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By Jacqueline Diaz
A podcast that features women of color who are entrepreneurs and creatives. We focus on life transition, from that place of feeling stuck to taking action on your dreams. Helping womepreneurs take their business & life to the next level.
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Brown Girl Travel With Joy of Part Time Exploradora


Falling In Love With Self with Carter Piggee
In today's  episode we have actor and model Carter Piggee. Carter has performed in several theaters around San Diego. He attended San Diego State for theater performance, he talks to us about representation in theater, toxic masculinity, showing emotion on screen, self acceptance, and what it means to grow up as a young black man in Milwaukee Follow Carter on Instagram: @cjcentric To follow us on Instagram: @amigapreneur
June 29, 2020
Sexual Revolution & Sensuality With Melissa
Today we speak with Melissa of @meltifaceted on finding self-love through self-styled  modeling, how to own our sexual power & sensuality, and combating toxic self talk through forgiveness. Melissa Instagram is full of beautiful and powerful images. I hope you’ll check them out and see your own power and uniqueness in them. Follow Melissa on Instagram: @meltifaceted #melissamelstyles  #womismallbiz Follow us on Instagram: @amigapreneur To join me on the #TrueYou challenge along with my good friend @cari_li:
June 1, 2020
Quarantine & Healing With Jacqueline Diaz
In today's episode I talk about what it was like dealing with depression and coming out of it,  what I learned from my own transitions and how it helped me deal with this quarantine, and more important some tips on how you can navigate it too. This episode was fun to record believe it or not. It gave me a chance to dive in  and look back on what I've learned and how strong and capable we all are when it comes to major life changes.  If you enjoy the episode please consider leaving a review and don't forget to reach out on social media.   To follow us on Instagram: @Amigapreneur Podcast companions coming soon!:
April 22, 2020
Creating a Business (and life) From a Heart-Led Place With Naima Woodson
Today I talk with Naima Wodson of Beach Bum Wisdom Travels. In this episode we discuss what its really like to live your dreams, how she honors her need for rest especial as mompreneur (and now fiance), and what's its like to flow from your feminine energy.  Naima's 1st episode back in 2017 is still one of our top 5 episodes. In this 2nd episode you'll learn how to live and run a business from a heart-led space  and why its so important for your happiness.  To follow Naima on Instagram: @beachbumwisdom @beachbumwisdomtravels To check out Naima website: To listen to Naima's 1st episode: To follow us on Instagram: @Amigapreneur Podcast companions coming soon!: Background Music:
April 9, 2020
Learning To Sit With It | With Christina DeLosAngeles of Therapy Things Radio Podcast
Today we have Christina DeLosAngeles from The Therapy Things Radio podcast. Christina is a therapist who shares with us what its like for her to sit with it. Sit with the unknown. Sit with the uncertainty of what's next when things aren't panning out exactly as you planned. Christina really goes in on her process that she gives her clients and how following her own advice helped her when she faced her own uncertainty. Things we discuss: Why its ok to "not know" What it looks to sit in it What taking martial arts taught her Why she (and you) says she is more than a mother, wife, and therapist Meditation Journaling And much more. Follow Christina on Instagram: @christina_dla Follow Christina's Podcast: Follow Amigapreneur on all Social Media: @amigapreneur Please don't forget to subscribe and rate the podcast as it help us get the podcast and great WOC interviews out to more listeners. Thank you! Music by:
February 12, 2020
What's Next For Amigapreneur | Update & Re-evaluation
In this mini episode I talk about my time off from social media, why its important to know ourselves and what we want, and of course what's next for Amigapreneur. Why I had such a hard time owning what I really wanted. Learning self worth and how I started to work on seeing myself past tittles and identifiers. Amigapreneur gave me purpose through some of my hardest times. It even help me through a very tough depression. Now, its time to work on what Jacqueline (that's me) wants past the podcast.  Find us on all social media: @amigapreneur
January 31, 2020
Identity & Culture With Patty Delgado of Hija De Tu Madre
