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Live Creatively, Friends!

Live Creatively, Friends!

By Jacqueline Soltys
This podcast is part of The Questions Project: an exploration of questions about faith, the Bible, and the Christian life today with The Rev Dr Soltys, an Episcopal priest. For more about the project, and for additional links and resources, visit
Trailer jazz by Stuart D Henderson. Cover art based on folk art by The Rev Carleton Bakkum.

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Christmas is a Time to Be Real

Live Creatively, Friends!

Christmas is a Time to Be Real

Live Creatively, Friends!

Christmas is a Time to Be Real
A brief meditation on the Christmas message, who it's for, and what it is to be human.  A message for this COVID Christmas.
December 25, 2020
Try, Try Again: An Interview with the Director of Try Tank, The Rev Lorenzo Lebrija
A funny, joyful, and innovative Episcopal priest, The Rev Lorenzo Lebrija spends his days running experiments that link creativity and faith together in practical, useful ways.  Listen in as the Director of Try Tank and I talk about what he's been up to, "holy failure," and the questions that inspire his experiments. This is the first bonus episode on the "Live Creatively, Friends" podcast.  Look for future bonus interviews with interesting people who live creatively and faithfully. For a full, unedited video of the interview, visit The Questions Project YouTube channel at
December 11, 2020
Things Aren't Right In the World
God tells a hopeful, beautiful story.  But human beings suffer.  John the Baptist wasn't sure Jesus was the Messiah he'd been waiting for.  Even today we wonder where God is. A look at Matthew 11:2-11 and some thoughts about Messiah.
December 04, 2020
The Invisible Gorilla
Ever had the experience of not seeing something that's right in front of you?  Learn more about the surprisingly human ways we don't see the obvious. Some ruminations on what neuroscience calls "inattentional blindness" and Luke 21:25-36 might have to tell us about ourselves and about a faithful life.
November 27, 2020
How Much Is Enough?
Do you struggle with too much stuff, too many demands, too much information...?  How can we find our balance?  Thoughts about daily choices and paying attention to what matters. Based on Luke 3:7-18.  
November 20, 2020
The Pecking Order
Reflect on the role of human ambition with the Rev Dr Jacqueline Soltys.  Based on Mark 9:30-37.  A broad-ranging look at Jewish teaching on human nature, the Third Commandment and what it means to be meek.
November 13, 2020
Uncertainty, Slavery & Gratitude
Exploring the economy of the Christian Way with The Rev Dr Jacqueline Soltys.  A look at risk, slavery and ransom payments, based on Mark 10:35-45.
November 06, 2020
Lunchboxes, Fashion and Bumper Stickers
In this time of tribalism and division, what does Jesus have to say to us?  Join the Rev Dr Jacqueline Soltys as she explores what it means to live in community with people unlike ourselves.  Based on Mark 7: 1-23.
October 30, 2020