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The Jake Boucher Show

The Jake Boucher Show

By Jake Boucher
This podcast has a little bit of everything mixed in but with a focus on business. My number one goal with this podcast is to bring value/entertainment to at least one person with every episode. If I can do that, then it’s all worth it... Listen and reach out to me on Twitter (jakeboucher_) and tell me what your favorite episode is!
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Episode 145: The Story Behind Mountainside Bakery & Cafe In Princeton MA with Katherine Huck
This was an awesome episode to do with my good friend Katherine Huck. She is a co-owner of Mountainside Bakery & Cafe in Princeton MA. We chatted about the beginnings of the bakery, why she decided to open a bakery in the first place, her past careers, the biggest risk she's taken, the DCR agreement with Massachusetts, and more.   If you've never been to this bakery (Wachusett Mountain Superintendent's House) on Wachusett Mountain in Central Mass, you're missing out! The views are beautiful, the drive is beautiful, and you can even see Boston down the road on sunny days! You won't regret going here for the food/drinks or just checking out the atmosphere. It will become a favorite for you. Let me know what you think of the episode by telling me on social media!    My links: TikTok:   Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Podcast: About me: Real estate Facebook group:  Email:  Mountainside Links:  Website:
July 22, 2022
144: How Real Estate Has Changed w/ Heather Witalisz
Had a fun time recording this episode with my good friend Heather. We had some good conversations throughout this episode that I think people can get value from. We talked about real estate and the New England Patriots, what gets Heather out of bed in the morning, a great place to buy a home in western Massachusetts, and more. The audio and video quality is slowly getting better. Bear with me! I hope you enjoyed this episode! Let me know what you think of it! My links: Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Witalisz Links: Website Facebook Phone number - (413)-568-0005
March 11, 2022
Episode 143: Why Being Empathetic is the Best Way to Win in Business w/ special guest Mat Tolman
I'm so excited for this podcast the rest of 2022. This is the first guest episode and I am pleased to be joined by Mat Tolman, owner of Tolman Insulation and Home Improvement in Barre MA. We talked a lot about his earliest days in the construction business, his business stories, what his team/clients mean to him and more. Bear with me during this episode. The audio is not perfect but I promise it will get better in future episodes. I hope you enjoyed this episode! Let me know what you think of it! My links: Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Tolman Links: Website Instagram Facebook YouTube
January 21, 2022
Episode 142: A Message About 2022
I'm pumped for 2022. I haven't been this prepared for a year in my life. I have a better strategy for planning and executing my goals than I did in the previous years (that's what happens from trial and error and learning). Hope this episode can cast a light on what you need to do this year. Let's have an amazing year! You can find the video for this podcast episode on my YouTube channel. Click the YouTube link below! Keep being you. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
January 08, 2022
Episode 141: How I Went Viral on TikTok
December 12th was the start of potentially something great. It was the day I finally had a viral video. As I described in the episode, it was one of those moments where it doesn't feel like it can happen to you, but it actually does. There was a part of me that thought I would never see the 99+ notification number in my TikTok inbox. But there was another part of me that thought it would happen one day.  It's just a super exciting time for me because it's something I've been working towards for year's and it finally happened. I hope you enjoyed this episode! Let me know what you think of it! Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
December 24, 2021
Episode 140: Revealing My OCD Diagnosis...
This episode was a long time coming for me. I've wanted to do this episode for awhile but I just couldn't come around to it. But finally I came around to it. It took awhile for me to feel comfortable doing this. There's other people like me out there who struggle with OCD unknowingly. And no, OCD is not just that you're a clean freak. It's a hell of a lot deeper than that as I talk about in this episode. Your mental health comes before anything else. Ask for help, there's so many people that love you and would be glad to help ❤️ Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
October 22, 2021
Update Regarding Next Episode
Here’s a quick update regarding the next episode.
