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Only Human Podcast

Only Human Podcast

By Jack Kavanagh
In 2012 I suffered a life changing spinal cord injury leaving me with 15% muscle function but an open mind, asking new questions and igniting a newfound perspective, passion for life, health, relationships and meaningful work. As a life and wellbeing coach, speaker and pharmacist I am motivated to help others live more purposeful, courageous, fulfilling lives. Join me as I explore the journeys of people finding the magic in the messiness, everyday heroes and leaders they share insights, perspectives, beliefs, habits to inspire us to take action, be more present and to live fully.
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EP34 - Dr. Colman Noctor - The Tyranny Of Choice
Dr. Colman Noctor is a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist. He has worked across a range of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services both in Ireland and abroad and he has a wealth of national and international clinical experience. Colman specialises in the treatment of all emotional disorders and has a keen interest in the effects of contemporary media on child development and mental health and frequently contributes to national media on this topic. Colman is the resident Psychotherapist on The Ray Darcy Show on RTE Radio One and he is a frequent contributor to both the national broadsheet press (Irish Times, Irish Independent) and Broadcast media. He is the author of "Cop On. What it is and why your child needs it to thrive and survive in today’s world” was published in March 2015. Colman has worked in Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Our Lady’s Hospital in Crumlin and the Lucena Child Mental Health Services and St Patricks Mental Health Service. He is currently an Associate Professor in University College Dublin. He also has a small private practice in the Basin Street Centre in Naas. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
September 28, 2020
EP33 - Declan Coyle - Freedom To Choose
A father of three, married to Annette, Declan Coyle is a Director of Andec Communications and one of Ireland’s most internationally experienced leadership training and development consultants. He is also much sought after as a conference keynote speaker. Declan has lived life on many levels, all of which have helped form his revolutionary Green Platform principles and thinking which form the bedrock for all the Development Programmes and Keynote addresses Declan delivers to Blue Chip companies, Government Departments, Sports Teams and Individuals. After school he joined the Columban Fathers who worked in many of the world’s poorest slums. His postgrad studies led him to Ottawa. After being awarded two Masters Degrees he was sent to work in the slums of the Philippines. His experience in burying thousands of babies who had died of malnutrition related diseases proved a powerful catalyst for his belief that even in bad situations we need to identify and work towards positive change. During this time he set up the Philippines Human Development Fund which for the past 35 years has been supporting sustainable food, income and educational help to the poorest families in the Philippines and later in Taiwan. He later returned to Ireland, married and pursued a path of developing teams, individuals and organisations towards empowered lives personally and professionally by showing them their freedom to choose the red or green platform in life. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
September 21, 2020
EP32 - Mark Shapiro - Are You Being Real?
Former Showtime Networks exec, Mark Shapiro, is a relationship building  expert and the founder of the LoveBomb app - the 1st ever relationship  management system and social wellness tool that brings together the  power of technology and the best of our human hearts to help you deepen  your connections, keep in touch consistently, and show up when it  matters most. From sending over 10,000 appreciation videos,  creating a simple system that helps him keep in touch with over 3,000  people per year, and giving the premiere TEDx talk on human connection  in the digital age, Mark is at the forefront of social innovation  demonstrating not only how kindness makes human sense but also business  sense. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe @evbalfe Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ️ #onlyhuman #onlyhcumanpodcast
September 14, 2020
EP31 - Philip McKernan - Permission To Dream
