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Learning from ones mistakes. Mea culpa. Be positive, not negative.

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By Jack Miller
This is Jack Miller, telling it as it is! No better way to hear it than to hear it without all the gift wrapping!
Transparent, Open and Public Business Practices
= "TOP" Business!
Yours Truly,
Jack Miller,
Steem Witness,
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Preppers & All Human Beings Wanting Freedom of Choice - Our Alternatives
While many out there believe in various theories, many others denounce them as conspiracy theories. Either way changes are occurring everywhere we look. From politics, economics to the various makes of society.  Instead of complaining about things or looking at things from angles that are not offering solutions, here I wish to point out one option that could offer humanity decentralized (people powered) economy. The internet is a tool that should be utilized for the good of humanity, the technologies out there should be used for the good of humanity. Remembering that each and every human being is unique, so diversity is needed in everything out there, especially when it comes to options available to us. Blockchain technology has managed to give us cryptocurrencies, the best known of the lot being Bitcoin. However we are not limited to Bitcoin, we can all get involved in this technology and endeavour to offer alternatives. Please look into it, consider becoming a part of the blockchain technology out there, so that we may further decentralize it and expand it to a point where no individual government, even a "one world government" can't stop it. God bless.
September 7, 2019
Land of The Young & Free?
I haven't done a podcast in quite a while, figured that what I had to say could have been done effectively in written formats with the people who it concerned.  However. Today I seriously believe that ALL Australians should voice opinions based on research and information that is available to all of us, on a topic that concerns ALL of us.  The topic is about "our representatives" making decisions that shall impose upon one and all a life with terms and conditions that the vast majority of us just can't fathom. Luckily the majority of Aussies have never experienced the evils of societies in which the government systematically imposes total control of everything, to the point where no individual has any privacy or freedoms that us Aussies have in Australia.  Why we are willing to just accept the actions of those people we voted in, by which they are taking these freedoms and liberties from us, well, it worries me. Are we really becoming that ignorant that we just accept this, without questioning anything, without insisting upon the necessary information and our rights to expressing our thoughts and for "our voted in representatives" to honour and respect our justifiable wishes? How on earth have we gotten to this low level? idk. But we have and it is time that we all start thinking about it and start taking the necessary steps to ensuring we do not fall into a society in which we have no privacy as human beings. Won't bother you with any more text, thanks for takinng the time to hear me out and sincerely hope that you will take the time to go out look into the topics that I have touched upon. You need to be informed, so as to be able to ensure you make the right decisions on the topics at hand. Wish everyone all the best and nothing but goodness and love. Cheers. Yours sincerely  Jack Miller
September 1, 2019
Steem Is On Its Way To Become The Dream!
A lot of news on the crypto front. More importantly on the Steem blockchain there are things happening that are way out there! Dispersing the power, a "separation of powers" actually being put into action is what puts Steem way ahead of many if not most, or in fact ALL of its competitors.  Not only the fact that it is being put into action, but the way it is being done, being done in a "grass roots" fashion, where the people make it happen. Lets not forget, Steem has what others only dream of, we have the greatest asset on this planet, HUMAN RESOURCES.  Such a diverse range of human resources that it is possibly the greatest thing to happen in the world of crypto and blockchain technology, we already see numerous other endeavours trying to copy Steem in this and good on them, all the power to them, I sincerely hope it happens. We are finally making things happen that were only "talked about" less than a decade ago. So much positive energy out there, so much positivity that it makes me want to shout and tell the entire world about it all. Steem on! Yours truly @jackmiller
March 1, 2019
Haven't been around, had a lot of things going on. One of which was winning the lottery. No, not the "money type of lotto" but a lottery that is called life. Let me put it this way, I keep saying "life is too short to waste on negativity". Well, I was given a whopping big reminder of it. Glad to be here, sharing this great news with everyone, hopefully it puts a few smiles on peoples faces.  One thought that did cross my mind as I walked away from the doctors office yesterday, "how many times the doctor can't smile when handing out the news". See, I WON THE REAL LOTTERY! Wish everyone a wonderful day. Would say "OUT" but in fact it is just a temporary "Over". ;) Yours truly @jackmiller
February 20, 2019
Over 30 Day & Counting - Insomnia! WHY?
