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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

By Jacob Rupp
Ever wonder if there is more to success and happiness than making money and looking good? Can we experience a profound sense of meaning and contribution despite already being committed to our spouses and our faith?

This show cuts to the core of what success is all about. Lift Your Legacy is the show for people looking for inspiration in the areas of mental and emotional wellbeing, Judaism, family, relationships, business, and health.
I reach out to people who could guide us based on their own experiences and lessons about how we can move forward and grow as a people.
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The trek from caboose to conductor with Mavens & Moguls CEO Paige Arnof-Fenn

Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

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"Leadership is a calling" with Master Business Coach Annie Abrams"
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Creating Your Own Luck with Katie Burke
Katie Burke, aka Katie B Happyy is an international sensation in the yoga, mindset, and positive thinking space.  Having faced great challenges in her personal life, she leads her community in authenticity, creating meaning daily, and stretching past their comfort zone
October 06, 2020
Two Ingredients of a Successful Mindset with Josh Kopel
Two Ingredients of a Successful Mindset with Josh Kopel
September 29, 2020
Marriage is NOT a partnership with Tod Jacobs and Peter Lynn
Is marriage really an institution that can last the ages? How can we create a union that not only survives but thrives?  Join Jacob Rupp as he speaks with authors Rabbi Jacobs and Rabbi Lynn about the timeless and universal truths that Judaism and psychology teaches about marriage.
September 17, 2020
Risking Jail to Say "Thank You" with Ivan Sacks
Join Rabbi Jacob Rupp and Mike Aron as they speak with Ivan Sacks. Ivan is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and wealth manager from Dallas, Texas via South Africa. He successfully beat cancer THREE times in his life and now travels extensively speaking and teaching others how to overcome adversity, see G-d in everyday life, and live a more joyous and meaningful life
August 11, 2020
Finding Yourself In The Chaos with Natasha Miller
Finding Yourself In The Chaos with Natasha Miller
August 07, 2020
Secrets For Massive Selling Success G.A. Bartick
Secrets For Massive Selling Success G.A. Bartick
June 24, 2020
Finding Financial Literacy with Hanna Horenstein
Finding Financial Literacy with Hanna Horenstein
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Growing and Scaling as Part of Life and Business with Drew Goodmanson
Growing and Scaling as Part of Life and Business with Drew Goodmanson
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"Moving Through Walls" with Israel Ellis
"Moving Through Walls" with Israel Ellis
June 03, 2020
Developing Self Confidence
Developing Self Confidence
May 26, 2020
From The Flames Of 9-11 To The Pinnacle Of Self Development with Ari Schonbrun
From The Flames Of 9-11 To The Pinnacle Of Self Development with Ari Schonbrun
May 19, 2020
Not dropping the ball while raising yourself
Not dropping the ball while raising yourself
May 14, 2020
The Joy of Meaningful Dialogue: Addressing Jewish Intimacy with R Dov Linzer & Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
The Joy of Meaningful Dialogue: Addressing Jewish Intimacy with R Dov Linzer & Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus  
May 12, 2020
The Struggle to Overcome Loneliness and How to Face Our Fears
The Struggle to Overcome Loneliness and How to Face Our Fears 
May 07, 2020
The Making Of A Wartime CEO with Mike Aron
The Making Of A Wartime CEO with Mike Aron
May 05, 2020
The Future: Patience Paradox
The Future: Patience Paradox
April 30, 2020
The Necessity For Leaders to Master Themselves with CIRE Capital Founder and President Josh Volen
The Necessity For Leaders to Master Themselves with CIRE Capital Founder and President Josh Volen
April 28, 2020
Cultivating Calm with Best Selling Author Nealy Fischer
Nealy Fischer is the founder of The Flexible Chef and best-selling author of FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave, which features 100+ customizable recipes that people can transform into 1,000 different dishes. Inside her book, she also dishes up tips to banish meal prep stress and live your most craveable life. As a mom of four, home chef, yoga teacher, world traveler, and lifestyle entrepreneur, Nealy's mission is to inspire people around the world to live their most vibrant lives.
April 21, 2020
How To Build Confidence
How To Build Confidence
April 08, 2020
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Setting Healthy Boundaries
April 08, 2020
Five Steps to Unlocking Creativity
Five Steps to Unlocking Creativity
April 08, 2020
Being a Nation of Tomorrow
Being a Nation of Tomorrow
April 08, 2020
Leading an Awesome Seder Part 3
Leading an Awesome Seder Part 3
April 07, 2020
The Quest for Individuality
The Quest for Individuality
April 01, 2020
Leading an Awesome Seder Part 2
Running A Great Seder Part 2
April 01, 2020
Leading an Awesome Seder Part 1
Leading an Awesome Seder Part 1
April 01, 2020
Passover in the Time of Corona Virus
Passover in the Time of Corona Virus
April 01, 2020
Quieting Your Negative Self Talk with Michelle Saul
Michelle Saul is the founder and President of Possibilities Consulting LLC, where she has built an excellent reputation as a versatile consultant, trainer, executive coach, and keynote speaker. Michelle excels at guiding leaders through change initiatives by facilitating visioning, transition management, leadership development, and team development.   Her clients range from small businesses to large corporations, with an affinity for family businesses and their special succession planning needs. She is committed to sharing her passion for assisting leaders to achieve meaningful and transformative change. 
March 04, 2020
Finding The Joy Of Living with Barry Shore
Barry Shore is a successful serial entrepreneur, with experience from dealing in precious gems, to building one of the first fax-to-email platforms that allowed people to send messages to 17 countries for free, and to patenting and selling unique products. He was living the life many only dreamed of and then one day everything changed. On September 17, 2004, he went to work happy and healthy. By the end of the day he was lying in a hospital bed, a quadriplegic who could only move my head. He had suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves. Yet, his ability to see the good and to focus on the positive lead him not only to recover use of his body, but made him launch an initiative across the globe to help people keep smiling, focus on the good, and get 'jooooooooy' out of their lives. He has a radio show, is a sought after speaker, and is an all around amazing individual.
February 25, 2020
Overcoming Addiction and Building a Warrior's Heart with Josh Lannon
Josh Lannon is the founder of Warrior's Heart. Warriors Heart® provides private treatment to adult men and women 18 and older who are seeking inpatient treatment for chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring psychological disorders relating to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or the psychological effects of MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). Warriors Heart is a privately funded treatment center located in San Antonio, where we only treat active military, veterans, firefighters, police, EMTs, and active members from across the United States that belong to organizations that protect and serve the citizens of the United States.
February 18, 2020
Judaism Reclaimed with Shmuel Phillips
Rabbi Shmuel Phillips has spent almost two decades studying in yeshiva and Kollel. During this time, he has also completed a law degree from the University of London.   He's the author of the book Judaism Reclaimed: Philosophy and Theology in the Torah where he examines a range of theological and philosophical discussions emerging from the Torah. Inspired by the approaches of Rambam and Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, the author examines a number of challenges posed to Orthodox Judaism by the halls of academia and addresses them from the perspective of Jewish tradition.
February 11, 2020
Breaking Boundaries in Life and in Business with Fradel Barber
Fradel Barber is a young individual with intense ambition and a huge vision. Growing up in a middle income, Jewish Hassidic family and the oldest of twelve children, she has always had a big responsibility that she takes very seriously. Among her strengths are her commitments to all her endeavors and her capacity for sustained persistence. She is a woman who stands for integrity and honesty above all other things. These strengths among others have enabled Fradel to become a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is well respected in her community and around the country by business associates and friends alike who share her vision in making positive change in the world.
February 04, 2020
Achieving The Mind Of A Champion with Natan Levy
Natan Levy is a MMA fighter with a professional fight record of 4 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws. He's also a Karate 3rd degree black belt and Kung-Fu Black Belt from Israel.  In this episode, we talk about all things MMA, mindset of a champion, how he prepares before fights, what it takes to succeed as an athlete, and so much more. Enjoy.