As an Inspirational Speaker, Writer & Filmmaker Philip works  with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people  are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through  roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. As a speaker, he has  inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon to  name a few. He is also the founder of the One Last Talk™ movement. He helps people get clear on who they are and  where they need to go. What separates Philip from a lot of coaches,  speakers and gurus is originality. He brings new conversations to the  table and spends an obscene amount of time thinking and challenging the  status quo, instead of simply repackaging business & life hacking  strategies. With a knack of getting into all sorts of scenarios – he’s  caddied in golf for the President of Ireland, been chased and nearly  killed by a bull elephant in Nigeria and made wine in Australia. He has  traveled to 80 countries around the globe, built an orphanage in Peru,  written 5 books despite being dyslexic and created his first documentary  film called Give & Grow. The film explores how the gift of giving  makes us feel more worthy and alive. It also explores the science behind  the impact of giving on our emotional well being, our mental health,  our physiology, and our businesses. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe @evbalfe Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
September 7, 2020
EP30 - Dr Damien Clarke - Pain To Potential
Damien is a Counselling Psychologist  and Corporate Wellbeing Expert. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin  with a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (2015 – 2018). With previous  experience in the Corporate World myself (H&K International 2006 –  2011) he has in more recent times become the Founder and CEO of Zeminar;  the world's largest health and well-being conference for teenagers. He  is currently working with Central Remedial Clinic which is a  non-residential national centre established for the care, treatment and  development of children and adults with physical disabilities. Since  July 2019 he has worked with Spectrum Life, Spectrum Mental Health and  Laya Health. Damien is passionate about the wellbeing of workers in  Ireland with a particular interest in the stresses of high pressure  corporate life and how we go about getting a greater work-life balance. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe @evbalfe Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
August 31, 2020
EP29 - Gary McGowan - How To Live Well: Health, Gratitude, Philosophy
Gary McGowan is a 25-year old health & fitness enthusiast, the co-owner of Triage Method, and a current medical student. With various practical qualifications in personal training, nutrition and strength & conditioning, as well as a BSc in Physiotherapy, Gary is interested in how individuals can live their lives in the most healthful way possible. Beyond exercise, nutrition, and the behaviours we typically associate with "health", he also has a keen interest in philosophy and psychology as it relates to the pursuit of a good life. All in all, Gary's interests all convene on a common theme: "how to live well". Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
August 24, 2020
EP28 - Kirk Williams - Adapting The Adventure
Following a Spinal Cord Injury aged 23 Kirk Williams is a  C6/7 Quadriplegic. This has not dampened his spirit. Kirk makes a  living as an adventure photographer and commercial drone pilot and he  lives his life exploring the world as an adaptive vanlifer. Kirk  found freedom through building a custom camper van (the freedom pod)  and has just returned from an 8 month trip around South America. As  a world traveler, Kirk is using photography and storytelling show  people what is possible with the right attitude and help provide  wheelchairs to those people who can't acquire them on their own  otherwise. For more, follow @Impact.Overland or visit Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe @evbalfe Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
August 17, 2020
EP27 - Fiona Lennon - Music, Teaching & Self Acceptance
EP27 - Fiona Lennon - Fiona Lennon (Fí) hails from Mullingar. Coming from a musical town Fí is her artist name. She  began writing music at 18 and has since accumulated hundreds of songs,  only a few which she allowed to grace the airwaves. She spent time  working with Grammy nominated songwriters and has played big stages like  Electric Picnic, Whelans and Cyprus Avenue. Alongside  this, Fiona worked as a primary school teacher for many years until  completing a masters in Business and moving into a different space in a  career which can bring more variety to grow and travel. She has learned  over the years through hard times in her youth and experience of  anorexia the importance of self-love and self-development. Fí is an  advocate for fitness, reading, writing and through exploring and  expressing herself in different ways in life she has been able to  conquer the challenges of her teenage years. Her life has been coloured by a desire not to fit in one box, but to sample  and explore many areas of life by relaxing expectations and trusting  her gut to guide her.  Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe - @evbalfe  Until next time, stay well, stay curious.  Jack ️  #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
August 10, 2020
EP26 - Justin Caffrey - Grief & Empathy - Mastering Your Mind
