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A podcast where I share stories, experiences and advice with some tracks that are related to inspire and motivate others.
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You have to be there for yourself almost all of the time. You have to save yourself from bad situations and celebrate the good ones. You have to be your own HERO. If you are there for yourself you are building strength by yourself and it's something no one can take away from you. Remember to be your own HERO in your life because there will be times when you are on your own entirely. Also here is the link to the filter I collaborated on Please tag @gdsc.uwc and @rsasec0x01 when you post it on your story on Instagram. Thank you so much for all the support. I greatly appreciate it.
June 10, 2022
Knowing who you are is really important in this life. Define it for yourself do not give anyone a chance to define it for you because it's not their life. Knowing who you are can help you stay focused on your goals and vision. No one can enter your mind if you know who you are and that means you cannot be broken by others and what they say because it will just be words that do not mean anything to you. Remind yourself every day of the person you are and never forget it.
June 03, 2022
Celebration of achievements is very important and should be done irrespective of the size of the achievement. Small wins set the journey for new opportunities and a chance to experience big wins as well. They should be acknowledged and celebrated. An achievement big or small is still an achievement and that is a good thing. Be proud of the things you achieve. You deserve nothing but celebration.
June 03, 2022
Self care is important for every individual. Know your worth, have enough respect, self esteem and love for yourself. It's doing the things you love. Don't let other things stop the process of self care. Always keep in mind what your body, mind and spirit needs. Honour those things.
May 05, 2022
Hearing the word “NO” can be so disheartening especially if you hear it all the time. It is painful and sometimes others do not understand how it makes you feel or how it brings you down. I am trying to find ways that Game “NO” will not hurt my self-esteem and confidence. Starchild is really feeling a bit down but to anyone feeling the same way know you are not alone.
March 26, 2022
Everyone feels envy or jealousy at some point in their life whether it's early in life or later. Remember that the emotion pushes you away from those you love and it is important to identify when you may be experiencing that emotion. Being aware of how this emotion affects you and those around you strengthens the self-control you have over your emotions. Also, address why and how can you stop feeling that way to keep those who you love around you. This is one emotion you need to control to protect you from losing people in your life. Start managing it before it gets out of control and if you need time away make sure you take a break.
March 12, 2022
Words are powerful and can have a huge impact on those around you. Remember to be delicate with your words and opinions. Others do not necessarily understand what you are saying when you express your thoughts. It's important to remember that what you say subconsciously says a lot about how woke you are about others’ feelings and situations they going through that they do not necessarily disclose with you. Just be mindful about anything that comes out of your mouth and think first before voicing anything.
March 06, 2022
Feeling broken is more than just the mind absolutely everything hurts at that moment. It's more than just being negative you feel everything negative while you are broken. Positivity is just such a hard concept to embrace, talk about and even act on in this time. Find what works for you even if it hurts because others can cause you more pain or make it more difficult to get through. To anyone who feels this way you are not alone.
February 16, 2022
Betrayal hurts the heart the most because you opened up your heart to trust. Sometimes the way you feel cannot be reversed. Be careful about your information for future purposes and the people who you think you can trust are often the ones you cannot. When someone shows you who they are, believe them, because it's probably true. Practice respect on all social media platforms and confidentiality with information as well.
February 11, 2022
Failure is inevitable just do not let it define your life. It's a moment in your life not your entire life. Try to stay optimistic I know its hard but its better than seeing everything as red. Most importantly it is ok not to be ok. It is perfectly normal not to have everything figured out.
December 17, 2021
Choose progress over perfection because perfection simply does not exist. Perfection is the enemy of progress and it stunts your growth as well as your experiences. It prohibits you from starting because you will always look for when you have everything in order to start. The list of excuses becomes never-ending. By starting you are making progress from just thinking about it to actually taking action and that right there is growth. Always aim for growth in every area of your life because it's real.  My social media handles are  Twitter: @Jessica21606760 Instagram: @mathsgeek199813 I would suggest to follow me on Twitter because my account is not private but I do encourage Instagram as well. Have a great week everyone :).
December 08, 2021
Control is actually a temporary act of power. It's not a quality you will possess for everything and that needs to be accepted. When situations happen that are out of your control remember to focus on what you have control of and just focus on that aspect. Remain calm when situations paralyse you and try to be adaptable to the events happening around you.
October 05, 2021
Do not let the presence or absence of others change who you are ,what you stand for and your beliefs. Remain strong in who you are and do not let the presence or absence of individuals change anything.
October 03, 2021
Team work makes the dream work. Selection of the right team is a game changer for success. Those are the people who stand by you during challenges and are there to celebrate all of your achievements. They make everything possible and the power of team work is greater than you know. The right team can do anything they put their mind too.
October 03, 2021
New roles that you take on can be scary and terrifying.However new can teach you a lot of things that are important and fundamental for growth.Embrace the new and most of all have fun with it.
August 21, 2021
Graduating is a huge achievement for any student.CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2020.To those still busy with their degree do not give up the Journey is worth it.
May 11, 2021
In tough times it is really hard to remember the things we are grateful for in our lives.This is a reminder to be mindful and aware of everything you have right now and will get in the future.Remember to say "thank you "often instead of "I want".Stay obsessively grateful for life and all that it has to offer.
April 24, 2021
Passion is the light you have for the thing you love and it should not disappear. If you truly love it you never lose the love you have for it.Passion is the energy to do what excites you and your responsibility to keep that energy during the tough times as well.
April 09, 2021
Everyone experiences the difficulty of being patient during many different situations.There is no guideline on how exactly to practice patience or what it means to be patient.Although the definition used here is a great pointer to what it means.Being patient requires strength, belief, calmness and positive thinking.Being patient actually means that the mind is at peace with waiting and is not worried or fearful no matter the outcome.
March 26, 2021
Everyone is on their own journey and has their own timeline. Your timeline is unique to you ,own it, be proud of it and let it be.There is no such thing as behind as we all move at different paces in this life and that is perfectly ok. Remember that your journey is yours and explore it, experience it and enjoy it in your time.
March 13, 2021
Leadership is definitely a responsibility for those who choose to be leaders. It is a wonderful experience and I share the three things I learnt about it. Simon Sinek created the perfect definition of leadership and this is what he says "Leadership is not a license to do less. It is a responsibility to do more."
February 12, 2021
My advice about Love and what I learnt from the closest people to me. Love is pure in heart and has good intentions. Give it to someone who will cherish it and appreciate it. Love fiercely always.
January 29, 2021
Give grace to yourself when you go through tough times its not just for others to benefit. Be kind to yourself and do not beat yourself when things do not work out .You would be kind to your friends all the time what makes yourself any different. Speak words of affirmation to yourself and love yourself through any stage you may find yourself in not only the good times.
January 22, 2021
Friendships are vital for companionship and advice. They get you through the tough and best times of your life. They see the best in you when you can't. Keep those friends close that are loyal to you and distance will not be a weakness.
January 15, 2021
We all have dreams for 2021.We are allowed to dream irrespective of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Lets work towards them learn from the experiences and Ultimately make one dream a reality this year.
January 08, 2021
It is a new year and it will present challenges like every year does. I hope that we will have long lasting hope for this year. May we have patience for this year to come. Be a friend to those around you. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE MAY IT BE EVERYTHING YOU HOPED FOR AND MORE.
December 31, 2020
The start of a new adventure. Tune into my podcast every Friday at 8pm to hear some stories ,thoughts and advice for every week. The music will rock your world and will have meaning to what I share. See you every Friday :).
December 27, 2020