January 28, 2020
Building A Movement With Effective Storytelling with Neil Gordon
Neil Gordon helps influencers to double their speaking fees, get six-figure book advances, and be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz. Previously, Neil worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House where he worked with New York Times bestselling authors.    
January 21, 2020
Understanding and Healing from Trauma with Cheri McDonald
Dr Cheri McDonald offers enriched insights to dealing with the intricate challenges of complex trauma as she walks you through the how to’s of untethering from the ramifications of your PTSD. With the gifted talent of her interweaving her psychotherapy training and her intuitive coaching skills, she guides couples through the shadows of trauma by releasing its destructive grip through imagery, symbols and rituals and carrying you outside the therapy room to love and beyond. Dr. Cheri’s teachings open the way to evolve toward complete healing and resurrecting your happily ever after marriage and making your dreams come true. Dr. Cheri’s Triangle of Mastery’s 7 Steps to Root, Rebound and Rise teaches you how to apply these lessons and insights to gain your freedom, renew your purpose and love once and for all. Dr Cheri McDonald is the founder of A Place to Turn, Inc. and creator of To Love…& Beyond. She helps couples unbury their marriages from the avalanche of PTSD for over 30 years by guiding clients to resurrecting themselves first and then bringing their companion up with them. Dr Cheri McDonald received her Bachelor of Science at Brigham Young University in Family Sciences in 1983. She continued her education at California Lutheran University where she obtained her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1987; then completed her formal education in 2007 with a Doctorate degree in Philosophy of Clinical Hypnotherapy at Pacific University. Last and most important, Dr Cheri loves people and helps their dreams come true as they break the bands of their complex trauma, then turn around and resurrect their marriages from the remaining carnage for a happily ever after life.
January 15, 2020
Escaping Addiction with Eli Nash (NSFW)
Eli Nash is the CEO of JEG & Sons Inc. and the Co-Founder of MicDrop. Eli founded JEG & Sons in 2006 to bring no contract and unlocked phones to US e-tailers and retailers. Under his guidance, JEG grew from a startup to over $200M in revenue, servicing retail giants such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and many others. In addition to his business accomplishments, Eli has taken active role in the non-profit world - sitting on the Board of Lamplighters Yeshivah (a Jewish Day school), JCW (a leading organization in the fight against child sexual abuse) and in an advisory role with Urban Promise Miami (an after-school program servicing little Havana). As Eli held the details of his own abuse secret for many years, he is now passionate about empowering others to speak up and to use their voice to be an agent of change in their communities
January 07, 2020
Having The Food You Want For The Life You Crave with Nealy Fischer
Nealy Fischer is the founder of The Flexible Chef and best-selling author of FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave, which features 100+ customizable recipes that people can transform into 1,000 different dishes. Inside her book, she also dishes up tips to banish meal prep stress and live your most craveable life. As a mom of four, home chef, yoga teacher, world traveler, and lifestyle entrepreneur, Nealy's mission is to inspire people around the world to live their most vibrant lives.
December 24, 2019
Conscious Living In a Confused World with Shmuel Reichman
Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker, writer, and coach who has lectured internationally at shuls, conferences, and Jewish communities on topics of Jewish Thought and Jewish Medical Ethics. He is the founder and CEO of Self-Mastery Academy, the transformative online course that is revolutionizing how we engage in self-development. He is also the founder of "Think. Feel. Grow.", a platform from which he shares inspirational Torah videos that have reached hundreds of thousands of people.
December 17, 2019
Narrowing Your Focus To Increase Your Impact with Damon D'amore
Damon D’Amore is a performance specialist who mentors corporate C-Suite leaders and founding teams of venture-back high-growth companies. His work focuses on mindset, resilience and storytelling enabling leaders to manifest their personal or organizational.
December 10, 2019
Survivor’s Obligation: Navigating an Intentional Life with Chris Stricklin
Chris “Elroy” Stricklin is a bestselling author, a highly sought after motivational keynote speaker and a Combat-Proven Senior Military leader retiring after 23 years which culminated with CEO-Level leadership of a 7,000-person strong, $7B worldwide organization. During this time, he was responsible for 11,383 personnel, $323M Payroll, $160M Contracts, Creation of 1,891 jobs and local economic impact of $566M.
December 03, 2019
Building An Outstanding Company Culture with Grayson Lafrenz
Grayson Lafrenz is CEO of Power Digital Marketing, a Tech-enabled Digital Marketing Agency. Mr. Lafrenz specializes in executive management, internet marketing, employee empowerment and sales leadership with decades of experience scaling revenue & profit for industry leading organizations.
November 26, 2019
Liberating America From The Opioid Crisis with Harry Nelson
Harry Nelson, America’s Leading Health Law Expert, Lays Out Roadmap to Tackling the Opioid Crisis When Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose in 2009, his doctors – panicked by the coming investigation – called Harry Nelson. Over the past 15 years, this pattern was repeated in one deadly celebrity overdose after another. Doctors turn to Nelson because he is the leading legal expert on prescribing practices, addiction, and the interrelated issues around standards of care in medical care. He has become known for turning healthcare safety disasters into learning opportunities out of which safer, better healthcare can emerge. As a consequence, government regulators and policymakers have turned to Nelson, the founder of L.A.’s largest healthcare firm, Nelson Hardiman, to advise on the most sensitive and challenging emerging health policy issues. He was one of the first lawyers in the country to develop a framework for compliance in cannabis, helping to shape California law and pushing for expanded clinical research on other plant-based controlled substances, and continues to play a leading role in the expansion of telehealth and machine learning in medicine. Nelson has also played a key role in education and advocacy, including his leadership of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers, sharing insights on evolving challenges with 30,000+ subscribers and federal and state policymakers. The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain, published by Forbes with a Foreword by Lisa Marie Presley, is Nelson’s second book, following his co-authoring of From ObamaCare to Trumpcare: Why You Should Care (2017), an analysis of America’s healthcare policy challenges. Nelson is a leading expert on America’s healthcare future and is frequently called on to make sense of the most complex aspects of our healthcare system, delivering valuable insights for healthcare providers, government, consumers, employers, and investors.
November 21, 2019
The Joy Of Judaism with Sam Glaser
Sam Glaser's soulful music has become part of the fabric of Jewish life in communities worldwide. He performs in an average of fifty cities a year and his energetic style and passionate delivery never fails to ignite the spirit of audiences of all ages. Named one of the top ten Jewish artists in the US by Moment magazine, Glaser is equally comfortable behind a keyboard in intimate solo concerts, leading his top-notch band or headlining with a full orchestra.
November 13, 2019
Learning To Slow Down
November 07, 2019
Building Bodies and Souls While Healing Trauma and Negative Self-Talk with Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose Logrande is on a mission to help people become the best version of yourself. She has been a dedicated fitness coach since 2016 serving clients all over the world preaching a balanced lifestyle of health and fitness that is sustainable and flexible for you. She has experience coaching youth soccer, and have helped create Physical Education Programs for youths in Elementary schools.
November 05, 2019
A Deep Dive Into The Relationship of Morality and Technology with Sean Higby
Sean Higby is the founder of The Trifect Agency. Prior to founding Trifect, Sean served Technology Lead for Disney and Pixar projects, creating dozens of online games and websites for Disney and Pixar films. Sean has also created multiple successful startups since 2001, getting top investment firm funding, and turning these technologies into purchased and/or licensed enterprise solutions.