Yeah, lately I've not been my chirpy self, was wondering WHY? Then I remembered that I actually wrote a post about it, on the Steem blockchain, via Steemit.com (Link below). Seriously, over a month of little to a lot of the time NO sleep. How am I not yet a zombie?  Looking on the bright side of life, well, I could try out for one of the cast in some new zombie/horror movie! But seriously, with all the things in life that stress us out and add to that all the fud that is flying around in the crypto scene because of "fiat" prices, it gets to a person. SNAP OUT OF IT! Who cares about what the fiat values are, we are talking crypto and if we are stressed out over the value of our crypto in comparison to BTC, then damn it, lets work harder at making our crypto the new BTC.  Looking at the Steem blockchain, the code, the potential we have, all I can say is: Damn it people, we can literally change the world as we know it! So why are we wasting so much of our energy on negativity. Lets get back into those saddles and charge on forwards towards a brave new world. Let's leave the next generation something to be proud of us. Something to build on and not do like the generations to date who have literally been enjoying and squandering everything that the post war generations made up to and around about the 1970's. Yep, we have been riding that old horse to death, just enjoying the wealth and potential that was made before most of us were even born! Think about that. Do we want to be like those who built a future, a foundation to build upon or do we want to be like those who came after them and just enjoyed the ride and looked for quick and easy ways around issues and dare I say it "free money". No free lunch out there, we either make it or we go hungry or we can "borrow" money and leave a legacy of debt and deceit behind us. It will be what we make it. STEEM ON! PS, here is the link: steemit.com/ulog/@jackmiller/ulog-i-can-t-get-no-sleep
January 6, 2019
A Little Reflection Upon Wealth and "Wealth"!
Sharing some inner thoughts about the accumulation of wealth and at what price! When do we lose even if it may seem that we are "wealthier" and so on. Maybe I come across in a "non business" fashion here, yet then what is the purpose of doing business and accumulating wealth? I'm thinking about it all again, have paid the price many a time through the course of my life and it doesn't hurt to remind myself of some things from time to time, so that I don't get "distracted" or "detoured"! Wish everyone all the best in this season of warmheartedness. Yours truly @jackmiller
December 27, 2018
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL! With a song and all!
Wish everyone all the best, a lot of wealth and health, money and crypto,  fun and buns, you name it, I wish it all to you and all your loved ones! Sincerely @jackmiller
December 24, 2018
Reflecting Upon Life, Self Criticism and How To Move On With My Life!
Can't get stuck in one spot and sit there. Life goes on, things are not centered around me and me alone, life goes on, new generations are out there. Live life, make things happen, don't wait for it to happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Seasons greetings, God bless you all.
December 5, 2018
Where We Are & Where We Want To Be! Complaceny Is A Killer!
The other day I got back onto Facebook, believe it or not, I actually started using my FB account that I opened up just for the sake of opening it up a while back, i.e. for airdrops etc in the crypto scene. Well, I came to a conclusion that it is a tool that is out there for all of us to use. Not to abuse, not to be a time waster, but in fact a place on the internet that is there ready and waiting for any one of us to put into good use. With all the new options opening up to us, especially with the introduction of Steem, in which we as content producers have an entire new arena on the internet, it is literally self destructive not to lay claim to the property out there offered to us. No matter if it be on a social networking platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc or a website that we use for whatever reason. IT IS OUR SPACE, OUR "LAND CLAIM" on the internet, the World Wide Web! With the speed at which this is now moving forwards since Steem added blockchain and crypto to this, there is no room for mistakes, no excuses for anyone of us not to do what needs to be done so as to ensure we get to where we want to be. No matter if that be personal or financial/business goals, we are at a point in time where we need to start adapting and moving forwards and using what we have to our advantage. The thing that each and every one of us has is our individuality, that is the only thing that nobody can take from us unless we ourselves renounce it. That is the key to success in this world of content production, our individuality and we have all the tools out there to make the most of it and to get to where we want to be! STEEM ON! For those who are not yet on STEEM, get on there, don't waste time with excuses, lay claim to your part of the internet that is there ready and waiting for you and make your dreams come true! Cheers.