In today's episode we have Patty Delgado founder of Hija De Tu Madre. We talk cultural representation in fashion, her growth as a woman and entrepreneur, what her trip to Europe taught her, and why her self-care can include some reggaeton. Goddess Transcending // 28 Days To Transformation & Clarity: Background Music: Amber Mark - Love Is Stronger Than Pride All social Media: @amigapreneur Email:
December 4, 2019
Update & Healing My Teenage Runaway
We're back and super excited for Season 3 of the podcast! This season episode 1 starts with a solo episode from yours truly. I'm catching you up on where I am now and my sudden move back home to San Diego. If you've never listen to the podcast, or are wondering who I am, or why and how the idea for this podcast began? This episode is for you.  Being back home has been triggering, healing, and life changing. I take you back to my teens and how I manage to be on my own since I was 15. Why I think its important to face your healing with courage and responsibility...all while being kind and compassionate with yourself.  Topics I cover: -Being a single mom with a college kid -Depression -Transition -Eviction -Being on my own since I was 15 -Living in a Group Home -Taking responsibility and doing the work -Healing past traumas and dealing with triggers -Update on where I am now since my "Forgiving My Father" podcast episode Learn more about EFT (emotional freedom technique) here: Background Music: Find us on Instagram: @amigapreneur 
October 23, 2019
Today we have Jasmin from Esoteric Esa and the Better Work Bitch Podcast. Jasmin is an Intuitive Content Creator, Numerologist, and soulpreneur. We go soul deep today guys! From operating from ego, to repeating soul patterns, to how Jarmin started to own her magic, and her journey from the corp world to soulpreneurship, We even discuss fake spiritual practitioners and what to look out for. This was such an purposeful interview and I appreciated Jasmin's willingness to be open with us in a meaningful and vulnerable way.    To Follow Jasmin:  @esoteric_esa To Book a Session:  @souliminati   *remember to use AMIGA for a 10% discount on your first session To Follow us: @amigapreneur Email us at To Sign up for the Unleash Your Inner Badass free webinar on 8/7/19 : 
August 1, 2019
In today's episode we have Andrea of Ixiq Designs. Learn how this sculptress went from freaking out in her car for being fired for the first time ( in her 30s) to now designing jewelry. Not just any jewelry though. Custom made jewelry that represents her love of art and heritage. In this episode we talk representation, cultural appropriation as a WOC, making your own way, and how the beautiful and rich history of Guatemala inspires her designs. To Follow Andrea:   @ixiq_designs  To Shop Andrea's Etsy Story:  To Follow us: @amigapreneur Email us at To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challenge:
July 24, 2019
In today's episode we talk with Janelle from the Love And Justice podcast on vulnerability, motherhood, what the heck hybrid homeschooling is, setting healthy boundaries, and why she made the decision cut her mother out of her life.   To Follow Janelle:  @nellie_scales  Guest Post Janelle wrote:  To Follow us: @amigapreneur Email us at To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challenge:
July 11, 2019
In today's episode I talk about Visualization as a healing tool. Learn how visualization helped me heal and let go shame and guilt from Motherhood. Also, How I use it to connect to my desires and feminine energy.    To Follow us: @amigapreneur Email us at To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challenge:  
July 3, 2019
Today we talk with Sha Roehm of Meditations With Sha on how meditation allowed her to really show up as herself, how WOC of color can hold space for one another, being ok with people walking away, and we even discuss launching a business as a spiritpreneur.    To follow Sha:   @meditationswithsha Website:  To Follow us: @amigapreneur Email us at To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challenge:
June 26, 2019
In today's episode we talk with Tonya Gonzalez of Brown Girls Who Bruja. She's a Tarot Life Coach, a born Psychic Medium, author of her upcoming book ' “The Sensuous Bruja.” A practical and useful playbook to add Sexy to your Magic!'  and in 2012 was voted #3 psychic in the world.  Today Tonya talks about healing the mind, her journey from single  mommyhood to world traveler, to being voted the top 3 psychic in the world.  We also touch on how you can know and own your gift, but that doesn't mean you are living a purposeful life.  To follow Tonya:    @browngirlswhobruja   @tonyargonzalez   Website:  To Follow us: @amigapreneur To Sign up and Learn more about: Goddess Transcending Course // 28 Days to Transformation And Clarity:  To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challeng:
