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Time 4 Emerging Markets: Doers Within Emerging Markets

Time 4 Emerging Markets: Doers Within Emerging Markets

By Jamani Stories
Everything about emerging markets from politics to entrepreneurship

Full Disclosure: Everything (views and opinions) mentioned or expressed herein are those of ours doesn’t reflect our companies, its affiliates, or its employees
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Mr. Efosa Ojomo, Co-Author of Prosperity Paradox and Global Prosperity Lead at the Clayton Christensen Institute
Mr. Efosa Ojomo, Harvard MBA Class of 2015 Graduate and Global Prosperity Lead at the Clayton Christensen Institute is one of a kind. He is a  caring, creative, charismatic, smart, and humble individual. He loves his work and he is more than passionate about sharing it with the world for practical change especially across Emerging Markets.   The Quotes that stood out for me from Mr. Ojomo in this episode, "Writing a book is like running a marathon that you're not sure you're going to finish and even when you finish, success is often based on people watching the tape on you running the marathon."  I think it is fair to say that Mr. Ojomo is one of the most authentic voices on how we should the future of Emerging Markets. He is the Co-Author of the book, The Prosperity Paradox.  This is the last book that Late Professor Christensen co-authored whom Efosa considers as a "Father figure," advisor, mentor, and friend.  This book was also co-authored by Karen Dillon whom Efosa considers the best editor that he has made in his life. He says what makes Karen special "is that she meets you where your work is and makes it better..." We talked about Mr. Ojomo upbringing in Nigeria, his journey to become global researcher for the past 8 years, writing the book: The Prosperity Paradox, his work with Late Professor Christensen & Clayton Christensen Institute as a Global Prosperity Lead.  We ended up the episode with Mr. Ojomo sharing some great advice how governments, entrepreneurs, and investors should observe, think, and act of Emerging Markets in 2020 and moving forward.  Below are Mr. Ojomo's social media handles and recent work at the Clayton Christensen Institute:  Efosa's Twitter   Efosa's LinkedIn  Efosa's personal page  Efosa's Ted Talk titled, "Reducing Corruption takes a specific kind of Investment."  A Harvard Business Review Article Efosa's Co-authored: A Decade In, It's Time to Supercharge the Giving Pledge  The book: The Prosperity Paradox co-authored with Professor Clayton Christensen and Karen Dillon Thank you so much for listening for this episode, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please subscribe, drop a message or just say hi at See you in the next episode.
August 17, 2020
Vaidehi Tembhekar, Co-founder and CEO of Busy Boda
Vaidehi Tembhekar is currently a Program Manager Intern at Ring (founded by Babson Alumnus and acquired by Amazon for $1 Billion USD). She is also a second-year MBA Candidate at Babson College,  and the Co-Founder/CEO of Busy Boda (  On this episode, she shares her childhood experience growing up in a household with a role model in her dad who was an entrepreneur for over a decade; her journey co-founding Busy Boda with her younger brother; and the  challenges as well as the opportunities she encountered developing the Busy Boda platform with some iterations to stay in business within the COVID-19 world. We conclude the episode as she talks about the impact and timing of technology in Kenya & Africa as a whole. Finally,  she also provides us with a special advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on this continent. 
June 30, 2020
Jessica Li- VC @ Soma Capital & Content Head @ Elpha (YC S19)
I had an extensive, inspiring and rich-content conversation with Jessica Li- A VC @ Soma Capital & Content Head @ Elpha (Y-Combinator S19)  To name a few: we talked about about her growing up Indiana, China, and New Jersey- and that has shaped her mindset as VC today; role models in her life ; family challenges (as she turned them into opportunities); Getting into Venture Capital (experiences at Global Board, TechStars, Rough Draft Ventures); China as an emerging Market (one was working with Oliver Hart-2016 Nobel Laureate in her Summa Honor Thesis at Harvard 2019); the historical and current state of entrepreneurship and investments in China as well as other emerging markets such as India, Brazil and many more (especially in her role as VC  @ Soma Capital founded by the owner of Sacromento Kings); her role as the Head of Content @ Elpha (Y Combinator S19, platform for women to speak candidly online with 19K+ members) and many more.  You really don't want to miss listening this episode-  Fir any inquiries, you can reach out to Jessica on LinkedIn @  On Instagram @ jessicaloveli via email @
April 6, 2020
A conversation with Tai-Ku Chen- A Venture Capitalist in Taiwan
Tai-Ku Chen (TK) talks about Venture Capitalism and the Entrepreneurial landscape in Taiwan including the significant role the Taiwanese Government in both sectors (both historically and currently). He provides so many great insights via his own experience and perspective on the globalization of Taiwanese startups. A conversation you don't want to miss! 
April 1, 2020
Is it the Time for Emerging Markets? Who is Mr. Martin Bedoya?
A Preview of what this podcast-what will be talking about in the coming weeks -3 key Lessons from Mr. Martin Bedoya, a multi-sector entrepreneur building transformative companies in Peru
March 18, 2020