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Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?

Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?

By Jack Allen
From aliens, the occult, to government conspiracies. Our history is filled with unexplained patterns and events. Are these occurrences all coincidences and conjecture, or is there a deeper, more sinister plot behind them? Has our true history been covered up, maybe even shortened! We take a deep dive different author's ideas and see which one has the most evidence to back up the claim!
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Revelations Prophecies pt 2. w/ my new Christian teacher Brandon!
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February 09, 2022
Hollywood star @bug_hall (alfalfa from little rascals) joins COJAC to talk: Hollywood dark underbelly, Middle Ages, Monarchies and way more
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February 04, 2022
Two greats @_theoddmanout and @weve_read: The honkening, Rogan, Peter Thiel, Russia and Ukraine
An awesome show w/ two amazing guys. Go follow both: Oddman: twitter: _theoddmanout instagram: _theoddmanout John from We've Read the Documents twitter: @weve_read Go support both their patreon/subscribe star! (I am a fellow supporter of both, so come join me!) Support COJAC: twitter: @cojacpodcast insta/venmo @conspiracyorjac Patreon: Conspiracy or just a Coincidence website: Please like/subscribe/review :)  Much love!
February 03, 2022
Revelation Prophecies. Seriously might be my favorite episode so far.
Go follow my friend: Twitter: @brandontubbs24. Insta@ okayestbrandon. Support COJAC twitter: @cojacpodcast. Insta/venmo: @conspiracyorjac
January 31, 2022
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn w/ @luxaeth (a new favorite episode of mine) CRAZY
Go follow/listen/support Lux @luxaeth Podcast coming soon: Lux Rising Current podcast: Occult Rejects w/ NY patriot (i am a podcast snob, but i respect the hell out of these two dudes! tons of research, tons of energy, and i do not say that about every podcast...believe me!) SUPPORT COJAC twitter: @cojacpodcast instagram/venmo: @conspiracyorjac website:
January 29, 2022
Time travel, Wall st, Advanced tech, nukes, all are tied together by Nazi Germany (rise of the 4th reich- Jim Mars)
Support COJAC twitter: @cojacpodcast venmo / instagram: @conspiracyorjac website: Thanks for the support and reviews! I appreciate it all :)
January 27, 2022
The Peyote Way Church, ties to military intelligence, hippie culture w/ an ex member @carlhassel4
@carlhassel4 (GO FOLLOW ON TWITTER!) Links: Mana drew the pics on pgs. 4,6, Preliminary Report on Neo Fascist & Hate Groups.^^^ SUPPORT COJAC: Twitter: @cojacpodcast Insta: @conspiracyorJAC (and venmo) Please leave a review :)
January 21, 2022
Skull and Bones, Mustache man, Hegel and his dialectic w/ @_theoddmanout
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January 20, 2022
Gladio 3: Afghanistan poppy production, assasination attempts, CIA, the vatican and more
Thanks for listening! Support: Venmo: @conspiracyorjac Twitter@cojacpodcast instagram @conspiracyorjac Leave a review, thanks everyone!
January 13, 2022
Gladio part 2: Shell companies, coups, smack and blow all ran by The CIA, Vatican and the Mob
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January 06, 2022
Smack dealing, mafia, Cia and operation gladio
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December 30, 2021
FDR and Wall St. How the New Deal was a trick, funded by Wall st to help limit competition.
Thanks for listening everyone, I hope you have a super lovely Christmas w/ your loved ones. Thanks for listening!  Support: Patreaon: Conspiracy or just a coincidence (conspiracyJac) Venmo: @conspiracyorjac Please go follow: @conspiracyorjac (insta) @COJACpodcast (twitter) youtube: ConspiracyorJAC (Jack Allen) Please leave a review if you can :) It'd be a great gift! 
December 24, 2021
Deplorable Janet: New simulation just dropped, tavistock institute and more!
Go follow Janet! Twitter: Knowjanet instagram: deplorablejanet Listen to Deplorable Nation Support COJAC Twitter: COJACpodcast Instagram: Conspiracyorjac
December 23, 2021
@_theoddmanout: Fabian Socialist, Corporate Socialist, THEY ARE ALL SOCIALIST, their goal: MONOPOLY! plus some freemasonry in our nation's capital.
Go follow the best in the biz! Twitter: _theoddmanout instagram: _theoddmanout Gab: @oddmanout COJAC LINKS: twitter: @COJACpodcast instagram: @conspiracyorjac venmo: @conspiracyorjac website: Support/like/review please :) 
December 20, 2021
Serial Killers 3/3: Programmed to Kill, Gacy, Bundy, lies deciet and cover ups. How many lawyers, judges and police are complicit?
support the show: venmo: @conspiracyorjac website: sponsor: big thanks to Darcey M! So kind of you!!!!  please subscribe on youtube and leave a review! Thanks for all your time and listening! 