June 19, 2019
In this episode I talk about what an Awkward Goddess is. Healing tools I've used/use to heal past traumas and how they've helped me get more in tune with my feminine goddess energy.  To watch the full video on my IGTV @amigapreneur In this video I talk EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to learn more go here:  To Follow us: @amigapreneur To Sign up and Learn more about: Goddess Transcending Course // 28 Days to Transformation And Clarity:  To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challeng:
June 17, 2019
In today's episode we have Adri  an artist, reiki healer, and intuitive portrait creator. Healing comes in many forms, today we learn how art helped Adri heal, what it really means when we outgrow our relationships, how to find joy even in the darkest places, and why she says we are intuitively always helping one another heal. and much much more.    To follow Adri:   @adricreative  Website: To Follow us: @amigapreneur To Sign up and Learn more about: Goddess Transcending Course // 28 Days to Transformation And Clarity:  To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challeng:
June 5, 2019
Today's episode is a quick one from your host, Jacqueline, to remind all of us that we are ever growing and evolving. I wrote this quick note to myself after getting some inspiration while watching Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It' on Netflix.  I feel we all are artist in our own way. Whether writers, bloggers, podcaster, and hey even 9-5s.  Listen to my quick attempt at poetry and use it as a reminder to start your week in creativity and light. And remember new week new opportunities to create a life you have been envisioning. The podcast will be back this Wednesday! Till then continue to create your magic and dont forget to share it with us over on Instagram.  To follow us on Social Media: @amigapreneur   Ready to launch your own podcast go here:  Podcast Consulting - Podcast Courses -  Are you someone going through a life transition? Want to get some clarity? To get a FREE clarity session go here: up and Lear more about:  Goddess Transcending Course // 28 Days to Transformation And Clarity:  To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challeng:
June 3, 2019
In this episode we talk with Linda Garcia of the Let There Be Luz Podcast.  Do you know your moon cycle?  In this episode we talk the power of our moon cycles, manifesting as POC, motherhood and forgiveness, what being a powerful women means, feminine energy, and listening to our desires. - I really enjoyed our beautiful conversation and know you will too.     To follow Linda:   @LuzWarrior &  @lettherebeluz Website:  To Sign up and Lear more about: Goddess Transcending Course // 28 Days to Transformation And Clarity:  To Join The 3-Day Getting Unstuck Challeng:
May 8, 2019
In today's episode I speak with Jaliessa Sipress of Obsidian Moon Astrology. If you're an aspiring spiritpreneur or just a woman who wants to learn ways to own your worth and feel more powerful today's episode is definitely for you!   I’m not going to lie I've been replaying this episode over and over. It's been super helpful especially on days I've had doubt and fear and need to get into alignment again. It’s so full of jewels and wisdom I've had to hear it over and over and got something new every single time. I m so grateful to this woman and all of my amazing guest that come in and give my audience (and me) just what what we need to flourish and shine. Her messages on confidence and power is so needed right now.  Being a spiritpreneur is a calling and for many a real struggle when it comes to charging and owning our worth.   Get some coffee or wine, and a notepad (or iPad) because you are going to want to commit all this jewels to memory. Que viva la mujer! And all her magic!   Jaliessa talks us about:  -Charging based on your energy and not just experience -What it means to be a powerful women -Why she’s perfectly imperfect and that is true power -The best thing you can do when your going through chaos and fear To follow Jaliessa:  @jaliessasipress Website:    Ready to launch your own podcast go here:  Podcast Consulting - Podcast Courses -  Are you someone going through a life transition? Want to get some clarity? To get a FREE clarity session go here:
April 17, 2019
