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No Limit Jumper Podcast

No Limit Jumper Podcast

By James Macey
A weekly podcast connecting SPORTS & WELLNESS🔥 Weekly topics include: 🌀NBA Breakdowns 🌀 Personal Interviews 🌀And MUCH more
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Celtics-Miami Conference Finals

No Limit Jumper Podcast

NBA Finals Game 2 Analysis
Hunter and James break down Game 2 of the NBA Finals
June 07, 2022
Celtics-Miami Conference Finals
James Macey and Emauri Stewart discuss Celtics-Miami Conference Finals and Bucks collapse
May 21, 2022
The Life of TP
Sitting down with up and coming YouTuber Tim Putnam who talks about the grind and challenges of starting a channel. 
January 17, 2022
NBA Free Agency
James and Yaw Bonsu discuss the aftermath of a long free agency in the NBA
August 22, 2021
What is a NBA SuperTeam?
James is joined by Brandon Rosenthal, and Emauri Stewart as they discuss the different variances of the term 'SuperTeam' in the NBA.
August 08, 2021
MMA Fighter Anthony Basile
Anthony Basile talks about his MMA debut, how he started his career, and his challenges along the way. 
August 05, 2021
NBA Playoff Round 1 Predictions 2021
James and Aiden predict the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs 
May 21, 2021
Tim Putnam
Former Elms College Point Guard Tim Putnam talks about his basketball career with both Juco and Division III, Coaching, Life After basketball, and being a Youtube creator on this episode of the NLJ Podcast. 
May 03, 2021
Overview of the 2020-21 NBA Season
James and Aiden discuss the outlook of the 2020-21 NBA Campaign, potential playoff berths, and the recent NBA Drama on this episode of the No Limit Jumper Podcast
April 11, 2021
Matt Noonan-Noontime Sports
Noontime Sports founder Matt Noonan talks about his career, how journalism is changing, and more on this episode of the NLJ Podcast
October 29, 2020
Limitless Theory Founder Dillan Foss
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
James sits down with Founder of Limitless Theory Dillan Foss as he explains the hardships of running a business, dealing with Covid-19, and the importance of health and fitness. To get more information on Limitless theory follow dfoss_3,  thelimitlesstheory on instagram, or head over to 
October 27, 2020
NBA Final 5
Hunter, Aiden, and James discuss the reality of each of the five teams chances of winning an NBA title, The significance of a Michael Porter Jr, and why the Lakers aren't all there. Tune in!
September 15, 2020
NBA Second Round Roundtable
James, Aiden, and Hunter discuss how the second round of the NBA Playoffs is playing out, Giannis' future, and how important Coaching is in the post season.
September 07, 2020
The Bigger Picture On The NBA
James, Aiden, and Hunter talk about Social Injustice and how the NBA has been on the forefront of the cause. As the East Series have been set for the second round, the guys have their predictions and some are bold!
August 30, 2020
NBA First Round Discussion
James, Hunter, and Aiden discuss the Draft Lottery, and how the first round of the NBA Playoffs is unfolding
August 24, 2020
NBA First Round Predictions
James, Aiden, and Hunter predict how the first round of the NBA Playoffs is going play out.
August 15, 2020
Boston Celtics Roundtable
James, and Co-Host Aiden Hawkins sit down with long time Celtics fan Hunter Murphy to discuss the Pros and Cons of Boston this season.
August 08, 2020
Sekou Smith
James Macey sits down with NBA Analyst Sekou Smith to discuss his career, the outlook on journalism, pandemic, and how the NBA is handled itself given the events that have happened in society over the past few months
July 24, 2020
Celtic's Bailey Smith
Celtic's In Arena Host Bailey Smith talks about the different variables of her exciting career in the Sports World.
July 21, 2020
Jabari Courts
Jabari discusses the importance of the BLM movement, Social Injustice, and Systematic Racism. 
June 15, 2020
Dear Basketball You Are Missed
Brandon and I talk NBA Hiatus, Last Dance Documentary, and the Future of NoLimitJumper. We discuss the importance of how much the NBA means to fans world wide, and how the game has changed over the years
May 05, 2020
January 22, 2020
January 22, 2020
Dillan Foss
Join me as I sit down with the Founder of Limitless Theory LLC as we discuss topics bigger than sports and fitness.
December 28, 2019
Join me as I sit down with 2k streamer and teammate TeeEnDee as we discuss the ins and outs of NBA 2k20 along with the complications and backlashes the game has faced
December 15, 2019
Boston Celtics Talk
Aiden and I discuss the Celtics success, production, and future this season
December 08, 2019
The Issues In the NBA that Nobody Talks about
Antonio and I discuss the importance of Sleep Deprivation, Stress, Anxiety, and many more issues that fly under the radar
November 09, 2019
NBA 2k Talk w/ TeeEnDee and KingBucks
Join me as I sit down with two 2k teammates and discuss the ins and outs of NBA 2k. 
October 20, 2019
NBA Talk w/ Antonio
Antonio and I discuss the NBA Decade Teams since the 1950's, The Importance of accepting women into NBA 2k20, the Demarcus Cousins Injury, and the challenges Team USA has been facing
October 20, 2019
J Persources
J Persources and I discuss the NBA awards, offseason moves, and
October 20, 2019
The Issues In the NBA that Nobody Talks About
Antonio and I discuss the seriousness of Sleep Deprivation, Anxiety, Stress, and many more issues around the NBA on this episode of the NoLimitJumperPodcast
October 20, 2019
Rosenthal Sports
I sit down with Rosenthal Sports as we talk about the NBA Finals, The Draft, and much more!
October 20, 2019
Don Living
Antonio and I Sit down with Fitness Trainer and Football Coach Don Living as we discuss Elite Madness 617, Living's Career, and Life after sports. Tune in now!
October 20, 2019
NBA Eastern and Western Playoff Seeding Predictions (Parts 3, 4)
Discussing the Western Conference seedings as well as shedding some light on Pascal Siakam's 4 Yr/$130m extension 
October 20, 2019
NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions (Parts 1 and 2)
Aiden and I discuss our Playoff Seedings in the Eastern Conference as well as discuss our on the bubble teams
October 20, 2019