December 16, 2021
Programmed to Kill: Part 2. Cults, Serial Killers, and the CIA
Well no more twitter everyone, follow me on instagram @conspiracyorjac Support is all in the links! Follow me on gab just in case :)
December 08, 2021
Programmed to Kill pt 1. MK U1tr4, C14, Tr4ficking, how deep does the rot go?
You can support the show at patreon: Conspiracyorjac venmo: conspiracyorjac also subscribe to youtube, odysee and twitter! Take care! 
December 02, 2021
@johnny_cirucci: Black Nobility, Jesuits, DC, Revolutions and so much more
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December 01, 2021
Aquino, human tr4ff1ck1ng, franklin cover up, CIA, s4t4n1sm and much more w/ my friend @_theoddmanout
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November 26, 2021
The Secret Origins of WW1 pt 2: The war against the monarchy, false flags, psyops, corrupted press, central banks all tie into this event
Support the show: Thanks for listening everyone!
November 18, 2021
The Great Giant Debate! Ken @atheism_is_dead vs Gary versus Gary @genesis6conspiracy
Support Ken: Support Gary: Two amazing researchers and scholars. Go support their work! Support COJAC: Thanks for all the support! We are just starting this fight for knowledge! Hang on tight! 
November 12, 2021
The Secret Origins of WW1: Cecil Rhodes, Rothchilds, Monarchies, Boer War, Anti-Germany, and lying politicians obsessed w/ degeneracy
support the show: I am honored you listen and enjoy the show. Thanks for listening everyone! :)
November 06, 2021
Boer War, Flip Floppers, Elite ties, Rhodes, WW1, The Red Scare and much more w/ @_theoddmanout
Go support the boss, the OG, the master reader, The Oddman! support COJAC: 
November 04, 2021
@bobslessons come thru in the cluthc! Big pharma, LGB, school system and more
Go listen to Bob's new show QTN on podcasts everywhere!!! 
October 28, 2021
Donald Jeffries: Entertainment deaths and assassins, gradualism, degeneracy and tyranny. @donjeffries
Go buy don's books: Twitter: @donjeffries website: Support Don Conspiracyorjac support:  Patreon: ConspiracyorJAC (jack Allen)  links on twitter
October 27, 2021
The Devil's Chessboard part 2: Coups, Nazis, MK Ultra, Castro, JFK and "patsy"
October 22, 2021
Runaway Masters: w/ author @josephfordcotto. Who else owned slaves in the "new world?" Native Americans still have segregation to this day!
Get Joseph Cotto Book: Seminole Indian untold history! Go follow Joseph and get his book! Support the show: Thanks for listening everyone! 
October 07, 2021
Interview w/ @lockoutdays. We talk anarcho capitalism vs divine right of kings: Just an awesome conversation, enjoy!
I love having conversations w/ new people. We have so much knowledge in our little twittersphere and enjoyed talking about libertarianism and the faults with our current regime.  Check out drew @lockoutdays and go listen to the most well informed 21 year old that I have ever spoken with! support the show:
October 06, 2021
John Taylor Gatto's: Dumbing us Down (how mandatory schooling was a creation by the elite to modify and create controllable adults) Please subscribe to my youtube so I can transfer all work over to Odyseey for when youtube inevitably kicks me off! Leave a comment or a review and I will be super super thankful! 
October 01, 2021
We talk CNP vs CFR, Great Awakening scam, Terrain vs Germ Theory and more w/ John from @weve_read
Go support John on Subscribe Star
September 29, 2021
Rockafella 2. The elites realized environmental factors (they caused) got us sick. But cheaper to focus on germs. so who got the $? germ theory
they can't take the blame, so focused on things you cannot see as opposed to them ruining our health.
September 17, 2021
Rockefeller Medicine Man: How our education/medicine modern model was created. Pt 1.
Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed this part 1. Next episode we will continue our journey through this awesome book!
September 10, 2021
Franklin, China our new enemy, Rs and Ds are literally the same @_theoddmanout
please go follow my good friend, smartest guy I know! Support the show:
September 03, 2021
Trillions of $ worth of unheard of gold, at the disposal of bankers, black ops. Booby traps, treasure maps, codes, secrets and lies
Gold warriors Follow @conspiracyorjac 
August 27, 2021
@bobslessons. We talk current events, drugs, degeneracy, and solved 99% of the worlds problems. (yes, in one hour)
 a light joke. go follow my man @bobslessons on YouTube/twitter/instagram support the show: 
August 19, 2021
Silver: How the fed has stolen 99% of your wealth. Lying, fraud, incoming economic crumble. Hidden treasure and more!
I'm a little passionate during this show, find out all about how they have manipulated the precious metals market since the 1850s.
August 13, 2021
Intelligence Services in the Ancient World
Book: Origins of Intelligence (its over like 300$ on amazon, I have the PDF) support the show: Thanks for listneing
August 06, 2021
The issue w/ libertarianism, false flags, military intelligence w/ @_theoddmanout!