When you leave the extremes of private equity and hedge-funds for Buddhism, you can expect some exciting outcomes. After losing his son 10 years ago Justin Caffrey turned to Eastern Psychology, Philosophy & Neuroscience. A proven Multi-Business Entrepreneur in differing sectors and countries, Justin built and sold companies with seven figure exits. More recently he has turned his attention and has become an All Ireland All Star Thought Leader in Personal Development in 2019 & 2020. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by @evbalfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast
August 3, 2020
EP25 - Katie Geaney - Natural Born Optimist
Katie Geaney, although most commonly known in the Instagram realm as Natural Born Optimist, shares the twists and turns of her journey to becoming a High Risk Youth, Social Worker - a job her 16 year old self would be so proud of her for achieving. Katie speaks honestly about the highs and lows that came with working in front line homeless services in Dublin, and shares the powerful learnings that she gained from listening attentively to the clients who graced the service where she worked. In the midst of the current pandemic, Katie is tucked away and masked up in Melbourne. She speaks about recently turning 30 and her (not so commonly chosen) goal of spending the first year of her new decade getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in her own company. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by @evbalfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast  #naturalbornoptimist
July 27, 2020
EP 24 - Shane Finn - Pushing Limits
Shane Finn from Dingle in County Kerry is  a 28-year-old Ultra Endurance Athlete & Charity Fundraiser. Since  starting running almost 10 years ago, Shane & his team have raised over €300,000 for Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland, a charity very close to his own heart! Shane has  turned his passion for fitness, health, endurance & helping people  into a business now too and works full time as an Online Coach to people  from all around the world. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Castbox, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe. Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack :)
July 20, 2020
EP23 - Brian Pennie - Change Is Possible
On October 8 2013, Brian Pennie experienced his first day clean after 15 years of chronic heroin addiction. Instead of perceiving his addiction as a failure, however, he embraced a second chance at life and went to university to study the intricacies of human behaviour. Since then, he has become a keynote speaker, a PhD student, a lecturer in Trinity College and University College Dublin, a life change-strategist, a radio presenter, and author of his recently published memoir, Bonus Time. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by @evbalfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️ #onlyhuman #onlyhumanpodcast  #changeispossible
July 13, 2020
EP22 - Pat Divilly - Validation, Acceptance & Approval
Pat is an author, speaker and high performance coach who is passionate about helping people reach new levels of purpose, passion and fulfilment through movement and mindset. Setting up Pat Divilly Fitness in May of 2012 as a small fitness class on Silverstand beach Barna Co. Galway, Pat's philosophy centred around belief and belonging- instilling increased levels of self belief in clients whilst making them feel a part of a supportive community of like minded people. The philosophy resonated and within a year his cliental had grown to 500 clients at which point he brought out his first book '21 Day Jump Start' and opened his gym. At this point Pat was one of the first Irish trainers to implement 'online training' for clients around the world. Between 2012 and 2017 over 20,000 clients went through Pat's online training courses. He brought out two more books 'Naked Paleo' and 'Upgrade Your Life' and organized groups who raised over €250,000 for local charities. In more recent years Pat has emerged as one of Ireland's top speakers in the area of personal development. He regularly speaks at his own one day workshops and three day retreats as well as providing trainings in leadership, self awareness and wellness for some of Ireland's leading corporations. Outside of this work Pat is passionate about travel, mountaineering and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has scaled the highest mountains in Europe, Africa and South America. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️
July 5, 2020
EP21 - From The Makers - Creating A Space & What We Learned Over 20 Episodes
In many ways it's crazy to think the Only Human Podcast has reached 20 episodes. In this episode we welcome Evan Balfe, the producer, onto the mic. We explore watch the first 20 episodes has taught us, sharing our insights from each guest and what only human means to us. The Only Human Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, etc. and is produced by Evan Balfe. Until next time,  Stay well, stay curious, Jack
June 28, 2020
EP20 - Dr Hannah McCormack - Tackle Your Feelings, Racism, Discrimination & Compassion Fatigue