In this episode we talk with Kiah McBride a writer and self described storyteller. She is the writer and founder of WriteOnKiah a space where she shares her personal journey on "inspiring love and acceptance of self through sharing of personal experiences and life lessons".  In this episode we discuss her journey from struggling writer in California, to returning to Atlanta to live with her family, feeling like failure, and why she took a chance and trusted her intuition when it didn't always look like she was making the right decision. She even took on a waitressing gig while she waited for just the right opportunity. -She shares her journey on not just self love and self acceptance, but growing in her confidence, and strengthening her faith and intuition. To follow and learn more about Kiah: All social media: @writeonkiah Website:  UPCOMING FREE WEBINAR: The Power of Telling Our Stories Out Loud Register at:  Ready to launch your own podcast go here:  Podcast Consulting - Podcast Courses -  Are you someone going through a life transition? Want to get some clarity? To get a FREE clarity session go here:
March 28, 2019
In this episode Veronica, of Casa Mia Interior Design, talks to us how she used work and long hours to numb facing the pain of ending a 5 year relationship. That is until it started to  affected her whole life and business. It also helped put a light on her unhappiness and changed her views on what success and meaning in your work meant.  Veronica is a BOSS no doubt, but not in the sense you think, where its all hustle hustle. She now has a more holistic approach, 1st she says be honest with yourself, but don't forget to be gentle. 2nd, self awareness goes a long way. And 3rd know your goals and listen to your desires.  In this episode Veronica tells us about her journey and how its now led to multiple businesses and true alignment and happiness.  Let me know what 3 things you learned from the episode? What approach do you have when it comes to goals? And how do you stay aligned to your happiness? Make sure and share thoughts with us on Instagram @amigapreneur.  To follow and learn more about Veronica find her on IG:  @casamiadesignco @conquer_inheels Casa Mia Interior Design Website: To learn more about The Virtual Collective: PW: jacqueline Ready to launch your own podcast go here: Podcast Consulting - Podcast Courses -  Are you someone going through a life transition? Want to get some clarity? To get a FREE clarity session go here:
March 13, 2019
In this episode I talk feminine energy and dive into the evolution of the podcast. How it started with wanting to feature more WOC in the podcast world to now (almost 6 years later) focusing on life transition, from that place of feeling stuck to taking action on your dreams. What are my plans for 2019, how does feminine energy play a part in our lives and businesses, what I learned from being an Uber driver, and what growing up like a tomboy taught me. And of course much more.   To find us on social media got to @amigapreneur   Ready to launch your own podcast go here: Podcast Consulting - Courses -  Are you someone going through a life transition? Want to get some clarity? To get a FREE clarity session go here:
February 27, 2019
Welcome back, welcome back! Never mind that it is early in the morning and my voice is raspy, or that its almost March and I just launch the first episode of 2019.  Learn where I've been and why 2019 has been such a busy year already. In this episode I talk about purpose. Not in the traditional way of how-tos and prompts, but more so as a matter of being.  Learn how my identity loss, breakdown, and lack of self love showed me the real meaning of purpose. Most of all how you are living your purpose each and every day.  Are you someone going through a life transition? Want to get some clarity? To get a FREE clarity session here:  Like to launch your own podcast go here: Podcast Consulting - Courses - To follow us on social media got to @amigapreneur 
February 18, 2019
Forgiving My Father - End of Year Podcast
In today's Solo Podcast I talk about my sit down with my father. Has there ever been a time you wanted speak with your parents from the viewpoint of the child you once were? Is there something in your past you wanted to know more about, get clarity, or put rest? Are you ready to forgive a parent, a partner, or a friend?  Learn the one thing I did before I had my conversation with my dad.  In today's episode I talk forgiveness, parenthood, different perspectives and closure.  2018 was the year of 'Doing it Scared' and as the days wind down to 2019, I've learned forgiveness and clarity have already prepared me to level up this coming year. Find us on all Social Media: @amigapreneur Today's Episode was Brought to You by Simplecast: *This is not a paid sponsorship, but simply a way to say thank you to them for winning a free microphone from a raffle. 
