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By Office of Multifaith Engagement
A podcast to facilitate religious literacy, share stories, and engage in our diverse world
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Interfaith Abroad


Let's Talk About Love
In this episode, Wah and Hailey discuss love: how do we define it, how do we know when it's worth pursuing, how unconditional should "unconditional love" really be? All of these questions and more will be discussed, and will maybe even be answered!
February 14, 2021
Why is Religion a Touchy Subject?
In this episode, Wah and Hailey explores why religion is such a touchy subject with one of IWU's religion professor, Dr. Robert Erlewine and one of IWU's Nursing professor, Dr. Wendy Kooken. They bring in varying perspectives and tackle all of the hard hitting questions you can think of! 
November 30, 2020
Worldviews on College Campuses
In this episode, Wah and Hailey holds an engaging conversation with Elyse Nelson-Winger and Monica Corsaro about the importance of college campuses and how it impacts students' faith. They also explore their own faith journey, their own undergraduate experience and much more!
September 30, 2020
Interfaith Abroad
In this episode we hear from Jon Recchia, Viana Chau, and Adna Mujović about their experiences in the Philippines, Nepal, and Albania. They share their insights about experiencing different worldviews and further developing their own while abroad. 
May 29, 2020
Fasting Across Faiths Part 2
In part two of the fasting story, we discuss fasting experiences in Judaism and Hinduism. Be sure to check out part 1 first! 
April 21, 2020
Fasting Across Faiths Part 1
Engage with conversations about fasting in different traditions! In this first episode of the Encounters podcast, we talk about fasting experiences in Catholicism and Islam. Check out part 2 next for more stories and perspectives! 
April 21, 2020