episode: PS5 teething issues Replaying the best of PS4 on PS5 Is Dualsense really a game-changer? Outriders, and Square-Enix’s track record with Western IP Switch Pro could be Sam’s first Nintendo Thoughts on the Mortal Kombat movie trailer Nash’s Yakuza struggles Rocket League is Gagan’s new Fortnite Hopes for Battlefield 6
March 16, 2021
IVG Podcast 66 – Games of the Generation
For our first podcast of 2021, we take a special look back at a stellar generation of games that we had the pleasure of playing on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We broke down the generation across multiple categories to bring you our favourite games of the last generation, with added insight from a special guest – our good friend and gaming writer, Andre Rodrigues. This week has been huge for the PS5 in India, however this episode was recorded prior to the predorders going live. We’ll go deeper into the PS5 pre-launch and all the drama around it in the next podcast. We hope you enjoy this extended episode of the IVG Podcast, and we look forward to bringing you more podcasts all through 2021.
January 15, 2021
IVG Podcast 65 - The best and worst of 2020
In our last episode of the year, we round off an eventful year in gaming with some of the most memorable games and gaming moments. From our favourite games to the bitter disappointments, this one is all about looking back through a year unlike any other.
December 31, 2020
IVG Podcast 64 - Divided on Cyberpunk 2077
The penultimate episode of the IVG Podcast for 2020 should have been a celebration of Cyberpunk 2077's long awaited launch, but we instead find ourselves discussing the fallout from its disastrous launch. Like the gaming community at large, we find ourselves divided on how the game eventually turned out. We also discuss the role of games media in misrepresenting the game's state at launch. Cyperpunk 2077 aside, we also talk about the Epic Games Store holiday sale, Ubisoft's abysmal holiday giveaway, and early impressions of Back 4 Blood.
December 19, 2020
IVG Podcast 63 - Cyberpunk'd
This week's IVG Podcast can only be about one thing – Cyberpunk 2077. Having played the game on PC and console, we share our first impressions, general fan reception to the game, the game's plethora of bugs and glitches, as well as CD Projekt's approach towards pre-release reviews and footage capture. We also recorded this podcast the day after The Game Awards, so we also spent a bit of time talking about all the reveals and the winners.
December 13, 2020
IVG Podcast 62: Cyberpunk, Kratos and inclusivity
Eight years after it was first announced, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally upon us. So naturally, this episode of the IVG Podcast is dedicated to CD Projekt’s ambitious new RPG. We talk about what excites us about the game, some of our concerns, and how we think it might be received by gamers. While CP77 dominates this episode, we also talk about Kratos’ appearance in Fortnite and the general perception of Fortnite with the core gaming community. We also have a lot to say on one of the most hotly debated topics in gaming – inclusivity and gender representation in gaming.
December 06, 2020
IVG Podcast 61: When it all began
This week on the IVG Podcast, we take a trip down memory lane to when it all began: 15 years ago: We look back at the Xbox 360 launch in India The birth of IVG as an Xbox forum Revisiting classic Xbox games through backwards compatibility We're divided on Bioware games: Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Jade Empire Our thoughts on the Golden Joystick awards Why is COD Cold War getting hate? Give Dirt 5 a shot!