Go follow @_theoddmanout support his patreon, I am a patreon member there :) Support the show 
August 03, 2021
Gary Wayne: we talk freemasonry, illuminati, templars, tartaria and so much more that my brain hurts
Go buy Gary's book: Genesis 6 Conspiracy, follow him on Facebook and twitter! Support the show: 
July 28, 2021
Paleo Conservatism. How libertarians, republicans and obviously socialist all have it wrong. Really mind blowing episode @bigpapafascist
Follow @bigpapafascist. Really awesome episode! Super articulate, well read guy. I learned so much from the episode. I have been feeling that the whole republic scam was just that a scam. Empires need morality. Find out why! Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time dude, I listen and talk to a lot of people, was really impressed with your knowledge! Support the show: 
July 21, 2021
Bolsheviks and Wall St. There are NO GOOD BILLIONAIRES. Its a sick system folks!
ConspiracyorJAC on youtube, twitter, gab website:
July 16, 2021
@upisdownpodcast: We talk STINGER, surveillance state, false flags, and how they have us and our emotions down to a science to find dean and his work! support the show:
July 07, 2021
Jeffrey Wilson from The Conspiracy Farm! @conspiracyfarm1 (also on YouTube)
@conspiracyfarm1  Go follow! Thanks for him to take some time to do the show! Support COJAC 
June 26, 2021
MK Ultra beginnings w/ the one and only @bigbibble -- history, occult ties, serial killers!
Check out Bibble on twitter @mrbibble support the show
June 25, 2021
Laurel Canyon pt 2. Jim Morrison, magical stories, Houdini the spy, Shakespeare the spy, and weird deaths.
Weird Scenes inside the Canyon part 2 support the show:
June 18, 2021
Michael Aquino, Temple of Set w/ my mentor of the alt media community, @_theoddmanout
Support Oddman on his patreon! He is probably the top 5 most well read guys in this community. He has my utmost respect! Support the show
June 14, 2021
Are our preconceived notions maybe incorrect about China? Can we really trust anything our government tells us? Hear an interesting viewpoint from Manju @xongkuro
Manju, a manchurian national, who can never return for speaking out against the CCP has a different viewpoint these days. Listen to some interesting similarities between the USA w/ the supposed amazing freedom and how it compares w/ China.  Support the show: Find manju @xongkuro
June 01, 2021
Interview w/ my friend @bobslessons. We talk Laurel Canyon, CIA assets in the music industry and the rampant degeneracy in this country
Find bob on twitter @bobslessons and instagram YouTube bob. Liv made two AMAZING new t-shirts find them on the website/support
May 27, 2021
Mind blowing episode. Wiki leaks scam, psy ops in our community, 17 influencers and one of the biggest psychological operations of our time. (R2) destroys this episode. This guy has been a detective for the past 4 years. Any questions on how they were able to accomplish what they did, R2 solves it. I could have listened to him crash my truther world view about 4 hours. awesome episode, go support him and follow him. 
May 24, 2021
Why do 18th century maps have the American NW saying"parts undiscovered" what was 3million square miles and largest country in the world in 1771? Muscovite Tartary
Why did history never tell you about the largest country in the world around the American revolution? How come no one talks about how we knew California was an island in the 16th century and then forgot 200 years later? Find out more here Support the show:
May 20, 2021
The Nuclear Scam: Exploding the hoax--on YouTube as well
We continue to be lied to. I break down how the nuclear threat isn't a real threat, they just want to steal more of your money to "protect" you.  Thanks for all the support:
May 15, 2021
The mystery behind our ficticious chronology: How old are the biblical mansucripts? Is Egypt really 5k years ago? How many plato's existed in our lie of a timeline? (3)
I deep dive into how many historians had different chronologies, we arbritraily or purposely chose one that was a huge lie. Was the biblical events actually in Italy? How long ago was Ancient Rome? Plato has a doppelgänger? 3x!? If you want to watch the YouTube version: Support the show:  Patreon: Conspiracy or just a coincidence
May 06, 2021
Legalman the man who DESTROYS R vs L paradigm. He broke me out of the spell, he will break you out as well!
Interview w/ legalman!  He is one of the best in this podcasting game, make sure you follow and listen to him @uslawreview Thanks for all the support and new patreon supporters! The nice reviews people leave really make all my hours of reading and note taking worth it! support the show on patreon @conspiracyorjac or from the website
May 03, 2021
Ex OTO member tells what types of things he experienced in this secret occult group
Follow more on NYpatriot story and videos NyPatriot-1978 ( NY Patriot - YouTube TheOccultRejects - YouTube TheOccultRejects ( TheOccultRejects | Gab TV Support the show! 
