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Ep25 Robert Lustig and Fat Emperor - The Bottom Line on Processed Food Toxicity

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John Schoonbee of Swiss Re on Coronary Calcification CAC - and Staying Alive!
John Schoonbee, MD of Swiss Re is Chief Medical Officer for the Life and Health Division of Swiss Re, the world's largest Re-Insurer.  Re-Insurers "underwrite" big risks for the countless insurance companies around the world - so they have to know what they're doing!   Which brings us to Coronary Calcification and the CAC Score - which will become the new standard for identifying heart disease risk in high-value clients (as the stress test etc. have been shown to be very inadequate for the purpose.) This one is short and sweet - and gets to the heart of the matter! INDEX/CONTENTS:  00:24 Meet the Hundred-Million-Dollar Men (and Women!)  02:04 New ACC/AHA Guidelines lead the way - replacing Stress Tests with Real Tests  05:14 Money talks in the Insurance industry:  “A calcium score of zero would play a huge role for me.”  07:03 From saving people through to doing great business – CAC is on the way! 
June 23, 2019
Dave Feldman on LDL and All-Cause Mortality - Does Cholesterol Kill You?
 Dave Feldman with new data on LDL and....ALL CAUSE MORTALITY! Does Cholesterol kill you?  Well look and see...! TRANSCRIPT HERE: INDEX/CONTENTS: 00:00 Mining NHANES Database for LDL and Mortality data  02:30 Stratifying the data – to get the answer  04:10 And the answer? Does higher LDL shorten your life?  06:24 A discussion on “Reverse Causality” – could it confound?  10:38` The confounding of it all – LDL is riddled with correlation to bad things   13:15 What’s really going on with LDL  15:51 More opportunities like this in the future – with more mining! 
June 15, 2019
PODCAST Ep26 - Dr Paul Mason on Advanced Cholesterol Tests and Much Much More!
PODCAST Ep26 - Full version of conversation with super well-researched Australian doctor Paul Mason @DrPaulMason - recorded in Boulder, Colorado. We covered:  LDL-P, ApoB, Lipoprotein(a) / Lp(a), Oxidized LDL, Omega 6 Seed Oils, Gilbert's Syndrome, Antioxidants, Bilirubin, Glutathione, Carnitine versus Carnosine, Wheat Germ Agglutanin, GGT, CIMT, CAC, Glycation, Lectins, FODMAP, Magnesium, Selenium, CGM Continuous Glucose Monitors, Parkinson's Disease, and more! YOUTUBE VIDEO PODCAST HERE:  TRANSCRIPT: INDEX: 00:00:23 Some insights on the new cholesterol risk factor – Lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a) 00:05:10 Discussion of the role which Oxidised LDL or oxLDL has in heart disease 00:08:32 Glycation damage to LDL – a crucial part of the heart disease problem? 00:09:52 Omega 6 vegetable or seed oils add to the inflammatory cascade of destruction 00:11:17 Oxidized LDL receptors and their place in the system 00:12:33 Gilbert’s Syndrome, Bilirubin and greatly reduced heart attack rates 00:14:50 Glycation, Antioxidants – Carnitine and Carnosine Distinction 00:18:27 The body’s master antioxidant – Glutathione – and the Importance of GGT 00:22:08 Medical school training in nutrition – sadly lacking for doctors? 00:24:23 LDL-P, ApoB100, LDL Receptor activity – the bottom lines 00:29:24 Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC) versus Intimal Media Thickness (CIMT) 00:36:08 HbA1c and Fructosamine as risk factors 00:39:26 Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and blood glucose fluctuations 00:42:05 Insulin measurements, HOMA IR and post-prandial spikes 00:45:58 CGM and problematic medications – rather fix root cause? 00:50:16 Let’s look at Lectins – the taxing toxins from plant world foods 00:56:21 Parkinson’s Disease and the Lectin Connection 00:59:46 Dr. Steven Gundry, poisonous beans, more lectins and the toxic ricin 01:04:27 FODMAP foods, GMO fun, WGA from wheats, lots of bad actors 01:08:07 Nuts! (and Magnesium, Selenium etc.) 01:11:20 Moving forward and emphasizing the core – Pareto-style
June 8, 2019
Ep25 Robert Lustig and Fat Emperor - The Bottom Line on Processed Food Toxicity
Needs no Introduction - the great Professor Robert Lustig on the real problems that we face in chronic disease (hint: it ain't "cholesterol"). In this podcast Robert reveals that he and his team have discovered the specific metabolite which gives sugar its dangerously damaging effects - it's all downhill from there. Sugar, refined carb and seed oils: the "unholy trinity" that sits at the processed-food center of modern chronic disease! Recorded in London at the PHCUK annual conference in the College of General Practitioners. VIDEO PODCAST:
May 22, 2019
Ep24 Keto Diet Miraculous Relief for Angelman Syndrome and Much More
Don’t miss this one – especially if you have any interest whatsoever in the dietary treatment of difficult conditions. Sybille Kraft-Bellamy’s son has “Angelman Syndrome” – a severe genetic condition which can be greatly mitigated via the use of a correctly formulated ketogenic diet. So too can many other challenging conditions.  Sybille is getting huge support from the authorities in France – a lesson for those in other countries…! VIDEO PODCAST: TRANSCRIPT: Please visit and share for heart attack prevention!