December 26, 2018
#InspireNewYou - How You Can Level Up Before The New Year
What is the one thing you can do today to reflect the new you for 2019? In today's quick podcast I talk about the 3 things I've started to incorporate that have made such a difference in my life. How I keep the momentum going, how its helped me in my business, and how its even helped my creative process. Have you've been wanting to make real consistent changes every year, but find it difficult? Learn how just making one move can make all the difference. Here's to a more creative and joyous year! Like to join us for Panel, Bites, and Beer on December 15th simply click on the link below. This is event is brought to you by @vidatherapy where I'll have the honor of being one of the panelist! 2019 Vision Board Party: Like to launch your own podcast go here: Clarity Coaching - Podcast Consulting - Courses - To follow us on social media got to @amigapreneur
December 6, 2018
Infertility & Being Latina With Wendy Amara
If you’re a lover (and follower) of all things Michelle Obama you may have heard her open up about having a miscarriage a few woks ago “I felt lost n alone. And I felt like I failed because we don’t talk about them. We sit in our own pain, thinking somehow we’re broken.” Today’s guest Wendy Amara talks about her struggles with getting pregnant and what that meant for her as a woman and a Latina. Wendy, a strategic coach, planned for a well executed future. Education 1st, financial abundance, great husband tand then baby and a baby carriage. Only thing a baby was more challenging than expected. With negative pregnancy tests followed by a miscarriage Wendy started to wonder if she’d have that child she wanted and long planned for. Then, with the support of her husband n community, Wendy decided to put her own mindset n abundance techniques into play. 3 months after her miscarriage Wendy went on to get pregnant with her 1st daughter. A few years later through help IUI she went on to have twins!! In this episode you’ll learn: - The pressure (n stereotypical beliefs) we have as Latinas when it comes to conceiving - Why community n support is so important - Why she saw her miscarriage as a failure - How to commit, but not get attached to an outcome - Being careful about the thoughts u allow in your head And much more. Have an infertility story you’d like to share? Do you feel we talk enough about infertility in the Latino/Latinx community? What support do you feel is needed? Visit us on our FB @amigapreneur To find Wendy on Social Media: To visit Wendy's website: Like to launch your own podcast go here: Clarity Coaching - Podcast Consulting - Courses - To follow us on social media got to @amigapreneur
November 28, 2018
Manifesting a Six Figure Life & Soul Mate With Melissa Banos
In today's episode we have manifestor extraordinaire Melissa Banos. Melissa Banos manifested a six figure life from a starting point of 20k-30K a year. She then went on to manifest her ideal soul mate and now husband. In today's episode she walks us through the process of manifesting your ideal life. What you'll learn from the Podcast: - How six figure women think even before the make six figures - Why clarity in everything is super important - The importance of Intention and Feeling - Blocks that stop us from manifesting - The method that helped her the most when she doubted herself and her business To find Melissa on Social Media: @theinnertheory To visit Melissa's website: To learn more about Manifest Day: Like to launch your own podcast go here: Consulting - Courses - Find us on social media @amigapreneur and keep the conversation going.
November 21, 2018
Healing Through Writing with Writer & Author GG Renee Hill
In today's' episode we have writer and author GG Renee Hill. I've know GG for a few years now and original fell in love with her writing because of how raw and honest she was about her journey. She recently wrote about growing up with a mother who struggles with schizophrenia in a very open piece for entitled 'Choosing my Mental Health over my Mother'. GG's writing makes you feel like your experiencing the journey, emotions, and healing right along with her. We also discuss her journey from the corporate world to blogging, to becoming an author, to now facilitator of events and online courses. She walks us through the process of making writing into a full time business. This is something that not only apply to aspiring writing but to any aspiring entrepreneurs looking to monetize their brand story To find GG on social media go to: @ggreneewrites To purchase GG's books: To read GG's 'Choosing My Mental Health Over My Mother' : Like to launch your own podcast go here: Consulting - Courses - Find us on social media @amigapreneur
November 14, 2018
How To Live Your Best Life With Jessica of Pura Holistic Wellness