October 15, 2021
Episode 139: The Thing NOT to do in Marketing and Sales
In this episode I talk about the thing not to do in marketing and sales. My biggest issue is with LinkedIn in regards to this topic. If you have a LinkedIn then I'm sure you have received messages that follow the same format for each message. Looking to connect with someone in your industry, here's how their product/service can 10x your sales/leads, let's hop on a quick call. The end.  Keep being you. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
October 01, 2021
Episode 138: Creating Social Media Content is Easy
In this episode I talk about why creating social media content is so easy once it clicks in your head. These past few months I've had an awakening in terms of creativity for creating social media content. The ideas are endless especially when it comes to TikTok.  Keep being you. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
September 10, 2021
Episode 137: Do the Things You Don't Want to Do
In this episode I talk about how doing the things you don't want to do is actually what you need to do to get the things you want. Even doing this once will help build momentum for you to keep doing this. There is no limit to what you can accomplish.  Keep being you. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
August 27, 2021
Episode 136: Meditation Can Change Your Life
In this episode I talk about how meditation has changed my life. I go into detail on what you can expect from meditating and the amazing benefits from it.  Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok Meditation I do
August 20, 2021
Episode 135: It's Ok to Feel Overwhelmed
We all have good days and bad days. In this episode I dive into what I do when I feel overwhelmed and when I'm just not in the proper headspace. The things I mention in this episode I have personally done/experienced myself. I hope this episode is of some help to someone who listens to it. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
July 23, 2021
Episode 134: Social Media is Amazing But Toxic
This is one of my personal favorite episodes to date. I talk about why I love social media and also why I believe it is so toxic. Social media is one of those things where you can either follow positive or negative content. It really is your choice. The second part of the episode I get super passionate about why I consider Instagram a "highlight reel" and why it's not healthy.  Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think by clicking any of the following links down below! 👇 Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
July 16, 2021
Episode 133: Why is Self Discipline So Important?
In this episode I talk about how self discipline is one of the most important skills a person can have, if not the most important skill to have. Self discipline allows you to do things when you're feeling unmotivated and ultimately get shit done. With this skill, there's nothing you won't be able to accomplish. P.S. I'm curious as to how the audio sounds. This is my third episode using this microphone and I would love to know if the audio sounds normal/crisp. Let me know! Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
July 02, 2021
Episode 132: Contacts = Contracts
In this episode I discuss how the more contacts you make, the more money you end up making.  Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube TikTok
June 25, 2021
Episode 131: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Getting out of your comfort zone is extremely difficult. It's scary to do something that we're not used to doing. That's why we stay in our comfort zone. Things that scare us make us want to stay where we are because we don't want anything negative to happen to us. But all of us have been outside of our comfort zone at some point in time. And you know what? If we did it once, we can do it again.  So, in this episode I discuss the benefits to getting out of your comfort zone and why you need to be doing it. I hope you enjoy this episode and get some value out of it!  P.S. I know this episode isn't perfect. There are some kinks that I need to work out going forward.  Social media links:  Twitter Instagram  YouTube LinkedIn Blog
June 18, 2021
Episode 130: Time is of the Essence
By the time you turn 75 you’ve lived 657,000 hours. When you take a step back, this doesn’t seem like much at all. Hours go by so fast to begin with and this statistic makes it seem like even less time. Use your time wisely, be grateful for each day, and do shit that makes you happy.
April 30, 2021
Episode 129: How to Tell a Good Story
Telling a good story is the lifeblood of any successful business. If you can tell a good story, you’ll be in business forever. Use the 3 part framework of the hero story to immerse your audience in your brand.
April 02, 2021
Episode 128: Why I Became a Real Estate Agent
There’s no reasons why I became a real estate agent: 1. To build a business alongside my dad, and 2. To help people. Those 2 reasons were the driving forces behind my decision to enter into this industry.
March 05, 2021
Episode 127: My Thoughts On Cryptocurrency
Wanted to do a quick episode on the cryptocurrency craze that’s been going on, especially with Dogecoin becoming very prominent recently. As a disclaimer, I’m no expert on this topic, far from it actually. These are just my opinions.
February 12, 2021
Episode 126: Whatever It Is You’re Thinking About Doing, Just Do It
Do whatever it is you want to do and make sure you do it ASAP. That’s what I did in regards to getting my real estate license, and you can do it for yourself if you do what you’re thinking about doing and do it right away. The key is to not hesitate and jump on it right away, otherwise you won’t do it. There is no better time than the present.
February 05, 2021
Episode 125: Enjoy The Little Things
With the holidays just a few days away, I wanted to do this quick episode and kind of reflect on enjoying the little things and moments more than we did before.
December 23, 2020
Episode 124: You’re Early In The Process
We’ve all been there where we compare our progress to our friends and other people’s progress in general. In this episode I try to talk you through that and make you realize that you’re early in the process.