It is hard to believe we are at the point of releasing our twentieth episode. It just goes to show what can happen in a short space of time when people come together around a mission that is bigger than them and commit. Todays episode is perhaps the most important we have released to date. Only Human Podcast is about everyday human beings, the magic each person has within and the struggles each goes through on their journey through life. We learn from everyday people who are on the journey of becoming themselves and contributing to the world. Each person shares their insight, expertise and experiences. Today's guest, Dr Hannah McCormack, is uniquely positioned to speak to some of the most important movements and topics of our time - mental health and racism. Hannah, a Sports Psychologist, is the Campaign Manager for Tackle Your Feelings, a mental well-being campaign run by Rugby Players Ireland in partnership with Zurich. We explore mental "health" through the lens of being "mentally fit" as opposed to the common connotations of speaking of mental health as being only a negative mental health topic. We explore practices for self care, flourishing and for bouncing back that bit quicker when we face struggle or burnout - all through the lens of sports, of building your team to help you get across the line and perform well in life - I love it! Hannah is Irish, living in Ireland full time aged 7 she is fully immersed in the sports, culture and life. Unfortunately Hannah and her family have been exposed to discrimination, micro aggressions and outright racism on many occasions. This is an important conversation. It is uncomfortable and that is why it is necessary. I am so grateful to Hannah for her openness and sharing her journey on for allowing us as listeners into her perspective and experience. Having conversations like this and listening from a place of openness is the beginning of the journey of taking action towards a more inclusive, understanding, respectful and fair country and world. TYF app is on the app store and playstore and is available at Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc. and is produced by Evan Balfe. Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack
June 17, 2020
EP19 - Rian Doris - The Science Of Flow - Peak Performance - Head Trauma
Rian Doris is the Chief Growth Director at The Flow Research Collective. Rian holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy & Economics from Trinity College Dublin and is enrolled in an MSc in Applied Neuroscience at King's College London. Rian has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies implementing peak performance strategies in a consulting capacity. He has also led a number of research initiatives with Dr. Dan Siegel, Prof. of Psychiatry at UCLA, Imperial College London. University of Southern California, University of Zurich and Claremont Graduate University. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️
June 8, 2020
EP18 - Rebecca Winckworth - The Musicians Life, Being A Sustainability Entrepreneur & Life In Columbia
Rebecca Winckworth is a professional singer who has toured across the world as a soloist with shows such as Anúna, Celtic Nights, Ragús and Titanic Dance. She represented Ireland in the World Festival of Music in China 2015. She was also a special guest on Celtic Woman's project "Destiny" which was nominated for a Grammy in 2017. She is also a businesswoman and a Co-Founder of White & Green, an organic and ethical bedding and homewares brand. Having graduated with a MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, she is particularly passionate about sustainability and promoting equality through the way that we consume. Rebecca has recently founded "Citizens of Song", a non-profit on a mission to unite people around the world through music. You can tune in to the first in a series of free concerts run by Citizens of Song featuring some of Ireland's finest musicians on May 31st at 8pm Irish time. For more, visit Rebecca's social channels. Website-  Twitter: @RWinckworth  Instagram: @winckworth  Facebook: RebeccaWinckworthMusic  OHP is available on Spotify, ApplePodcast, Castbox etc and is produced by the wonderful Evan Balfe Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack :) 
June 1, 2020
EP17 - First & Last Breath
When it comes to the breath so much attention goes on the first and last breath, but what about the breaths in between. The first and last act of our lives is to breathe in and finally to breath out one last time. Returning to the breath in our day to day is a powerful anchor for checking in with ourselves. `It teaches us to be more present in our lives, more responsive over reactive and increases our awareness and objectivity.  In a world where it can be hard to catch a breath this episode explores a simple breath can teach us. Enjoy.  Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc. and is produced by Evan Balfe.  Until next time, stay well, stay curious,  Jack :)
May 28, 2020
EP16 - Conor O'Keeffe - This Is The Time That You Fight - Liking Yourself - Failure, Triumph, Honesty