Jessica Guzman is the founder of Pura Holistic Wellness. She's both a registered nurse and a health coach. This business owner, wife, and mother 2 said she felt like she was living her best life. "I was showing up as what I thought was the best version of a mother and a wife." Then came the realization that while her son was transitioning to adulthood, she was going trough one as well. No longer a teen mom to a bay boy she wondered what that adult relationship would look like now. As her son wrestled with what it meant to be a born to a teen mom (Jessica had him at 14) and an absentee father. Jessica says she questioned what the type of mother she had been, and what type of women and mother she was now. Not only to her now adult son, but to her 8 year old daughter. Jessica talks us about: -Learning vulnerability and transparency with our children -How being prescribed medication for anxiety while 2 months pregnant changed her outlook on healthcare -Why its so important to have a community and ask for help -What it really means to live your best life -Learning to charge your worth so you can show up for your clients Ready to launch your podcast? Get your Podcasting 101 Masterclass here: Follow Jessica on Instagram @nutrition_jessicag_ To learn more about Jessica's services visit her website To share your thoughts on this episode or any other find us on all Social Media @amigapreneur
November 7, 2018
Mindset Shifts & Podcasting With Koereyelle of Confessions of a Workaholic Podcast
Koereyelle is a woman who tuned her $32K teaching salary into a six figure empire. She has a popular podcast, travel agency, and a super successful (and sold out) event WERK, PRAY, SLAY. No one would of thought that this inspiring and super motivated woman would get into an abusive relationship. You know who was more shocked, Koeryelle. She says after ending the relationship she mentally started to abuse herself on how she had allowed herself to get there. In true Koereyelle fashion she turned a hardship into an opportunity to do a self eval and readjusted. With the end of a bad relationship and a teaching career behind her Koereyelle took what she learned and created not 1, but several successful businesses. What you'll learn from the episode: - Why its important to learn how you are attracting the things your experience -Ways in which Koeryelle redirected her life back to herself - Ways to stop undervaluing ourselves and what we have to offer - Why its important for business owner to have a podcast -Koeryelle's advice to 1st time entrepreneurs Ready to launch your podcast? Get your Podcasting 101 Masterclass here: Follow Koeryelle on Instagram and listen to her podcast @koeryelle @fortheculture_org or on her website at Find us on all Social Media @amigapreneur
October 31, 2018
Feeling Like An Impostor With Jacqueline
In today's solo episode I walk you through my 3 step process on getting over Impostor Syndrome. Why you need to figure out your #1 confidence killer. Also, how committing to a 21 day of no Netflix (tv) and very little social media changed the game in my life and business. Find me on all Social Media @amigapreneur About the host: I help women through my own experience with life transition with Q&A Clarity Calls. I'm also helping WOC create their own podcast platforms with my #PodcastInADay coaching and consulting. Like to be one of the 20 women I'm helping launch before 2019?! Feel free to reach out for more info If you have any other questions about this podcast or my services please feel free to reach out at Music: Audio Library, Adventures - A Himitsu (No Copyright Music), High [NCS Release] - JPB (No Copyright Music)
October 17, 2018
Podcast Journey + Finding Your Voice
Today's episode is a Solo Podcast. In this short episode I share my journey to podcasting through writing. How writing can become a vehicle for healing. How I found the courage to have a voice and why its important for you to find yours. How I'm able to get my guest to open up and why self intimacy is super important. Find me on all Social Media @amigapreneur About the host: I help women through my own experience with life transition with Q&A Clarity Calls. I'm also helping WOC create their own podcast platforms with my #PodcastInADay coaching and consulting. If you have any questions about this podcast or my services please feel free to reach out Music: RAY BLK, I'm Doing Me
October 10, 2018
From Workaholic to World Traveling Mom With Arielle of Nerd Nomad Mom
In this episode Arielle opens up about travel, motherhood, and how she abandoned being a workaholic as her identity. Why the work she has now is not her passion and why you don't need yours to be either. Ways to create spaces for both the inner work and fun. Also, how the election and her son pushed her to become a Nerd Nomad Mom. Plus she answer audience question on how to travel with small children. To follow Arielle on Social Media go to @nerdnomadmom Website: Travel Insurance: It'll differ depending upon where you live: Travel Stroller:
October 4, 2018
The T-Shirt That Started The Movement With Jocelyn of Hire Women
In today's episode we have Jocelyn the co-founder of and the soon to launch Hire Women Agency. She is also the creator of the logo t-shirts Hire Women, Support Your Homegirls, and Orgullosamente Latina. This Multi talented and multi creative mujer teaches us how to believe in ourselves beyond the doubts and limitations of our community and family. From a t-shirt movement to all women owned agency this is Jocelyn's story. To find Hire Women go to and @hire.women on social media. You can also follow Jocelyn on her adventures @meettheindustry Music Credit: Follow Chillhop Music on YouTube George Fields ♫ Instrumental · Hip Hop · Beats Mix [2016] This podcast can be found on all social media @Amigapreneur
September 26, 2018