December 18, 2020
Episode 123: The Dominance of TikTok
In this episode I talk about why TikTok is so dominant and why it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
December 11, 2020
Episode 122: YouTube’s Dominance
In this episode I talk about how YouTube has maintained their dominance for the last 15 years over other video platforms.
December 04, 2020
Episode 121: Grateful
Decided to do this episode and talk about feeling grateful considering Thanksgiving was yesterday. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!
November 27, 2020
Episode 120: Reading and Understanding History
In this episode I talk about the importance of reading and understanding history. Learning about why certain societies failed and succeeded is important in understanding today’s world. Hope you enjoy this episode!
November 20, 2020
Episode 119: I Begin My First House Flip Tomorrow
Tomorrow I start flipping my first house with my dad. Super exciting to say the least
November 13, 2020
S3 Episode 10: Book Review - Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
In this episode I talk about the recent book that I finished. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in business!
November 06, 2020
S3 Episode 9: My COVID Experience
In this episode I talk about when I had COVID in March and what side effects I am still dealing with to this day.
October 30, 2020
S3 Episode 8: Consistency
I am probably one of the least consistent people in the entire world and I dive into that in this episode right here. Hope you enjoy the episode!
October 23, 2020
S3 Episode 7: I’ve Been Scared To Do This...
I finally took a step back and realized that I need help. Being too proud and not thinking you need help will definitely lead to disaster. Better late than never.
October 09, 2020
S3 Episode 6: Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Places
I’m starting something new. Chasing after a new career that I am so excited about. Although I don’t go into detail about what exactly the career is, I talk about why I’m doing this and what I’m looking forward to.
September 25, 2020
S3 Episode 5: Envisioning The Life I Want
I’ve been dealing with low productivity during this past week. It’s something I sometimes struggle with and wanted to see what I could do about it. It’s very common for us as humans to have those moments in time where we are just not productive. Then as always, we pick ourselves up and get shit done.
August 21, 2020
S3 Episode 4: You Have To Love Getting Rejected
Getting rejected is all apart of the game. One thing I have learned over the course of the last 3 years is that every no gets you closer to a yes. I struggled with rejection for so long, but I eventually got to the point where I have become numb to it and use it as a motivation tool. I don’t care if you’re an entrepreneur, employee for a company, looking for a job, interested in starting a business, this episode will be of help to you. These are my personal experiences and I hope they bring you value.
August 14, 2020
S3 Episode 3: The Mistake Small Businesses Are Making
Small businesses are struggling right now. I see so many businesses struggling because they’re making a simple mistake that could easily be fixed. Market yourself more than you ever have, and tell great stories. That’s it.
July 17, 2020
S3 Episode 2: Documenting My Journey Through This Podcast
In this episode I talk about the reason why I’m documenting the process and some of the things I have learned about myself in the last few years. The improvements I’ve made, the mistakes I’ve made, and remembering every no gets me closer to a yes. Hope you guys enjoy this episode!
July 10, 2020
S3 Episode 1: I’m Done Giving Advice
Giving life advice as a 22 year old started to not sit right with me. So, from this point forward, I am going to stop giving advice UNLESS I feel like I am completely worthy of offering advice.
July 03, 2020
S2 Episode 10: Social Media Platforms Change, But The Philosophy Doesn’t
In the season 2 finale I discuss the current social media platforms and how the philosophy will never change. Hope you enjoy!
June 19, 2020
S2 Episode 9: The Decline of LinkedIn Organic Reach
I’ve noticed recently that it’s harder to get seen on LinkedIn nowadays. The amount of views on my content has steadily declined in recent weeks which leads me to believe that LinkedIn is starting to shift their focus towards more paid content. But there is always a way to beat the algorithm. Hope you enjoy this episode!
June 12, 2020
S2 Episode 8: Spread Love, Not Hate
It’s really simple to be nice to people. It takes zero effort at all to spread love and positivity. If there’s anything that I want you to get out of this episode, it’s to just be nice to every single person you come across.
May 29, 2020
S2 Episode 7: You Have To Start Somewhere
Start producing content. Don’t ever get discouraged when you don’t see results right away. Just like with everything, making quality content takes time, patience, and innovation. All it takes is one piece of content to do amazing to give you the confidence and motivation to keep pushing forward. Good luck!