October 29, 2019
A Deeper Conversation On Religion, Self-Worth, & Technology with Jeanette Schneider
After 23 years in finance, Jeanette Schneider hung up her executive title and retired from a highly successful career to advocating for women in life, love, the boardroom, and the marketplace. She is now the President and CEO of LIV Media, as well as an author and speaker. Jeanette is also the founder of Lore Advocacy, a network of professional women whose goal is to inspire women to change the world through a gender lens of equality, self-actualization and the fearless shattering of glass ceilings. Jeanette has brought her empowering lectures and workshops to The Influencer Academy, The Women’s Leadership Conference at MGM, The Alturas Institute, KaiaFIT, Bank of America, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Girls for Progress and more. She serves on the boards of The Alturas Institute, Spread the Word Nevada, and the President’s Advisory Council for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. In 2015, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce in Nevada and was selected as a Vegas, Inc. “Woman to Watch” in 2016. Jeanette’s first book LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future was released in September 2018 by Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House. Jeanette lives in Las Vegas with the love of her life, her daughter Olivia, 7. Links To Social Media
October 18, 2019
The Power Of Storytelling & Turning Your Interests Into A Career with Eliezer Blatt
Rabbi Eliezer Blatt is a world-renowned speaker trainer and presentation skills, expert. After years as a child actor and singer performing in front of large audiences, he went on to graduate with a BA with honors in Television Production and Professional Speech. Enjoy!
October 08, 2019
A Holistic Approach To Life and Mindfulness with Tzvi Kessell
Tzvi Kessell is a holistic healer and mindfulness coach with Jewish teachings. Tzvi has been involved in holistic life for 20 years and has a 6-step Flowing n Growing program that helps people on their journey to achieving greater positivity and calmness in life. In this episode, we talk about a lot getting in the moment, mindset, living a good life, and so much more. Enjoy!
October 02, 2019
How To Accept Without Judgement with Sarah Chana Radcliff
Sarah Chana Radcliffe is a psychologist in private practice in Toronto Canada, counseling parents, couples and individuals. Mrs. Radcliffe is the author of the HarperCollins Publications “Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice” and “The Fear Fix,” as well as 7 books on Jewish family life and emotional well-being, including her latest publication “Harmony at Home.”
September 24, 2019
Facing Challenges Head-On with Bari Mitzmann
Bari Mitzmann is a Brooklyn native who relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. She is content creator who is passionate about encouraging others to live mindfully and intentionally. She uses Instagram (@barianna), blog (, and podcast (The WOV Life) to shed light on topics that pertain to today's woman. Bari also advocates for mental health and chronic illness awareness.
September 17, 2019
Paying Attention To Life's Speed Bumps with David Smith, Esq
E. David Smith, Esq., is principal of Smith & Associates, and serves as outside general counsel for US and foreign companies, family enterprises and family offices. Combining his experience in corporate transactions, capital raising and financing, corporate governance, corporate litigation and intellectual property, he provides strategic guidance, identifies and addresses core issues, and quarterbacks companies’ and family offices’ legal needs.
September 10, 2019
Supernatural Parenting with Lisa Fournier, The Miracle Maker Mom
Lisa empowers moms & dads with awesome parenting tips, tools & hacks for daily parenting life. Her passion is to help parents build relationship and influence with your kids and to build a family that you love hanging out and having fun with. In this episode, we talk about her amazing backstory, creating systems, authentic affirmations to your kids, parenting, and so much more.
September 03, 2019
When It's Too Much To Admit Our Marriages Need Help with Dr David Stoll
Dr. David Stoll is a sterling example of the concept in the Ethics of the Fathers, "Where there is no man, strive to be a man." What he found though was that there are many who don't think that directly addressing the challenge is the way to go. A crusader from the inside, Dr. Stoll is building an organization to truly build Jewish homes despite the fact that many seem to think this challenge doesn't exist.
August 27, 2019
A Champion's Mindset with Haim Gozali
Haim Gozali is an Israeli mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division of Bellator MMA and a 4th-degree Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie. He is the first Israeli MMA fighter to compete in Madison Square Garden. In this jam packed episode, we discuss fear, focus, bravery, developing a champion's mindset, and what it means to represent Israel and the Jewish people in one of the world's fastest-growing and most popular sports.
August 20, 2019
Using Fiction as a Means to Reality with Chana Mason
What is the most effective way to learn new things and develop our minds? Have we massively under-appreciated the power of stories as not just entertainment but as a means to really figure out what life is all about? Master coach and author Chana Mason explains how to break free using the means of allegory and fiction, and delve deeper into ourselves. You can learn more about Chana's Life and Health Coaching practice at
August 14, 2019
How to Raise Successful Children with Yisroel Wahl
ATTENTION ALL MISFITS!   Are you tired of feeling like you don’t fit in?   Do you feel like you need to hide, or are you sad because you’re not as put together as everyone else?   Maybe, instead of a problem with you, maybe it’s a problem with the system. Maybe systems in general cause the individual to get lost and feel like they can’t measure up.   So what can we do? How do we learn to trust ourselves and turn into what we enjoy so we can feel successful, instead of consistently fish for compliments?   In this week’s amazing podcast, @Yisroel Wahl answers not just what we can do as parents to help our kids be successful, but what we can begin to do as individuals to mold our world to bring out our best.   Yisroel Wahl is a behavioral specialist who has guided hundreds of children, teens, and adults through an array of behavioral and emotional difficulties for close to a decade. He specializes in working with children and teens through ish private practice in Lakewood, NJ. He can be reached at 848-245-6124 or   Get the episode on iTunes or direct download: YouTube:
July 30, 2019
Getting serious about starting a business with Chani Gluck
Chanie Gluck is a driven entrepreneur and a seasoned veteran of the medical billing business.  In 2002, she launched her first medical billing company (4D Medical) serving hospitals and physician groups of all specialties.  Chanie operated 4D Medical for 13 years and eventually sold the business to an established competitor. Throughout this period, Chanie faced recurring challenges in hiring skilled staff motivated to deliver superior services. Chanie travelled to India and discovered an abundance of billing skills and dedicated human resources personnel. She quickly formed a back office operation to support her medical billing business.     In 2015, Chanie narrowed her focus by founding 4D Global - a medical billing staffing company located in Chennai, India. Chennai is a hub for medical billing talent with a robust, round-the-clock workforce. Chanie began offering other medical billing companies significant opportunities for cost-efficient data entry, coding and revenue cycle management. Chanie has traveled to India many times and deeply admires the work-ethic and integrity of the culture. Today, 4D Global offers offshore resources to all medical billing and software companies across the U.S.  Currently, 4D Global serves a wide variety of business clients in 16 states. Chanie also formed and hosts a monthly Mastermind session for owners of medical billing companies featuring industry leaders.   Chanie is able to capitalize on the years of experience building and perfecting systems and processes to maximize efficiency, communication, and protection of confidential information. India is growing exponentially with a reputation as the industrial engine of offshore medical billing. Chanie is thrilled to help businesses grow and scale their businesses profitably by leveraging global resources in India, the Philippines and Mexico. Chanie is married to Izzy Yetnikoff, a personal injury attorney, and together they have two girls, two boys, and live in Scottsdale, Arizona.
July 11, 2019
Finding your greatest asset with Adam Mendler, CEO of Veloz Group
Adam Mendler is the Chief Executive Officer of The Veloz Group, where he co-founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries: Beverly Hills Chairs, a leading office furniture e-tailer; Custom Tobacco, a one-of-a-kind cigar customization e-commerce platform; and Veloz Solutions, a technology consulting and software development practice. Adam remains active in each portfolio company, providing strategic guidance and support. Adam also provides business thought leadership as a contributor to Forbes, Inc. and Thrive Global; as a speaker to businesses, universities and non-profit organizations; as an expert cited in national media outlets; and as an advisor and board member. Adam serves as Chairman Emeritus of the USC Alumni Entrepreneurs Network; on boards for the USC Alumni Association, the UCLA Master of Applied Statistics program, the USC Casden Institute and Startup Grind USC; and as a founding member of the UCLA Anderson CEO Forum. A Los Angeles native and lifelong Angels fan, Adam loves sports, classic movies and TV, politics, physical fitness and backgammon.