A 28 year old ultra runner from Cork, Conor O'Keeffe says it as it is.  He doesn't pull any punches in how he lives his life with remarkable honesty and commitment. Formerly a Mai Tai boxer, in May of last year he won the Enduroman 200 Mile Ultra Race 2019, becoming the youngest person to finish the race. A race which hadn't had a finisher since 2016. He hasn't stopped there with a list of endurance and fighting feats to his name, most recently  raising over €30k for Pieta House by running around his patio for 24 hours. He is passionate about being an authentic example of questioning the mental demons that catch us all at times, speaking openly about both struggle, failure and triumph. Much of this episode is about his martial arts career and what shines strongest is his his spirit. But most of all Conor is one of the most decent human beings I know. He has a massive heart full of compassion and is a leader in times where many feel lost.  Enjoy. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc. and is produced by Evan Balfe Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack 
May 18, 2020
EP15 - Beginners Mindset, A Fresh Perspective
This episode explores a fresh perspective - What is beginner’s mind? It involves dropping our expectations and preconceived ideas about something, and seeing things with an open mind, fresh eyes, just like a beginner. If you’ve ever learned something new, you can remember what that’s like: you’re probably confused, because you don’t know how to do whatever you’re learning, but you’re also looking at everything as if it’s brand new, perhaps with curiosity and wonder. That’s beginner’s mind. It’s not just something you practice when you’re learning something — though dropping the “expert’s mind” and seeing the learning as a beginner is an important practice in learning. It’s something you can practice every single moment of the day (if you can remember to do so). Credit goes to and Shunryu Suzuki’s "Zen Mind, Beginner's mind" for the idea and insight. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc. It is produced by Evan Balfe  Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack :)
May 13, 2020
EP14 - Gerry Duffy - Life Rewards Effort - Pathological Fear To Professional Speaker
A role model of mine and a wonderful example of someone endeavouring to express his potential, as he says "life rewards effort", I am delighted to have Gerry Duffy join this week. This episode is packed with actionable tips, a real exploration of Gerry's story as he went from his comfort zone to building purpose and confidence in different areas of his life through goal setting and personal development. He is humble and approachable, yet committed and deliberate as he displays repeatedly in his 32 marathons in 32 days and 10 ironman races in 10 days as well as going from pathological fear to professional speaker. He says "None of this was easy, but none of it happened by accident either". But more than that he is very human and incredibly grounded in gratitude for the simple priorities in his life, enjoy! Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc. and is produced by Evan Balfe. Until then, stay well, stay curious, Jack
May 10, 2020
EP13 - Imperfect Action
We all have ambitions, hopes, dreams, things we want to learn and do but so many of us never take the first step, we get in our own way. Fundamentally that comes down to a fear of judgement. For me I know that for years I believed I had to have it all figured out, to get it right before I could ever start and yet I would cheer others on as they tried new things. The antidote? Imperfect action. We don't have to be great to start but we do have to start to be great. I learned to embrace being a beginner again and in doing so I open myself to so many possibilities of who I could become and how I could learn. It meant trading self judgement for openness and the need to be right for the need to learn and grow. I find this a powerful idea, it sounds so simple. So I ask you, in what area of your life or with what ambition could you benefit from taking imperfect action? Only Human Podcast is produced by Evan Balfe and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc. Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack :) 
May 7, 2020
EP12 - Death, My Guidance Counselor - Mark Maxwell
Aged 19 Mark Maxwell was on a gap year in Australia training to be a professional rugby player when on a trip with friends he had a heart attack. It was down to quick action by friends and a fast ambulance response that he is still with us, now with a pacemaker in tow. This would fundamentally alter his plans and the way he interacts with life. But the bigger pain point came in the years after recovery as he explored a variety of careers and was left feeling lost, until that very process led him to the intersection of his values and skillset. He found a purpose in starting Gradlife, a company which gives young grads insight and real pointed assessments to lead them to careers that excite them. His journey and new lens on life is not just inspiring but he has so much value to add. Learn more at Only Human Podcast is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack ✌️
May 3, 2020
EP11 - A 60 Second Talk - Three Lessons My Spinal Cord Injury Taught Me