May 22, 2020
S2 Episode 6: Stop Caring About How Many Likes/Views You Get
If people didn’t rely so much on the amount of likes, views, and followers they got, they would be so much happier. We’ve all been in the situation where we value the amount of likes we get more than anything. And if we don’t get the likes we were expecting? We get discouraged. It’s tragic. Once you stop caring about how many likes and views you get, you’ll be more happy as a human and you’ll be more likely to grow on social media because you won’t be afraid to post what you want to post.
May 15, 2020
S2 Episode 5: My Future Awaits
Real, raw emotions. This episode means so much to me. Everything is straight from the heart. This is the realest my emotions have ever been on this podcast to date. Thank you for listening.
May 08, 2020
S2 Episode 4: How To Think of Ideas For TikTok (5 Tips)
In this episode I give 5 tips to help you think of ideas for TikTok content. I have personally used these 5 tips for myself and it makes the process a whole lot easier to think of ideas, and more fun. Hope you enjoy this episode!
May 01, 2020
S2 Episode 3: Why I Started Meditating
I started meditating on April 15th and I can officially say it has been wildly beneficial to me as a person. I hope this episode can give someone clarity out there if they’ve been on the fence of starting meditation, or if they simply want to learn more about meditation. Hope you enjoy!
April 24, 2020
S2 Episode 2: Everything Happens For A Reason
Everything that has ever happened to us has happened for a reason. If you really pay attention to what happens in your life, you will be able to see that it happened for a reason, most of the time, for the better. Thanks for listening!
April 17, 2020
S2 Episode 1: Overthinking
We’re in a unique time in our lives and I just needed to get something off my mind.
April 10, 2020
S1 Episode 10: College Reflection
Can’t believe this is real. I wasn’t expecting to do this for another 2 months but here we are. I am joined by 2 of my roommates/best friends as we reflect on college from inside our apartment one last time. It was only right that this was the season 1 finale. Enjoy listening to our real, raw emotions and the stories that we tell as we are together one last time in our apartment.
March 23, 2020
S1 Episode 9: Balancing Time In College
Balancing time in college is truly one of the hardest things to do. My college life over the last 2 years has been me valuing my relationships with my friends over anything else, while also working on my business in time increments. This episode dives into my time management and relationships.
February 21, 2020
S1 Episode 8: College Recap (So Far)
This episode is straight from the heart. No preparation whatsoever. I hope you guys can take something from this episode and use it in your life. Whether that’s you deciding where you want to go to college, or something else. Hope you enjoy ❤️
January 17, 2020
S1 Episode 7: TikTok is King
TikTok is a fascinating social media platform. In this episode I give my updated thoughts on this platform as a whole, and what you guys should be doing if you’ve been debating on posting videos on TikTok. Thank you for listening to this episode, I really hope you enjoyed it.
January 10, 2020
S1 Episode 6: 2020 is the Year of Change
The new year/decade has arrived. This year is officially the year of change and making things happen. The year of trying different things, the year of not being pressured by society to have your life figured out when your 21/22 years old. Do what makes you happy and live your life to the best of your abilities. Thank you for listening. If you received value from this episode, then please share it with someone else that you think would find value from this episode! ❤️
January 03, 2020
S1 Episode 5: The Final Episode of the Decade
Can’t believe this is the last episode of the decade. It’s absolutely surreal to think about. We made a lot of progress with this podcast over the last 2 years. I’m looking forward to continuing this podcast and being more consistent with it in the coming year. With that said, this episode discusses a lot of things, most notably, holding each other accountable. I really hope you enjoy this episode and take me up on my offer that I presented in this episode. Twitter/Instagram: boucher_jake23 | LinkedIn: boucherjake23
December 27, 2019
S1 Episode 4: Semester Recap
This was a really fun episode to record. I am joined by 2 of my best friends and roommates Cody and Frosty once again. We discuss the semester that was and some of our favorite memories. There were a few technical difficulties with this episode, but we managed to salvage the vast majority of the content. Hope you guys enjoy this recap and us shooting the shit with each other. Please share this with anybody that may be interested in listening, it would mean the world to me. Thank you!
December 16, 2019
S1 Episode 3: You’re Gonna Die
Really important episode here. My goal with this episode is to help at least 1 person with this. We’re all human beings, and we all die. There is a possibility that you could die tomorrow. What would you do today if you found out you were going to die tomorrow? Twitter: boucher_jake23
November 08, 2019
S1 Episode 2: Halloween Special
Halloween special for 2019. Our last Halloween weekend of college. Hope you enjoy the episode and tell me what you think of it!