July 02, 2019
The Roundabout Way to Your Deepest Self with Ayelet Polansky
Ayelet is a Cognitive Behavioral Coach, who has researched, created, and is highly experienced in delivering cutting edge treatments that help adults experience deeper levels of fulfillment and freedom. Her goal is to help you create a life you love by transforming the way you communicate with yourself and with the world around you. Through a combination of practical, psychological and spiritual techniques, Ayelet coaches you to gain the ability to make big life decisions with more clarity, handle overwhelming unwanted emotions, and cognitively shift your perception of yourself Working with Ayelet, you will become better equipped at identifying the root to your life's blockages and ultimately, what is getting in the way of your truest fulfillment.
June 25, 2019
Making Strong a Lifestyle with SpiritFitMama Liba Yoffe
Liba is on a mission to  help women  Get strong inside and out! Its so important to be in tuch with your body! When you feel fit and healthy it empowers you to be the best version of yourself. As a mom we need to put ourself first. A healthy  mom is a better Mother!!! 
June 18, 2019
Finding Depth in Your Judaism and Your Life with Ben Wolf
Ben Wolf grew up as a Reform Jewish home in Nashville. He became religiously observant while attending Father Ryan High School and went on to study at Yeshiva University and Hofstra University School of Law. He created and ran a college outreach program while he was a member of the Community Kollel of Des Moines, Iowa, served as a corporate bankruptcy and restructuring attorney at a NYC law firm, and was Chief Development Officer and General Counsel at a successful healthcare startup. Ben is now a consultant helping leadership teams at entrepreneurial businesses get traction and reach their goals.
June 11, 2019
Building a tribe around your passion with Faigy Murray of my mykitchen_mystudio
Faigy Murray has always had a passion for cooking and all things kitchen related. Two years ago she took it to the next level and started an Instagram account where she shares her recipes and food photography with her fans. Faigy is also the editor of the taste section, a food magazine within the voice of Lakewood a popular magazine in Lakewood NJ
June 04, 2019
The One Thing you need to raise half a million dollars with Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld
In this jam packed episode, Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld of Aish NY shares his insights of over 20 years in the field as a rabbi both in the UK and America-- We discuss how to lead, how to dream, and what we all can do to ensure a better future for tomorrow--oh, and yes, the one thing you need to raise half a million dollars.   And we need your help also! Please donate to Aish's cause:
June 03, 2019
The Roundabout Road to Your Career with Matt Erickson
Matt is the Marketing Director for National Positions, a digital marketing agency in Westlake Village, CA. He completed his undergraduate studies in International Business and Marketing and holds an MBA from CSU Sacramento. His main areas of interest include social media, branding, and marketing psychology. 
May 30, 2019
Conscious Parenting and Personality Construction with Jeanette Schneider
After 23 years in finance, Jeanette Schneider hung up her executive title and retired from a highly successful career to advocate for women in life, love, the boardroom and the marketplace. She is now the President and CEO of LIV Media, as well as an author and speaker. Jeanette is also the founder of Lore Advocacy, a network of professional women whose goal is to inspire women to change the world through a gender lens of equality, self actualization and the fearless shattering of glass ceilings. Jeanette has brought her empowering lectures and workshops to The Influencer Academy, The Women’s Leadership Conference at MGM, The Alturas Institute, KaiaFIT, Bank of America, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Girls for Progress and more. She serves on the boards of The Alturas Institute, Spread the Word Nevada, and the President’s Advisory Council for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. In 2015, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce in Nevada, and was selected as a Vegas, Inc. “Woman to Watch” in 2016. Jeanette’s first book LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future was released September 2018 by Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House. Jeanette lives in Las Vegas with the love of her life, her daughter Olivia, 7.
May 28, 2019
The Skinny on Creating a Healthy Body Image with Fit Jewess Sarah Kupfer
In this all encompassing episode, we discuss body image, the Jewish community, the role weight and health play into our daily lives and the dating experience, and how to learn to love yourself at any size.
May 14, 2019
One simple principle to transform your life and business with Go Giver author Bob Burg
Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences sharing the platform with everyone from today’s business leaders and broadcast personalities to even a former U.S. President. Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales of well over a million copies. His book, The Go-Giver, coauthored with John David Mann, itself has sold over 850,000 copies and it has been translated into 28 languages. His and John’s newest parable in the Go-Giver Series is The Go-Giver Influencer. Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and is a past member of the Board of Directors of Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic & Ranch in his town of Jupiter, Florida.
May 14, 2019
The Vulnerability of Saying What Needs to be Said with Nashim founder Rochel Lazar
Rochel Lazar, the founder of the Jewish women’s publication Nashim Magazine, is a wife, mother, writer and editor. When she was nine months pregnant with her fourth child, her husband gave her the idea to start a frum Jewish women’s magazine that was vulnerable, honest, and real. Though she laughed at the time, today, it has grown to be a popular website that even supplies its own signature Nashim dress. In this episode, we discuss how to follow your dreams, build your empire all through telling your story and allowing others the do the same.
April 10, 2019
The Spirituality for the Masses with David Ghiyam and Executive Producer Paul Geller
A self-made millionaire at 15-years-old, David Ghiyam was immersed in the investment world and medical field before experiencing a roller coaster ride on the financial spectrum. With his vast insight, he is a catalyst for people to realize that abundance and fulfillment begin on the inside with a strong spiritual practice. Paul Gellar, also a successful tech entrepreneur found spirituality and deep meaning in the teaching of kabbalah. Together, they built the Kabbalah One online course, which distills this ancient mystical wisdom into practical and approachable concepts and tools that will transform your understanding of the Universe and your purpose in it. Kabbalah One teaches users a system for how to make decisions and handle challenges. In this episode, we discuss the differences and methodology of building spiritual practice in your life, rethinking and making religion more engaging for those who are looking for meaning, and the common ideas that connect us all.
April 08, 2019
The Philosophy of Leaders with Christian Chasmer
Christian Chasmer empowers entrepreneurs to live their best life so that they can impact the world. At 26 years old, this young entrepreneur has already built two successful companies. Starting in college, he built a franchise from $0 to $1.2 million in annual revenue. He then co-founded the real estate development company CC Solutions and grew it to $6 million in revenue in under 2 years. He’s also the author of the #1 best selling book Lose the Limits: Break your limiting beliefs, become a more productive you, achieve everything you want in life. The secret to his success lies in the systems he uses for both his personal life and his businesses. In this episode, we discuss the path to leadership, how to pivot, and the role that ancient philosophy plays in the modern world.
April 03, 2019
The Future of Jewish Education with Rabbi Moshe Zeldman
Rabbi Moshe Zeldman performed undergraduate work in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, and has rabbinic ordination from Aish HaTorah. He lectures on a wide variety of topics at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, and to audiences around the world. He is also involved with research into hidden codes in the Torah. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife and their five children. In this wide ranging conversation we cover: 1. The future of Jewish education 2. How to find your ideal career and life path 3. The common challenges that face the generation
April 01, 2019
Coaching your kids to financial freedom with Martha and Nora Krejci
Author | Teacher | Online Strategist | Business Building Bosslady | Cheerleader For The Underdogs Martha's philosophy about life and business is "stop wishing, and start working". She is amazing at seeing the big picture for businesses, then working out the details of automating great sales experiences for them. Her resume speaks for itself. Having successfully run four businesses in the past, Martha makes business building simple and achievable. Even though she is very "techy" at heart, she makes things easy to understand for people that are not. She loves empowering people to have a heavy hand in their very own success. She also has a huge soft spot in her heart for the people that are feeling "stuck" in life. The ones that have ended up in a job or career that doesn't fulfill them. She LOVES showing them how to replace their income by working from home, so they can create the life of their DREAMS from that launching pad. That being said, she doesn't just teach about how to do #allthethings. She also creates free sales funnels, email templates and more since she understands most people simply don't have the time to create these things on their own. Finally, in addition to helping entrepreneurs online, she hosts in-person workshops around the world for those that need to get "unstuck" in their road to success.