April 28, 2021
Exposing the Expositions: Ancient Rome in America
Howie Mickoski (check out his book for all the info) Today I break down his awesome book (he is gonna be on the show next week) but the scam that is the worlds Fairs. It is a wild ride, filled w/ deceit and lies.  Support the show: YouTube link:
April 24, 2021
Interview w/ the smoothest voice in podcasting, Billy Ray Valentine
Billy never disappoints! Enjoy the show! Patreon: conspiracy or just a coincidence!  You know the deal, World's Fair Scam episode coming out on Saturday! 
April 21, 2021
Andreas Xirtus: Star forts, mormons and the moors, so much more!
support Andreas work: Patreon : Andreas Xirtus Support COJAC:
April 16, 2021
Interview w/ We've read the documents. debunk the letter, adreno, faith and much more
Support the show
April 09, 2021
Guide to Phantom Time Theory: Did Charlamagne, Muhammad, the dark ages even exist? This theory says no. Prepare to be blown away
Guide to phantom time theory: book on amazon for a deeper dive The dark ages were made up! Yes, you read that correctly, our history is not what you think it is.  Support the show
April 06, 2021
Interview w/ my first Patreon supporter @bobmoral. Two truthers having a fun conversation about the truther world
I've met some amazing people on my truther journey. Bob is one of those guys. He never fell into the R vs L paradigm and I respect his opinion a lot. Check out a fun conversation and check out bob on twitter @bobmoral. He has his podcast there and another guy that won't spread to you lies and propaganda. Check him out Support the show: 
April 01, 2021
Phonecians, Knights Templar, Freemasonry. What connects them all?
I go over the history of the phonecians how they influenced the templars and how that became freemasonry. Its a long one, but I learned so much. Support the show: Patreon: Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence Thanks for listening! 
March 24, 2021
Stolen History, who wrote the history, is it all a lie? Take a deep dive down under (he's a Aussie) w/ Luddite
DUDE mind blowing info. Suffering serious cognitive dissonance currently. Some nice kiddo crying a little in the beginning, ignore it, it ends, some people are tough critics :) We talk blimps, vanilla skies, history re-written and so much more. Support this website Support this show: merchandise: Patreon: Conspiracy or just a Coincidence You get the deal :) 
March 19, 2021
JFK, RFK, JFK Jr assassinations w/ one of the best to ever do it, Don Jeffries @donjeffries
Don one of few truth telling historians blows away all three of these conspiracies, you need to read his books. He destroyed the fake story of Abe Lincoln for me and just did more to discourage any remaining belief in the honesty of the US gov.  @donjeffries PayPal him Most important, buy his books. We can only beat back the lies, by supporting the amazing people in our community. 
March 10, 2021
Phililp Fairbanks: author of 9edogate primer. the politics of 9edophilia. How deep has this infected our society?
Phillip writes an amazing book talking about how long this has been in our culture. How it has been covered up w/ the likes of people like Epstein and so much deeper. You will truly love this book. It goes back as far as Alice in wonderland author and Peter Pan. Is that why Jackson named his ranch never never land?  find and support Phillip at Support the show at Patreon: Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence or website:
March 06, 2021
Tesla Tech, HAARP, non-lethal weapons and review of "Angels Don't Play this HAARP"
A deep dive on the technology that goes way beyond weather modification in northern Alaska. Who owns it? Who controls it? Is it used for good or bad? Support the show Patreon: Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence Anchor: website: Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence Sponsors @moralbob, Rob, George, Kyle, join this awesome club on Patreon! 
February 28, 2021
Swapcast: @ajnatterstad19 & @_theoddmanout. HAARP preview, Tesla preview, Pilgrim Society, Hegelian Dialectic and more!
Check out my boy Odd man, and Alex! We have some great conversation and is a nice and fun listen! Support Odd Man's Patreon: The Oddcast ft. The Odd Man Out Support COJAC Patreon: Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence or COJAC website coming soon w/ merchandise to let everyone know that you don't believe the BS! @isnoosphere podcast
February 24, 2021
Left hand path practitioner @jeremycrow. a MINDBLOWING episode. We go into the mind of a "luciferian."
Jeremy is not what you would expect as a partitioning luciferian. He is not saying it for shock value. He is not evil. He reminds me of an alternative universe Isaac Weishaupt lol. Super well read guy. please check him out @jeremycrow to find out more info about him and his work. Support COJAC:  Patreon: conspiracyorjac, or
February 20, 2021
Swapcast: The Oddest w/ @_theoddmanout and @thebigdumbpod: we talk statism the disease, occult worship, pokes, and much more
great episode w/ 4 guys who don't grift, don't lie to you and doing our very best to find this truth that's hidden in a mess of confusion
February 17, 2021
Interview w/ Johnny Cirucci. Who really pulls the strings of this world? @Johnny_cirucci  support this scholar! buy his books and or PayPal him! We need more truthers like him!  Johnny is a very well researched and informed truther. He really makes some great points to support his claim. He also has some great humor in this episode.  Support me on Patreon: Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence or on 
February 12, 2021
Sabbatian Frankist: The world's most secret death cult around. How it links to Jesuits, Illuminati, Weishaupt, Skull and Bones. Communistic NWO
This is a great episode. Book is 1666 Robert Sepher, find out how the most disgusting death cult around has remained hidden and infiltrated every group of power.  Support the show on Patreon or anchor:  Follow me on Gab/twitter: @conspiracyorjac This episode is brought to you by @bobmoral, please check out his podcast!