November 30, 2020
IVG Podcast 60 - Crack Watch
In this week's episode of the IVG Podcast: We discuss why PS5 India launch is nowhere in sight Why Call of Duty Cold War doesn't have a release in India CrackWatch: Republic's embarrassing gaming coverage Impending censorship for gaming in India
November 20, 2020
IVG Podcast 59 - On the cusp of next-gen
In this week's podcast, we spend a little bit of time on next-gen consoles, but for a change, a chunk of this episode is dedicated to the games. Here's what we've covered in episode 59: India's first Xbox Series X unboxing Xbox Series X|S review round-up Will there be Xbox consoles in stores on launch day? Dirt 5 review Spider-man: Miles Morales review Assassin's Creed Valhalla impressions Open-world games bloat
November 07, 2020
IVG Podcase 58 - Sony is messing with us
In this week's episode of the IVG Podcast: PS5 launch date confusing PS5 unboxing and size reactions Dualsense controller's glowing impressions Cyberpunk delayed again No Xbox Game Pass price increase, says Microsoft Watch Dogs Legion review AMD RX 6000 announement Jio broadband making things difficult for Indian gamers
November 01, 2020
IVG Podcast 57 - An Ancient Epic
It's been an eventful week in gaming, both in India and abroad, and that's reflected in this episode of the IVG Podcast. We're also glad that this time around, we're talking as much about games as the consoles we'll be playing them on. Here's a list of topics in this week's episode: PS5 India pricing. Does it make sense to go digital? The logic behind owning both Xbox Series X and PS5 Spiderman: Miles Morales gameplay reactions Assassin's Creed Valhalla looks impressive Is Ubisoft sending Watch Dogs Legion out to die? Ghost of Tshushima's bad ass co-op update No one is playing Marvel's Avengers Why you should be playing Raji: An Ancient Epic Ubisoft India is hiring Doom Eternal: Third time's the charm
October 19, 2020
IVG Podcast 55: Now with faster load times
After a frantic few weeks, this past week has been relatively more relaxed in the gaming world, but as always, there's plenty for us to talk about in the IVG Podcast. Here's a jist of what we've covered in episode 55: Xbox Series X first impressions from media PS5 game prices for India leaked on PSN Spider-man PS5 upgrades Call of Duty Cold War's Zombies mode Ubisoft finally acknowledges that people really don't like Hyperscape Rogue Company, and how hard it is for new competitive shooters to break through Why we have a hard time sympathising with the CD Projekt Red crunch news
October 04, 2020
IVG Podcast 54: Xbox brings in the big boys
Another event full week in gaming, both in India and globally, and we're here to talk about it all in episode 54 of the IVG Podcast. Before we get to the topics for this week, a big shout out to AMD for hooking us up with the PC gaming rig that we'll be using for streams and reviews going forward on IVG. Here's a quick round up of this week's episode: An update on month 3 of the IVG Showcase reminder and our FIFA 20 Farewell Cup What Microsoft’s $7.5 billion power move means for Bethesda’s franchises, Game Pass, Xbox sales and PlayStation gamers Xbox Series X preorders sold out but you might still be able to get one Does Microsoft's push towards Game Pass endanger single-player games? Sony India remains silent on PS5 launch plans, and retailers aren't helping either Amazon Luna and what it’s doing differently from its potential game streaming rivals Our impressions of Mafia Definition Edition, PES 2021, Serious Sam 4 and The Division 2's new Summit mode
September 27, 2020
IVG Podcast 53 - What's holding up PS5 in India
Sony finally broke its silence on launch date and pricing for the PS5, but unfortunately for Indian gamers, Sony India is yet to make its plans known. But that gives us plenty to discuss on this episode of the IVG Podcast Here’s a run down of what you can expect to here from us on this week’s episode: A quick update on the IVG Community Showcase months 2 and 3 PS5 global launch price and dates Sony India’s silence on PS5 launch plans and what it could mean Sony’s big announcements (God of War) and PS5 launch line-up PS Plus Collection thoughts and backwards compatibility ambiguity Sony’s flip-flop on cross-gen games
September 18, 2020
Episode 52 - Xbox goes first, Ubi India in the spotlight
It's been an extraordinarily eventful week, and that is reflected in yet another extended edition of the IVG Podcast. Here's what we've covered this week. IVG Showcase - Vote for month two finalists IVG’s FIFA 2020 Farewell Cup Xbox Series X/S pricing, launch details and positioning - we break it all down Online backlash towards Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake Ubisoft Forward announcements and talking points COD Cold War multiplayer: Treyarch brings some of the Battlefield flavour How DICE dropped the ball on Battlefield Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning impressions