March 18, 2019
The Myth of Self Esteem with Chana Studley
In the 1980s after 3 very violent attacks, Chana Studley suffered severe PTSD experiencing years of debilitating anxiety and stress. But then, "It was like my brain just blew a fuse and everything went quiet." Following this remarkable transformation, she trained to be a counsellor and has spent the last 30 years helping others recover from trauma, addictions, and mental illness. Chana has worked with all kinds of clients, adults, and children who want a deeper understanding of their own experience. Alongside her counselling career, Chana worked in Hollywood for 20 years creating special effects in major movies and gained an Academy Award as part of the team for the movie Babe. In the last few years, she has become a certified Life Coach, a World Health Organisation Psychological First Responder and a Three Principles Practitioner. She is the co-founder of Three Principles Jerusalem and regularly speaks at conferences, universities and community events. Chana has recently turned all these experiences into a novel called The Myth of Low Self-Esteem and is currently working on her second novel about ADHD, Depression and drug company corruption.
March 14, 2019
Could you learn to create passive income with Real Estate Investor Michael Blank
MICHAEL BLANK (Ashburn, Virginia) is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Author (“Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing”), Coach, and leading authority on apartment investing in the United States. As the CEO of Nighthawk Equity, Best-selling Author, Host of the Apartment Building Investing Podcast, Columnist and Real Estate Investor, Blank’s passionate about helping people become financially free in 3-5 years by investing in apartment building deals with a special focus on raising money. Through Blank’s investment company, Nighthawk Equity, he controls over $27M million in performing multifamily assets all over the United States and has raised over $6M. In addition to his own investing activities, he’s helped students purchase over 2,300 units valued at $86M through his unique “Deal Desk” and training programs. Blank’s been interviewed by top real estate podcasts, including Bigger Pockets, Joe Fairless (Best Ever Show), Get Rich Education, Cashflow Ninja and many more. “The Michael Blank” blog has also been listed in the Top 25 Real Estate Investing Blogs of 2018 by Leap Property Management. And Blank is a Contributor to FlipNerd. In this episode we discuss his come back story, why the education system doesn't always work, and how to build wealth that can sustain your family and not take all you time.
March 12, 2019
Leading with Value with Ajax Union CEO Joe Apfelbaum
Joe Apfelbaum has been featured on Fox business, Forbes, WSJ & INC. You can find out more about booking Joe as a speaker for your next event at ▶ Joe Apfelbaum is very active in the global CEO community. He is involved in EO, YJP, Vistage, YPO and EANYC. Joe is a business mentor and coach for entrepreneurs and supports entrepreneurs that want to break the million dollar mark.
March 07, 2019
Getting It Together with CEO Career Queen Lauren Berger
Lauren Berger founded Intern Queen Inc. in 2009 after recognizing the need for a more personalized way for young people to connect with the internships and career opportunities of their dreams. Today, she runs both and the big-sister site for the brand, She also founded and oversees the IQ Campus Marketing Agency which helps connect brands with the ambitious network of young people using her platforms. Berger is a champion for young ambitious people fighting their way to the top. Years ago, she was one of them. Today, she’s their hero. Her first book, All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience, is a national best-seller and required reading at several colleges and universities. Her second book, Welcome To The Real World, came out last year. In the new book, Lauren re-writes the rules for millennials in the workplace, demonstrating how to succeed in their first, second, and third jobs after graduation. Recently Berger has been featured on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, the Marie Osmond Show, The New York Times, Seventeen Magazine, and more. Berger’s newest venture is her Youtube Channel, offering weekly advice on internships, jobs, leadership, and entrepreneurship. She releases new advice videos every Wednesday with bonus content released twice a month. Berger is arguably the nation’s most in-demand career and internship expert and speaks to thousands of high school students, college students, and recent grads every year, motivating and inspiring them. Every year, Berger speaks at over 50 conferences, colleges, high schools, and leadership events. You can book Lauren to speak at your next event by contacting her below.
March 05, 2019
Finding Mindfulness Anywhere with Amy Vetter
Amy Vetter is a Mindful Technologist and Creator of the B3 Method®. She is an engaging keynote speaker, corporate board member, and CEO of The B3 Method Institute and Drishtiq Yoga. Amy is an influential contributor to and, and offers a unique perspective as a CPA and Yogi -- who specializes in Technology Innovation -- to inspire business professionals to transform their careers, companies and lives. Based on the unique combination of her work-life experience and thousands of hours guiding business leaders to be successful, Amy authored the book, Business, Balance & Bliss®: How the B3 Method Can Transform Your Career and Life. In her book, Amy created a methodology, backed by scientific research, on how to live a more authentic, engaged, and fulfilled life. Amy shares this message more broadly in her award-winning TEDx Talk, “Disconnect to Connect: The Path to Work-Life Harmony.” Learn more at and follow @AmyVetterCPA on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. In this episode, we discuss: 1. Religion and mindfulness, and what's missing in how they are presented. 2. How to find mindfulness in the day to day. 3. Achieving balance in life and in business.
February 27, 2019
Building Great Company Culture with Jim Hall
Jim Hall has an unstoppable drive and intense work ethic which clearly manifests in his ability to lead a people-focused team. Today, he’s a leader in his industry and hailed as a pioneer for inspiring non-tech businesses to become technologically savvy. He is passionate about building a solid culture-positive team of like-minded individuals. Jim Hall currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for N2 Publishing, where he will focus on high product quality, improving the client experience, and daily operations.
February 25, 2019
Simplifying life and rediscovering religion with Adam Ward
Adam Ward is an Innovation Coach, Author and Speaker with over 25 years of strategy and product development experience. He began his career as a design engineer at Honda R&D before becoming the Lean Product Development Strategy Leader at GE Healthcare. Now at Simpler, an IBM Health Company, Adam coaches C-Suite healthcare teams worldwide on client delivery redesign with a focus on new product development, services enhancement, and organizational transformation. He is one of the early adopters of innovation techniques in healthcare and has been at the ground level for major projects, including GE’s $8B Diagnostic Imaging Division. He is the creator of GE’s Disruptive Cost Workout methodology, which continues to be their business standard. As an innovation consultant with Simpler, Adam has guided clients like Atrius Health, Northwestern Mutual, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Air Force to leverage lean product development to increase the ability to create new products, services and patient-care models. His project at Lockheed Martin won their prestigious Team of the Year Improvement Award and Adam has won the President’s Award from Honda, GE and Simpler for his innovation methods. Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Ohio State University, in addition to attending GE’s Crotonville leadership courses and its Management Development Course. Adam now guest lectures at Ohio State for both graduate and undergraduate programs on innovation, leadership, customer understanding, and change management. An accomplished triathlete, Adam has completed an Ultraman, finished three Ironman, competed twice in the US National Championship and twice in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship. In this discussion we cover 1. Simplifying your life by cutting out unnecessary communication, even if you think it will make you look more professional. 2. Why at the top, all of the problems are the same, just the words are different. 3. The benefits of religion and religious observance in the business world. 4. How religion can better update itself to be relevant and meaningful in the modern age.
February 18, 2019
Deliberate Practice with Dena Ackerman
Dena Ackerman is a professional artist and illustrator, specializing in portrait art and children's book illustration, She has illustrated over two dozen children's books, and teaches drawing, painting, and illustration to adults. Originally from LA, Dena now lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh and finds inspiration in daily life and the people around her. In this episode, we discuss: 1. The time needed to master a craft. 2. The intersection between creativity and structure. 3. The Divine interaction in our lives. 4. How to creatively inspire the next generation.
February 13, 2019
The Journey Back to Center with CEO of Sports 1 Marketing David Meltzer
David Meltzer is the former CEO of the legendary Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and S1Media House. He started with nothing and yet, became a millionaire just nine months out of law school and a multi-millionaire by the age of 32. But then he went broke, but then, he made it all back again, and now he is a successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who, through hardship, was forced to codify the rules of success. Both Forbes and Entrepreneur named David as one of the top keynote speakers on the planet and Variety Magazine named him Sports Humanitarian of the Year. In this episode, we discuss building championship teams, culture, mindfulness, and relationships.
