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Alive with Christ
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Hebrews Ch. 11 - Faith? Faith? or Faith? - Trevor Lucas
Trevor Lucas - Guest Speaker
January 15, 2022
Hebrews 2:5-18 - It was Fitting - Graham Errington
Graham Errington - Senior Associate Minister
January 09, 2022
Luke 1:5-25 - Gabriel’s Gospel - Graham Errington
Graham Errington - Senior Associate Minister
January 06, 2022
Philippians 3:5-14 - Eternal Resolutions - Jacob Mierendorff
Jacob Mierendorff - Operations Minister
December 25, 2021
John 3:19-21 - The True Light - Jodie McNeill
Christmas Day - Jodie McNeill
December 24, 2021
Paul's Letter to the Ephesians - Matt Bartlett
Matt Bartlett - Guest Speaker
December 19, 2021
Obadiah - The Prophecy of Obadiah - Grahame Scarratt
Grahame Scarratt - Guest Speaker
December 11, 2021
Matthew Ch. 18 - Humility and Forgiveness - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
December 05, 2021
Matthew Ch. 17 - Mountains and Mustard Seeds - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
November 27, 2021
Matthew Ch. 16 - Building the Church - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
November 20, 2021
Matthew Ch. 15 - False Worship - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
November 13, 2021
Matthew Ch. 14 - Who ya gonna call? - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
November 06, 2021
Matthew Ch. 13 - Parables of the Kingdom - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
October 30, 2021
Matthew Ch. 12 - Sign of the Servant - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
October 23, 2021
Matthew Ch. 11 - War and Peace - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
October 16, 2021
Matthew Ch. 10 - Sent to Serve - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
October 09, 2021
Hebrews 1:1-3 - Jesus is Supreme - Jacob Mierendorff
Guest Speaker - Jacob Mierendorff - Operations Minister
October 02, 2021
2 John - The Implications of Truth - Grahame Scarratt
Guest Speaker - Grahame Scarratt
September 25, 2021
Matthew Ch. 9 - Faith and Forgiveness - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
September 18, 2021
Matthew Ch. 8 - Who is this man? - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
September 11, 2021
Matthew Ch. 7 - The Solid Rock - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
September 04, 2021
Matthew Ch. 6 - Living for the Kingdom - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
August 28, 2021
Matthew Ch. 5 - The Good Life - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
August 21, 2021
Matthew Ch. 4 - Facing the Temptation - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
August 14, 2021
Matthew Ch. 3 - Preparing the Way - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
August 07, 2021
Matthew Ch. 2 - The Clash of the Kings! - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
July 31, 2021
Matthew Ch. 1 - Who Do You Think You Are? - Jodie McNeill
The Gospel of Matthew - Messiah Masterclass
July 24, 2021
Acts 3:1-12 - A Leap of Faith - Dan Odell
Guest Speaker - Dan Odell - Chaplain at Shellharbour Anglican College
July 17, 2021
Psalm 91 - My Dwelling Place - Jodie McNeill
Holiday Sermon
July 10, 2021
Hebrews 10:19-39 - Keep at it! - Trevor Lucas
Guest Speaker - Trevor Lucas
July 03, 2021
Acts 2:42-47 - What is fellowship? - Graham Errington
What is fellowship?
June 26, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 22 - The Denial of Truth - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
June 19, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 20-21 - The Failure of Politics - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
June 12, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 18-19 - The One and Only God! - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
June 05, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 17 - My God is so Big! - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
May 29, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 15-16 - Power and Promise - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
May 22, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 14 - The Darkness of Deception - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
May 15, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 13 - The Word of the Lord - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
May 08, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 12 - The Great Divide - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
May 01, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 11 - Losing My Religion - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
April 24, 2021
Don't Waste Your Life - Ben Pfahlert
Guest Speaker - Ben Pfahlert - National Director of MTS
April 17, 2021
Psalm 78 - Intergenerational Life - Matt Bartlett
Guest Speaker - Matt Bartlett
April 10, 2021
Psalm 22:23-32 - Deliverance - Jodie McNeill
Easter Weekend
April 03, 2021
Psalm 22:1-21 - Despair - Jodie McNeill
Easter Weekend
April 02, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 9-10 - Warnings, Wisdom, and Wealth! - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
March 26, 2021
1 Kings 8:22-66 - Blessing’s in God’s Name - Grahame Scarratt
1 Kings - Power and Hope 
March 20, 2021
1 Kings 8:1-22 - Gathering Together - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
March 13, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 7 - The Building King - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
March 06, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 5 & 6 - The Ultimate Church - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
February 27, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 3 - The Seed of Destruction - Graham Errington
1 Kings - Power and Hope
February 20, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 2 - Executing Justice - Jodie McNeill
1 Kings - Power and Hope
February 14, 2021
Questions 6/7 February 2021
1 If it’s bad to boast, then why does James 1:9 seem to allow it? 2 Do Jonah’s words sabotage God’s prophesy to destroy Ninevah? 3 Should single Christians be encouraged to get married? 4 Should married Christians be encouraged to have children? 5 How can we know that the resurrection is true? 6 What would you say to someone who said that Christians are gullible?
February 06, 2021
1 Kings Ch. 1 - An Unfading Hope - Jodie McNeill
This week we start an all new series on the book of 1 Kings as Jodie McNeill leads us from chapter one about 'An Unfading Hope'.
February 06, 2021
Let’s Talk About Parenting
This week we have special guest Tony Willis speaking to us about parenting under God.
January 31, 2021
Questions 23/24 January
1. If God already knows who will be saved, then do we have a genuine choice? 2. What does the word ‘Yahweh’ mean, and what language does it come from? 3. Why do we use the NLT Bible in our church? 4. How are our church Bible readings selected?
January 23, 2021
Why Sinners Love Jesus
This week we have special guest Moussa Ghazal speaking to us from chapter seven of Luke about 'Why Sinners Love Jesus'.
January 23, 2021
Questions 9/10 January 2021
1 How does pouring water on a baby in baptism declare that salvation is by faith not works? 2 If animals cannot receive the Holy Spirit, then can they go to Heaven? 3 How can Psalm 40 be about Jesus when verse 12 says, “my sins pile up so high”? 4 Why does Jesus kill the fig tree in Matthew 21:18-22? 5 Is the fruit in John 15:1-8 the fruit of the Spirit? 6 Did Jesus come as a baby because he wasn’t already a human in Heaven? 7 Since Jesus didn’t sin as a baby, would he have had tantrums? 8 As a child or teenager, could Jesus have chosen not to be our saviour?
January 10, 2021
Waiting for the Lord
This week Jodie leads us through chapter 40 of the book of Psalms as we learn about 'Waiting for the Lord'.
December 20, 2020
Questions 19/20 December 2020
1 If a baby gets baptised, does this guarantee that they will go to Heaven? 2 Since God sends people to Hell for not believing in him, doesn’t that make him self-absorbed? 3 If God is so powerful, then why doesn’t he make everyone believe in him? 4 Is it right to kill a hundred lions if doing so would save a human life? 5 I’ve been praying for years for a family member to become a Christian, so why hasn’t God answered my prayer?
