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Mom's Basement

Mom's Basement

By Jacob B.
Fun time chatting with friends in my mom's basement.
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YouTube Ads, Flat Earth, Underboob - Mom's Basement Podcast
In this episode of Mom's Basement podcast we talk double YouTube Ads, the flat earth, underboob. Twitter @jacoboulerice
November 28, 2019
Handling Your Meat, Disney Yoda Debate, Tesla Cybertruck - Mom's Basement
In the first and lethal episode of Mom's Basement podcast, in mom's basement - we talk about handling your meat (Subway [where's the sponsor, btw?]), Disney's Yoda age and the low-poly Tesla truck! As asked in the podcast, tweet @ me with how old you thought Yoda was before we exposed him (it?) Twitter @jacoboulerice
November 27, 2019