Therapy For La Comunidad With Zeahlot of Vida Therapy
In today's episode we talk about why therapy can still be taboo in the Latino community. Is therapy still only for "los locos" (crazy people)? How to approach the therapy convo with your girlfriends, how transition shows up in the body, and why being vulnerable is different when you come from trauma. She even gives me some tips on handling my own emotional blocks when it comes to pursuing my purpose. Zeahlot started her career as a hairstylist where she realized she was giving out more than just hair advice. Her love of community mixed with great intuition led her to pursue therapy. Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT is a marriage, family, and child therapist. She is Certified in Seeking Safety, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Interpersonal Therapy. You can find her on Social Media at Vida Therapy and on IG @vidatherapy Books Discussed on the Podcast: Attached by Dr. Amir Levine Getting The Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., PhD
September 19, 2018
Brown Girl Travel With Joy of Part Time Exploradora
Today's guest is Joy the creator of Part Time Exploradora, Joy talks conscious travel, why she says the world is brown, becoming a full time entrepreneur, tips on saving on travel, what country is the most dangerous, and why believing in yourself is so important, and much more. To find joy visit her website and follow her on IG @parttimeexploradora
September 12, 2018
Calling It Into Existence! | A Docuseries #1
In this solo podcast I turn the mike on myself and interview the "future me" about being past the transition phase and living my dream life. This is part of a 3 part docuseries where I open up about my own journey. I speak on trauma, how lack of self understanding & self love can affected us while pursuing our purpose. How Fear can work for us and against us. Also, why I almost didn’t release this podcast and why it’s important to be open & vulnerable while attempting to manifest your dreams. Like what your hearing? Anchor now allows Listeners to support the podcast! Simply click on the anchor link to support. A big than you in advance! IG, FB, & Twitter: @amigapreneur Music by: Dreamer Boy - 4 Seasons
September 5, 2018
Where I'm From Is Where I'm Rooted | My Immigration Story
As many of you know thousands of children have been separated from their parents at the border. As a parent and immigrant this is painful on so many levels. I feel powerless one minute and angry the next. I decided to make this episode to give a voice to those who feel silenced and at times dehumanized. I share my story in the hopes it gives a glimpse into the minds, hearts, and lives of both the children and parents affected. #FamiliasUnidas #FamilesBelongTogether
July 11, 2018
Clearing Mental Clutter + Affirmation Walks
With all that's going on in the world we need more clearing than ever. We cant help what's happening around us, but we can work on our peace of mind. In this episode I talk about 3 ways I clear my mental clutter (.AK.A negative mindset), how its helped me prepare for the hardest time in my life, and I share how I cleared my money mindset so I could get and keep more money. Also, what are Affirmations Walks and how they can help you come out of a slump. If you're struggling to keep a positive/clear mindset while going through tough times this episode is for you. As always I welcome your thoughts and hope you share your ideas in the comments. Helpful Links: Mental Strength Your Brain Will Never Be The Same:
June 21, 2018
Getting Out Of That Uncomfortable Place With Yanely of MissBeHelpful
In today's episode we talk with Yanely Espinal of MissBeHelpful. With over 20k subscribers on YouTube its pretty apparent that Yanely has figured out a way to talk to young people about fiances. It wasn't always this way though. Yanely, is the first to graduate college in her family and growing up in welfare she never expected to be in this role as a entrepreneur and YouTuber. Hear how she dealt with culture shock, assessing your circle, learning to sit in silence, and much more. Follow Yanely @MissBeHelpful on all social platforms and visit her site at Yanely will be having her 3rd Facebook live so make sure and follow to join all the fun!
May 30, 2018
"Life is a Series of Changes" with Zoila Darton
Zoila Darton is the top dot connector at Word Agency. She is an entrepreneur and creative. Have you checked out her Instagram?! She's also a mother, a wife, and super community builder. Zoila really opens up about transition, from moving from NY to LA, separating from her husband and then happily reuniting, and now a mother and business owner. She's been through a lot and brings vulnerability, growth, and her business savvy to the podcast. To follow Zoila or learn more about how she can help you with your business check her out at and @zoiladarton
May 16, 2018
Special Mother's Day Podcast
Happy Mami day to all the wonderful mothers out there and to those female figures that play that role as well. Today's podcast features one of my upcoming guest best advice from her mom. Its a short but sweet episode about the impact a mother's advice can make. Also, what advice I gave my daughter at 8 years old. Big thanks to @missbehelpful. Stay tune for her very special upcoming podcast.