February 07, 2021
Want to know why our education system is the way it is? Why do elite fund both sides of wars? Look no further
Hegel and Nicthe (illuminati) taught that all power belongs in the political class. It has seeped into every aspect of our society. Find out when this change happened and much more. 
January 31, 2021
MK ultra, mind control, hypnosis w/ Jonathan Royle (he's done work w/ David Icke, Richard Willet and many more)
we take a deep dive down the MSM, mK ultra w/ a professional hypnotist! @roylehypnotist Leave a comment or review on your podcast listening platform and get a shout out!  Support the show! (anchor or Patreon)
January 28, 2021
Charlie Robinson: We talk school system, china, rise and fall of empires and how to prepare for any outcome
One of my favorite people in the truther world. He is like a Michael Jordan in this game. Please follow Charlie @macroaggressons and open your mind by listening to one of the best.  Support the show: or Patreon @conspiracyorJAC Follow me @conspiracyorJAC Keep reading, keep learning and keep fighting the fight. 
January 22, 2021
Rant on current affairs, Max Heidel's Rosicrucianism book, bloodlines of Cain and freemason belief system.
I had this topic in my back pocket for a while. It was a really difficult thing to comprehend. I did my best, it'll maybe put some things in perspective for you about what these secret societies believe and are hiding.  Support the show. Patreon: Conspiracy or Just a. Coincidence Follow me on gab: @conspiracyorjac 
January 20, 2021
WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU ARE STILL ON THE TRAIN. IT WILL CAUSE ANGER. @weve_read destroys the R spokespeople, his victims are tucker, Flynn, Linn, Falun Gong and shills
John destroys all the people in the movement. Shows their corruption, ties to elite groups and much more. If you are still stuck on T, this might destroy your world paradigm. This dude kills it and it was such a great show. Support John :  Youtube: We've read the documents Support COJAC: or Patreon: conspiracy or just a coincidence. 
January 13, 2021
American Cosmic: Elites talking w/ angels, subconscious programming, AI future, alien religion
Support my show! or on Patreon! Thanks for listening, leave a review, I shout ya out on the show @conspiracyorJAC on twitter/gab!
January 12, 2021
What does World Wars, Fascism, Hitler, Mussolini, Communism, Colonialism all have in common? The Jesuits
Theres lots of talk of the black pope and their power over the holy sea. Take a listen to find out how they got their power when it started and what we can attribute to their meddling and corruption.  Support the show- @conspiracyorJAC 
January 03, 2021
Salem With Trials, Burned Over District, talking w/ Angels and New Age thought
I dive into how we got where we are in America in regards to aliens, occult, manifestation and much more. This is 3 books in 1 podcast. Check it out!  Support the show! Can now send me bitcoin! Buy bitcoin, buy precious metals, buy preps! 
December 29, 2020
Beginner level questions of Agorism- capitalist anarchy, crypto, "new libertarianism" and how to stop giving to the never ending corruption of politics
I interview @sallymayweather on todays show. Idk about you guys, but I am done w/ politics. I still hope for the best w/ Trump, but I am preparing for the worst. I am invested in bitcoin, metals, dry stored food, the whole 9 yards. Sal answers all my newbie questions about crypto, how to get involved and how we can prepare for the inevitable. Take a listen if you are a newbie like me. Thanks for being on the show sal!
December 23, 2020
Uninterrupted history of the CFR. The unelected group that dictates law and policy for us lowly useless eaters. --Odd man out!
follow @_oddmanout on twitter and instagram. You probably recognize his name by now, he's been on a lot of my shows. I have the utmost respect for people who read more then I do. Odd man reads more and has been in this game far longer then most of us. His insight into the workings of these groups is on a whole other level. Follow me @conspiracyorJAC Support: or my Patreon ConspiracyorJAC  Thanks for listening
December 20, 2020
Interview w/ Oddman, and Joshua @foundationsPC. HOLY HELL, Best show, my head is somewhere in the other room because it was blown off.
This was seriously the most informative show I have ever done. If you never want to listen to me or hate me, listen to this one. I don't talk at all and you will have your mind blown. @_theoddmanout @foundationspc Thanks for Joshua and Oddman for doing this show.  My socks? they are on the floor blown off. 
December 18, 2020
Interview w/ the Dawson Bros. (www. anc report . c o m) We talk Civil War (the real story), Lincoln, Epstein and much more
These guys do first hand research, archeological digs and have sacrificed it all. Ryan has been kicked off you tube in 2008, removed from mastercard/visa and blocked from opening bank account. He has put his comfort on the line to give the people the truth. support him on their website and Scott's new book "The Lost Colony and Hatteras Island" 
December 17, 2020
Interview w/ Micah Dank: astrology, hidden knowledge and much more! Round 2 because I screwed up the last one :(
Check out his work on amazon, he just released his third book, they read like a thriller. Mucho respect for anyone writing books on their topic! Well read guy. Check it out!