September 13, 2020
Episode 51 - RIP Gamescom, we look Forward
In this episode of the IVG Podcast, we try to put the horrible memories of Gamescom and hypothesise about what we might see at Ubisoft Forward. But that’s only part of what we have in store in this extended edition of the IVG Podcast, where one lucky listener also has a chance to win a cool Marvel’s Avengers Steelbook. Here’s a complete rundown of IVG Podcast episode 51: Winding up month two of the IVG Community Showcase IVG Game Nights are back News round-up: The Division 2’s new game mode, Mario anniversary announcements, The Witcher 3 coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X Marvel Avengers launch-window impressions Nvidia’s RTX 30 series and wondering why PC gaming has to be so expensive India’s PUBG Mobile ban and its indigenous, propaganda-laden replacement A Gamescom to forget Ubi Forward: What’s confirmed, what we expect, and our dream for a new Splinter Cell game
September 08, 2020
IVG Podcast 50 - The big Five-O
It’s time for a celebration because India’s first gaming podcast – the IVG Podcast – has reached a milestone of 50 episodes. What’s really incredible about it thought is that it’s taken us more than 12 years to reach this landmark. From being called the GI Podcast to the IVG Podcast – and briefly even the Third World Gamers' Podcast – the last 50 episodes have been quite a journey through the history of gaming in India, but as we always do, it’s time to look ahead. And there’s a whole lot of that in this week’s episode of the IVG Podcast: IVG Community Showcase: Your chance to win Marvel’s Avengers Call of Duty Warzone’s Black Ops Cold War reveal live event Everything we know about COD Black Ops Cold War so far Fornite’s cool Marvel event Mini-review of UFC 4 (full review here) Takeaways from DC FanDome: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights Microsoft Flight Simulator impressions
August 28, 2020
IVG Podcast 49 - 343 Fall Guys
Just one to go before the big five-o and there was a lot to cover in this episode of the IVG Podcast: Month two of the IVG Community Showcase The Halo Infinite delay A console without a big first-party launch title DC FanDome: Will we see any gameplay? Horizon: Zero Dawn and Marvel's Avengers PC ports Does Games as a service work for superhero games? Fall Guys: A pleasant surprise
August 17, 2020
IVG Podcast 48 - A wild Supermon appears
In this week's episode of the IVG Podcast, we touch upon multiple topics, including: The return of the IVG Library - donate and borrow games with the IVG community Nash's thoughts on the Avengers PS4 closed beta What we want from Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game Horizon Zero Dawn PC port issues The complete lack of PS5 news during PlayStation's State of Play Microsoft ditching iOS for xCloud PlayStation VR and why VR hasn't taken off
August 12, 2020
IVG Podcast 47 - Xbox as a service
We start off this episode with some cool new developments around the IVG community, but then dive straight into our big topic of discussion for this week: the July Xbox showcase and the aftermath of it. Some the talking points this week: Halo Infinite drama No other first-party gameplay No immediate first-party launch games Microsoft's Game Pass focus How Game Pass is dictating the way Microsoft makes games Does it even make sense to buy an Xbox Series X? Can Series S save Xbox? We also give our views on which console we think will perform better as well as which one we'll be picking up at launch. Or will we just upgrade our PCs and get on Games Pass? Listen to find out!
August 01, 2020
IVG Podcast 46 - Win a copy of Cyberpunk 2044
Ghost of Tsushima is out, it’s awesome, it’s sold out, and we can’t get enough of it, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this week’s episode of the IVG Podcast. Here’s a quick rundown of the topics we’ve covered this time: Introducing the IVG Community Showcase Ghost of Tsushima (sort of review), how it sold out in India The game that had to die for Ghost of Tsushima to be born We weigh in on all the drama around Ubisoft’s work culture Impact of the pandemic on gaming The decline of the racing genre What we're playing
July 23, 2020
IVG Podcast 45 - A butt-curling return
We just won’t go away! One year after the last one, we’re back with the latest episode of the IVG Podcast. And what a good time to come back too, hot on the heels of the Ubisoft Forward event. This episode is predominantly focussed on what went down during Ubisoft’s digital event, but here’s a detailed look at what you can expect from this comeback episode, featuring Sam (HundredProofSam), Nash, and newcomer to the IVG Podcast, Gagan (x1n): The surprise of the show: Watch Dogs Legion Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s gameplay debut Cross-gen games and Microsoft’s policy to release future games on Xbox One Ubisoft’s utter disdain for Splinter Cell We’ll never see another Prince of Persia game Far Cry 6 expectations Does Hyper Scape have the legs to compete with the big boys of battle royale? The Last of Us Part II appreciation segment Nash contemplates playing Death Stranding on PC