December 20, 2020
The Mercy of Our Saviour
This week we have Jacob Mierendorff teaching us from the book of Titus about 'The Mercy of Our Saviour'.
December 12, 2020
The Power of Prayer
This week is our last sermon in our series 'Ephesians: United with Christ' as Jodie looks at 'The Power of Prayer'.
December 06, 2020
Questions 5/6 December 2020
1 What is God’s “robe of vengeance” in Isaiah 59:17? 2 Were the devil and evil created by God, and if so, why? 3 What does the Bible say about baptism? 4 Who should be baptised, and at what age? 5 What does a person need to do to get baptised in our church?
December 06, 2020
Questions 28/29 November 2020
1 If the husband won’t die for his wife, does she still need to submit to him 2 Is there ever an age when a person can stop obeying their parent? 3 Should an adult desire to become a child again? 4 If an employer is not treating an employee right, should that employee still obey? 5 Since the promised land is the New Jerusalem, why do some Christians believe that modern Jews have a claim to Palestine? 6 When Matthew 25:30 refers to weeping and gnashing of teeth is it speaking about Hell? 7 How should Christian parents portray Santa to our children? 8 Will we know everything when we get to Heaven?
November 28, 2020
Spiritual Warfare
This week Jodie speaks to us about 'Spiritual Warfare'.
November 28, 2020
Families and Workplaces
This week Jodie speaks to us from the beginning of Ephesians six about 'Families and Workplaces'.
November 21, 2020
Questions 21/22 November 2020
1 Why was the homosexual community so eager to have access to marriage? 2 In Matthew 25:14-30 why was the servant punished when he didn’t invest the wicked money? 3 Is there a difference between submission and obedience? 4 Should a Christian wife submit to a non-Christian husband, and if so, how? 5 How should a Christian respond when they are wrongly rebuked?
November 21, 2020
Questions 14/15 November
1 Do the sexual sins in the New Testament need to be understood in the original, Hellenistic context? 2 Is it right to judge other Christians? 3 How should we rebuke and correct other Christians? 4 Should we tell an unbeliever that God loves them, when they have not yet repented and been saved from God’s wrath? 5 Why should we do good works if they don’t get you into heaven? 6 Is it sinful to be anxious?
November 14, 2020
Husbands and Wives
This week Jodie teaches us about the complementary relationship between 'Husbands and Wives'.
November 14, 2020
Questions 7/8 November
1 How do we ‘shine light’ on evil to expose it? 2 Where does Jesus say that being gay is sinful? 3 Should orthodox Christians in The Episcopal Church of the USA fight or flight? 4 Will a Christian go to heaven if they also follow another religion? 5 When we sing, “the cross has saved us”, do we commit idolatry by worshipping the cross? 6 Since the Bible says, "Love your neighbour as yourself”, is it a sin to not love yourself?
November 07, 2020
Live Carefully
This week Jodie teaches us about how to 'Live Carefully'.
November 07, 2020
Questions 31 October/1 November
1 How do the Anglican and Roman Catholic communion services differ? 2 Why do Roman Catholics believe that Mary is co-redemptrix with Jesus? 3 Can you truly forgive someone who doesn’t repent?
October 31, 2020
Living in the Light
This week Jodie leads us from Ephesians chapter five as we learn about 'Living in the Light'.
October 31, 2020
Questions 24/25 October
1 Does the Bible talk about corporate restitution, like when a nation invades a land? 2 What is the difference between the 39 Articles and the Westminster Confession? 3 Why is God called ‘The Father of Lights’ in James 1:17? 4 What happened when Paul was caught up in the third heaven?
October 24, 2020
What Would Jesus Do?
This week Jodie teaches us about 'What Would Jesus Do?'
October 24, 2020
The New Self
This week Jodie teaches us about 'The New Self' from Ephesians chapter four.
October 17, 2020
God – Making Friends and Putting Things Right
This week we have special guest Rob Copland speaking to us from Colossians.
October 10, 2020
Bad Man Goes To Heaven: Good Man Misses Out
This week we hear from Graham Errington as he speaks to us from Luke chapter 18.
October 03, 2020
Body Building
This week Jodie speaks to us from chapter four of Ephesians as we learn about Jesus Christ's 'Body Building'.
September 27, 2020
Questions 26/27 September
1 How can we increase our inner strength? 2 Did Judas ever come back to Christ after he betrayed him? 3 How and when did the church decide which New Testament books would be in the Bible? 4 Why did Christ create the pandemic?
September 27, 2020
Power Prayer
This week Jodie leads us as we learn about Paul's 'Power Prayer.
September 19, 2020
Questions 19/20 September
1. What was the reason that Paul was sent to prison? 2. Since Gentiles like Rahab and Ruth were included in God’s people, how can we say that Gentiles were unequal with Jews? 3. Who are the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places that are mentioned in Ephesians 3:10? 4. How can I grow in my love of Jesus?
September 19, 2020
Promise of Blessings
This week Jodie speaks to us from Ephesians chapter three about the 'Promise of Blessings'.
September 12, 2020
Questions 5/6 September
1 Was it sexist that Jewish women were made to worship further away than men in the temple? 2 Is it OK for a Christian not to want children? 3 What is the thorn in Paul’s flesh? 4 If a friend discriminates against me because I’m a Christian, then how do I ask them to stop without making a big deal and without losing their friendship?
September 05, 2020
Together in Christ
This weekend Jodie leads us from Ephesians chapter two and talks to us about how we are 'Together in Christ'.
September 05, 2020
Questions 29/30 August
1 Is it wrong to disagree with Muslims and try and convince them to become Christians? 2 What is the best way to evangelise without being too forceful? 3 How does our sinful nature affect us in our daily life, and can we stop it? 4 If we repent of our sins but keep doing them, then is that the result of our sinful nature? 5 Why does the Bible sometimes speak of Israel as ‘her’? 6 How can we help assist non-Christians to find Jesus?
August 29, 2020
One New People
This weekend Jodie leads us as we continue with our series 'Ephesians: United with Christ'.
August 29, 2020
Alive With Christ
This week we hear from Jodie about how we can be 'Alive With Christ'.
August 23, 2020
Questions 22/23 August
1 If God wants everyone to follow him then why does he only choose some? 2 Is the power that raised Jesus from the dead the same that the Holy Spirit gives? 3 Is the church the believers of Christ? 4 How important is it to be specific in our prayers? 5 What is the best to encourage friends to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind?
August 23, 2020
Questions 15/16 August
1 What happens to someone who is stamped as God’s possession yet then turns away? 2 How can we prevent complacency drifting into our Christian life? 3 What does the Bible say is the best way to identify and kill sin in my life? 4 Should Christians participate in online debates and discussions?
August 16, 2020
God’s Incredible Power
This week we hear from Jodie as he speaks to us about 'God's Incredible Power'.