They say we learn the most from the most challenging times in our lives. I believe this can be true, if we are willing to open ourselves to looking for the learnings. In this episode I share the story of a 60 second talk that made me search for the the most fundamental lessons I learned through living with spinal cord injury which are relevant to everyone. Enjoy😛 Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many more platforms. It is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious, Jack ✌️
April 30, 2020
EP10 - Comfortable In My Own Skin, Becoming Me - Marie Tonra
This episode features my good friend Marie Tonra. We explore her journey of self discovery and uncovery as she went through the trials and uncertainty of her early to mid twenties. Marie works in the field of social care and is currently completing her thesis for a masters in journalism and media and is in the midst of training to be a life coach. She  is insightful, thoughtful, articulate and full of energy for life, but it wasn’t always that way. She describes the period of her early twenties as a time where she was the “sole participant on a self made obstacle course”. This conversation explores that journey of pulling herself from a low state feeling powerless to plotting a meaningful path, to exploring her sexuality and ultimately knowing herself more fully, to where she is today. I enjoyed this immensely. Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious.  Jack ✌️
April 26, 2020
EP09 - Traits To Thrive - What We Can Learn From Children
During times of challenge and uncertainty we can feel at a loose end or unprepared. What todays episode explores is the fact that as a child you developed so many of the traits that will help you thrive during these times. Traits like curiosity, unapologetic honesty, resilience, persistence, proper rest, recovery and importantly true emotional connection.  What were once innate skills as children learning to grown and navigate the challenges of the world often atrophy as we slip into comfort zones in life. When challenge presents we are called to revitalise those skills and traits, to tap back into our younger self and actively choose our response. It is a simple idea but often they are the most powerful.  Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious.  Jack ✌️
April 23, 2020
EP08 - Life Is Short, Is It Yours? From The Heart with Thomas McCormack (The Millennial Coach) 
Thomas is a Mayo man. Having given it a go in Dublin and almost losing himself in a life that wasn't his own Thomas made some changes and retrained as a Life Coach. He battled for a year or two as to where he "should" base himself before trusting the voice inside and moving back west only weeks before Coronavirus visited the Irish shores. He speaks from the heart sharing what he has learned on his journey and about the pace of life that seems most natural to him. He asks: "What can you take from this time to make you a more content human being when this has passed? Life isn’t guaranteed. No matter what we think - we’re never in control (as we’ve surely been taught now?) With that knowledge, how can you make your life your own and make it one you’d be proud of when this is all over? ☀️ We have the time now to ponder over the choices we could make to live life to our fullest. ☀️ This time will have made many of us more aware of what we want to change, what we’re grateful for - and what life could be...if we backed ourselves just a little bit more. Less is more Slow is fast Life is short Is it yours?" Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤 Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️
April 19, 2020
EP07 - At Your Best - Who & How Do You Want To Be In The World?
We all get pulled off course sometimes, we face setbacks, challenge or adversity or we find ourselves living by someone else's version of success. Getting clear on what you value and who you are when you are at your best can help us take steps back towards showing up fully as ourselves. In this episode I cover some questions we can ask for clarity so we can be more in flow, feel at our best, feel like we are showing up as ourselves more of the time. Only Human Podcast is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤😊 Until next time, stay well, stay curious ✌️
April 16, 2020
EP06 - John Doran - Wisdom & Wellbeing
In a world of information where anyone can acquire knowledge, John Doran is refreshingly full of wisdom. John has been a teacher and guidance counsellor for over 25 years and is author of the internationally acclaimed book Ways To Wellbeing. He is passionate about the transformative power of education to disrupt poverty, and help young people do all that they can, with all that they have, in the time that they have got, in the space that they are in. John speaks on resilience, EQ, well-being in school and workplace, stress management, and maximising performance both nationally and internationally. John is a TED speaker and a media contributor, make a wish Ireland board member and designed and delivers the SMART Training Programme (Stress Management And Resilience Training). John’s perspectives are sure to make you think, give you cause to be more of yourself and will give you tools for a life well lived. Until next time, stay well, stay curious. ✌️
April 13, 2020
EP05 - Are You “Should-ing” On Yourself?
