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I Will Save You From the Future

I Will Save You From the Future

By Chris Bingham & Ed Templer
A comedy discussion podcast about technology, trends, and terrifying futures, presented by Christopher Bingham (Hi, I’ma Draw Ya!, Eddsworld, asdfmovie) and Ed Templer (Game Hog, Ginx TV).
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IWSY Ep 24: My Dinner With Elon
This week on IWSY Ed and Bing discuss YouTube for dreams, pasta brain music, and an interactive game that changes when you figure out the mystery. At a dinner party with their good friend Elon Musk the boys plan some significant modifications to the new Tesla and commit some light industrial espionage.
August 28, 2019
IWSY Ep 23: The Longest Dog
Welcome back! In this new episode of IWSY Ed and Bing discuss super-absorbent sponge houses, body augmentation, and how to become a real life Pokemon. They invent a robot that slaps the phone right out of your hand, a backwards-bungee jump, and also revolutionise household pets forever. Support us on Patreon! Click here: 
May 2, 2019
IWSY Ep 22: All Dogs Go To Heaven: Online
In the last episode of 2018 Bing and Ed design some video games! Listen to them wax nostalgic over the PS2, invent an asymmetrical dungeon crawler starring Jack Black, and change the world with the most beautiful MMO ever developed... Support our new Patreon page! Support the show here:
December 24, 2018
IWSY Ep 21: Yamaha Sphix
This episode Ed & Bing talk about seahorse motorbikes, erotic stress toys, pets that talk in swear words, and trousers that capture your farts. Then they calm down long enough to completely revolutionise the world of home dining with the Yamaha Sphix. We just launched our new Patreon page! Support the show here:
November 14, 2018
IWSY Ep 20: Art Gogfunkel
This week Bing and Ed get spooooky with a Halloween special! Listen to them discuss the terrifying future of drone adoption, child-snatching Heelys, and Adobe Cursed Mirror CC. This very scary episode is not for the faint of heart... We just launched our new Patreon page! Be one of the first to sign up and support the show:
October 24, 2018
IWSY Ep 19: Omnivision – ‘Broadcast Yourself’
This week Ed and Bing discuss morph suit-deploying hats, pizza knife salesmen, and ultimately end up making the whole film and television industry redundant. Bing recovers from being at Edinburgh Fringe by imagining unusual and intrusive live audience experiences, and a new Internet 4.0 of realtime-rendered vaporwave fanart is born.
September 2, 2018
IWSY Ep 18: whisperSHOUT
This week Ed and Bing talk about sleeping in coffins and murdering sea monkeys. Bing schools Ed on evolution and the science of all matter. Learn how to stand correctly on trains, and prepare for your life to be changed by our latest invention whisperSHOUT…
July 13, 2018
IWSY Ep 17: Welcome to the Dulux Derby
This week Bing and Ed talk about spider-cars and machines that 3D print with trash. Listen to Bing’s 10-step process for building the perfect dog, and marvel at the greatest team sport ever conceived, the Dulux Derby. Later, sink into a post-Avatar style depression as you realise that it’s just a podcast and not a real thing that you can play or watch.
June 15, 2018
IWSY Ep 16: Face Two
This week Ed and Bing discuss smart-speaker showerheads, Richard Kelly’s very bad films, the existence of the human soul, and seeing the world through your pets’ eyes. Bing has a chance to talk about the amazing world of teledildonics, and the world is changed forever when A-list celebrities start licensing their faces for common people to wear.
May 31, 2018
IWSY Ep 15: Tinder but to Fight People
Welcome to Season 2! New theme tune, new format. This week Bing and Ed discuss bio-tracker beds, air conditioned socks, and turning your sexual organs into modular synthesisers. The world is saved by President Gundam Lincoln and we solve all violent crime forever with our new mobile app.
May 18, 2018
Ep 14: One Hour With Grandma, Please (feat. Jenny Bingham)
Host Christopher Bingham and guest Jennifer Bingham tackle the terrifying future of virtual reality headsets (aka HMDs or Head Mounted Displays) on this episode of I Will Save You From the Future. Covered in this episode: Jenny and the Plague Ball, running wild with tiny giraffes, and capturing all your family’s smells.
March 15, 2018
Ep 13: You Can’t Prosecute Me, I’m a Potato Man (feat. Ashens)
Bing teams up with special guest Stuart Ashen (aka Ashens) to talk about facial recognition software on this week’s I Will Save You From the Future. Covered in this episode: the rise of twin crime, the cast of Friends but with QR codes for faces, and how to rebuild society when everybody is faceless…
February 1, 2018
SPECIAL: End of Year Q&A + Bitcoin Extra (feat. Calum Fuller & Jamie Spicer-Lewis)
Rounding out 2017 (a bit late), I Will Save You From the Future hosts Jamie Spicer-Lewis and Christopher Bingham take audience questions and invite guest Calum Fuller back to talk a bit more about magic internet gold bitcoin. Covered in this episode: the hottest bitcoin memes around, Vegeta gets rich, and Calum’s buff luddite torso.