December 13, 2020
Interview @rickinthewall. We talk Sabatan Frankism, trans humanism, prisoner of war and his work for Ickonic! This episode will make you laugh and you can listen to a British accent
He does an amazing job, great insight and theories. Please support his work! @rickinthewall (Glitch in the Code) Ickonic w/ Gareth/David Icke! Support the show
December 12, 2020
Interview w/ Jim Duke Perspective- illuminati, freemasonry, left hand path, bloodlines, and more!
Please support Jim Duke, dudes been in it for 30 years and has amazing knowledge. We talk the history of secret societies, magick and what is next for us. He has his patreon/paypal links there, and if you can support my show, its on my twitter page or search anchor "conspiracy or just a coincidence" If you leave a review, I will shout you out on the show! Thanks for listening everyone, I am thankful you enjoy the show!
November 27, 2020
Interview w/ deplorable janet! transhumanism, global reset and what we can do to prepare!
@Knowjanet drops some truth bombs in this episode. Elites, transhumanism, global reset and much more!  Follow her @knowjanet Thanks everyone! 
November 19, 2020
2 part: Interview w/ Bobslessons & Oddmanout. Talk proj. looking glass, occult, hopes of election and much more!
2 all stars in the truther game. @bobslessons & @_oddmanout support bob and his awesome music/memes: Find Odd Man Out on all podcasting platforms. Keep your head cool and outlook positive. We will win this fight, if we stick together.  Support my show at
November 11, 2020
Interview w/ Isaac Weishaupt: The king of Occult doctrine takes a few minutes to talk Aliens, Occult origins, Transhumanism and much much more!
Thanks to one of the best truthers out there for being on the show. Please listen to Isaac podcast: Conspiracies and Unpopular Culture, visit his website Just google his name for more info and links! Isaac is also on patreon as well! 
November 05, 2020
Sinister Forces: I overview Peter Levanda's book Sinister Forces. What does Mormonism, Islam, Isaac Newton have to do w/ together? Find out!
Check out Peter's books. They are wild! Tying MK Ultra to Nazis, to psyops to LSD and much much more. 
November 02, 2020
William Ramsey: We talk Crowley origin story, West Memphis 3, Smiley face killers and Bush family ties to Occult doctrine
Please check out William Ramsey @xwilliamramseyx Crowley origins, West Memphis 3 ties to occult, smiley face killings w/ symbolism in movies and so  so so much more. Top 4 favorite episodes.  Please check out his twitter page, websites and documentaries. I am going to be doing an episode on a few of them! 
October 23, 2020
Germ Theory w/ Earl B. Find out history of our biggest enemy....GERMS! Which began under dubious circumstances. Take a listen!
@MyNameIsEarlB  Kills this episode w/ the history of germ theory. If you want to save yourself lots of hours and tough reading take a listen to Earl. He has put the hardwork in so you don't have to. He even has a uncensored forum on his website at  Please follow him on twitter, retweet the show, and keep reading, keep learning and keep fighting the fight! 
October 22, 2020
Interview w/ Elyon: We talk Tartaria, aliens, simulation theory, predictive programming and much more. A fun alien episode!
Tired of political corruption and filth? Want to enjoy some light alien talk? Check out this show, where @emeraldDragons7 talks about tartaria, the history of mankind and so much more. Subscribe to his youtube channel and enjoy a lighter episode in this time of darkness!  Next week I will be posting: History of occult in america (mormonism, islam, salem witch trials and much more)
October 16, 2020
Interview w/ Odd Man Out: TRIGGER warning, this episode touches on sensitive topics to the truther community.
Today @_theoddmanout uses his decade of truther searching to go over topics that are relevant today. He gives an impartial view on Trump and the movement in his opinion. We talk "he/she who shall not be named," founding fathers and occult ties, communism and big banks and much more.  Want to listen to one of the OGs of this group, then check out this episode! Find him on instagram, podcasting platforms, and twitter. @_theoddmanout Thanks for reviews by: @undocidiotspod and few others who put no handle! IF I MISS YOU, DM ME! Lastly, every show I put out, I do not know if the guest's opinions are right or even if they are truly my opinions. But I will listen to every truther w/ an open mind and heart. When it comes down to it, we will need the human race to stand together, not be factions. 
October 08, 2020
Interview w/ Ken Ammi (We talk, seed of satan, UFOs (ties to occult), Nephilim and much more!
Thanks to the show's sponsor :The Time Turner (in depth Harry Potter Podcast) Find them on all podcasting platforms (support grassroot entertainment) forget hollywood elites telling me how to feel! @atheism_is_dead SUPPORT by getting his awesome books!!! Keep reading, keep learning and keep fighting the fight! 