May 13, 2018
Power And Clarity With Monique T. Marshall
On today's podcast we have Monique with Black To Business. We talk what it really means to be a powerful woman, clarity when in comes to your passion, making sure your side hustle bring in income before calling it a business, and much much more. Monique is a wonderful combination of drive and wisdom. She not only brings a lot to today's podcast, but find out how she's doing the same for her community. To Follow Monique: Instagram: @blacktobusiness Twitter: @blacktobusiness If your looking to promote your business or have an event make sure and visit To Learn More: @Amigapreneur on all social media
March 14, 2018
Erika On Initiate The Change
Find out how this 9-5 dropout went from the corporate world to gaining a scholarship to become a programmer. Erika went from a very black and white way of thinking (corp world) to a world of coding where there are many answer to one specific questions. She\u2019s often the youngest, female, and one of the few Latinas at networks and events for programmer, but just like her motto goes \u201cYou have to initiate the change you want to see\u201d Erika Pingatore Follow Erika on IG @akiregator to stay up to date on her journey as a #LatinaCoder and #LatinaTraveler
February 7, 2018
Part 2|2018 Goals+
New Year, new podcast! Part 2 focuses on goals for 2018 n how I plan to stay accountable. It\u2019s going on the 3rd wk of the new year u still going strong on your New Year\u2019s resolution? I talk patterns and habits, the root of your WHY, brown girl therapy, and why I\u2019m going to need a team to keep me accountable. It turned out, when it comes to resolutions, it takes a village too. Maybe you need one too? What does your sisterhood team look like? My new site is up! And I added a free worksheet to my most popular podcast/interview. Site: Instagram/Twitter/FB: @amigapreneur
January 15, 2018
Part 1 | 2017 Life Lessons & A Bit More About Me
In this episode I talk about my 7 Life Lessons I\u2019ve gained in 2017. A bit more about me, my journey, and my love for all things Women of Color. Why creating a platform and highlighting our stories is so important and of course why I relaunched the podcast. I am probably the most vulnerable and transparent I\u2019ve been online but I trust that my story and those of my guest will help others in their journey. Please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you so much for your support \u2764\ufe0f
December 31, 2017
I Am Both And I Am Neither With Cari Li
Cari Li a personal trainer who\u2019s life and business changed after developing adrenal fatigue. We talk identity, growing up biracial, living in two continents, money abundance, how she stopped being a people pleaser and much more. To learn more about Ms. Cari Li visit her at @Cari_li #amigapreneur #prioritydates
December 11, 2017
You Are Your Own Healer With Naima Woodson
Naima Woodson is a multiple business creator, self love and self care motivator and now a Goddess Retreat builder. In this episode we talk about her journey from the 9-5 to living her true calling...helping and inspiring women to live their life to the fullest. @beachbumwisdom @holisticgoddesslifestyle
November 21, 2017
Taking Inventory With Sarah Vega
In today\u2019s episode we talk with Sarah Vega from the Dique podcast. She speaks on why it\u2019s important to do a life inventory, listening to clues, why brown women need to support one another, and even gives some podcasting tips, n much more. Follow us @Amigaprenuer To follow Sarah @_sarahvega_ and be sure to check out her podcast Dique.
November 8, 2017
Healing Cultural Confidence With Christine Gutierrez
Healing Our Cultural Confidence| On today\u2019s episode we\u2019re on the couch w/Christine Gutierrez as she discusses her own struggles w/transition n identity. The feeling of \u201cotherness\u201d n exclusion.
October 26, 2017
Day 7 | Journaling
Documenting Your Revolution. Why the real work begins with us. Simple ways to journal and document ur struggles, strength, and new found wisdom. Plus what to expect this season on the podcast.
October 14, 2017
Day 6 | Mirror Mirror
Who's the fairest of them all? Day 6 calls for mirror work. How often to you really face yourself? Today deals with love and forgiveness. Are you brave enough?
October 12, 2017
Day 5 | Body Love
How emotions, thoughts, and even trauma is stored in our bodies. It's story time. I share my own and that of a singer who lost her voice.
October 10, 2017
Day 4 | Affirmations/Mantras
Do affirmations and mantras really work? And how simple doesn't always mean easy. Welcome to day 4.
October 9, 2017
Day 1 Gratitude
How being grateful can possibly lift you out of a depression. Or at least let u see the sunnier side of things. If even for a few moments.
October 8, 2017
Day 3 Self Talk
Checking for our chatter. What does your self talk sound like? Are u negative, judgy, or just plain mean? How to talk to yourself like you would your bff.
October 8, 2017
October 6, 2017
Day 2 dives into who do you think you are?! Identity. How transition forces us to face ourselves. Do we like who others think we are, but must important do you? Some questions to help you out.
October 7, 2017
October 4, 2017
The relaunch
October 5, 2017
October 4, 2017
The relaunch.
October 5, 2017
October 4, 2017
Amigapreneur Intro
October 5, 2017