August 16, 2020
Our Spiritual Guarantee
This week Jodie speaks to us about 'Our Spiritual Guarantee' in Christ.
August 08, 2020
Questions 8/9 August
1. Why did Jesus say in Matthew 16:20 that he didn't want his disciples to tell anyone that he was the Messiah?
August 08, 2020
God’s Good Plan
This week we hear from Jodie was he speaks to us about 'God's Good Plan'.
August 02, 2020
Questions 2nd August
1 Why should we pray for people to be saved if God already knows who belongs to him? 2 Does God predestine non-Christians to hell? 3 Does each individual believer receive every spiritual blessing or does the church receive them collectively? 4 What kind of faith is it in 1 Corinthians 12:9 where it says “The same Spirit gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing”?
August 02, 2020
Questions 26th July
1. When Galatians 3:24 says that the law was our ‘guardian’ till Christ came, what did it guard us from? 2. Why are there only 10 commandments? 3. How should Christians keep the Sabbath day holy?
July 26, 2020
Chosen For Blessing
This week we begin a brand new series called 'Ephesians: United with Christ' as Jodie speaks to us from chapter one.
July 26, 2020
Questions 20th June
1. If Revelation 20 ends with the final judgement then why does it still talk about unbelievers in 21:8 after that event? 2. Why does the angel show John a city in Revelation 21:9-10 when he told John he was going to show him the bride? 3. Who are the ‘nations’ in Revelation 21:24 and if they already follow Christ, then why aren’t they already in the city? 4. What does it mean in Revelation 21:26 for the nations to bring their ‘glory and honour’ into the city of God? 5. If evil is done and dusted, then why does Revelation 21:27 say that the murderers are outside the city? 6. What is the meaning and significance of the leaves in Revelation 22:2 that bring healing to the nations?
July 20, 2020
A Ten-Point Vision for the Future
This week we hear from Jodie as he speaks to us about the Ten Commandments.
July 18, 2020
What Do We Need?
This week we hear from Trevor Lucas as he speaks to us from Hebrews 7 & 8.
July 12, 2020
This week we will hear from Jodie about having true Joy in Jesus as we look at chapter 16 in the book of John.
July 05, 2020
More Than Skin Deep
This week we hear Graham Errington speak to us from the book of Luke about our faith being More Than Skin Deep.
June 28, 2020
Questions 28th June
1 Why are the people in Revelation 20:13 judged according to their deeds and not their faith? 2 Will the new Jerusalem of Revelation 21 be part of the new heaven or the new earth? 3 If all people are going to heaven or hell, then what is the place of the new heaven and earth? 4 Will the new Jerusalem literally have abundant precious stones, or is that figurative language? 5 Why is there a need for leaves of healing if there isn’t pain in heaven?
June 28, 2020
Rich Man and Lazarus
This week we will hear from Graham Errington about the Rich Man and Lazarus.
June 20, 2020
Questions 13th June
1 Who is the beast and false prophet in Revelation 20:7-10? 2 If the devil is bound up now then why does he seem to be so active? 3 What happens to Satan when he gets released after the 1000 years?
June 13, 2020
Revealing Hope
This week Jodie leads us from chapters 21-22 of Revelation in the last sermon of our series, 'The End of the World: Revelation Revealed'.
June 13, 2020
Revealing Evil
This week Jodie will be opening up chapters 17-20 of Revelation as we see the awesome defeat of evil. A Bible talk not to be missed!
June 06, 2020
Revealing Destruction
This week, Jodie leads us from chapters 15 & 16 of Revelation as we see the revealing destruction.
May 31, 2020
Revealing Persecution
This week we see the revealing persecution throughout chapters 12-14 of Revelation as Jodie leads us from God's word.
May 24, 2020
Revealing Chaos
This week, Jodie leads us from chapters 8-11 of Revelation as we look at the revealing chaos.
May 17, 2020
Revealing Tyranny
This week, Jodie leads us from chapters 6 & 7 of Revelation as we see tyranny being revealed.
May 10, 2020
Revealing Heaven
This week Jodie leads us from chapters 4 & 5 of Revelation as we see a glorious picture of Heaven being revealed.
May 03, 2020
Revealing Confusion
This week we continue our Revelation series as Jodie leads us from chapters 2 & 3 and the 'revealing confusion'.
April 18, 2020
Jesus Is Alive!
This weekend we will be looking at John chapter 20 about how ‘Jesus is Alive‘. A great message about Jesus’ resurrection for the Easter weekend.
April 11, 2020
Jesus Is Innocent
Over the Easter weekend we continue our Jesus Is___ series, as Jodie leads us on Good Friday from Matthew chapter 27 on the topic 'Jesus is Our Innocence'.
April 10, 2020
Questions 5th April 2020
How do you know that there is no sickness or sadness in Heaven? When will God stop the virus? What should we do when we are feeling scared about the coronavirus?
April 05, 2020
Jesus is True
We continue our Jesus Is___ series as Jodie speaks to us on the topic 'Jesus is True' from John 14:1-10. This is a great message to help us remember the reliability and the security found in Christ alone. Ideal for believers and for those who are considering the awesome claims of Christ.
April 05, 2020
Jesus Is Our Connection
This week Jodie talks to us from John chapter 15 about how 'Jesus is Our Connection'.
March 28, 2020
Jesus Is the Light
This week we continue our 'Jesus Is___' series as Jodie speaks to us on the topic, 'Jesus is the Light'.
March 21, 2020
Questions 21st March 2020
1 If God will “never let us go”, then why do some Christians turn away from him? 2 Why does God let the devil tempt people to turn away from Christianity? 3 When people stop following Jesus, did they ever really know him? 4 Will the people who ate the first bread in the desert go to heaven or hell? 5 If there are no disabilities in heaven then why do we sing about Jesus’ heavenly scars? 6 How and why did Paul hand some people “over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme”? 7 Does God answer our prayers through the people we meet?
March 21, 2020
Jesus Is Satisfying
This week we are kickstarting our ‘Jesus Is___‘ campaign, a six-week series on who Jesus is. Jodie will be leading this week’s sermon ‘Jesus Is Satisfying‘ as we look at John chapter 6 verses 35 to 59. Dear Jesus, Sorry I haven’t always believed and followed you. Thank you that you died and rose to forgive me. Help me to trust and be satisfied in you always. Amen
March 15, 2020
Questions 15th March 2020
1 How can we retain our Bible knowledge so that we can use it when sharing the gospel? 2 What is the best way to tell people about Jesus: a sit-down meal or a plain-old conversation? 3 If God knew we were going to sin and turn against Him, why did He create us? 4 Can people be demon-possessed today, and if so, what does it look like? 5 Should we be fasting today as Christians, and if so, what for and when? 6 Is it OK that we seem to speak more about Jesus than ‘God’? 7 Does God love everybody equally?
March 15, 2020
Tell the Gospel
This week we will have the second in our two-part series, ‘Know and Tell the Gospel‘. Last week we learnt the basics of what we believe, and this week we will learn how to tell and share the gospel with others.
