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Networking is CRUCIAL

An episode of Hodge Podge

By Alison Klakowicz
Hodge Podge is a podcast about all types of things. I feature my life as a native North Carolinian, aspiring creative writer, mother of a wild little boy and our life as a military family, and whatever else comes to mind.
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Networking is CRUCIAL
Networking is so crucial in a successful business. Social Media is a fabulous way to introduce yourself, find customers, etc. BUT, you cannot rely 100% on social media and online interactions. Find out more about my suggestions here! #CEED #Womensbusinesscenter #workshops #businessplanning
September 13, 2019
Natalie Spencer: Rising from the Ashes
Natalie Spencer: Renaissance European Day Spa, Fayetteville, NC • Interview: Rises from ashes following devastation from fire in October 2018
July 16, 2019
Joann “JoJo” Yost: Survivor, Warrior, Inspiration
Joann “JoJo” Yost: Gold Star Wife, Breast Cancer Survivor, Mother, Business Woman, Guiding Light. This woman has an amazing, inspirational story. Take time to listen to her. Thank me later.
June 22, 2019
Interview with Wendi Iacobello: Strength 4 Spouses
“Wendi Iacobello is an Army wife, former adult educator and Middle and High School Special Education teacher. Currently, she is a blogger, freelance writer, aqua cycling instructor, and avid volunteer. In her free time, you can find her volunteering at USO’s story time on Fort Bragg , outdoors in the garden, exercising, or enjoying time with her husband and their adorable Beagle, Daizi. Wendi is extremely passionate about helping others find their inner strength by sharing her experiences, insight, resources, and inspirational stories on her blog Strength4Spouses.”
May 18, 2019
A reading of Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck!
Anchor • A reading of Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck! I thought some of you might enjoy listening to my children’s book! Sit back and let me take you on a fun adventure with this super cool mom and son AND their Big, Red Monster Truck! Perfect for a bedtime story!
May 2, 2019
Spring is here!
Spring is here in #fayettevillenc - Updates on my Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck journey and new budding partnerships with #GoFayetteville Blog and Fayetteville NC Bloggers Network
March 29, 2019
This is Me.
An essay on self-acceptance and happiness.
February 17, 2019
What is Love?
Anchor • What is Love? My thoughts on the true meaning of LOVE.
February 17, 2019
Writer’s Brain
I’m suffering from WRITER’S BRAIN!!! Too many ideas, not enough time. A discussion of prioritizing, promotions, events, and life! #booktips #publishing #writerscommunity
February 8, 2019
Happy New Year
2018 Reflections and happy wishes for the new year
January 1, 2019
Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck
Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck is my debut children’s book. Learn more about it at alisonpaulklak.wordpress.com and www.alisonpaulklakowicz.com and purchase your copy at https://books.friesenpress.com/store/title/119734000066020196
November 15, 2018
Happy Halloween
A short wish for a Happy Halloween 🎃
October 31, 2018
The Storm
Hurricane Florence update #hurricaneorence #northcarolina
September 18, 2018
End of Summer Review
An update on my small business: Nautigul: Custom Wood Art; writing endeavors; and interview on Hodge Podge to come
August 30, 2018
Why a podcast... why not?
This is why I started a podcast. I blame my husband, Adam. It’s all his fault! 😄
July 19, 2018
I'll Always Love My Mama
An ode to my mama, Julia Beth, on her 69th birthday.
July 16, 2018
You are a poet and didn't know it!
My thoughts on poetry... everyone is a poet.
July 6, 2018
Fourth of July
Fourth festivity and memories of days past
July 5, 2018
Summer Fun and Army Life
Kinder Grad, Milspouse Life, Summer Fun, & Writing Update
July 1, 2018
My Brother, the Park Ranger
A celebration of my brother, the park ranger and his 40th birthday on the Pamlico River; and a brief update on the progress of my children's book.
June 4, 2018
Memorial Day Thoughts
Episode 4: A Memorial Day weekend trip up to Philadelphia; and Memorial Day thoughts from a Military Spouse
May 28, 2018
Making my dreams come true
My professional and writing background... Writer turned Human Services Professional turned Writer.
May 19, 2018
The In Laws
My inlaws: Philly natives and grandchildren of immigrants; my Philly Fanatic Husband; the Poconos; A brief update on my writing (Again, please forgive my very lazy southern drawl, mouth breathing, and rudimentary editing. ha!
May 19, 2018
Home Sweet Home, North Carolina
Hodge Podge is a podcast about all types of things. Mainly about writing, publishing, and life in North Carolina, coastal life, military life... and, whatever else comes to mind. This is my first EVER podcast. Please forgive my southern drawl, mouth breathing and other imperfections.
May 17, 2018
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