November 01, 2019
S1 Episode 1 : Childhood Dreams
Welcome back to the show everybody! I took 2 months off and took the time to revamp the podcast and came up with some fresh new content, format, and a new logo. I’m joined by 2 of my best friends in this one as we discuss our childhood dreams. Had a blast doing this episode with them and I hope you guys enjoy!
October 25, 2019
Episode 088: Why TikTok Is Here To Stay (For Now)
In this episode I dive into TikTok and what the future holds for it. It’s a very interesting platform and I highly suggest if you’re a business or brand that you start playing around with it and learning the platform. Hope you guys enjoy the episode!
August 26, 2019
Episode 087: Building A Brand Takes An Enormous Amount of Time and Effort
This episode is based off of a spontaneous blog that I wrote on LinkedIn on Tuesday. I googled my myself and was shocked to find out that I only appeared once on the first page. The answer is simple to have myself appear more on Google: put out more content. This episode dives into what you should be doing in terms of content and the mindset you need to have. I’ve learned a lot in the last 2 years, and this one of the most important lessons I’ve learned.
August 01, 2019
Episode 086: Fear Really is the Killer of All Dreams
This has been on my mind for the last 30 hours or so. Fear really is the killer of all dreams and all of us have to hold it accountable to the best of our ability to overtake that damaging mindset. Fear stems from our own brains and we have the power to eliminate it. Thank you for listening, it really does mean so much to me. Have the best day ever!
July 25, 2019
Episode 085: Turning $2 Worth of Coffee Mugs Into $150
This was a hell of day to say the least. I hit the jackpot in terms of coffee mugs and had a blast doing it. My most recent YouTube video is also based on this day. To find that video, simply search Jake Boucher on YouTube and it should pop up. It would also mean so much to me if you could subscribe to this podcast. If I’ve ever given you any value, then that’s the least you could do ;)
July 11, 2019
Episode 084: How to Use Each Facebook Advertising Campaign Objective
I go into brief detail about each of the Facebook ad campaign objectives. They all have their own purpose and can be used to put an awesome ad in front of your target audience.
June 21, 2019
Episode 083: What’s On My Mind? Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
I think this episode could be extremely valuable to at least one person out there. Getting out of your comfort zone will present opportunities to you that you otherwise would have never had. Do what you’ve been fearing and get out there. I promise it will be worth it in the end.
June 13, 2019
Episode 082: My First Networking Event
I attended my first real networking event this past Tuesday and it went extremely well. I learned a lot and built some new relationships that hopefully last. It would mean the world if you could leave a rating and subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on!
June 06, 2019
Episode 081: Cold Calling Is One of the Hardest Things I’ve Ever Done
Man oh man is cold calling hard. The cold call that I did right before this episode went just about as bad as a cold call could possibly go. It didn’t even last 30 seconds. In this episode I recap that call with detail. One thing I keep reminding myself after that call: don’t get discouraged. Hope you guys enjoy this episode. If you do, please leave a review/subscribe to the podcast. It would mean the world to me.
May 28, 2019
Episode 080: Facebook’s New Features
I dive into the announcement from today about Facebook’s new features. I talk about the new design, Facebook dating, the focus on groups, and the newest feature meet new friends.
April 30, 2019
Episode 079: Hitting Rock Bottom Means You Can Only Go Up
In this episode I discuss the aspect of rock bottom and how Tiger Woods overcame it to rise to the top of the golf world once again. If he can do it, why can’t all of us do it?
April 16, 2019
Episode 078: You Have So Much More Time Than You Realize
This topic has been on my mind for the past day or 2 and I decided to do a podcast episode about it. We all have so much more time to live our lives and not too many people understand that. It would also mean the world to me if you could leave a review of this podcast on Apple podcasts.
April 09, 2019
Episode 077: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Come From (Nipsey Hussle Inspired)
I was really debating if I wanted to do this episode or not. Ultimately I decided to go through with it. If there’s one thing I learned from the rapper Nipsey Hussle is that it doesn’t matter where you start or where you come from. Fine out why by clicking the play button! Don’t forget to leave a review/rating for this podcast! It would mean so much.