March 08, 2020
Questions 8th March 2020
1 When it says that the heavens will be destroyed, isn’t it talking about the sky? 2 If we confess our sins but continue anyway, does this mean we’re not really sorry for them? 3 Were the faithful Old Testament people saved by the death of Jesus, like us? 4 Since Old Testament saints were saved by Christ without knowing all about him, could this also apply today to those who haven’t heard about Jesus? 5 Won’t there be sadness in Heaven when people realise their loved ones are in Hell? 6 Should we be thankful when militant atheists are sent to Hell? 7 Will there be sin in Hell? 8 How do you stay true to God when people are hurting you?
March 08, 2020
Know the Gospel
This week we will have Jodie lead us as we start a new two-week series ‘Know and Tell the Gospel', as we look at the first topic: ‘Know the Gospel’. This is an ideal opportunity for us to be very clear about the basics of what we believe, so we can easily know it and share it with others.
March 01, 2020
Questions 1st March 2020
1 What will happen on Judgement Day for the people who never heard about Jesus? 2 Should we be hungry for heaven when we know that it will be destroyed when Jesus returns? 3 Is it selfish to hope that Jesus won’t return for a while because you aren’t ready? 4 When it says that everyone will confess that Jesus is Lord, does this include people going to hell? 5 What is the “wealth” in the Parable of the Talents and what do the interest and bankers mean? 6 Is the Parable of the Talents about our gifts or about the gospel? 7 Is Satan’s role in our sin just his temptation, or can we blame him for physical events? 8 What are your top tips on how to have a thriving, personal relationship with Jesus?
March 01, 2020
Glorious Judgement at the End Time
This week we will hear Jodie speak to us on the last sermon of our current series 'God’s Glorious Judgement', and will see how God’s judgement that is still to come in the End Times continues to showcase His glory and mercy.
February 23, 2020
Questions 22nd February 2020
1 What would happen at the plague of the firstborn son if a Jew married an Egyptian? 2 If a person doesn’t believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus then are they really a Christian? 3 Why couldn’t God just forgive us without needing a sacrifice? 4 If we can just forgive someone without cost, then why can’t God? 5 Can we forgive someone who hasn’t apologised? 6 How can a Christian be called righteous when they continue to sin? 7 How can we evangelise people without being too forceful?
February 22, 2020
Questions 15th February 2020
1 Since Jesus is part of the Trinity, why does he say in Mark 10:18 that only God is truly good? 2 Which ‘pharaoh’ is referred to in the Exodus story? 3 How did the staffs turn into serpents if God wasn’t working through them? 4 Were the ‘magic tricks’ by the Egyptians a work of the Devil? 5 Would the water that turned to blood also taste like blood? 6 Should Christians continue to celebrate the Passover or is it now obsolete? 7 Is there a difference between predestination and predeterminism? 8 How can predestination and free will both be true? 9 How can we become more brave as a Christian?
February 15, 2020
Glorious Judgement at Easter
This week we continue our series on 'Glorious Judgement', and will see how God's judgement is full of grace and mercy at Easter time as Jodie speaks to us from God's word.
February 15, 2020
Questions 9th February 2020
1 Who was God talking about when he said to make humans in “our” image? 2 Did the other animals in the Garden also speak like the snake? 3 How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden before they ate the fruit? 4 Given that Eve hadn’t had children, how did she react to the curse of pain in childbirth? 5 Does feminism come from the woman’s desire to control her husband, and his rule over her? 6 How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden before they were expelled? 7 How is the expulsion of Adam and Eve an act of grace and not just punishment? 8 Did Adam and Eve go to Heaven?
February 09, 2020
Glorious Judgement in Egypt
This week Jodie leads us as we continue our series on ‘Glorious Judgement’ and will see God at work in Egypt.
February 09, 2020
Questions 01 February 2020
1 Did Paul get to preach to Caesar? 2 What happens after Acts in the timeline of the Bible? 3 What happens to Paul after Acts and is there a book of the Bible on it? 4 How did the other disciples not figure out that Judas had left to betray Jesus? 5 Since they ate roast lamb at the Last Supper, should we also eat lamb at the Lord’s Supper? 6 Should we be specific when we pray, or can we just mention someone’s name? 7 How do you be strong when things are hammering you down?
February 01, 2020
Glorious Judgement in Eden
This week Jodie leads us as we start a new series titled 'Glorious Judgement' which will help us understand more about the mercy and justice of our God.
February 01, 2020
Living the Label
This week special guest Mike Williamson speaks to us from Ezekiel about 'Living the Label'.
January 25, 2020
Be The Jesus Curry Pot
This week special guest Wycliffe (Wicky) Ochieng' encourages us to 'Be the Jesus Curry Pot' and what it means to be filled with the aroma of Christ.
January 19, 2020
Where is God in the Bushfires?
Special guest, Moussa Ghazal, speaks to us and tackles the hard but relevant question, "Where is God in the Bushfires?"
January 11, 2020
Prayer Meeting for the Fires
Join us in prayer as we speak to God and pray for all those affected by the recent fires in Australia, for the safety of our firefighters and for all hearts to turn towards Jesus.
January 07, 2020
The Minister is a Shepherd
This weekend Graham Errington will be speaking from Ezekiel and 1 Peter about how the Minister is a Shepherd, and what this example means for us today.
December 28, 2019
The Great Divider
As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour on Christmas Day, we also learn of His purpose - to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to reveal the thoughts of our hearts.
December 25, 2019
Questions 21st December 2019
1 Why did Paul go to the temple in Acts 21:26, given that he is under the New Covenant? 2 How can we prepare ourselves for the second coming of Christ? 3 Does it hurt God when we deliberately hurt ourselves? 4 If God answered our prayer for no fires in the Illawarra, does that mean He didn’t answer the prayers in fire affected areas? 5 Is it a sin to use plastic because it is wrecking God’s environment? 6 How do we get the balance right between busyness and rest? 7 Is it bad to miss a day of church occasionally to attend a party?
December 21, 2019
Mission Possible!
This week is our last sermon from our series on Acts, ‘Launching the Church’ as we look at Paul’s surprising journey into Rome at last, and the beginning of the end of his ministry in the new era of the church.
December 21, 2019
Are We There Yet?
This week, Trevor Lucas will be speaking from Hebrews 5 & 6 about growing in spiritual maturity, asking the question ‘Are We There Yet?’.
December 14, 2019
Paul on Trial
This week is our second last talk on our series in Acts, ‘Launching the Church‘. We will see Paul put on trial as he is accused of stirring up trouble amongst the Jews, but his hope in God continues to shine through.
December 08, 2019
Questions 08 December 2019
1 What happened to the 40 hunger strike people? 2 Why do Christians still need the Old Testament? 3 Can people predict the second coming of Jesus? 4 Will God forgive you if you commit suicide just to be with Him? 5 How do you know if God has answered your prayer?
