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Central Pride Podcast

Central Pride Podcast

By Jack
Let’s dive into the beginning of another year at Central High School with the senior class president and the senior treasurer for our first podcast of the year
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Season: 3 Episode: 1 Central Students talk about this year followed by details from the principal
Central senior, Diana Nalazco and junior, Addison Wellington talk about how this year has been for them and what they hope comes next, followed by Central’s principal, Mr. Iannarone discussing what has been planned and what went into the planning process
October 23, 2020
Season: 2 Episode: 5 Married Central Teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Jones Discuss working in the same School
Mr. and Mrs. Jones discuss what it is like working in the same building together with all of it’s advantages
February 26, 2020
Season.2 Ep.4: Central High School Teachers Discuss Teaching at Central
Central High School teachers, Mr. Parsons and Mr. Parrot talk about what it is like to be a new teacher and how it can be with experience.
January 28, 2020
Season.2 Ep.3: Central Senior, Tyler Mullins Talks About His Big Plans For College and Life
Central High School has taught and produced many people that have reached high, this is no exception to Central senior, Tyler Mullins as he talks about his struggles for a prestigious college and service in the Navy.
November 11, 2019
Season 2 Ep 2: Alumna Buffy Hoge Shares Her Purpose for Volunteering at her Alma Mater.
Today I am interviewing one of Central’s most favored and well known volunteers, Buffy Hoge, on her life, experience and why she cares so much for our school.
October 30, 2019
Season 2 Ep 1: Here We Go Again With the Start of Another Year
Let’s dive in to the beginning of another year at Central High School with the first podcast of the year. Featuring the senior class president and the senior treasurer
September 30, 2019