July 15, 2020
IVG Podcast 44 - Stadia and the promise of game streaming
The world’s most irregular gaming podcast is back. A decade since the first one and three years since the last one, we’re finally back with episode 44 of the IVG Podcast. This time around, we’ve got on-board an IVG Podcast regular Sam (HundredProofSam), one of its founding members who is back after several years Nash, and making his IVG Podcasr debut, Nikhil (Bullismasher). This episode is a mix of the biggest news dominating the gaming world, our views on the games we’re currently playing, as well as future releases we’re looking forward to. Here’s a breakdown of the topics we’ve covered this time: Google Stadia and a future with game streaming Borderlands 3: More of what we really don’t want What we’re playing: The Division 2, Anthem, Apex Legends, DMC 5 and the resurgence of Japanese games, Sekiro What’s coming out: Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11, Dangerous Driving, World War Z
April 19, 2019
IVG Podcast 43 - E3 2016 reactions and analysis
Our special post-E3 2016 podcast is packed with an extensive recap of the announcements from all the major press conferences. Here's a brief round-upEA press conferenceStill proper Mass Effect gameplayCringe-worthy FIFA 17 segmentTitanfall 2 single-player and new gameplay mechanicsEvery E3 studio has a Star Wars gameBattlefied 1 impressions Bethesda press conferenceQuake Champions and the over-reliance on old franchisesPrey rebootSkyrim RemasterDishnonored 2 gameplay, new features and powers Microsoft press conferenceXbox One S: What's the point?Xbox Anywhere: The finer detailsForza Horizon 3 and how glorious it looksSea of Thieves looked pretty underwhelmingProject Scorpio: Did it make sense to announce it so earlyGwent, Final Fantasy XV, Scalebound, Minecraft, and more PC Gaming Show round-upUbisoft press conferenceGhost Recon Wildlands doesn't look like a Ghost Recon gameSouth Park: The Fractured But WholeFor Honor looks a lot of funTrials of the Blood DragonWatch Dogs 2: Memes, setting, possible editions, and gameplay improvementsSteep: The Crew meets adventure sportsNintendo round-up Sony press conference God of War's much needed reboot: Speculation on setting, gameplay, characters, etcThe Last Guardian release dateKojima announces a game that isn't yet in developmentHorizon: Zero Dawn walkthrough impressionsCrash Bandicoot remakes/remastersCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare looks surprisingly goodInsomniac's fantastic looking new Spiderman gameDays Gone
June 18, 2016
IVG Podcast 42 - Pre-E3 2016
In our special hour-long pre-E3 2016 podcast:Rising PC game prices in IndiaFlipkart's online gaming championshipBattlefield 1's absurd pricingE3, one press conference at a time: Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, and the best of the restNew console revisions: PS4 Neo and Xbox One 2/Scorpion
June 11, 2016
IVG Podcast 41 - The Procedurally Generated Episode
In the final episode of 2015:Kojima goes indie, partners with PlayStationCapcom has an Indian distributorDoes it make sense to preorder collector's editions in IndiaOur top 5 games of the yearThe biggest disappointments of 2015Industry trends of 2015What we're looking forward to in 2016Virtual reality – will it deliver?
December 30, 2015
IVG Podcast 40 - Episode 41 Open Beta
In episode 40:PSEX: Opening with Uncharted 4, but no gameplayPSEX: Followed up with Final Fantasy 7 Remake “gameplay”PSEX: How will an episodic Final Fantasy 7 work?Impressions: Final Fantasy 7 PC port on PS4?Street Fighter 5 is up for pre-order in IndiaPSEX: Battleborn has single-player and split-screenPSEX: Adult Swim announces 6 games for PS4/VitaPSEX: Yakuza is coming back to the WestPSEX: Tim Schafer unveils Full Throttle remake, Psychonauts VR gamePSEX: Team Ninja's new hack-n-slash – NiohPSEX: Ni No Kuni 2 is coming to PS4PSEX: Destiny adds racing... for a limited timePSEX: Ace Combat 7 announced with VR supportRise of the Tomb Raider's abysmal salesUncharted 4 multiplayer beta impressionsDo bad betas and demos ruin it for good games?Amazon's Xbox One controller pricing error and customer support BS
December 17, 2015
IVG Podcast 39 - Konami Don't Give a Fig
In this week's podcast:The Game Awards: The big winnersHow did Halo 5 sell?Shadow Complex is coming back!Hideo Kojima dramaPsychonauts 2 on FigDouble Fine's Brutal Legend trollFar Cry Primal's weak collector's editionDark Souls 3's numerous collector's editionsRainbow Six: Siege isn't a mess at launchMore Just Cause 3 impressionsAn Indian developer is making a PS4 game 
December 12, 2015