April 02, 2019
Episode 076: Leaders: Myth and Reality by General Stanley McChrystal
Even though I haven’t finished this book yet, I wanted to do an episode discussing the first 3 chapters of the book because I definitely think someone can get some value out of it. Hope you enjoy! Twitter and LinkedIn: boucher_jake23
March 26, 2019
Episode 075: The Effectiveness of Facebook Ads
Facebook advertising is extremely underpriced as of this episode and at its peak. If you’re interested in learning about the effectiveness of the Facebook advertising then give this episode a listen! Twitter: boucher_jake23 LinkedIn: boucher_jake23
March 19, 2019
Episode 074: Why Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 Strategy Works
If you’ve never tried Gary’s $1.80 strategy for your social media, then I highly recommend you give it a go. Give this episode a listen and then start engaging!
March 12, 2019
Episode 073: I’m Back + Why I Took 2 Months Off From Podcasting
I’m back! I discuss why I took a break from podcasting and I discuss the future. Twitter and Instagram: boucher_jake23
March 05, 2019
Episode 072: Facebook Ads Test and Learn Feature (Part 2)
Here’s part 2 to the test and learn feature discussion for Facebook advertising. Hope you guys get some value out of this and use this feature for your own campaigns.
January 10, 2019
Episode 071: Facebook Advertising - Test and Learn Feature (Introduction)
A very basic introduction is made for the test and learn feature in Facebook advertising. There are 5 different objectives for this feature that can all massively affect the success of your ads on Facebook. This is part 1 of the introduction.
January 08, 2019
Episode 070: Discussing The Difference Between Resolutions and Goals
The first episode of 2019 is here! In this episode, I talk about resolutions and goals and the difference between the two. It would mean so much to me if you could share this podcast with your friends and family and leave a review!
January 03, 2019
Episode 069: Reflecting On 2018 and Looking Ahead To 2019
Can’t believe this is the last episode of 2018...I reflect on the year that was 2018 and look ahead to 2019. Really really excited about the new year. Can’t wait for you guys to come along this journey with me!
December 28, 2018
Episode 068: My Number One Focus For 2019
2019 is going to test me at my number one focus. I’m looking forward to the challenge and I will keep you guys updated. Also, I want to hear from you about your number one focus for the new year. Reach out to me on Twitter @boucher_jake23 to let me know! Hope you enjoy this episode!
December 20, 2018
Episode 067: Why Storytelling In Marketing Is So Important
If you’re interested in how to tell a good story for marketing, then give this episode a listen. Definitely think this episode could be of some value to someone out there.
December 18, 2018
Episode 066: How The Talkin’ Tall Podcast Began
Really excited to be joined by my good friend Marco this episode. We talk a lot about podcasting and his podcast Talkin’ Tall. Definitely think someone can get some value out of this. Give it a listen and tell me what you think! @boucher_jake23 on Twitter.
December 07, 2018
Episode 065: The Easiest Way To Make Money In 2019
Definitely think this episode can be of some value to some of you out there. If you’re looking to make a little extra money, then this episode is for you. Let me know if you start on this journey! Hit me up on Twitter @boucher_show or my personal account @boucher_jake23.
December 05, 2018
Episode 064: Talking Leadership With A ROTC Cadet
I’m pleased to be joined by an ROTC member and future member of the United States Air Force. We talk about everything leadership and hopefully you get some value out of it. Make sure you share this episode with your friends and family. Maybe they can get some value out of this as well! A book that Ryan recommends for leadership is called It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by D. Michael Abrashoff Captain.
November 29, 2018
Episode 063: 2 of the Most Important Things You Need To Do
These 2 traits are so vitally important and I hope you guys use these to your advantage.
November 06, 2018
Episode 062: New Month, New Opportunities
Happy November! Today is the day to think about what you want to accomplish for the month of November. Take action TODAY to get a jump start on the new year that is approaching fast!
November 01, 2018
Episode 061: What I’m Trying To Build
Some people have had questions about what I’m trying to do and why I’m doing it. All of that is answered in the episode! Tune in to find out!
October 30, 2018
Episode 060: Why This Week Has Felt Different
This week has just different..but in a good way. I tell you guys why this is the case and I give an update on my new YouTube series.
October 25, 2018
Episode 059: The First Day of My Garage Sale Career
I talk about my first day of going to garage sales and the items I got, how I plan on making money with the items, and how much potential profit I could make.
October 23, 2018
Episode 058: Go All Out On Your Goals
Really think one of you listening to this could get some value out of this. Thanks for listening!
October 18, 2018
Episode 057: NEW Podcast Schedule!!
Listen to find out the NEW schedule!