February 12, 2019
Marketing isn't as hard as you think with The Marketing Therapist Lorrie Thomas Ross
Lorrie Thomas Ross, marketing expert and lifestyle business owner. When asked to describe her work, Lorrie said she’s wild about helping wildly passionate professionals brand, build and boost business. Lorrie is the CEO (that’s Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Web Marketing Therapy®, a full-service marketing agency that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. Her work ensures marketing treats the cause (vs. band-aiding symptoms) so marketing is meaningful, matters and makes money. Lorrie is known as The Marketing Therapist® for her no-nonsense healthy advice, stress-free guidance and tough-love approach. She is known to stage interventions if a client’s marketing moves are making themselves a danger to themselves and others too. Lorrie wrote The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing and some of the early web marketing courses for LinkedIn Learning. She speaks on a number of marketing-related subjects and is a instructor at Emory Continuing Education in their Digital Marketing program. In this deep dive, we cover: 1. How to avoid the 'noise' around marketing, and figure out what you really need. 2. How to effectively tell your story. 3. The entrepreneurial journey and breaking free of corporate shackles. 4. The ability to let go of things that don't serve you
February 11, 2019
Understanding Yourself Better with Carey Davidson, CEO of Tournesol Wellness
Carey Davidson is the founder and CEO of Tournesol Wellness, the leading holistic health and education community in New York City. Carey established Tournesol to empower people and organizations with a groundbreaking system that builds self-knowledge, self-acceptance and mastery of our individual gifts. In this amazing episode, we uncover: 1. What companies are missing when it comes to employee happiness, and how it affects their bottom line. 2. How to figure out our core personality type and why that is important. 3. Shocking ways that our personality type impacts how we see the world, ourselves, and our relationships. 4. Deep insights into the personality traits of your fearless host!
February 06, 2019
Getting the most important parts of your life in order first with Heather Hunt Ruddy
I’m continually in awe of Heather as she’s such an inspiring leader, dedicated wife and mother of three, mentor, presenter, community supporter and volunteer. A popular speaker (and frequent traveler), Heather presents at approximately 50 events a year. A 29-year veteran of the male-dominated wealth brokerage industry, Heather has garnered success in each of her senior roles including premier manager, complex manager, and regional president to her current position as head of client experience and growth. Her current role includes responsibility as a managing director and earned her a seat on Wells Fargo Advisor’s Operating Committee, of which there are less than 20 members. Throughout her career, Heather has earned a wealth of awards, honors and accolades but she would tell you that she feels the most pride in helping others, particularly women, achieve success and happiness in their careers. In addition to her busy work and travel schedule, she serves as an active mentor to five-10 women at any given time. In fact, Investment News just announced her as among its “2018 Women to Watch” and she will be honored at a luncheon in NYC in March. In this episode, we cover 1. Why marrying the right person is the most crucial thing you will do in your life, and how to find the right partner. 2. How to find the job of your dreams, and the steps it takes to get there. 3. Why working moms have the most unique opportunity in history to achieve success and balance in both.
February 04, 2019
Mind is the Master with Efrayim Shore
Efryaim (Barry) Shore is a successful serial entrepreneur, with experience from dealing in precious gems, to building one of the first fax-to-email platforms that allowed people to send messages to 17 countries for free, and to patenting and selling unique products. He was living the life many only dreamed of and then one day everything changed. On September 17, 2004, he went to work happy and healthy. By the end of the day he was lying in a hospital bed, a quadriplegic who could only move my head. He had suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves. Yet, his ability to see the good and to focus on the positive lead him not only to recover use of his body, but made him launch an initiative across the globe to help people keep smiling, focus on the good, and get 'jooooooooy' out of their lives. He has a radio show, is a sought after speaker, and is an all around amazing individual. In this episode, we discuss 1. How to frame things in your in a way that makes you powerful and happy. 2. How to be of service to the world based on a clear understanding of your reality. 3. How to never give up, never settle, and always see yourself on the growth trajectory.
January 30, 2019
Learning to be a team player from CEO Eli Finkelshteyn
Eli Finkelshteyn is co-founder and CEO at Constructor, an AI-first search as a service provider trusted by Walmart-owned Eli got his start as a data scientist where he worked at Tumblr, Shutterstock, and FactSet. In this episode we cover: 1. How to develop the confidence to start a new venture, and how to protect yourself from it not going the way you intended. 2. How to learn new things to open up your ability to do things far out of your comfort zone. 3. How to spot another person's inability to work on a team. 4. How to give people what they really want.
January 30, 2019
The trek from caboose to conductor with Mavens & Moguls CEO Paige Arnof-Fenn
Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder & CEO of global marketing and branding firm Mavens & Moguls based in Cambridge, MA. Her clients include Microsoft, Virgin, The New York Times Company, Colgate, venture-backed startups as well as non profit organizations. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Paige is a popular speaker and columnist who has written for Entrepreneur and Forbes. In this awesome interview, we cover Paige's career history, which is a history of marketing and business from the last few decades as she was a major operator in both, the humility needed to get to the top, how to express yourself fully in the work that you do, and more!
January 28, 2019
Succeeding your way out of your problems with Business Coach Don Scott
Don Scott is The Business Leader Coach, working with business owners, executives, high-net-worth families, and their adult children.  For more than 35 years, Don has advised clients, first through his role as an Arthur Andersen partner and then as a leader of a major trust company headquartered in the U.S.  Unique about him and his practice is the combination of his robust business and financial experience, combined with a master’s degree in psychology. He has worked with millionaires and billionaires, to transform their lives and everything they touch.
January 24, 2019
Choosing Confidence with JT McCormick
JT McCormick, the President and CEO of Scribe Media, a publishing company that helps you write, publish and market your book. The company has worked with more than 1,000 authors and Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked Scribe’s as having the Top Company Culture in America. Previously, JT was the President of Headspring Software, which he helped grow to a multimillion-dollar, 100-plus person company that was repeatedly ranked as one of the best places to work in all of Texas. JT is also the author of I Got There: How I Overcame Racism, Poverty, and Abuse to Achieve the American Dream. His book tells the story of how he worked his way out of poverty, starting with his career cleaning toilets and eventually becoming the President of multiple companies. In this jam packed episode, we discuss -How JT built a business empire coming from a impoverished childhood and very limited education -Raising children with proper values -How confidence is a choice, not a character trait -What the American education system is lacking -How to build company culture -
January 21, 2019
Everything your need to know about getting your story out in 8 Seconds with Liz H Kelly
PR Founder and Author Liz H Kelly just released a new book “8-Second PR: Energize Your Story for Ultimate Media Success.” And her insights are from all sides of the camera as she is an author, publicist and red-carpet reporter. Take a closer look at her marketing and public relations tips to get your message out there, along were her transition from as a corporate employee at myspace to entrepreneur.   In this episode we cover: -How to package your message in a way people can understand and remember it -Finding yourself in your brand -What you should be looking for when hiring a PR person -What it takes to actually do what you love   For more information and to get a copy of the book, follow @LizHKelly, visit or BOOK: Order “8-Second PR” in Paperback and eBook on Amazon here    
January 14, 2019
I became what? with Balanced Teshuva author Jenny Serle
Jenny Serle has worked in Jewish outreach, first through NCSY and then J-Life YP, for over a decade. Through guiding many along their teshuva process, she began to focus her efforts on the baal teshuva population. She has developed engaging classes that provide tools and confidence to enable continued growth and success. Jenny currently runs multiple weekly chaburos, and regularly mentors frum young women on issues such as personal growth, dating, marriage, parenting and more, and is also a trained kallah teacher. Jenny lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and children. In this jam packed episode, we cover: - a feeling of security and confidence in ones capability to navigate and be successful in his/her frum life - the importance of proper mentorship and guidance throughout ones stages of growth and throughout life - how to seek these out and how there may be multiple sources of good guidance that a BT can establish for him/herself - the importance of seeing oneself as a giver, with the capacity to be contributive and beneficial to the frum community of which he/she is a member A link to her book is here:
January 14, 2019
Finding your innermost self with April Kirkwood
April Kirkwood who is an author, therapist, and public speaker. Her book, Working My Way Back to Me, is an inspirational tale that sheds light on universal struggles involving love, sexuality, addiction, and mental health. She is an advocate for women and early childhood trauma that affects adult romance. In this episode, we cover -Why so often we feel out of place and how to find our true calling -Making peace and learning why things happened the way they did -Minimizing regret over past decisions -How to focus on what really matters in life I hope you enjoy it!