December 08, 2019
Courageous Christianity
This week we continue our series on Acts, ‘Launching the Church‘, as we learn about the Courageous Christianity that the Apostle Paul shows as he confronts violent and hostile enemies as he returns to Jerusalem. It will be a fresh reminder to us of the need to trust in Jesus and be bold in his name.
December 01, 2019
Questions 01 December 2019
1 Since God used natural disasters to punish people in the Bible, why doesn’t he still do that today? 2 Did the man who fell out of the window defeat death? 3 Did Paul disobey the Holy Spirit in Acts 21:4 when he chose to continue to Jerusalem? 4 Is Jesus just as powerful as God? 5 Why do we seem to talk about Jesus more than God? 6 If a Christian is convinced that God is giving them a personal revelation of his calling and gifts, then how should they respond to someone who disagrees? 7 How can you find out what God’s will is for your life?
December 01, 2019
The Pastor’s Heart
Jodie continues our series on Acts this week, ‘Launching the Church’, and we will see the evidence of a Pastor’s heart in Paul through chapters 20 & 21 as he continues to teach the word of the Lord. His willingness to sacrifice himself for the Lord is evident as he continues to encourage his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
November 24, 2019
Questions 24 November 2019
1 Was it Jesus or one of the angels who spoke to Paul in the dream? 2 Is the Devil the boss of Hell or is he just like every other non-Christian living there? 3 How can ‘the elect’ truly follow God if they don’t have a genuine choice? 4 When a person dies who isn’t a Christian, what happens to them on Judgement Day? 5 If someone confesses and truly believes that Jesus is Lord but doesn’t show it in their life, then will they be saved? 6 Is it is a sin to find it hard to trust and forgive a Christian who keeps sinning and going the wrong things even after they have repented? 7 When Hebrews 6:4 says “it is impossible to bring back to repentance those who were enlightened” does it mean it’s impossible to re-convert a believer who has fallen away?
November 24, 2019
Corinth and Ephesus
This weekend Jodie continues our series on Acts, 'Launching the Church', and is looking through chapter 18 about how Paul in Corinth and Ephesus, through the Scriptures, showed that the Christ was Jesus! If you have any questions after listening to this sermon, please email them to and Jodie will be able to answer them for you.
November 17, 2019
Questions 17th November 2019
1 How does the devil have the power to tell the future? 2 Is it unwise or sinful to celebrate Halloween? 3 Aren’t all unmarried Christians living with the gift of singleness, at least for that period of time? 4 Is the gift of marriage something to be desired, given it leads to a divided devotion to God? 5 Why does singleness seem to be rarely encouraged for Christians? 6 Should we encourage Christians into singleness if they are in a relationship with a non-Christian? 7 If babies cry through their baptism does that mean that they don’t want to be baptised?
November 17, 2019
Paul in Athens
This week our Acts series, 'Launching the Church', follows Paul in Athens as he proclaims the truth about the Saviour, Jesus Christ, from Acts 17:16-34. We'll see how Paul talks to a group of deep thinkers about why God is real and how they need to respond. It's a great example of connecting with people in a relativistic world with lots of gods and idols.
November 10, 2019
Questions 10 November 2019
1 Who are the modern-day equivalents of the ancient Bereans?2 If Lydia never heard Paul’s message would she be in Heaven?3 If God wants everyone to believe in Him then why does he choose only some people?4 In Acts 16 how did the slave girl predict the future?5 Are people still possessed by spirits and demons like the fortune-telling woman?6 Is it necessary to get baptised?7 Will everyone in the same household be saved?8 Does the Apostles Creed include all we need to believe for salvation and thus fellowship?9 Will traditional Catholics go to heaven?
November 10, 2019
Mission in Macedonia
As we head through the next instalment of our Acts series, 'Launching the Church', through chapters 16 & 17, we will see how Paul proclaimed that Jesus is the Messiah, despite a difficult crowd, jealousy and a treacherous journey. God's strength and provision was shown, and Paul was able to continue to encourage his fellow brothers and sisters, and help many come to know Christ.
November 03, 2019
Questions 03 November 2019
1 When a Christian differs on important matters, is it OK to question them and their salvation? 2 If we challenge a Christian on an important view then should we worry about offending them? 3 Should we keep the law in the way it says in Acts 15:29? 4 What’s the difference between church and denomination? 5 If God has everything planned, why do we pray? 6 Is the Rapture going to happen like the ‘Left Behind’ books? 7 Because God is outside of time does this explain what happens from death to Christ’s return?
November 03, 2019
The Council of Jerusalem
As we continue our series on Acts , 'Launching the Church', Jodie speaks God's word from chapters 15 about the Council of Jerusalem. It might sound a bit dull talking about a council and politics, but be assured that some seriously important things were decided at what could otherwise have been a time of major crisis in the early church. And the outcome is awesome for us today!
October 27, 2019
Questions 27 October 2019
1 Was the Pentateuch written during the Babylonian exile?2 Do you think that John 7:53-8:11 and Mark 16:9-20 are part of the Bible?3 Doesn't 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 describe the Pretribulation Rapture?4 Why do we pray so hard for people we love to become believers if they haven’t been chosen by God?5 What should be our response to knowing that there are many who have not been chosen (and we have)?6 How do we have hope for someone’s death if they don’t believe in Christ?
October 27, 2019
The First Missionary Journey
This weekend Jodie jumps back into our series on Acts, ‘Launching the Church’, and guides us through the story of Paul’s first missionary journey from Acts 13 and 14. He shows us how remarkable it is to see the Apostle Paul gearing up for gospel action as the word of Jesus goes to the ends of the world!
October 20, 2019
Questions 20th October 2019
If Peter baptised the Samaritan believers ‘in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’ would they still have needed John to baptise in the Holy Spirit? Was Peter afraid of the angel when he was released from prison? Are people ‘in heaven’ whilst they await Judgement Day, and if not, why do people say “people are looking down on you from heaven”? Is Jesus in Paradise now, and if so, will we see him straight away when we die? Is Paradise before judgement, or will we be with the Father and the Son before judgement? Is Greta Thunberg’s motivation to show more care for God’s creation or to rebuke us for not properly controlling the climate? How do you tell the difference between persecution and abuse from idiots?
October 20, 2019
Jesus sets us free from sin
This week's message is about how Jesus sets us free from sin, a message that seeks to explain the essentials of the Christian faith to people of all ages and in all stages of life.
October 13, 2019
Jesus sets us free from sin (Kids Club Session)
A special message catered to children about how Jesus sets us free from sin, and helps to explain the essentials of the Christian faith.
October 12, 2019
Who Needs a High Priest?
Our speaker this weekend is Trevor Lucas, who will be helping us with the question, “Who Needs a High Priest?” Join us as we listen to find out from the book of Hebrews.
October 05, 2019
Hope in Death
This week we’re welcoming special guest Dan Odell, chaplain at Shellharbour Anglican College, who will be looking at the special topic, ‘Hope in Death’, from the New Testament book 1 Thessalonians, chapter 4. How is it possible that death might bring hope? Listen to find out from this remarkable book of the Bible.