October 15, 2018
Episode 056: What’s On My Mind? Consistency
Consistency is one of the most important things out there. I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been consistent as of late..check this episode out and spread the word to your friends and family!
October 10, 2018
Episode 055: My Main Motivation For Chasing My Goals
Really excited about this episode. Everyone has different motivators for chasing their goals, but I think everyone needs to have this trait in the back of their head.
October 01, 2018
Episode 054: The Future Of My Content
I discuss the future of my social media content in this episode. What will my content look like a year from now?
August 21, 2018
Episode 053: What’s On My Mind? Kindness
I’ve been listening to a lot of Gary Vee lately and this is the one thing that he harps on the most I believe. Really think you guys should hear this.
August 17, 2018
Episode 052: A Quick Update On What’s Going On
It’s been awhile...I give you guys an update on me and what I’m doing.
August 13, 2018
Episode 051: Why I Created A Second Instagram Account
I dive into the reason as to why I created a second Instagram account and what engaging with other people on Instagram has done for me.
August 07, 2018
Episode 050: What I’m Looking To Do In August
Got some big plans coming up in August..couldn’t be more excited to execute on them. Listen to find out!
July 31, 2018
Episode 049: What’s On Mind? Facebook Marketplace and eBay
Man I love these 2 sites. So much opportunity to be made on both and it’s VERY easy.
July 27, 2018
Episode 048: What Tiger Woods Has Taught Me
Man oh man...Tiger Woods has taught me so much in the past 5 years and I never realized it until the other day. Hit the play button to find out what he’s taught me!
July 26, 2018
Episode 047: Recapping My YouTube Journey So Far
I give a quick recap of my YouTube journey so far and what it’s going to take to get where I want to go.
July 24, 2018
Episode 046: Don’t Let Anyone Say You Can’t Do Something
Never ever let anyone that tells you you can’t do something get in your head. Use them to your advantage.
July 16, 2018
Episode 045: What’s On My Mind? Other People’s Opinions of You
In this episode I talk about the importance of using the negative opinion of someone else as fuel for the fire or to straight up ignore.
July 06, 2018
Episode 044: The Greatest Video I Have Ever Seen
In this episode I talk about one of the greatest videos I have ever seen. I highly highly recommend you check out this episode to find out what the video is and then watch the video for yourself!
July 05, 2018
Episode 043: Talkin’ Tall With the Tall Guy Himself
We talk tall in this episode, we talk life in this episode, we talk NBA, and we talk random. What an honor it was to have the cohost of the 2nd biggest podcast in the world on The Jake Boucher Show.
June 29, 2018
Episode 042: The Only One to Blame is Yourself
In this episode I discuss putting the blame on yourself and what it means for you.
June 25, 2018
Episode 041: What’s On My Mind? Taking Action
In this episode I talk about the importance of taking action. It all comes down to YOU.
June 22, 2018
Episode 040: IGTV is Here!!
In this episode I discuss Instagram’s new long form video feature.
June 21, 2018
Episode 039: What’s On My Mind? Learning
In this episode I discuss the value of learning.
June 18, 2018
Episode 038: Why Self Discipline Is The Most Important Trait for Success
In this episode I discuss just how important self discipline is to oneself.
June 12, 2018
Episode 037: What’s On My Mind? Health
In this episode I discuss health and why you it’s one of the most important things in life, if not the most important.
June 08, 2018
Episode 036: The Most Electric Episode To Date With A Special Guest
In this episode I am joined by a special guest talking about anything and everything.
June 05, 2018
Episode 035: What’s on My Mind? Opportunity
In this episode I discuss what is currently on my mind.
June 01, 2018
Episode 034: Recapping My First Official Cold Call!!
In this episode I discuss my first official cold call and what went down...
May 29, 2018
Episode 033: I Recorded My First YouTube Video!
In this episode I discuss my YouTube channel that is about get started.
May 24, 2018
Episode 032: Why I Didn’t Think I Would Pursue Entrepreneurship
In this episode I discuss why I never thought I would pursue being an entrepreneur.
May 22, 2018
Episode 031: What’s On My Mind? Fear
In this episode I talk about what’s on my mind currently.
May 18, 2018
Episode 030: Please Use Snapchat. Here's Why
In this episode I discuss Snapchat and the benefits it provides (certain) businesses.
May 15, 2018
Episode 029: What the Future Holds
In this episode I lay out my gameplan for the next 4 months. Looking forward to producing content for you guys!