The language we use has a huge influence on our perceptions, feelings and actions. So often we talk about what we or others should do/be, should have done, must, ought to, have to, etc. We get caught as victims of the past, inaction in the present and fear of the future. We use disempowering, victim of circumstance, guilt, shame and anxiety inducing language in our internal and external narrative, ultimately doing ourselves a disservice. We add the weight of expectations, social expectations that may not be of our own choosing to our lives and in doing so get in our own way. But there is a different way of using language, of thinking, perceiving and behaving. A way of reframing, of letting go of expectations that don’t serve us and of recognising we have more freedom of choice than we previously thought. A more empowering way of framing thoughts and language which u back in the seat of control in our lives and more in the present moment. So are you “should-ing” on yourself? What could you do if you let go of some of those "shoulds”? Check out the podcast to hear more 😛 Only Human Podcast is produced by Evan Balfe and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. Until next time, stay well, stay curious 🙂
April 10, 2020
EP04 - Joe O'Brien - Staying Well, Health Psychology Made Practical
Joe O'Brien is a trainee Health Psychologist who works with Spectrum Mental Health and is the founder of the @HeadFirst0 instagram account and podcast which has been influential in making health psychology accessible and understandable for anyone. Joe and I go all the way back to primary school. We discuss how our self image and identities have evolved over time before turning to how to bring the very practical insights of health psychology into play in our day to day lives so we can stay well during challenging periods such as Coronavirus. We look at sleep, habit formation, the fundamentals of mental wellbeing, environmental factors in health, managing relationships in stressful times, setting healthy boundaries, differentiating between psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry,  as well as getting his insights into what Coronavirus and quarantine life has taught him. This was such an enjoyable conversation and is packed with valuable, actionable information. Please share what resonated with you @JackKavanaghIRL or by email at I love to get feedback as it helps us improve and add more value for you, the listener, so let me know your thoughts and what topics you would like covered. Share with a friend and spread the impact of the Only Human Podcast. Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Cheers :)
April 5, 2020
EP03 - Dead Time or Alive Time? - What Can You Learn From Coronavirus?
In my first solo cast I explore the ways this period can be used. Will it be a time of growth or decline, dead or alive time? How can you learn from this experience? I explore some questions to help build your self awareness about life before, during and after Coronavirus and how you can use this time to let go of things that don't serve you and to bring more of what makes your life meaningful into play. There is lessons and opportunities for us all in this period. Will you take the time to check in or will you just check out?
April 1, 2020
EP02 - Conor Devine - Hope & Resilience in Times of Uncertainty
A businessman, plant based ironman triathlete, author, innovator, single dad of two, Conor Devine has his plate full. He does all this whilst living with MS. Conor has exemplified the power of hope in times of uncertainty, the importance of attitude in first surviving and later thriving in life and the art of building resilience through daily action. A committed student of humanity and life, Conor is insightful and inspiring yet humble and honest about his struggles. He is after all Only Human. Every interaction we share leaves me energised and with new learnings. This conversation is a testament to that. You can learn more about this wonderful human at
March 29, 2020
EP01 - Only Human - Let Me Explain
Welcome to the Only Human Podcast. My name is Jack Kavanagh and I am delighted you have decided to tune in. Only Human recognises that we are each simultaneously a masterpiece and a work in progress, that we can feel stuck in one are of life and be thriving in another, that we can in the same moment feel vulnerable and courageous. In this time of uncertainty and overwhelm for so many, Only Human aims to create some space, room to breathe as we explore the stories of people finding the magic in the messiness of their lives, everyday heroes and leaders as inspiration or as a reflection of our own nature. Yes we all face the many stark realities of life, we are all after all Only Human, but by the same logic that means we are full of our own potential, magic and capable of growth. This podcast aims offer new insights, different perspectives and to prompt new questions to widen our self awareness so we can lower our masks and live more fully. Once again, welcome and if what you hear resonates give the episode a share or tell a friend. Until next time, stay well, stay curious, cheers! 
March 20, 2020