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Extra Innings

Extra Innings

By Jake Tangauy
Host Jake Tanguay discusses current baseball and football topics
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Extra Innings Podcast - Episode Seven: Week 1 NFL Free Agency Recap
Free Agency has officially started in the NFL world.  Jake goes over some of the bigger moves teams made during the first week and gives his take on these moves.  Spoiler alert, he does rant a few times.
March 21, 2021
Extra Innings Podcast - Episode Six: Weekly Roundup in Football
Jake does his first weekly roundup episode, and this time he discusses the moves in football.  These include the Dak Prescott extension, then franchise tag deadline, and the Cam Newton contract.
March 13, 2021
Extra Innings Podcast - Episode Five: Underrated Free Agency Signings in Baseball
Jake discusses who he thinks can potentially play a big role on certain teams that may have flew under the radar when he signed during this past offseason.
March 04, 2021
Extra Innings Podcast - Episode Four: Fernando Tatis' Massive Extension and Carson Wentz is Finally Traded!
Jake gives his opinions on the big Carson Wentz trade to the Colts and the Fernando Tatis extension with the San Diego Padres
February 23, 2021
Extra Innings Podcast - Episode Three: JJ Watt is Released!
Jake discusses the Texans move to release defensive star JJ Watt.  He also discusses where he thinks JJ Watt will end up and what this move means for the Texans organization.
February 16, 2021
Extra Innings Podcast - Episode Two: Trevor Bauer to The Dodgers Reaction
Jake gives his take on the Trevor Bauer signing, including his contract, and how he will fit into the Dodgers pitching staff.   FYI: This was recorded before the Dodgers traded away Adam Kolarek and Dylan Floro
February 13, 2021
Extra Innings Podcast - Episode One: Intro and NFL Mock Draft 1.0
Host Jake Tanguay introduces his new podcast to the world while doing his first NFL mock draft
February 11, 2021