September 28, 2019
Opportunity and Opposition
In our next episode from the book of Acts, Jodie will show us from God's word that the action moves north to a city called Antioch, which now forms the new hub for Christianity as it travels to the ends of the earth. However, we will see both opportunity and opposition, as the growth of the early church is directly confronted by an attack by the militant forces of the state.
September 21, 2019
Questions 21 September 2019
1 What were the unclean foods that Peter didn’t want to eat? 2 Why don’t Christians avoid unclean foods? 3 Why did Gentiles believe that Jesus was the Messiah, but not many Jews? 4 What happens when a Christian dies and goes through judgement? 5 Did Tabitha briefly go to heaven after she died before she came back to life? 6 Did people in the Bible days have pets?
September 21, 2019
A Clean Start for the Church
As the early church grew, it meant lots and lots of changes. One of the biggest changes was felt by the people who grew up Jewish, but now were bring brought together by God to share the one, spiritual family with all sorts of ‘Gentile’ people. Listen to Jodie speak from Acts 9:32-11:18 on the topic ‘A Clean Change for the Church’… and you’ll find out what that cryptic title really means!
September 15, 2019
Questions 15 September 2019
1 How did Ananias know that Jesus appeared to Saul, since Jesus didn’t tell him? 2 If we met Jesus like Saul did then would we gain the authority to write Scripture? 3 Are modern healing miracles from God, and if so, why don’t we practice them? 4 Does God the Father love Jesus or people more? 5 How can we reconcile Genesis 1-11 with modern-day science?
September 15, 2019
From Murderer to Missionary
Everyone loves a great before-and-after story, and this talk by Jodie from Acts chapter 9 will certainly not disappoint! It’s the account of Paul’s conversion from murderer to missionary, as Jesus himself confronts him and blinds him by a light.
September 08, 2019
Questions 08 September 2019
1 Even though Jesus' family lived in Galilee, did they still identify with the tribe of Judah? 2 When Philip left suddenly, did he teleport? 3 Was Stephen sent as a son of God? 4 How did Satan turn from an angel to become the Devil? 5 How do we know that the serpent in Genesis is Satan? 6 Is it right to tell a friend to stop being rude to you? 7 If we don’t love ourselves then does it mean we don’t love God?
September 08, 2019
Evangelism Explosion
In this talk see a classic example of where a plan goes very wrong. The evil one worked through the religious leaders to try and shut down people who were sharing the news of Jesus. So, they killed Stephen, who was one of the main leaders, which resulted in the believers being scattered in every direction. But all it did was super-charge them for evangelism! Hear this talk from Jodie from Acts 8, as we consider the topic ‘Evangelism Explosion!’
August 31, 2019
Questions 31 August 2019
1 How did Stephen remember all of the details in his speech? 2 How can Acts 7:22 say that Moses was powerful in speech, when Exodus 4:10 says he wasn’t? 3 Did any of the Jews who stoned Stephen eventually repent? 4 What was the significance of placing coats at Saul’s feet? 5 How long after Stephen’s stoning did Saul get saved? 6 Did Saul change his name to Paul, or keep both names? 7 Are Christians a type of Polish Jew?
August 31, 2019
Stand up for Jesus
Humanly speaking, it’s baffling to try and work out just why the religious leaders were so threatened by the message of Jesus that they were comfortable to punish and even execute those who preached this ‘good news’. And yet even through these tragic events, Jesus kept building his church, and this is exactly what we see as Jodie teaches us from the next instalment in our series from the New Testament book of Acts. This time we’re looking at the remarkable message and courage of a man named Stephen, and we see how his word brought great jealousy and anger to the very people who should have welcomed him.
August 24, 2019
Questions 24 August 2019
1 If we model our church on Acts 2:42 they why don’t we also share fully in our possessions? 2 Doesn’t Acts 4:32 suggest that the early Christians had no personal ownership of possessions? 3 Is Acts 5 the only place we learn that the Spirit is God, or does it reaffirm other teachings? 4 Would the flogging of the Apostles be the same as that which Jesus endured? 5 If we act independently due to our free will, then how can God have a plan for our lives? 6 How can we be more focussed on our relationship with Jesus? 7 What should we do if we become distracted from following Jesus?
August 24, 2019
Satanic counter-attack
This week as Jodie teaches us from the Bible we'll see a time just after the first Easter when the church was under attack from Satan. He tried to stop the growth of the church through persecution from religious leaders, and then from internal selfishness and corruption, and then finally from distraction from the main activity of speaking about Jesus.
August 17, 2019
Questions 17 August 2019
1 How can we repent of all our sins if we can’t remember them all? 2 Is it bad for a Christian to want to date a non-Christian? 3 How can we love our neighbour if we don’t love ourself? 4 Can people predict the return of Jesus? 5 If someone believes in Christianity as well as another religion, will they go to heaven? 6 Did Jesus go to hell in the time between his death and resurrection? 7 Would the Bible writer have gone to hell if he made a mistake about Judas’ destiny? 8 Does Acts 4:19 show us how to respond to rulers who tell us to act contrary to God’s ways?
August 17, 2019
The Launch of Persecution
This week we look at Acts chapters 3 and 4, with the topic ‘The Launch of Persecution’, as Jodie will show us how the extraordinary kick-start from the Day of Pentecost led to an amazing miracle, which then led to some pretty intense opposition from the legal eagles.
August 10, 2019
Questions 10 August 2019
1 Where does the Bible say that the Holy Spirit is a ‘he’? 2 How did the Bible writer know that Judas went to hell? 3 After Pentecost, did the believers speak their original languages? 4 How long did it take to baptise 3000 people? 5 Why were people healed after touching Jesus? 6 Can Christians perform healing miracles today? 7 What stops Christians performing healing miracles today?
August 10, 2019
Launching The Church
In this talk from Acts 2, Jodie talks us through one of the most remarkable events in the life of the church, as the so-called ‘Day of Pentecost’, which brought an amazing boost to the life of the early church.
August 03, 2019
Questions 03 August 2019
1 Is ignoring your parents a sin? 2 Is the book called ‘Acts’ or ‘Acts of the Apostles’? 3 Could ‘Acts’ be called ‘Acts of the Holy Spirit’ or ‘Acts of the Early Church’? 4 What makes the Apostles so special? 5 How can Jesus be returning soon if the good news has not yet been preached to all nations? 6 Did Judas go to hell? 7 Should we pray to the Holy Spirit?
August 03, 2019
Prepare To Launch
We kick off our all-new, eighteen-week series on the book of Acts titled ‘Launching the Church’ with this first talk called ‘Prepare to Launch!’, as Jodie speaks to us from Acts chapter one. Jesus prepares his apostles for his ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit, and then the apostles choose a replacement for Judas.