September 30, 2020
History of the occult in southern california. Jack Parsons, Aliester Crowley, much much more.
We go deep on occult in hollywood, and how the occult is in our intelligence agencies, hollywood and education systems. 
September 24, 2020
Interview w/ @beejaysee-- we talk 17 code cracked, DUMBS, Reptilians, Luciferianism (whole bunch of good stuff)
Check out @beejaysee on his twitter. He is a great guy, its an awesome episode, you are going to enjoy it! 
September 18, 2020
Interview w/ Captain Dan Hanley, Doug, David Walden on 9/11
Killer episode today, we destroyed the MSM story of 9/11 w/ 3 pilots. Please make sure to follow each and please go to for more info. RIP to all those who were taken on this horrible day 19 years ago. 
September 12, 2020
Deplorable Janet interview AND Donniebetts interview: We talk education system, protests, trump election/space is fake, tesla is a joke and much more!
Deplorablejanet: we talk education indoctrination, antifa, protests and much more! Donniebetts: we talk space is fake, we are living in a movie, being ran by an oligarchy!
September 09, 2020
Interview w/ Don Jeffries: Founding fathers, Abe Lincoln, freemasonry, false flag for civil war. Similarities to now. Get your notepads out!
One of the best interviews I have ever had. Don's knowledge will blow you away. Check out an amazing book of his, Crimes and Cover Ups in american politics 1776-1964. Get ready for your socks to blow off!
August 30, 2020
Roman Empire Theory + Interview w/ @dontreadonjake about Beirut blasts and Phoenicia
I wanted to put out this double header w/ two theories that are definitely conspiratorial realm. It is always amazing to see what other people can create and I always respect anyone who has researched a topic and created their own theory. Right or wrong, always keep an open mind. Thanks for Jake to spending his time explaining his thread. 
August 29, 2020
Interview w/ Speaker from H1iveM1ind. We talk aliens, Georgia Guidestones, culture in america vs aus. and much more! Links for his work below. Check him out!
We talk a range of topics, aliens, wormholes, Georgia Guide stones and much more. Take a listen w/ Speaker @thespeaker2018
August 24, 2020
Interview w/ Ryan Oneal..we talk his life changing event and investigation that was groundbreaking for the truth community. W/ a special guest
Ryan O'Neal talks about his life changing investigation that truly changed the truth seeking community. His actions had life changing effects on his life. It begs the question, how far are you willing to go in this journey to stand up for what is right? Thanks to Ryan for his hard work. W/ special guest!
August 21, 2020
We talk Biden, Kamala, Aliens, NASA, Roman Empire Theory
Thanks to our special guest, the one and only Bobslessons
August 13, 2020
We talk Beirut, PC culture, Tech censorship (how it operates at a loss) and how we are winning this battle w/ James R from Pirate Radio
Please follow James @realpersonpltcs. Keep fighting the fight and figure out what we can do to ensure our victory in this war. 
August 07, 2020
Samuel/Prescott Bush Family History w/ skull&bones, occult ties, eugenics and much more.
Today I deep dive into the first recorded corruption, murder and disgusting actions of one of America's most powerful family dynasty. The Bush Family. I connect them w/ other elite families, their ties to occult and secret societies and much more.  Sponsors: My Feed: trending celebrity news Mystified podcast
August 01, 2020
9/11 interview w/ Captain Dan Hanley, Dir. of 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers. Former 777 Pilot, and a brilliant take on the confirmed false flag event
We will go over what Captain Hanley's background and how that led to what he theorizes happened on that day w/ the planes. Captain Hanley is still pursuing litigation in this case and always learning more. Take a listen to his story, experience and knowledge in regards to this day. If you want to help him, his website is and make sure to follow him on twitter @danhanley4.  As always, like and subscribe and send it far and wide! 
July 28, 2020
Interview w/ Charlie Robinson from @macroagressio3.— religion, aliens, banks!
Author Charlie Robinson (octopus of global control) talks about banks, religion, nasa and even reptilian. Find him on twitter, his personal website and even David Icke platform!
July 21, 2020
What do Polio and Covid have in common? Why do we believe in a method that is based off 1796? Find out the history of vaccinations and how it is another Problem, Reaction, Solution
What do polio, smallpox and COVID all have in common? Find out how closely related businesses are in our health care system. Find the history of how small pox and polio set the standard for *almost mandatory vaccinations.  Make sure to rank/comment on apple podcast or your listening location Follow me on twitter: ConspiracyorJAC and if you want to sponsor me go on my anchor (conspiracyorJAC) website.  We have an episode w/ Charlie Robinson and another w/ Deplorable Janet!!! Stay tuned!
July 17, 2020
Franklin Scandal pt 2. Drugs, money laundering, SRA, FBI, Iran/Contra
This story is the whole "shabang" of conspiracies. Drugs, pedophilia, politicians, satanic ritual abuse and cover ups. Learn about a forgotten event that was covered up by mockingbird media. 