May 22, 2019
Ep23 - The Science behind Human Carnivory - Can Carnivore Cure??
 Anyone interested in the science of carnivorous regimes for potential relief of skin conditions, Arthritis, Crohn's, IBS and many other autoimmune conditions...will not want to miss Episode 23. Today's podcast features Amber O'Hearn - arguably one of the most well versed in carnivore science out there. This diet is not for everyone, but the science behind it and potential benefits need to be discussed and debated widely!   As always, for finding out your level of heart disease and potential risk, go to and share the website to help others!  VIDEO PODCAST:  TRANSCRIPT:
May 19, 2019
Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Here’s How! Ep21
 Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Biochemist Patrick Theut put in 16,000 hours of study over many years in order to address and resolve his extensive heart disease issue. And he did it. Fat Emperor Podcast, Episode 21 reveals the solutions which enabled Patrick to reverse his calcification and disease process.   Patrick's super supplement:  TRANSCRIPT: VIDEO PODCAST: 
May 12, 2019
Sam Feltham - Low Carb and Public Health Collaboration UK
In today's podcast we have the vibrant Sam Feltham from the Public Health Collaboration ( - note that there are still some places available for the PHC conference coming up in London on 11th May (  We discuss Sam's extreme personal experiments with low carb and low fat, and many kernels of what action is required to recover population health. PHC worldwide expansion is coming in 2019 - watch this space!  VIDEO VERSION:  TRANSCRIPT: INDEX/CONTENTS:   00:00   Sam’s personal experiments with extremes of carb and fat intake – “giving yourself Metabolic Syndrome in a matter of weeks”   07:18   Randomized Control Trial results for Low Carb versus Low Fat – which overwhelmingly wins?  10:04   NICE guidelines in UK push high carb regime…   11:28  The Public Health Collaboration ( – origins and future   15:01   Dr. David Unwin’s “spoons of sugar equivalent” charts – endorsed now by NICE  17:09   CAC scanning Irish sports stars – shocking results – showing that glucose monitoring is key for those at high risk    19:18 PHC conference in London on the 11th and 12th of May, with Robert Lustig and Tom Watson, deputy leader of the UK Labour Party – don’t miss it!    22:17 PHC is going worldwide this year – whereupon the battle against “fake foods” will heat up   29:51   When will the truth about fake foods, sat fat, LDL and the rest be accepted worldwide?    33:32   PHC Conference 11th and 12th of  May in London – mark the date – and details of other events coming up in the UK 
April 30, 2019
Forever Young Club's Director Jim Kirwan Interviews Ivor Cummins
This is the very first Forever Young Club podcast with Director Jim Kirwan interviewing Ivor Cummins AKA The Fat Emperor. Ivor is also the Chief Program Officer for the Irish Heart Disease Awareness organisation ( and he is our first guest speaker at our seminars in Dublin [28 May] and Cork [30 May].  SEE THE WIDOWMAKER SHORT VERSION HERE:
April 24, 2019
Dr Andy Phung - Fixing Patient Problems with Great Science! Podcast 20
Dr. Andy Phung discovered the key elements of fixing his weight and metabolic issues. Now he's applying the science in his patient population, with stunning results. Find him at, where he posts on his continual successes. Changing the world - one patient at a time. Here we chat on his journey and insights gained - orthodox medicine teaches the piece-parts - whereas personal research integrates everything and resolves root cause !  VIDEO OF THIS PODCAST:  TRANSCRIPT/CONTENTS:
April 23, 2019
Gabor Erdosi on the Primary Issues Which Drive Disease - PODCAST Ep19 PART 2/2