January 10, 2019
On a quest to end stress across the world with Dr. Amy Serin
Internationally renowned clinical neuropsychologist, inventor, and author, Dr. Amy Serin applies her expertise to heal a multitude of mental health problems both in and out of her integrative care clinics. In the last decade, Dr. Serin’s clinics have healed thousands of people and after consulting with militaries and international global crises responders, she set out to prevent and end post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on a global scale. This led to the breakthrough discovery that a component of PTSD treatment could actually be used outside of doctor’s offices and embedded in non-invasive wearable technology to relieve stress at any time and calm brain wave activity. She then co-founded The TouchPoint Solution in late 2015 to give access to this technology to everyone needing stress relief. Dr. Serin’s first book, The Stress Switch, will launch in February of 2019 and highlights the truth about stress, her journey, and her efforts to solve the stress epidemic. Dr. Serin lives in Arizona with her two sons and golden-doodle, Scout. In this in depth interview, we cover: -How to manage major life transitions with our head in the clouds but our feet on the ground. -The value of mentorship and how someone else's perspective can make it so much clearer for us -How sometimes doing less is doing more -Why we have more stress now today than ever before, and how we can address it in the future. Dr. Amy Serin can be reached at her website
January 07, 2019
Kiruv That Works with R' Jonathan Jaffit
In this week’s episode with Ohr Campus Director, Rabbi Jonathan Jaffit, we really pull back the curtain on the life of an on-campus mekarev, delving into how to maintain your focus and energy in the field, a daily routine that works, and the open secret of bringing Jews closer to Judaism. Rabbi Jaffit, a straight-talker who knows his students and understands the lives and backgrounds they come from, breaks down some of the philosophy behind successful kiruv work and shares his own personal best practices, on a real, attainable level for anyone in the world of kiruv. See more of Rabbi Jaffit’s programs at or reach to him directly at
July 24, 2018
Ep 56: The Deification of Love & Intimacy with R' Manis Friedman
Rabbi Manis Friedman, world-renown speaker, lecturer, teacher, counselor, therapist, and author, has personally influenced hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world towards growth, inner knowledge, and a relationship with Hashem. In 1971 he and his wife founded Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Learning in Minnesota as the first yeshiva exclusively for women and continues to serve as Dean of Students today. In this week’s thoughtful interview with Rabbi Friedman, we learn the inner depths of marriage and intimacy, how to approach our relationship with Hashem with humility and sensitivity, and the one thing a wife truly wants in marriage. Follow Rabbi Friedman's recent work at It's Good To Know and read excerpts from his most recent book, The Joy Of Intimacy.
July 03, 2018
Ep 54: Why Marriage with Mrs. Chana Levitan, MSc
Such an exciting week to finally have Mrs. Chana Levitan on the show to share her professional insights about the state of marriage today, what makes the act of marriage so powerful, and why it's even more relevant today than it was from the very beginning. As a trained and certified marriage counselor and therapist, Chana has gotten an inside look at marriages from all over the world to understand what it is that keeps us from having the best marriages possible, and what makes every single marriage uniquely powerful and empowering. This week, we delve into one of the biggest questions people of all ages and across all cultural and societal backgrounds face: why should we get married? We discuss the power of marriage in elevating our level of self-actualization beyond what we can accomplish on our own, and what marriage offers that I no other relationship can give us. Finally, as every good Lift Your Legacy episode includes, we develop the concept of a third-party marriage mentor and the significance of such a relationship to maintaining a growth-oriented marriage. Follow Mrs. Chana Levitan online on Facebook and on her website to see where in the world her research will take her next, and keep an eye out for her newest project, Why Marriage?
June 21, 2018
Ep 53: Living a First Choice Life with R' Yehoshua Styne
As the Director of Meor Israel and Mashgiach of Machon Shlomo Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yehoshua Styne has guided thousands of students in understanding their purpose in the world and their role within Klal Yisrael. In this week's episode, he shares with us many of the teachings of his rabbeim that helped get him to where he is today, and the importance of understanding and connecting with our deeper selves every day.
June 05, 2018
Ep 52: Taking Responsibility For Our Growth & Success with R' Simon Jacobson
Rabbi Simon Jacobson joins us for the second time to delve deeper into the realities of living a meaningful life and guides us in actionable steps to move through life with purpose and direction. He develops the concepts of finding appropriate mentorship in both physical and spiritual matters, building a relationship with G-d in terms of action and reaction, understanding how and when to ask for advice, and overcoming life's physical and spiritual challenges while balancing our relationship with ourselves.   As always, you can learn more about Rabbi Jacobson's endeavors at The Meaningful Life Center or by reaching out directly at
May 29, 2018
Ep 51: Finding & Living Your True Identity with R' Yitzchok Adlerstein
A bit of perspective every Jew needs to hear about where they are going, why they are going there, and how best to do it l’shem shamayim. His own lived advice covers the importance of appreciating openness, the danger of over-identifying with a community, and finding the right mentors and advocates along the way. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein is the current Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and has spent years teaching Jewish Law and Ethics to university and high school students in Los Angeles. He writes, lectures, and gives workshops on Orthodox Jewish outreach and works closely with students and rabbis across the country.  
May 22, 2018
Ep 50: Managing G-d's Business with R' Benjy Morgan
How does a boy who grew up in the luxury of comfort with a father who rubbed shoulders with Richard Branson end up studying Torah for 14 years and eventually leading one of England’s largest Jewish outreach organization? Current CEO of the JLE London, Rabbi Benjy Morgan takes us through each step of his unexpected early years and learning years, imparting impeccably valuable lessons that have helped him along the way. We discuss making effective decisions when other people are relying on you, the art of learning from and following sage guidance, and of course, the best piece of advice for managing and encouraging highly competent personalities in a high stakes environment. Connect with Rabbi Morgan and the rest of the JLE at their website
May 15, 2018
Ep 49: The Power of Effective Listening with Joel Klein
From accidental entrepreneur to Certified Professional Business Consultant and Jewish Shark Tank founder, Joel Klein joins us this week to discuss the secrets to building his successful business coaching and consulting company, Immediate Marketing & Business Consulting, in Brooklyn. After accidentally falling into business marketing while in the midst of a steady learning seder, Joel pushed himself through open door after open door to achieve meaningful success as an empowered business leader in his community, and has gone on to become a nationally recognized certified professional business consultant. He shares with us the single, most powerful tool he always uses to ensure his clients are happy and successful, and where he picked up the skills along the way that he still uses every day. The best part of it all? These skills are so attainable, you’ll never question yourself or your vision ever again. Connect with Joel online at IMBC or check out his investment opportunities on the Jewish Shark Tank, BizTank Moguls.
May 08, 2018
Ep 48: Focused & Effective Dating with Aleeza Ben Shalom
Aleeza Ben Shalom has been successfully coaching singles and older singles for over a decade and has helped over 70 singles find their soulmate and get married. She joins us this week with a wealth of real, raw, and valuable ideas that you can implement right now, today, to shift your perspective on dating and begin attracting the right person. These deep concepts cut to the core of many seemingly petty issues in dating and help focus the mind on the important things, such as developing an unwavering sense of self confidence and understanding personal strengths and weaknesses. She also suggests ways to overcome many of the hurdles in dating such as lack of support, energy, confidence, and personal responsibility. Ultimately, Mrs. Ben Shalom boils successful dating down to one key factor, and shows us how to achieve that success in our own lives. Connect with Aleeza online at and check out her book Get Real Get Married, a book to help singles get over the hurdles and under the chuppah.