July 07, 2020
Deplorable Janet talks Vatican, Nesara, and New King!
Janet hits things that a well versed truth seeker will not know! Amazing amount of knowledge that will definitely BLOW your mind! Vatican, gold, NESARA, new King and much much more! Check it out
June 25, 2020
Another chat with No Mercy Podcast Host Bobslessons
We talk NASCAR, cointel, hollow/flat earth, Q, and reptilians. Find bob on Patreon : sideshow bob —— Twitter: @bobslessons.
June 22, 2020
Franklin County
Take a trip back to the 80s. elite pedophile rings, satanic ritual abuse, police cover up, drug dealing, embezzling millions. this episode has it all. 
June 19, 2020
Finish w/ Manson and his relation to MK Ultra, Jolly West, Dr. David Smith and much more!
Was Manson an Mk Ultra test? How did he get so much acid and so much power?!  Source: Chaos: CIA, Manson (great book, read it)
June 12, 2020
Current events, Manson murder and some encouragement
Manson murder and his connections to the CIA 
June 05, 2020
Bishop Larry Gaiters Interview
We have special guest Bishop Larry Gatiers! He talks about COVID, Kobe Bryant, CCP and much much more! Please find him on youtube on twitter @bishoplarrygaiters  Thanks for listening! 
May 28, 2020
Obama CIA Plant?
This episode we deep dive into Obama's shady past. Most of which is sealed or hidden. You will be able to dominate the next argument about the 44th president.
May 24, 2020
Interview w/ @bobslessons- Talk about Kubrick, Obama, The Awakening, and much more!
Bob from the No Mercy Pod takes time from his busy schedule to have a chat w/ COJAC! Please find Bob on  Twitter: @bobslessons Patreon: Thanks for listening
May 22, 2020
Moon Landing Hoax
Did we really land on the moon? Did Nixon use it as a publicity stunt and a way to spend millions of tax payers money to his fellow cronies? Find out what happened on this episode of Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence. Thanks to #nomercypod's Bob for giving us a retweet! 
May 14, 2020
Princess Diana part 3
The last episode of the Princess Diana saga. Find out how little her doctors did, how they screwed up the embalming and how they covered their tracts to make sure no one thought it was more than a tragic accident. Follow me on twitter @conspiracyorJAC
May 02, 2020
Interview w/ Dr. Wilbur Allen. He talks about his physical evidence w/ ETs
Armed w/ a PHD Dr. Allen has worked w/ some of the biggest names in the UFO world/Nasa (edgar mitchell and many more) Find him on Youtube "wilbur allen UFODC" or on twitter JohnAssman6 " nobody messes w/ an ashman"- seinfeld
April 24, 2020
Princess Diana part 2
Thanks for staying w/ me during this long break. lets find out if incompetence or sheer purposeful actions were the cause of her death. 
April 12, 2020
Princess Diana part 1
The inconsistencies that were found out after her death. This episode focuses on the factual evidence that did not agree with the "accident" theory.  It is a two part episode based off info from "How They Murdered Princess Diana, The Shocking Truth" By John Morgan.
March 13, 2020
Hollow Earth?
We take a little dive into the hollow earth. We enter through the poles, through tunnels in the earth, and we might see some dinosaurs and nazis. 
February 28, 2020
Reptilians, Garden of Eden and Sumerian Tablets, part 2
We look at the biblical and historical evidence of the reptilians on earth after the great flood. 
February 19, 2020
Sumerians and The Reptilians and the Garden of Eden
We go into the creation stories of The Sumerians and The bible to point out similarities between both. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. Next week we will finish the topic.  Reference: R.A. Boulay Serpents and Dragons, the story of mankind reptilian past. 
February 11, 2020
Superbowl, introduction to Ms. Jack Allen, and some Abe Lincoln/Politics Talk
Taking it easy this week and doing something w/ no new research. I talk some new info about politics and abe Lincoln in preparation for my reptilians part 2 episode next week! So hang in there guys and give it a listen, learn a little about "honest" abe and what he really stood for. 
February 05, 2020
Saturn Moon Matrix
A 101 class on the Saturn Moon Matrix as popularized by David Icke
January 29, 2020
The Knights Templar
Today we go over a brief history of the Knights Templar and how they came into power and what happened to them.
January 20, 2020
Reptilian Theory
This is a reptilian 101 class. I go into the history and what they are here for. I pulled a lot of this information from David Icke's book, "The Biggest Secret." 
January 14, 2020
The Moon Conspiracy
We take a deep dive into the moon and the anomalies that reside with it. Credit to "Who Built the Moon" by Christopher Knight
January 05, 2020
Nazis, NASA and the occult
A brief background of Nazi and how they came to power and how their beliefs in the occult started.
January 01, 2020
Founding fathers and their secret societies.
An in-depth look at Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.
December 31, 2019