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Jada’s Joe

Jada’s Joe

By Jada’s Joe
Welcome to the Jada’s Joe podcast! The newest podcast about coffee, and culture. We’re going to focus on a special space, and a special race- beauty, and black women. The imbalances, lack of representation and what that experience for the black woman looks like. I’m going to have insightful, energetic and empowering conversations with experts and my girlfriends to hear their perspectives as well. While we are not putting down other races, we are uplifting one that is often overlooked. Grab your coffee.
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She Just Wanted to Feel Safe
We are back and we are excited to kick off our first episode of 2020 during Women's History month! Costa Rican coffee, and a story about a home break in that celebrates a black woman I'm SO inspired by. Today's episode is a must listen.
March 9, 2020
Boldly, unapologetically, and always over coffee
We are laying a foundation in this episode. I’m sharing a new cup of coffee I tried, and a bit of my “why” behind Jada’s joe. I hope you guys feel uplifted and inspired. Enjoy!
November 26, 2019