 Gabor Erdosi - Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics and King of Root-Cause investigation. In Part two here we get Gabor's further insights on what underpins modern chronic disease rates - and the solutions. Need I say more?   VIDEO PODCAST:  This one was meaty and come in two parts - part one content here:   INDEX/CONTENT:  00:29     Ivor summary of Lipoprotein involvement in coronary artery disease  05:00     Gabor model of LDL influx and HDL efflux, intimately tied to immune system activation and the lymphatic system  15:08     The blood vessels as a huge “clearing-house” for damaged LDL  19:20       Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia – and understanding HDL’s importance  25:54      “Understanding healthy physiology is absolutely mandatory.” Tying the immune system response and hyperinsulinemia together  31:45       Gabor’s “unifying theory” of all maladies and diseases of civilization.   35:47       The Pareto Principle – and Gabor/Ivor’s advice to live long and strong 
April 18, 2019
Gabor Erdosi on the Primary Issues Which Drive Disease - Podcast 19.1
 Gabor Erdosi - Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics and King of Root-Cause investigation. We get Gabor's insights here on what underpins modern chronic disease rates - and the solutions. Need I say more? VIDEO PODCAST:  This one is meaty and comes in two parts - part one content see listing below. INDEX/CONTENT:  00:42  Gabor’s health transformation – starch digestion issues resulted in leaky gut, Ankylosing Spondylitis and other debilitating conditions – all resolved with science! 09:40  The central role that our internal barrier systems play – to prevent autoimmune diseases of all sorts 14:51   The things which can destroy your barrier function – inviting in disease 18:41   The Lymphatics system, the immunological role of visceral fat depots – and what “Beer Bellies” really mean 26:39  TOFI people and what’s going on in their guts – more on the all-important Lymphatic system role 34:05 Personal Fat Threshold (PFT) theory challenged 37:42 Cardiovascular causes and intro to part 2…  TRANSCRIPT:
April 16, 2019
Dr. Jay Wrigley on Women's Hormonal Issues - Weightloss and More - Podcast 18
In today's podcast release we focus primarily on women's issues. Dr' Jay Wrigley is expert in treating hormonal imbalance challenges and explains the nuances involved - this stuff is not simple! We also cover many other topics during the course of the conversation - enjoy! Dr. Wrigley's website: VIDEO PODCAST: Transcript/Index/Contents to follow
April 13, 2019
Bill Blanchet MD on Eliminating Heart Attacks...and Much More! Podcast #17
Bill Blanchet MD is a cardiologist, preventative intervention expert and also an exceptional expert in cardiovascular imaging.  He has near-eliminated heart attacks and repeat heart attacks in hi patients over the last 15+ years. Here we discus how he achieved this extraordinary feat - get ready for LOTS on intervention wisdom  - and some controversial ideas! :-)    Bill's webpage and details: VIDEO PODCAST: Note:  Transcript below is an interim copy which needs some cleaning up - sorry but too busy today to finish it - will do tomorrow!
April 12, 2019
Why the War on Meat??? Find out here from Dr. Gary & Belinda Fettke Podcast #16
 Why the War on Meat??? Find out here from Dr. Gary & Belinda Fettke Podcast #16
April 7, 2019
Heard some Krazy Keto Myths? Luis Villasenor of Ketogains Clears Them Up! Podcast #15
Heard some Krazy Keto Myths?  Luis Villasenor of Ketogains Clears Them Up!  Podcast #15  Caught up with Luis Villasenor of Ketogains fame - at Low Carb Mallorca. Great conversation on many myths concerning Keto and muscle building, and other aspects of keto diet for optimal health. Sound quality not amazing, and I've changed to a new model of lapel mic after this experience - need directional designs to cut out the background!  VIDEO PODCAST:  TRANSCRIPT: INDEX/CONTENTS: 00:00 Protein and Carbohydrate and Insulin’s effects in building muscle 06:33 The average person is different than the elite bodybuilder – how to use protein properly 12:44 Challenges with aging and muscle maintenance, fat avoidance    15:37 The power of Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)    18:55 The importance of eating for “nutrient density”    20:00 A calorie is of course not just a calorie – and corporate influences   25:40 Protein and cancer? The MTOR discussion   30:08 The war for and against Low Carb diets continues 
April 2, 2019