November 30, 2018
Crypto or FIAT? Which is it?
Seriously, I just felt the need to get this off my chest as it really bugs me when I hear people complaining about the fiat values of crypto. What is it that you want? Do you want to just ride a wave in and rip "the system" to get more fiat? or Do you want to build a future in which people are not dependent upon politicians and their centralized fiat? Which of the two is it? Seriously. I know that I have literally said what rarely anyone like to hear or read, but seriously, lets get one thing straight here: WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO WHAT NO GOVERNMENT OR POLITICAL IDEOLOGY HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED! & THAT IS TO GIVE EVERY INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING A FAIR CHANCE AT ECONOMICAL INDEPENDENCE. So what is more important to you? A few extra fiat pieces of paper in your wallets or the future of humanity? I'm not exaggerating, I'm just telling it as it is. On that note, I wish everyone in The good ol' US of A a lot of health, wealth and independence for this Thanksgiving day. Yours sincerely @jackmiller
November 22, 2018
Expressing My Own Opinion About Current Crypto Prices!
I have to say that from all the things I've read and listened to, I should probably be complaining. However, I see it differently and everything I said in todays podcast is my own opinion and I am applying it to myself. I guess I am in fact talking to myself in a way, because I just needed to hear myself say it and to see if I truly believe in what I am thinking. Yes, I do believe it. We have a chance to change the world and I truly believe that I have an opportunity to be a part of that. Although I may have said things that could be misunderstood, I have to reiterate that I am not advising anyone to invest or spend any funds/money. All I am merely doing is expressing my own thoughts and sharing them with the world so that you too can get into my mind as far as how I see things when it comes to the current crypto prices etc. on the crypto scene. It's not easy to express oneself without having people twist and turn the words around, but heck, as long as I am saying what I think and doing my best to try and explain it all, answering "WHY" I think it, there shouldn't be a problem. All in all, I see a bright future ahead of me as an early adapter of crypto and when I say early I mean RIGHT NOW, this is the beginning of an entire new decentralized monetary system that is taking the world by storm and being a part of it just makes me feel FANTASTIC! Thanks for your time, hope you all enjoy my short podcast and wish everyone a fantastic day! Yours Truly, @jackmiller
November 19, 2018
Living Today For Tomorrow, Something My Dad Taught Me!
We all wake up and take a breath, stretch our arms out etc etc etc, all the usual things most people do in the mornings. Some of us go straight for the coffee, others sit back and in a relaxed manner let the senses kick in, yet today is the day that all of us can make a difference. What we leave behind for the next generation is what the future pages of history shall determine our successes and failures upon. Something came to mind this morning, something my dad used to say to me. His basic little rule of thumb as far as life goes and all I can say is "THANK YOU" to him for it. May he rest in peace. So here it is, I'm sharing that with everyone and hope that his words and legacy that he lived by in some way helps inspire you too, to make this world a better place for everyone. God bless you all. Cheers.
November 15, 2018
Still Alive & Kicking, Plans, Schedules and Adapting to Lifes Little Challenges!
Well, here I am, still alive and kicking, working towards achieving the plans that my better half and I set out for us. Haven't given up, just have to improvize, overcome and then adapt to the new situations at hand. Life would be really boring and too complacent if we all got our own way all the time, but as long as we don't give up and keep pluggin away at it, we are on the right path. God bless you all.