IVG Podcast 38 - There's No Just Cause for This
In this week's IVG Podcast: Just Cause 3 first impressionsRainbow Six: Siege development and server issuesPro Evolution Soccer gets a free-to-play versionBlack Friday sales: Why should you bother buying on Day 1?IVG Secret Santa is here  
December 02, 2015
IVG Podcast 37 - Ninja Glitter Shoes
Here’s a rundown of some of the topics we’ve discussed on this week’s podcast:PlayStation Experience – What to expect from Sony’s big PlayStation fan partyPS4 backwards compatibility – PS2 games will be soon playable on PS4, but how?IGX impressions – What it was like at the inaugural Indian Games ExpoJust Cause 3, Rainbow Six midnight - Midnight launch!Steam games are now priced in Rupees – The good and the badBad guy GMG – Digital store removes coupon support, payment methods for IndiaFallout 4 impressions – Which platform is the best?Need for Speed impressions – Where’s your FOMO bro?Star Wars Battlefront impressions – When guns go pew
November 25, 2015
IVG Podcast 36 - Rise of the Timed Exclusive
This week, we discuss the announcement of Rise of the Tomb Raider for PC and PS4 plus a lot more. Here's a rundown of episode 36: Rise of the Tomb Raider announced for PC, PS4Windows 10 game streaming, Game DVRXbox One mouse and keyboard supportFallout Anthology editionGod of War 3 Remastered, Journey PS4 impressionsStreet Fighter 5 beta issues and could the same happen to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta?E-sports leagues to start dope testingNew Hearthstone expansionNo Call of Duty, FIFA or Need for Speed pre-orders in IndiaWWE wipes out all traces of Hulk Hogan 
July 26, 2015
IVG Podcast 35 - Rs 4,699 Only
In this week's IVG Podcast: Console resolutions: Does it really matter?The ridiculous Xbox One game pricesGT Academy India finalsWhat's going on at Ubisoft PuneWindows 10-exclusive gamesOur favourite games of the first half of 2015Speakers or headphones: What's better for gaming?  
July 23, 2015
IVG Podcast 34 - Warn A Brother
Episode 34 is largely about the colossal mess-up that was the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, particularly on PC, but here's some of the other topics we also covered this time: The murky workings of the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Gears of War Ultimate multiplayer beta impressionsDriveclub PS Plus Edition is finally out1 TB PS$ finally unveiled, but when is it coming to India?The glorious Forza 6 Edition Xbox One consoleGame prices may go upSo many female protagonists in games 
July 22, 2015
IVG Podcast 33 - Coming 2016
In our two-hour E3 2015 special podcast, we ran through all the announcements at the major E3 press conferences – Bethesda, Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, and the PC Gaming Show - and our thoughts on each of them. We also picked our highs and lows from each conference and scored each one on a scale of 10.
June 25, 2015
IVG Podcast 32 - Multiplayer Not Included
In this week’s episode:  Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: What to expect at E3The Last Guardian: Will it show up at E3?Ratchet & Clank on PS4 looks awesomeXbox One price drop: Does it matter and will PS4 follow suit?Limited Edition MGS5 PS4 and why it won’t come to IndiaPlatinum Games announcement at E3: What could it be?Is Metacritic impacting game preorders?PES 2016 and the amazing PES Club Manager mobile appUncharted trilogy remaster minus multiplayerPS4 price drop predictions: When and by how muchPS4’s ridiculous lack of media capabilities 
June 14, 2015
IVG Podcast 31 - It's in the Vault
In this week's podcast: Fallout 4: How Bethesda got the reveal rightX-COM 2: The return of big PC-exclusive games?Steam sale: Tips to get the best dealsSteam's refund policy and how it worksRegion-locking of digital games New 1 TB PS4 on the wayXbox at E3's PC Gaming ShowNew Gears of War and Gears trilogy remasterWill Fallout 4 be banned in India? 
June 08, 2015
IVG Podcast 30 - Deathinitive Edition
This episode 30 of the IVG podcast:'Need for Speed: Not Underground' and it's "in-game" trailerWhy a lot of gamers will probably be disappointed by the Mad Max game2K's Advent tease: Is it a new XCOM? Bioshock?Batman: Arkham Knight, Arkham remasters, DLC, and moreRemasters everywhere - Uncharted, Gears of War, God of War, Resident Evil, DarksidersGame ownership: DRM vs game streamingThe thriving business of game re-exportsINR on Steam: Will it bring retail prices to digital distribution?Steam's UI and game recommendationsWhat will Hideo Kojima do after MGS5?
May 31, 2015
IVG Podcast 29 - Lilac and Gooseberries
IVG Podcast episode 29 is our Witcher 3 special. Here's what we talked about this week:The Witcher 3 PC and PS4 impressionsThe winner of our The Witcher 3 giveawayNvidia GameWorks controversyNew Doom and other debuts from Bethesda at E3WWE 2K16: Making wrestling games fun againOculus Rift system requirementsUnannounced2K game: Mafia 3?