Dr. Gearoid O'Laoi, Irish Pathologist - on strategies to achieve health - Podcast Ep14
 Dr. Gearoid O'Laoi is an Irish doctor and Histopathologist who embraced #LCHF 5 years ago - to stunning effect. He is extremely well-researched and shares many insights in our rambling conversation here(!). Gearoid is also a proponent of the Calcium Scan, with a zero score at 63 years of age. He has seen much calcium buildup in the many autopsies he has conducted, and knows the power of the scan to save lives, if only it was widely deployed.  The best place to catch up with Gearoid is on Twitter:  @Gearoidmuar   INDEX/CONTENTS:  00:01:08 Intro  00:02:09 Bias in science and data – associations versus experiments – doing it right  00:10:36 Vegans, meats and fats – a chat on some of the studies  00:17:15 Israelis and Omega Six fats, sugar and sat fats, ApoE4 exceptions  00:21:40 Fat fathers and the secrets of losing weight   00:28:24 Depression lifts with low carb, meat and veg…  00:33:19 Cheeses, Terrines and Cholesterol effects  00:35:49 Atherosclerosis mechanisms – and why it appears in specific spots in arteries  00:40:46 Blood Pressure, salt effects – and bears in winter  00:46:08 Sugar, Fructose and the Obesity Trigger  00:48:22 LDL particles versus Insulin, Metabolic Syndrome and the primary root causes  01:00:10 Using your Gut – and the practice of Proctology  01:01:29 Limitations of the human brain in screening pathology samples; cancer - and Legionnaire’s Disease  01:10:43 Avoiding sickness - the importance of a healthy, nutrient-dense diet  01:14:27 Atheroma, calcification, sugar and smoking  01:23:40 Atherosclerosis, calcification, exceptions that prove the rule, Type 1 Diabetes fixes   01:29:02 Some amusing anecdotes to finish – and James Joyce 
March 30, 2019
Breast Cancer Risk - Most Important Steps to Reduce it Greatly? Podcast #13
Cancer is a huge disease threat in the modern era, and causes untold suffering. Breast cancer is a particularly bad affliction affecting so many women. In today's Podcast Short, I pull up a few scientific studies relating to the matter.  Just as with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and many other chronic diseases of modernity, it is more important to focus on Insulin/Glucose dynamics and other measures of metabolic health - rather than just BMI and Obesity... TRANSCRIPT: VIDEO PODCAST: 
March 28, 2019
How to discover your true Heart Disease Risk? Podcast Short #12
How to discover your true Heart Disease Risk? Podcast Short #12 VIDEO VERSION:  - Is the CAC Score the ultimate risk decider for the "middle-risk" majority out there? Why isn't it used everywhere, to help save the most at risk? - Does soft plaque need an Angiogram to see - does it matter much in any case?  - Is radiation a concern - or a sneaky distraction from the truth? Find out in today's Podcast Short ! PDF of the TRANSCRIPT to follow...
March 26, 2019
#Irish Cardiologist with Heart Disease and Scanning Insights - Podcast #11
#Irish Cardiologist with Heart Disease and Scanning Insights - Podcast #11 VIDEO VERSION OF THIS PODCAST: TRANSCRIPT: INDEX/CONTENTS: 00:00:49 Dr. Barrett’s background and entry into high-tech scanning and preventative cardiology 00:03:04 Scanning technology and the screening power it can deliver 00:06:37 Recognizing coronary symptoms – and the tragic reality 00:11:45 A cardiologist’s nutritional advice for heart attack prevention 00:20:26 Vegetable oils – are they a heart-healthy fat? Where we all went wrong over the decades 00:25:36 Dietary Guidelines - “the definition of intelligence is to be able to hold two competing ideas in your mind at the one time.” 00:26:56 Patients who do extremely well and transform their health – are they following the standard guidelines? 00:32:29 Current doctors/cardios and their grasp of root causes – how is it? 00:39:43 Drugs in heart disease treatment 00:44:39 CAC blows away the risk factors – even age (this most powerful risk factor) 00:47:42 Blood risk factors and their utility 00:52:34 Saving lives and money with CAC 00:55:51 Drug company business models 01:00:38 Digital technology in prevention e.g. Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM’s) 01:02:36 Doctors need to learn more about the primary root causes e.g. insulin resistance 01:07:27 Wrap-up and hope for the future ! GET THE BOOK: Supported by