November 6, 2018
Do You Have A Website? Well You Will Definitely Want To Hear This Out!
@jackmiller (Steem Witness) , In this podcast I felt the need to go into the opportunities that one Wordpress plugin has opened up to everyone who has a website on Wordpress. & For those who don't, why they should consider it, because if there ever was a crypto grassroots revolution in the making, this is definitely a part of it! Check it out. The plugin I am plugin is "Steempress".
October 8, 2018
24 September 22:38 GMT+2 timezone. The World Of Crypto Is About To Change Forever in about 12 hours time!
As the title here states, the world of crypto is about to change forever! Look into it, HF20 on the Steem blockchain is literally going to open up the doors to things that we can not yet imagine! Welcome to the future!
September 24, 2018
Thinking Long Term In Crypto, THINK ABOUT IT!
Looking at the actions of many people out there it becomes obvious that there are many who need to start thinking long term and acting in accordance with that! Crypto is here to stay, blockchain technology is here to stay, we need to comprehend that and accept that we have something that can change the world and the lives of so many people! Lets think about it and start acting in a befitting manner. Thanks for listening. Yours truly Jack Miller
September 18, 2018
Yesterday, September 11, 2018.
Not the typical podcast, more so a diary entry, expressing some of my inner thoughts about what I saw, or better yet what I didn't see yesterday on September 11, 2018. These are the videos I referred to in the podcast: NOTE: these videos are disturbing. https://youtu.be/LqY4Z1fTrMc & https://youtu.be/US62Zt3K_VY & https://youtu.be/UMwwvDcR-VE Note: I am not the author of these videos, nor do I promote or endorse the views of the authors/publishers. The links are here to back what I said in my podcast/ulog. Proof that I am telling the truth about these videos existing as described in my podcast.
September 12, 2018
Tokenize Your Wordpress Website With Steem NOW! DON'T WAIT! STEEM to the MOON!
Yes, that is right, you can tokenize ANY website out there that uses Wordpress! Why wait? Why depend upon idk, some add campaigns to monetize your website, why go into who knows what all reseller schemes etc, when you can independently monetize your website with a click of a button and installation of a plugin! Seriously, this is to me a MINDBLOWING opportunity for anyone with a website. With over 30% of the worlds websites out there already using Wordpress, this is definitely something that can take Steem to the moon! I am, it works like a charm! LOVE IT!
September 10, 2018
Finding a Balance Between Social & Economical Needs of a Social Blockchain!
We finally have an opportunity to be better than those who run the economics of the real world! Can we do it? I don't see why not. The opportunities that the Steem blockchain has opened up to the world are mind-blowing, we can make happen what was only considered to be utopia!
September 3, 2018
Men and Women. Sharing Some Thoughts.
Had a little chat about some things, last night. So I figured I will share some thoughts about the topic of "Men and Women". Touched on equality, respect, Christianity and although I never deny my faith in the good man JC, I do not agree with the behavior of some people who claim to be his followers. Not an easy topic to get into, not discuss, yet hopefully with this podcast I have shared some of my views, thoughts and again, hopefully nobody decides to twist my words around and turn them into what they are not. Hope you all have a good one. Cheers.
September 1, 2018
Recap on my plans and adjusting my plans! Priorities.
Well, the last 1/3 of 2018 is almost here, tomorrow we will wake up and there we are. So I will now have to readjust my schedules and adapt to the remainder of the year, so as to achieve what I set out to achieve in 2018. Just sharing my thoughts on it and doing what I have always done, and that is "Saying it as I see it".
August 31, 2018
Reality BITES. Crypto Changing The World? Decentralized? YES.
Lets not lie to ourselves, let's look at the truth and reality right in the eye and move forwards. That is, if we really want to change the world as we know it!
August 26, 2018
What Keeps Me Going. A Few Words I Say EVERY MORNING.
Here is my little motto in life that I say to myself EVERY MORNING. The day seems to become worth something and I know why I am/was here today. Check it out, it could be just what you need to do to make your days worth living.