January 2, 2018
XMAS MOVIE CLUB: Smart House (1999) (feat. Whitney)
Welcome to Xmas Movie Club! For this special episode host Christopher Bingham and special guest Whitney (from Dear Ears, Vine, YouTube) dissect and discuss the technology represented in the Disney original TV movie ‘Smart House’. Covered in this episode: the home that loves you back, violent Disney deaths, and why does Ben hate his dad’s penis so much??
December 20, 2017
Ep 12: The Terrifying Future of Gaming (feat. Jamie Spicer-Lewis)
Jamie SL joins the team! This week on I Will Save You From the Future, our hosts (plural) talk about your Christmas console options! What’s hot, and what’s not? Covered in this episode: Miya-oh no! and the Reverse Kermit, the true king of the jungle, and Jamie and Bing invent a console so good it destroys everything…
December 1, 2017
Ep 11: Kidnapping People With Drones (feat. Tom Bown)
This week on I Will Save You From the Future, guest Tom Bown and host Christopher Bingham talk about drones, both the fun and the deadly kinds! Covered in this episode: who needs the rules when you’re the CIA? Amazon’s mind games, and the sequel to birds…
November 3, 2017
Ep 10: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (feat. Calum Fuller)
This week on I Will Save You From the Future, guest Calum Fuller chats with Bing about real fake money, fake real money, and the systems that keep it all in check. Covered in this episode: Coinye West, a thought ledger that turns us all in to Sims, and how the blockchain will kill your grandma…
September 8, 2017
Ep 9: Better Batteries (feat. Victorious Sponge)
This week on I Will Save You From the Future, Bing is joined by Victorious Sponge (Ollie Firrell and Andrew Bond) and they try to solve the limitations of modern power storage. Covered in this episode: rolling anything and everything down a hill, NOT child labour, joy-riding the world, and a thriving modern economy of ventriloquists. Christopher Bingham & HIT WITH WRENCH LTD. do not encourage or endorse espionage, political violence, ‘Russian hacking’, or the theft or destruction of intellectual property.
August 17, 2017
Ep 8: Cameras In Everything (feat. Pat Graziosi)
This week on I Will Save You From the Future, Bing talks with Life Noggin‘s Pat Graziosi about technological convergence and sticking cameras in EVERYTHING. Covered in this episode: the camera boob, ‘what tech can we put in people’s mouths?’, and gun phone vs. vape phone.
August 3, 2017
Ep 7: Artificial Intelligence (feat. Tommy Jollyboat)
This week on I Will Save You From the Future, Bing talks about machine learning and artificial intelligence with Tommy (pirate comedian and one half of comedy duo Jollyboat). Covered in this episode: Robo Doc learns by killing, feeling a bit quam about everything, kettles vs cities, and the cutest weapons money can buy.
July 20, 2017
Ep 6: Holograms (feat. Brad WOTO)
In this episode of I Will Save You From the Future, host Christopher Bingham chats holograms and the Microsoft Hololens with Brad Smith (of WOTO, Twitch, and PewDiePie). Covered in this episode: bad Star Wars, great D&D, the ghost of Jobs, and the movie that will save us all…
July 13, 2017
SPECIAL: Facebook Chat Bots (feat. Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul, and Harry Botter)
In this special episode of I Will Save You From the Future, host Christopher Bingham asks the question- can we be friends with bots? This episode explores the growing world of Facebook chatbots. Bots interviewed in this episode include: Harry Botter (a Harry Potter trivia bot), Kim Kardashian, and Logan Paul. Our human guests are: Jamie Spicer-Lewis, Mandy Celine, and Phil Ammon.
June 30, 2017
Ep 5: Driverless Cars (feat. Brian Firenzi)
In this episode of I Will Save You From the Future, Bing explores the future of automated vehicles with comedian and writer Brian Firenzi. Covered in this episode: the travel hipster aristocracy, squeegee defence, ‘a sky dark with drones’, IKEA Mad Max, and those darn millenials.
June 23, 2017
Ep 4: Medical Wearables (feat. Jazza John)
This week on IWSY Bing chats with his guest Jazza about the terrifying potential of health trackers and other medical wearables. Covered in this episode: targeted advertising doesn’t work, the sexiest artificial pancreas on the market, quelle does Quell do? MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN MEET US ON THE MAN
June 16, 2017
Ep 3: Mind-controlled Interfaces (feat. Bryarly)
In this episode of IWSY Christopher fills his guest, Bryarly, with fears over the dawn of mind-controlled interfaces. Covered in this episode: disappointing Terminator arms, stress golf, political pacification with micro-transactions, and everyone punching everyone.
June 2, 2017
Ep 2: 3D Printing (feat. Jamie Spicer-Lewis)
In the second episode of IWSY, Christopher chats with guest Jamie Spicer-Lewis about the terrifying world of 3D printing. Covered in this episode: drinking out of baby skulls, spaghettifying every food, object piracy, and the three dimensional vaporwave revolution.
May 26, 2017
Ep 1: Smart Homes (feat. Witified)
In this inaugural episode of IWSY Christopher discusses the finer points of home improvement with special guest Whitney Galaher. Covered in this episode: Google helps you with your homework, Disney Channel original movies, illegal snake eggs, Scooby-Doo bookshelf doors, and an army of Roombas.
May 18, 2017