March 23, 2019
What's the Real Story with Cholesterol and Heart Disease? Podcast Ep9
What's the Real Story with Cholesterol and Heart Disease? Podcast Ep9 Ok guys, due to popular demand - a brief summary of some key aspects relating to cholesterol in heart disease - just 15mins to cover the basics :-) VIDEO PODCAST: TRANSCRIPT:
March 21, 2019
Sinning with Seed Oils - are Vegetable Oils Healthy? Tucker Goodrich Podcast #10
Sinning with Seed Oils - are Vegetable Oils Healthy? Tucker Goodrich Podcast #10 TRANSCRIPT: Key posts by Tucker on seed / vegetable oils:
March 19, 2019
Can Carnivore Diets be Effective Medicine? Mikhaila Peterson reveals all - Podcast #8
Dropped in to Amber O'Hearn's and managed to catch up with none other than Mikhaila Peterson. We of course discussed the extraordinary affect that certain elimination diets can have on a range of profound autoimmune illnesses. Yes we're talking about the new kid on the nutritional block - the Carnivore Diet.What struck me most was the logical approach and sheer determination she displayed in decoding the root causes in a highly complex personal situation. This is an incredibly difficult thing to achieve - especially when under the influence of neurological issues related to your condition. In short - amazing stuff.I trust that you will find the conversation as compelling as I did - there is so much we don't know - but then there is what works. And "what works" is of course crucial - when faced with the most severe challenges in your life! TRANSCRIPT: INDEX?CONTENTS: 00:35 Mikhaila’s scary story from the early years 06:18 Suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue, resilience and fighting back 10:11 Autoimmune, skin conditions and diet’s role 16:26 Diet inducing 85% improvement in arthritis and symptoms 22:31 Father Jordan becomes intrigued by transformation, great progress but Soy destroys! Amazing “lag times” before the food factor hits 29:32 Trajectory to the ultimate-elimination Carnivore diet – “needs must”. 39:12 The art of problem-solving applied. 41:54 It ain’t the exercise peeps. Mood-enhancement and happiness through diet. 46:58 C.Difficile and microbiome transplants 49:22 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies? 52:39 Power of elimination, dairy issues, ApoE4 notes – conclusion “we’re doing good – crazy good in the end”
March 16, 2019
Ep7 - Ken Berry MD on the “Lies My Doctor Told Me”
Ken D Berry, MD is a Family Physician, Speaker and Author based near Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Ken has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade. He is board certified in Family Medicine, and has been awarded the degree of Fellow, by the American Academy of Family Physicians.  Having seen over 20,000 patients during his career of all ages, he is uniquely qualified to write on both acute and chronic diseases. More and more, Dr. Berry has focused on the chronic diseases caused by the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle, and has made it his mission to turn the tide on the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes, chronic inflammation and dementia. TRANSCRIPT:    INDEX/CONTENT 00:00:41 “Lies My Doctor Told Me” - new edition releasing 00:03:17 Wholegrains are healthy for the serfs? 00:06:19 Vegetable Oils will help population health? What about Milk and Dairy? 00:15:26 Best basic blood tests to flag our epidemics 00:30:30 Best way to assess cardiovascular risk 00:33:49 Core actions to take for health – works for almost anyone 00:48:46 The weight-loss lies – and the best exercise 00:57:55 Cholesterol put into context 00:59:12 “No matter what age, you are always an athlete” 01:04:36 The clever guys who took their own advice to age gracefully 01:08:00 Hashimoto's and thyroid, autoimmune afflictions and the immune system as “a hive of angry bees” 01:16:04 Wrapping it up – diet and nutrition is king
March 13, 2019
Ep6 - Podcast Short on Fatty Liver Enzyme GGT - Don't Die from Ignorance!