May 01, 2018
Ep 47: Finding Faith and Losing The Nobel Prize with Professor Brian Keating
What if sciences most coved prize was a golden calf in disguise? When was the first time you looked deep into the night sky? When Brian Keating was a young boy looking into the night sky, he noticed a brilliant light coming from the moon and a nearby star (later confirmed as the planet Jupiter) and realized he needed to know everything about the cosmos. Today, Keating is a Professor of Physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences at the University of California, San Diego, and newly the author of Losing The Nobel Prize: A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science’s Highest Honor. As a call for the reform of the Nobel Prize system, Losing The Nobel Prize points to many of the ethical and social missteps of the Prize’s current practices that inhibit its promise of a meritocratic and scientific approach to the entire study of science. The book delves into topics such as: the religion of atheism, the misinformed “sanctity” of the Nobel Prize, the pitfall human condition of idol worship, and the ultimate humanity of science. In today’s episode, he sits down with us in his office at UCSD to discuss the inspiration behind the book, some of the major realizations he had while writing, and his overall philosophy in regards to the topics discussed in the book.
April 24, 2018
Ep 46: The Future of the Jews with R' Lawrence Hajioff
Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff’s third book, The Future: A Guide to the Jewish Messiah, Israel, and the End of Days, answers some of Judaism biggest questions about the coming of the Jewish Messiah, the future of the state and land of Israel, and what the term “the End of Days” means from a Jewish context. The book delves into the traditional Jewish sources to describe these ideas and shed some light on how many of the world’s current hot-button issues are par for the course. In this week’s episode, Rabbi Hajioff speaks about what inspired this book and perhaps why so many Jews are removed from the ideas of the book. He also discusses one of the main lessons of the Torah that can and must be gleaned from this book in order to maintain optimism in the face of so much pessimism around the world. Finally, he eloquently pinpoints his main source of daily inspiration, and what key component many Jews today need in order to reach their full potential. You can find this book and Rabbi Hajioff’s two other publications on Amazon.
April 17, 2018
Ep 45: Revitalizing Our Jewish History with R' Ken Spiro
Rabbi, historian, author, licensed tour-guide, and senior lecturer at Aish HaTorah, Rabbi Ken Spiro joins us this week to share the source of his deeply held Jewish pride and revitalize our connection to a common Jewish history. Ken chronicles his personal story of connecting to Torah Judaism, including his deeply moving experiences with hidden Russian Jews in Moscow, and the culmination of events that led him to Jerusalem. He takes us through a meticulously scientific journey of Jewish history, explaining along the way how Jews have shaped every detail of human civilization and how we can continue to learn from our historical journey, starting in Biblical times and running all throughout the modern day. He implores today’s Jews to take a moment to realize the extensive impact of our history, as an entire nation and as individuals, and to use that power to propel us into seeking our purpose. And finally, Ken weaves together the grueling journeys of today’s most unexpected pop-culture luminaries with those of the very real characters profiled in the Torah, answering the question: What do Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, and the wandering Jewish shepherd all have in common? Find more Ken Spiro content here, and order his new book Destiny
April 10, 2018
Ep 44: Living A Meaningful Life with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Rabbi Simon Jacobson is a spiritual guide and author of the hugely successful Toward A Meaningful Life, giving people access to many of the tools and skills taught in our ancient Torah wisdom. He heads the Meaningful Life Center to bring the blueprint of universal Torah wisdom to those looking for more insight into their own lives and the depth of the human condition. In this week’s episode, Rabbi Jacobson shares his insight into the elements of human mental and social health, the 4 key aspects of choosing a true mentor and spiritual guide, and the importance of distilling wisdom into digestible bites for those looking for truth and meaning in their lives. Connect to Rabbi Jacobson through  and email him directly at
April 03, 2018
Episode 43: Kosher on a Budget with Mara Strom
Mara Strom, Financial coach and author of, speaks to us about how it’s possible to live an involved, Jewish life, without being in debt. When Mrs. Strom hit her rock bottom, her and her husband were facing nearly 33,000 dollars of consumer debt in which they were able to recover from fully. Now, Mrs. Strom is an expert in her field and helps others analyze and improve their finances. Mrs. Strom shares with us invaluable financial tips including the importance of clarifying personal values and priorities, and the cruciality of tracking your spending in order to develop achievable goals, which ultimately leads to financial stability.
March 27, 2018
Ep 42: Leadership and Effecting Change with R' Hershel Lutch
Rabbi Hershel Lutch is the incoming Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of the Orthodox Union.  He joins the OU after serving as the COO for five years of Aish HaTorah and Executive Director for MEOR. Coming into this episode with a wealth of knowledge about and experience in leadership, success, non-profit work, and effecting change, Rabbi Lutch shares with us some of the fundamentals he’s learned along the way. He speaks about what makes a great leader, how organizations can produce change from the ground, up and from the top, down, the elements of a successful agenda of change, and how expressing creativity makes for valuable employees.   You can connect to Rabbi Lutch on LinkedIn.
March 20, 2018
Ep 41: Small Choices, Big Changes with Sarah Pachter
Small Choices, Big Changes is Sarah Pachter’s first book on timeless Torah wisdom gathered from years of writing for Jewish publications and speaking to audiences in the US and Israel on topics of life, love, happiness, and growth. In this week’s episode, Mrs. Pachter speaks to us about how she got her start in public speaking, how she balances vulnerability and authenticity in her speaking and writing, and the reality of bringing G-d into her daily life and interactions. She also delves into the truth she has discovered about the power of acknowledging real gratitude in our everyday lives and how to practically enhance joy and happiness.
March 13, 2018
Ep 40: Carving Out Happiness From Tragedy with Baruch Cohen
In this week’s intense episode, Baruch Cohen, Esq., a high-powered trial attorney and litigator opens up about his experiences of bereavement after his 17-year old daughter passed away from cancer. He illustrates the immense power of the human will and what a person can achieve in the darkest circumstances. Through his experiences, Baruch sheds tangible light in the darkest recesses of human suffering and details his struggle with his own inner demons and those brought on by outside circumstances.
March 06, 2018
Ep. 39 Defining Masculinity with Rabbi Benzion Shafier
Rabbi Benzion Shafier of shares his insights on what it means to be masculine in the modern era.    
February 27, 2018
Ep 38: Shirking Our Political Responsibility with Ben Shapiro
Editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and host of the top conservative podcast in the nation, Ben Shapiro has gained levels of notoriety from his publicized viewpoints on such political hot-button topics as free-speech, abortion, Israel, diversity, and liberalism. He is the author of seven non-fiction books, including NYT and National Best Sellers, and is a nationally-syndicated columnist, having written for major newspapers and websites since age 17. He is known for his college campus activism, often speaking to students about pitfalls of Leftist ideologies on campus and in academia as a whole, and speaking strongly against anti-Israel and BDS movements. In this episode, Ben Shapiro discusses what it means to exist in the political sphere as a Torah-observant Jew. He encourages others in the observant community to join in current political discourse, stressing that avoidance of such dialogue diminishes the ability of Jews to contribute towards modern culture and morality. Shapiro speaks on the growing rift in American Jewry between secular Judaism and Orthodox Judaism and how this divergence is reflected on the political level.
February 20, 2018
Episode 37: Rolling Up Your Sleeves with Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO Aish HaTorah
Join me in my interview with Aish HaTorah CEO and former International Director of NCSY Rabbi Steven Burg.   For over 25 years, Rabbi Burg has addressed and created solutions for the ongoing challenges facing the Jewish community.  In his role with NCSY, he pioneered the creation of the Jewish Student Union, which is a platform where literally thousands of Jewish teens are able to learn more about their heritage on a weekly basis.   But what is "leadership" and what is unique about Jewish leadership?  And how can we leverage modern technology to make the world a better place? How do you run an organization effectively without stifling the creativity of your employees?  What is the biggest challenge facing the Jewish community and how can we address it?    
February 13, 2018