May 25, 2015
IVG Podcast 28 - Virtual Reality Downgrades
In IVG Podcast 28:Assassin's Creed: Syndicate impressionsOculus Rift release and predictions on early VR gamesThe Witcher 3 hate and downgrade claimsDevelopers using Kickstarter loopholePES cancellation rumour and Konami going mobileMGS5 Collector's Edition in IndiaSony's line-up for 2015
May 17, 2015
IVG Podcast 27
In episode 27 of the IVG Podcast:E3's PC Gaming Show and why it'll probably suckThoughts on the Mortal Kombat X Cup India qualifiersEA's line-up for 2015-16: Need For Speed, Mirror's EdgeThe Witcher 3: Hype and controversyAssassin's Creed: China, and that new one set in LondonWolfenstein: Old Blood: First impressionsP.T. and the downside to digital distributionHow you can win The Witcher 3 for PC
May 11, 2015
IVG Podcast 26
The IVG Podcast returns after a long break, and this time we talk about many of the current hot topics in gaming, including:  Preorders: Do they make sense anymore? Why is the PS4 still priced Rs 40,000 Mortal Kombat X’s micro-transaction hell Star Wars Battlefront: The reveal only leaves more questions Steam: Paid mods, quality control, and other issues 
May 03, 2015
IVG Podcast 25
This a special pre-E3 edition of the IVG Podcast, where we make our predictions for E3 2014 and discuss what we expect to see at the big four press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony
June 08, 2014
IVG Podcast 24
Out first podcast of 2014, and there’s a lot to cover: Call of Duty gets a third developerEA announces a standalone FIFA World Cup gameAmazon India launches its games storeFlappy Bird is a piece of turdPSN sale vs retail “end of season” salesGT Academy comes to IndiaOverpriced Wii U being sold in IndiaThe 3DS XL hipstersDon Bradman Cricket 14 gets a release date 
February 12, 2014
IVG Podcast 23
Here's a quick rundown of IVG Podcast 23 PS4 price and date, and the backlashE-xpress PS4 game pricesEA price dropEA sued over Battlefield 4 bugsRevengeance coming to PC but not for IndiaRepublique's issues on iOSIs gaming a sport?Mumbai Film and Comic Con 2013; games sectionSales: Steam, PSN, Square Enix, Origin, iOSThe awesome gifts from Secret Santa
December 24, 2013
IVG Podcast 22
VGXAwkwardness (link, link)No Man’s Sky, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, The DivisionWinnersPS4NOT launching on 18thIntencity listings (removed)Flipkart listingsGame4u sells Steam Wallets - alternatives: MOL, MaximusMGS: Ground ZeroesRelease date, priceExclusive content: Xbox, PlayStationGTAVPC speculationSingle-player DLCSan Andreas on iOSNaughty Dog new gamePoor Tearaway, GT6 salesIVG Secret Santa - The gifts
December 16, 2013
IVG Podcast 21
In this week's podcast, we talk more about the PS4, the Xbox One's prospects in India, the good and bad of episodic games, porn on game consoles, and a whole lot more.
December 14, 2013
IVG Podcast 20
In this edition of the IVG Podcast: PS4 launch date and price speculation, Microtransactions in Triple-A games, Valve Store in India, Need for Speed Rivals impressions, and more.
December 04, 2013
IVG Podcast 19 - PS4 Special
Our much delayed return and this one's a PS4 special, with lots of hands-on impressions and speculation on Indian launch.
November 28, 2013
IVG Podcast 18
This week, we discuss rising game prices in India, the future of PC gaming, the growing issue of illegal game re-exports, Kinect as a multiplayer voice communication device, potential PS4 price and console bundles in India, and more details from Sam’s GTA V preview. Plus, we answer lots of community questions.
July 02, 2013
IVG Podcast #17
IVGIn this E3 special IVG podcast, we talk about all the biggest news out of E3, the games we loved and hated, and Microsoft's surprising policiy reversal on the Xbox One. Featuring Avinash Bali, Sameer Desai and Rishi Alwani.
June 22, 2013
IVG Podcast #16
This week, we discuss more Xbox rumours, we rage on freemium games, and Milo joins us to forsee job losses at EA Hyderabad and possibly confirms that he pirates mobile games.
April 18, 2013
IVG Podcast #15
This week, we talk about Arkham Origins, what Bethesda's next game could be, more Xbox rumours, and Sam giving up on open-world games.
April 11, 2013
IVG Podcast #14
After a three year hiatus, India first and, if we're not mistaken, only gaming podcast is back. Avinash Bali and Sameer Desai talk about always-online, next-gen consoles, jaded gamers, and more.
April 08, 2013