Today we talk about the important Liver Marker GGT  - don't ignore an elevated GGT guys - you may pay dearly for your negligence ! TRANSCRIPT:
March 13, 2019
Ep4 Calcification CAC Studies with important-to-know Outcomes - to avoid that heart attack
March 9, 2019
Ep5 - Amy Berger on Alzheimer's and Insulin Related Disease
Amy Berger has a master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS).  She is the author of “The Alzheimer’s Antidote: Using a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Loss, and Cognitive Decline.” Her specific areas of interest include using low carb and ketogenic diets as nutritional therapies for diabetes (both type 2 and type 1), obesity, PCOS, migraines, acid reflux/GERD, cardiovascular disease, and neurological & neurodegenerative disorders (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy). INDEX/CONTENT: 01:36 Jordan Peterson retweeting Amy’s Houston talks 02:47 Amy’s background and the genesis of her book “The Alzheimer’s Antidote” 06:10 The increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s, in younger and younger people 09:53 What’s going wrong in Alzheimer’s 14:41 Diet and glucose/insulin dynamics in the disease 19:03 Type 3 Diabetes – Diabetes of the brain 22:50 The Amyloid Angle 31:28 ApoE4 people and Alzheimer’s 42:15 Insulin dynamics in many disease 47:10 Optimum diets to prevent or alleviate Alzheimer’s 54:57 Are some people overly obsessed with diet and living to over 100? TRANSCRIPT:
March 9, 2019
Ep3 Dr. Jay Wortman on reversing diabetes and more
Dr. Wortman has worked in family medicine, public health, medical administration and research. He has held senior management positions in Health Canada in Ottawa and Vancouver. For the past 15 years he has worked with low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet in both the research and practice settings. One of his studies was the subject of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary film, “My Big Fat Diet”. Dr. Wortman is a frequent presenter on the benefits of a low carbohydrate high fat diet at scientific meetings and continuing medical education events. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Atkins Nutritionals Inc. Dr. Wortman currently practices in West Vancouver where he uses a low carb high fat diet for the treatment of metabolic and inflammatory conditions. TRANSCRIPT: CONTENT/INDEX: 00:00:48 Jay puts his newly-discovered Type 2 Diabetes into remission and starts losing weight with ease – after solving the problem from first principles 00:07:32 The challenge with mainstream high-carb dogma; dietitians behaving badly 00:12:06 Fixing what is essentially a “food intolerance”, and revising the guidelines so that all may benefit 00:20:06 Cholesterol “hyper-responders” – whether to worry about LDL rising on Low Carb 00:23:37 Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC), versus the “surrogate” blood test markers 00:25:57 The slow-motion tragedy of modern food destroying indigenous populations 00:31:48 Rodents or humans – it is diet which drives most disease 00:41:51 Insulin and Leptin 00:47:11 The people are at fault – due to laziness and gluttony? Addictive-substance challenges in the obesity and diabetes epidemic 00:56:40 Tinfoil Hat time – the realities of corporate business practices in the recent decades… 01:02:51 Add in the Vegan agenda to confuse things further 01:15:10 Crippling costs, the wisdom of the people and changing the guidelines; towards a tipping-point
March 1, 2019
Episode 2 - Dr. Scott Murray, Cardiologist - on Heart Attack Prevention
Dr. Scott Murray is a research cardiologist with exceptional experience in interventional and preventative cardiology. He is a particular expert in the field of cardiac imaging, and has published many papers on the compelling findings from both his invasive and non-invasive studies. Dr. Murray is the current president of the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR). I met Scott at the Johnstown estate in County Meath, Ireland, where I had just addressed the National Institute of Preventive Cardiology of Ireland (NIPC) conference (before participating in an on-stage debate about saturated fat and nutritional guidelines - that was fun, as you can imagine!).  Scott and I took the time out to have a quick chat while our wives walked in the extensive hotel grounds. We focused particularly on the latest 2018 American College of Cardiology (ACC) cardiovascular disease guidelines - which have recently given a coveted "2A" evidence level rating for the use of Coronary Artery Calcium scoring (CAC). We also cover several other topics around cardiac Imaging - such as CAC versus CTCA, ability to detect "soft plaque" using CAC - and of course what all the numbers mean for risk of heart attack and all-cause mortality.
February 15, 2019
Episode 1 - The Fat Emperor Podcast - Intro and Teaser Clips !
Hi All The Fat Emperor Podcast is on the way!  We have a pile of episodes already completed, and will release series on a weekly basis before the end of February. Sometimes we will release an extra episode during the week, depending on other activity! Also there will be two to three "Pod Shorts" per week - these will be 5 to 10 minute sessions, supporting or debunking the latest science being touted in the media. Also covered will be key health-related topics and tips - and simplified summaries of scientific publications that have core lessons for us all to heed! Please subscribe and share this Podcast widely, so that others can benefit. This is a free service to give great health advice in an entertaining format. We are enabled to produce this due to support from the Irish Heart Disease Awareness charity, which advocates the widespread use of the cardiac CT scan that delivers your CAC Score. If you are middle-aged and middle-risk, you've got to "Know your Score!" Best Ivor
February 15, 2019
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