July 27, 2019
Questions 27 July 2019
1 If God doesn’t forgive blasphemy then what hope do we have if we’ve ever committed this sin? 2 Why do we follow some Bible commands but not others? For example, why don’t our men pray with hands lifted up, and our women avoid wearing expensive jewellery? 3 Does a child still need to honour abusive parents? 4 Since wives have been abused by their husbands, shouldn’t we stop teaching submission? 5 Why didn’t Jesus write down his teachings and prayers rather than have it recorded by his apostles?
July 27, 2019
Idolatry and Immorality
In our final instalment from our journey through the Old Testament book of Judges, Jodie will present to us one more display of just what life is like when people walk away from the true and living God as we hear of two, dramatic examples of idolatry and immorality in the final five chapters of Judges.
June 29, 2019
Questions 29 June 2019
1 What does the name ‘Samson’ mean? 2 Since Samson was bad, why didn’t God leave his side? 3 Was Samson literally ‘sick to death’ of his wife’s nagging? 4 How did Samson not realise that the Lord left him as soon as his hair was cut? 5 As Samson’s hair regrew, was his relationship with God also being restored? 6 Since the Lord is outside of time does that give insights into the ‘intermediate state’? 7 Since Christians are immediately with Christ after death then are non-Christians immediately in Hell, and will they be re-judged on the final day? 8 Why are there so many cases of mental illness and suicide if God truly loves us?
June 29, 2019
Saint and Sinner
Samson is one of the most comic-like characters in the Bible, with his super-hero powers that came unstuck from his weakness to women. In the eighth talk from the book of Judges, Jodie explores how this enigmatic man was both a sinner and a saint, through whom God spectacularly saved his people from their enemies, even when they didn't ask for it.
June 22, 2019
Questions 22 June 2019
1 Since Jephthah was foolish to make his oath, why did he still keep it instead of admitting his folly? 2 Why didn’t God provide an animal for Jephthah instead of his daughter? 3 If a spouse leaves the marriage without mediation should the deserted spouse seek to negotiate? 4 If someone bullies you then should you negotiate or retaliate? 5 What happens to Christians in the time between when we die and when Jesus returns? 6 Why is it so hard to forgive people when they say sorry, but keep doing the wrong thing? 7 What do you do if your friend shuts you down when you try and talk to them about God?
June 22, 2019
The Limitations of Negotiations
Jephthah was a man who showed excellence in negotiation, until he tried to strike an unnecessary deal with the Lord God. In our seventh talk from Judges, Jodie shows how insecurity and arrogance can bring about disaster in Christian leadership.
June 16, 2019
Questions 16 June 2019
1 Why did God lead his people into battle when it’s a sin to kill or murder? 2 Why did Abimelech scatter salt over the ground after he captured the city? 3 What is going to happen in the ‘end times’? 4 Can people predict the second coming of Jesus? 5 What is ‘the Rapture’ and the seven years of tribulation? 6 When we pray “your kingdom come” are we praying for the coming of the Millennium? 7 How can you rebuke someone if they won’t listen?
June 16, 2019
The Son from Hell
Abimelech was truly the 'Son from Hell', as he acted to try and become king by murdering his 70 brothers. It was an ugly time in the history of God's people, but as Graham Errington shows us, it provided a fresh reminder of God's sovereignty and his plan for a king who acted kindly.
June 08, 2019
Questions 08 June 2019
1 Do Christians in other countries preach the same things as we do in Australia? 2 Can people be healed or “converted” from homosexuality to being heterosexual? 3 Did God make us so that Jesus would die for us all because he wanted Jesus to die? 4 How can you tell if God is working in someone else’s life? 5 Doesn’t God get sick of having to forgive us all the time? 6 Do we have “free will”? 7 Did Gideon crush Zeeb in a winepress?
June 08, 2019
The Making and Breaking of a Leader
Gideon is a famous leader in the Bible, but it's surprising to see how much proof he needs in order to carry out God's call to leadership. In this fifth talk from Judges, Jodie McNeill looks at the life and leadership of Gideon, and his journey from fear to failure.
June 01, 2019
Questions 01 June 2019
1. Why does God love us when we constantly sin against him? 2. Why did God make us when he knew we would reject him? 3. Why doesn’t God prevent people from making stupid mistakes? 4. Does God love everyone or only Christians? 5. What was the first Christian song? 6. What’s the difference between submitting and serving? 7. Can you be gay and still come to church?
June 01, 2019
The Chorus of the Saved
When we are full of joy, we love to sing. In this fourth talk from the 'Hope Beyond Chaos' series from the book of Judges, Jodie McNeill takes us to the famous 'Song of Deborah' from chapter 5. Here we hear the joy of an unexpected but overwhelming victory by God over the enemies of his people through the victory of Deborah, Barak and Jael over Sisera and his army.
May 25, 2019
Questions 25 May 2019
1 How would an Israelite be protected in the Passover if they couldn’t afford to sacrifice a lamb? 2 What is “the unforgivable sin”? 3 Does God “give” or “allow” sickness to happen to people? 4 Why does God kill people in the Bible when he’s supposed to be full of forgiveness and grace? 5 What is a ‘latrine’? 6 Since Catholics believe different things and pray to Mary, will they go to Heaven? 7 Why do we have a question time?
May 25, 2019
Questions 19 May 2019
1 Why did God pass over the houses of the Israelites at the Passover? 2 Why does God ‘give’ cancer to people who don’t deserve it? 3 How can someone ask for forgiveness after they’ve committed suicide? 4 Is it a sin to be angry at God? 5 Why does God make us wait for his answer to some prayers, and how do we gain patience?
May 19, 2019
Holy Laughter and Lightning
It might seem odd to think that God would want us to laugh at the misfortune of enemies, but this is what we see in this remarkable section of the Bible, where an archenemy of God's people is neutralised in a hilarious fashion. Hear Jodie McNeill speak about how underdogs Ehud and Barak bring a surprising victory in God's strength.
May 18, 2019
The Cycle of Salvation
The miracle of the book of Judges is that God keeps rescuing his people, even though their rebellion is drastic and repeated. In this second talk from the 'Hope Beyond Chaos' series, Jodie McNeill shows us the 'Cycle of Salvation', as God continues to show mercy on his rebellious people. Our sins, they are many, but his mercy is more!
May 11, 2019
Questions 11 May 2019
1 Why did you say that we are by-products (that is unintentional) of God’s salvation, considering creation and the cross? 2 How is it possible that the tribe of Benjamin failed to drive out the Jebusites when they had already been completely destroyed? 3 When we ask God for guidance how does he answer and speak to us? 4 How are we sure of God’s guidance? 5 If we want to gain money in order to give it away then is it wrong to want a business to grow? 6 Is there any sin that God won’t forgive? 7 Does God ever stop forgiving us? 8 How can I feel God’s peace? 9 How can I be assured that I am going to Heaven? 10 If you claim to be a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you of it?
May 11, 2019
From Conquest to Chaos
The book of Judges shows what happens when God's people drift away from trusting in his promises. In this first of nine talks, Jodie McNeill helps us see how God's people started strong but gradually chose to make decisions that demonstrated their lack of confidence in God. The outcomes are tragic, but not fatal. God continues to be faithful, even when they are not.