May 14, 2018
Episode 028: Why Summer 2018 is Do or Die For Me
In this episode I discuss the importance of summer 2018 and what it means to me.
May 02, 2018
Episode 027: Snapchat Finally Fixed Their Terrible Update (Kinda)
In this episode I discuss the newest Snapchat update and how they improved on the previous redesign that they rolled out. Click that play button to find out more!
April 30, 2018
Episode 026: Kindness Always Wins Out
In this episode I discuss the act of kindness and how one little kind gesture can make a big difference in someone's day and your's too.
April 24, 2018
Episode 025: The Importance of Social Media Engagement
In this episode I discuss just how important social media engagement actually is.
April 18, 2018
Episode 024: Why Should You Write Your Goals Down?
In this episode I discuss the importance of setting and writing your goals down.
April 02, 2018
Episode 023: Why I Haven't Started Vlogging
In this episode I discuss why I haven't started vlogging and why I'm gearing up to get going. Hopefully you join me on this journey!
March 28, 2018
Episode 022: The Power of Social Media Polls
In this episode I discuss the power of social media polls and how they can be used to your advantage.
March 26, 2018
Episode 021: The 2 Traits You Need...Patience and Gratitude
In this episode I discuss patience and gratitude and how you need these 2 traits in your life.
March 21, 2018
Episode 020: The Newest Social Media Platform is...
In this episode I discuss a new social media platform that has caught my attention. Tune in to find out what it is!
March 19, 2018
Episode 019: Gary Vaynerchuk--Crushing It--Book Review
In this episode I discuss the book Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk.
March 16, 2018
Episode 018: Why I Like LinkedIn More Than Facebook
In this episode I discuss why I like LinkedIn more than Facebook and give an example of how you can use LinkedIn to win business.
March 14, 2018
Episode 017: What is Considered Bad Content?
In this episode I discuss what is considered bad content and how you can improve upon it.
March 12, 2018
Episode 016: The Only Opinion That Matters is Your Own
In this episode I discuss how the only opinion that should matter to you is your own.
March 10, 2018
Episode 015: What is Vero?
In this episode I discuss a new social media site called Vero. I give a basic rundown of what this app is all about. Tune in to find out more!
March 07, 2018
Episode 014: The best Social Media Site for Emotional Storytelling is...
In this episode I discuss the best social platform for Emotional storytelling. Tune in to find out!
March 06, 2018
Episode 013: Rise and Grind by Daymond John--Book Review
In this episode I discuss the book Rise and Grind by Daymond John. Listen to find out why you should read it!
March 03, 2018
Episode 012: Greatest Quote of All Time?
In this episode, I discuss a quote that left me speechless and hopefully will do the same to you.
March 01, 2018
Episode 011: 3 Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing...Part 2
In this episode I discuss 3 more do's and don'ts of social media marketing. Tune in to find out the remaining 6!
February 26, 2018
Episode 010: Social Media-3 Do's and Don'ts
In this episode I discuss 3 very common do's and don'ts of social media marketing. Tune in to find out!
February 21, 2018
Episode 009: Marketing to Millennials on FB
In this quick episode, I discuss if Facebook is still a viable option when it comes to marketing to millennials. Listen to find out more!
February 17, 2018
Episode 008: Tony Robbins book Unshakable
In this episode I discuss Tony Robbins book Unshakable. If you're interested in reading the book, then check this episode out for a quick review!
February 16, 2018
Episode 007: What is Snapchat doing?
In this episode I discuss the new Snapchat update and give you my 2 cents. P.S. the update is awful.
February 14, 2018
Episode 006: The Power of the Hashtag
Please use hashtags on social media. They are one of the most powerful ways to building a following and connecting with your audience. Find out why
February 11, 2018
Episode 005: How to Win Business On Twitter
In this episode I talk about the power of Twitter search and what it could mean for your business.
January 19, 2018
Episode 004: 2018 Sell for Profit Challenge
Interested in earning an extra income this year? Listen to this episode to get the rundown!
January 04, 2018
Episode 003: The Next Big Social Platform
Learn more about this new social media site called "Holonis". The potential of this platform is massive. Tune in to learn more!
December 22, 2017
Episode 002: The Value of Quality Content
Quality content will always win out. Never get discouraged
November 28, 2017
Episode 001: What to expect on this podcast
Weekly outline of what to expect on this podcast. Excited for you to hear the upcoming episodes! Stay tuned!
November 01, 2017