August 24, 2018
Crypto? What we are leaving To The Next Generation!
Every generations success is measured by what it leaves to the next generation. We are leaving Crypto to the generations to come, or are we?
August 20, 2018
Alternative Lifestyle Program - Host, @Pennsif. Guest, 'Yours truly'!
This is a recording of The Alternative Lifestyle Program, hosted by @Pennsif (Steemian), I am the guest, we got into the topics of crypto in general, Steem, donations and so on. Put up here with his permission.
August 20, 2018
Sharing Inner Thoughts About The Opportunities of Blockchain.
The future shall be what we make it, not what "they" say it has to be.
August 19, 2018
A little Interview or Should I Say "Open Chat"
Maybe a way to get to know me a little better as a person and as a dedicated Steemian. This was a little interview/chat that was broadcast a while back. Got the recording from the host herself (@littlescribe) and she was/is fine with me sharing it on my profile. So here it is.
August 18, 2018
I'm on Steemit, Are You? If not, hear what I think, without the BS sales pitch.
Yeah, I think the title of this podcast says it all. No sales pitch, just me saying it as I see it. Using this excellent platform/website anchor.fm to share the information about the experiences which brought me to the conclusions and opinions that I am expressing here about Steem and steemit.com
August 17, 2018
My Life in 8 Songs!
Asked @pennsif who runs this show on MSP Waves, if I could upload the part of the show in which I was the guest. He approved it. I guess the best way to describe/tag it is: Podcast! I hope you enjoy it.
August 14, 2018
If I want to GIVE I will, simple as that. Beggars and Naggers BEWARE!
Well, as I mentioned in the podcast, today I gave a little from us (my family) and it was a GREAT FEELING! LOVE IT. But for every 1 legitimate charity out there, I get at least 15 messages in my inboxes from lazy sobs who just beg and nag. Sorry, but NO MORE. Steem has made possible what was NEVER POSSIBLE BEFORE. WE ALL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! A little bit of thinking, effort and if it begins to hurt you can always stop and continue on tomorrow! God bless you all! Steem on!
August 13, 2018
Talking about IDEAS seen in just one AIRDROP!
There are so many ideas that I see happening from this one airdrop. Here is the link: https://initiativeq.com/invite/BmzcHG9SQ Sure, it's a referral link, will be grateful if you use it, after all, this airdrop is by invitation only and this link = AN INVITATION! However, I see a tonne of potential for developers and teams out there who want to build on Steem (Steem blockchain). Tell me what you think, as usual, I'll be posting a link to my podcast episode here onto my Steemit wall: https://steemit.com/@jackmiller Thanks for listening, tune in for my next podcast! Yours truly @jackmiller (Steem Witness)
August 12, 2018
Learning from ones mistakes. Mea culpa. Be positive, not negative.
Yes, it happened again, got sucked into some persons sick need for negativity. Need to practice what I preach and not keep making the mistakes of being sucked into other peoples negativity.
August 11, 2018
Be "U" Being Yourself Is What Life Is All Bout! "U-Log"
It is Friday morning here in this little part of the world where I reside at the moment and I woke up giving thanks for seeing the sunshine outside again. Today is a new day and it is today that I can make a difference! Steemit.com a blogging platform I'm using regularly, which is hooked up to the Steem blockchain, with the concept of "U-logs" + Anchor.fm to me = a new opportunity to express myself and take freedom of speech to higher levels. I'm new to podcasts, so bear with me, I'm no DJ, but practice will get me there. God bless you all. Enjoy this day and remember, it is a day in which all of us can make a real difference!
August 10, 2018
Glad to be here, lets make things happen!
Absolutely excited about being on Anchor.fm! I can see this being a tool that can help change this world into a much better place for everyone. Never enough transparency, openness and public awareness, both in community and business! Lets get on here and start making things happen. Cheers. Yours truly Jack Miller
August 9, 2018
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