May 04, 2019
Jesus is the Good Shepherd
Guest speaker Cameron Jones opens up John chapter 10 to help us understand what sheep have to do with the Christian life. He shows us how God's people are sheep, and that Jesus makes it clear that he is the good shepherd, and that he is the gate to the sheep's pen. He gives us safety when there is danger, and he gives us security when we are tempted to find it elsewhere.
April 27, 2019
Questions 27 April 2019
1 How do we know what Jesus prayed in his private prayer on the night before he died? 2 What hymn was sung at the Last Supper? 3 If Judas repented, then would Jesus have forgiven him? 4 Does our preference for unity show an innate desire for God’s love? 5 When God said “let us make man in our image”, is this the same “us” as John 17:21? 6 When we are in heaven, will we be able to speak to Jesus’ disciples and dead friends? 7 How should we respond to a Jehovah’s Witness when they come to our door? 8 What do Mormons and Scientologists believe differently to us? 9 Is casting lots the same as gambling? 10 Is it a sin to question God’s existence?
April 27, 2019
Jesus Prayed for Us
In this final talk on Jesus' prayer in John 17, Jodie examines why Jesus prayed for unity, and discovers a number of great benefits to experiencing and displaying deep unity with Jesus.
April 20, 2019
Questions 20 Apr 2019
1 What warnings does the Bible give about dreams? 2 How does God look down on everybody at the same time? 3 Is it God’s job to love us? 4 How did Jesus act under authority when he is the Father? 5 Do we believe that holy water will protect us from sickness? 6 If your relative goes to Hell, then will you feel sad? 7 Why didn’t Jesus tell Judas not to betray him? 8 Should we forgive Judas for his treachery? 9 Would you agree with Mikhail Gorbachev who said, “Even God didn’t create a perfect world; even God couldn’t cope with this society; I don’t think that was his plan”?
April 20, 2019
Fair Enough – Good Friday 2019
Good Friday is about an innocent man being executed so that guilty people can be forgiven. In this sermon, Jodie helps us understand the remarkable story of how the two criminals had opposite reactions to the death of the King of the Jews, and how one ends up with a surprising outcome to his terrible life.
April 19, 2019
Jesus Prayed for his Disciples
During his extraordinary prayer in John 17, Jesus prayed some very important things for his disciples, as he graciously invited them to overhear his requests. In the second of three talks on this prayer, Jodie helps us understand what Jesus meant when he asked that his disciples would be kept in the name of the Father, and why this is vital for their unity and protection as they live in a world that is hostile to followers of Christ.
April 13, 2019
Questions 13 Apr 2019
1 Is it OK to be single or a virgin if you’re not wanting to grow up to be a nun? 2 Is it acceptable to divorce if the husband and wife were not Christians when married, but one later becomes a believer? 3 Whilst we won’t have married relationships in heaven, won’t we still know people there? 4 Will we feel sadness in heaven about the people who are suffering eternally in hell? 5 How is there any ‘cool’ way to die? 6 Why does God choose to save some people but not others? 7 Can we truly forgive someone who continues to do wrong to you and doesn’t repent?
April 13, 2019
Jesus Prayed for his Glory
It is a remarkable privilege to be invited by Jesus to hear the prayer he prayed to his Father. In this first of three talks, Jodie speaks on verses 1 to 5, showing us why Jesus prayed for his glory, and why we have certain assurance as believers in him because this prayer was answered.
April 06, 2019
Questions 06 Mar 2019
1. What place does dreaming have in the Christian life? 2. What does Mary’s headpiece represent? 3. Why didn’t Jesus have a wife? 4. Are there any relationships in heaven? 5. What does the Bible say about when it is permissible to remarry? 6. Why should a person give up the fun things in life in order to become a Christian?
April 06, 2019
True Sex is Committed
In our final talk in the Song of Songs, Jodie looks at why commitment is a good thing. Even though marriage seems less important in our society, it's still a very good thing from God, to be used as designed, for our good and pleasure. We also consider issues such as singleness and whether it's right for a Christian to marry a non-Christian.
March 30, 2019
Questions 30 Mar 2019
1. Given that Baal is the moon god, does this mean that Allah is a reincarnation of Baal because Islam’s symbol is a crescent moon? 2. Since Jesus will reject some people who say “Lord, Lord” (Matthew 7), then why will a person be saved simply by confessing Jesus is Lord (Romans 10)? 3. What does it mean in Song of Songs when it says, “the watchmen made their rounds”? 4. Is marriage a human ‘right’? 5. Does the Bible talk about whether it’s right to marry a non-Christian? 6. How do new-age feminists’ values line up with Christian values? 7. How should we discuss the topic of sex with non-Christian friends who are sexually-active and unmarried? 8. When you say that a “survivor should seek counselling”, who are you referring to? 9. How can I recover from the trauma of sexual abuse when I feel like I’m not good enough for God to heal me? 10. If someone likes tattoos but not hymns, doesn’t this disprove your theory about the modern attraction to ancient forms of worship? 11. Why don’t our services include a reading from the New Testament every week?
March 30, 2019
Questions 23 Mar 2019
1. Is it wise and helpful for Christians to visit mosques to show support after the Christchurch massacre? 2. In the Song of Songs, the woman’s virginity was attractive to the man, but what about the man’s virginity? 3. What advice should we give to a Christian man whose wife withholds sex from him? 4. What does ‘abundant’ praise mean in the context of Song of Songs? 5. What was your most romantic gesture to Mandy? 6. If we sing old words in church then won’t visitors think that God is out of date? 7. Shouldn’t Christians avoid non-spiritual Yoga classes because its origin is in Hinduism?
March 23, 2019
True Sex is Secure
In this Bible Talk Jodie addresses some of the things that happen when the secure bonds of sex are broken. We’ll be looking at issues of rejection and abuse in relationships, and this will lead us to explore just where God is in the midst of these kinds of horrible things in life.
March 23, 2019
Questions 16 Mar 2019
1. Where does the Bible say that slavery is wrong? 2. Would you recommend Melinda Tankard Reist as a resource against child sexual trafficking? 3. Is it OK for Christians to attend a yoga exercise class?
March 16, 2019
True Sex is Honourable
Our topic is ‘True Sex is Honourable’, as we look at our second instalment in the four-week series on the Old Testament book, ‘The Song of Songs’.
March 16, 2019
Questions 09 Mar 2019
1. Should Christians be active in protecting the Judeo-Christian virtues of our society? 2. Should we use secular reasoning to engage with the world, or only Biblical arguments? 3. The Bible appears to be in conflict with science, so how can we help unbelievers with this hurdle? 4. What can we do to help bring an end to the sex trafficking of children? 5. What is our new body going to be like in heaven?
March 09, 2019
True Sex is Wonderful
The Song of Songs shows what sex is really about, and in this first talk, Jodie shows that this book of the Bible shows how wonderful sex really is.
March 09, 2019