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Jamaican Girl Abroad

Jamaican Girl Abroad

By AnnaSarayna

Who doesn’t harbor thoughts of living the life of their dreams?

"Jamaican Girl Abroad" is a bi-monthly podcast about travel, dream-chasing and living on purpose. Digital Nomad Anna Sarayna pulls content from her travel blog and Instagram feed as inspiration for the podcast. She sprinkles in insights on traveling solo as a Caribbean woman, earning a living as a minority digital nomad, and offers travel tips and advice for those looking to plan a trip of their own. If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling abroad or simply want a gentle nudge toward your wildest dream, this podcast is for you.
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Episode 1: Just Start

Jamaican Girl Abroad

Episode 3: A Book & a Quote - Lessons on Habit Formation by James Clear
Episode 3: A Book & a Quote - Lessons on Habit Formation by James Clear
Habits can make or break our lives, depending on the ones we allow ourselves to embrace. In this episode, I talk about one of my favourite books - Atomic Habits by James Clear. I share a few key takeaways along with one of my favourite quotes from the book. The episode is a great listen if you're someone who struggles with establishing productive habits and are looking for some practical tips.
November 19, 2019
Episode 2: Finding Your Super Power
Episode 2: Finding Your Super Power
"I don't have a talent," is a common lament. Yet, every single one of us has a thing we're good at. In this episode, I talk about how to figure out your creative genius aka 'super power', particularly when it's not something obvious. It's a good listen if you're having a hard time identifying what you're good at and how to use it for a more fulfilling life.
October 29, 2019
Episode 1: Just Start
Episode 1: Just Start
This episode was recorded back in May, about 5 months ago. It explains why I started this podcast but more importantly, in the episode I talk about why you should get started on your thing - whatever it is - right now.
October 27, 2019