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The Daily Focus

The Daily Focus

By Jahaan London
Stories and life experiences from a time traveling, spliff rolling, mushroom growing, film creator.
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The Daily Focus 088 - Im Byyyke
Dream world, Bike world, and Traveling the world!  Cubensis T Shirts Available GREY / WHITE All Sizes DM on @EyeFocus 
October 04, 2020
The Daily Focus 086 - Give 2 Receive
Today was a good day, being inside for months away from friends and people you enjoy can take a toll in subtle ways that don't become noticeable until your back around them laughing and enjoying moments. A journey through the cube can be life changing, Dr. Sebi said sacred medicine cleans out the cobb webs of the mind and I have been cleansed. Every now and then old ideas and feelings can re surface and give you a shake up.  Random calls from my cousin grasshopper Mel with get money plans as always! The ultimate lessons is give in order to make space to receive.   Quotes of The Day  Too Long honest, too long poor  Hell itself holds dishonour in horror  Over discipline makes a child stunted  If you are given bread for foolishness you may despise instruction 
July 29, 2020
Daily Focus 085 - Human Dream Catcher
At the beginning stages of REM Rebound and the activity rivals Dennis Rodman. Going through a lucid phase of what can be defined as sleep. his episode was sponsored by a broke PC seal ring. Sometimes things are just flowing way too good and it must balance itself out. Im on a 3 day break but its a minor setback for a major comeback. I never realized what people meant when its said that they didn't accept an apology until today. Comes a point where sorry don't mean a damn thing and kicking rocks with no socks on sounds like the best option for said apologist.  Another day under the sun.  Daily Quotes The traveler can tell all she has seen on her journey but can’t explain it all Traveling means finding The great are open to shame and the small are open to fear Conversation is the food of the ears
July 22, 2020
The Daily Focus 084 - All Ways Happy
In this broadcast I touch on weird dreams, Ex lovers that wont let go as well as the ones that never really had a grip to begin with. Updates on Blue Oyster projects. Perfect timing Quotes of the day -  When you see old lady run ... no ask whats the matter just run too  Pig and mud go together  People often agree in words but no in judgement  Two people in accord are stronger than 8 that disagree. 
July 18, 2020
The Daily Focus 083 - The Art of Videography
This episode was inspired by footage. The art of recording life because there is an art to it. Filming people can be an intricate practice filled with subtleties and nuance that you develop an eye for over time. The approach I take is being a fly on the wall... Find out why in this episode of The Daily Focus  Quotes of The Day The swearing is out of proportion to what is lost. A needle is lost and a oath is taken upon a god. A question is not an accusation If a matter be dark dive to the bottom When the cats belly is full he says the rats tail is bitter 
July 08, 2020
The Daily Focus 082 - Spelling B
In this wake up I lightly brush over the importance of taking control of how you wake up. Some people will try to Hi jack your mornings and start your day off on a argumentative vibe but its essential that you avoid these type of things from happening. Cellphones have convinced some that an instant response is mandatory when that is not the case whatsoever. This episode spans over the course of a week, normally I would record in one sitting but life happens and here we are. $100 Million a month, what would you do with that thick stream of income? How much money is enough really ? Story time I go into the word I lost the spelling bee on and how that day has impacted my life forever!  The first 81 episodes can be found on for those that are curious Quotes of the day At someones funeral we weep for our own mothers and fathers At the funeral, one cries for the living and not for the dead  What you push away from you today with your foot, you will pick up tomorrow with your hand  Shout out to Macguyver! 
July 04, 2020