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Work In Progress Podcast

Work In Progress Podcast

By James Leng
Welcome to the Work In Progress Podcast
I am James Leng and I will be discussing about multiple topics of life with my friends over coffee.
I am based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and I hope you learn something while listening to my podcast.
Disclaimer: I am very much into lifting and nutrition.
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Day 13 MCO (30th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update
+156 > 2626 Total Confirmed Cases +3 > 37 Deaths +91 > 479 Recovered (Most in a day so far) 94 ICU (62 Require breathing support) If you are a healthcare professional and would like to volunteer, please do so here: Phase 2 MCO to begin from 1st of April, all stores to open 8am-8pm. Blog post here:
April 3, 2020
Day 12 MCO (29th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update
+150 > 2470 Total Confirmed Cases +7 > 34 Deaths +68 > 388 Recovered 73 in ICU (52 require breathing support) Abbott launches molecular COVID-19 test kits that allows detection of the virus in 13 minutes. Doctors say it's safe to have sex during the lockdown Link to blog post
March 31, 2020
Day 11 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 28th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)
+159 > 2320 Total Confirmed Cases +1 > 27 deaths +61 > 320 recovered +19 > 73 in ICU (54 require breathing support) More details unveiled by the government on the monetary support 10 public universities on board to perform COVID-19 US Passes 100k confirmed cases Worldwide cases go above 600k Link to blog post: Email me at
March 28, 2020
Day 10 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 27th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)
+130 > 2161 Total Confirmed Cases +9 > 54 in ICU (+2 > 34 require breathing support) +3 > 26 Deaths +44 > 259 Recovered 1896 are currently in treatment It is finally 10 days since MCO began, we have 18 more days to go! The government has made the biggest financial announcement probably in the past decade with spending of 250 billion Ringgit to all Malaysians to soften the blow of the COVID-19 outbreak to the economy. Link to blog post:
March 28, 2020
Day 9 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 26th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)
MCO is extended for another 14 days until 14th April on 25th of March. MALAYSIA UPDATE: +235 -> 2031 confirmed cases +5 -> 45 ICU (32 need breathing support) +4 -> 23 deaths +16 -> 215 recovered Read the blog entry here:
March 27, 2020
Day 3 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 20th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)
MALAYSIA Update +130 Cases -> Total 1030 confirmed +1 Death -> Total 3 deaths (first death in Tawau Sabah, 58 yo man from tabligh cluster) 48 out or 130 related to Tabligh +6 ICU -> Total 26 in ICU +12 Recovered -> Total 87 recovered Blog post at
March 20, 2020
Day 2 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 19th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)
CASES UPDATE: +110 new cases in MALAYSIA -> Total 900 confirmed.  +15 recovered -> Total 75 recovered +5 in ICU -> Total 20 currently in ICU  576 from 900 are from Tabligh cluster 821 in treatment More info at my website:
March 19, 2020
Day 1 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 18th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)
Summary of updates on the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia. To be uploaded daily. 117 new cases reported in Malaysia bringing total up to 790 confirmed cases. 80 of the new cases are from the Tabligh Cluster bringing the total of Tabligh Cluster case count to 513. (Source) 11 patients has been discharged bringing the total to 60 patients recovered. (Source) 15 patients are currently in Intensive Care Unit from 12 yesterday. (Source) More info at my website:
March 18, 2020
Modern Food and their consequences
In this episode, me and Jay talks about the consequences of the food you eat and how modern processed food affects our health negatively.  In my own experience, I have been troubled by digestive issues as well as random heart burn, brain fog, headache, and many more ailments due to the modern diet containing a bunch of processed food. This topic is very interesting to me and I will soon be talking more about nutrition in future episodes.  Please leave a voice comment on Anchor via this link: Please visit my website to read more about the things I talk about:
January 9, 2020
Dungeons Dragons and Festive Seasons
In this episode of the Work In Progress podcast, we discuss everything about Dungeons, Dragons, and festive season celebrations between the ethnic Chinese and Malay in Malaysia.
December 31, 2019
EP1 - Personal Finance and Marriage
On this first episode of Conversations Over Coffee, we discuss about personal finance and marriage at a coffee shop in PJ. Link to Andaq's latest blog project: Link to Wei Hong's art project: Link to Rachel's IG:
November 24, 2019