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Stake and Bake

Stake and Bake

By James McMillan
This podcast, hosted by Investment Adviser Jaime Mcmillan, focuses on cannabis investing for new and experienced investors.
Jaime reaches into his experience as an investment manager at Cannabis Capital Growth Portfolio, examining both good and bad decisions in his portfolio to help you navigate the "viable" investments in cannabis grow, retail, science, dispensaries, and CPG companies.
In "Navigating Capital Markets for Cannabis Stocks" he suggests a coming seismic shift from Canada to the U.S. in 2021.
"Consult an advisor before investing as it involves risk and including loss of principal"
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Third Show of Stake and Bake "The Cannabis Financial Engineers"
In this episode we discuss how Wall Street financial engineers are coming to buy distressed cannabis assets. Show Highlights  Cannabis addressable market bigger than beer? SPAC Cannabis Investing is it worth a look? Cannabis (REIT) Real Estate Investment Trusts to consider. Three Cannabis Stocks if new to cannabis investing.
October 31, 2020
Second Show of Stake and Bake "The Sunshine States of Cannabis" two treasures to discover now for your portfolio
In the 2nd Episode Investment Manager and founder of Cannabis Capital Growth portfolio takes a deep dive into the two most successful States leading the American Cannabis Revolution Understanding your stock symbols of cannabis NYSE, NASDAQ or OTC the F behind that stock symbol The purge- bringing new leadership to C Suite and Boards of cannabis and why that's a great tell on where cannabis stocks are headed Florida gets on Jaime's treasure trove map and he's got details on why this company dominates Florida dispensary sales Nevada pack your bags and check your map as Jaime heads to Nevada where this company is the first stop on the cannabis strip Portfolio Lesson: How to turn a cannabis stock loss into a possible gain right now and keep the tax benefit forever Cannabis Wrap: Jaime finishes discussing the two sunshine cannabis stocks and how to invest in them Farewell till the next episode when we look to the cannabis launch of the great State of Illinois  
July 09, 2020
Premier Show "Stake and Bake" Cannabis Financial Markets Purge and Surge the Opportunity for American Cannabis Investors
Hello listeners and welcome to the premier episode of Stake and Bake.   Hosted by Jaime McMillan Investment Manager of the Cannabis Capital Growth Portfolio in Colorado.  If you've been thinking or investing in cannabis I'm giving you my insight as a portfolio manager on the coming "Purge and Surge" in the cannabis industry in the United States On this premier we discuss Which States have the largest patient and retail scale or "critical mass" to make an investment in cannabis? Where is big pharma is headed in engaging cannabis as a medicine including psychedelics? Why the coming purge of CEO's, CFO's and Boards of companies is key to the next surge of American investors? Why now is important to upgrade your cannabis holdings and "realize losses" by reinvesting into better companies? Thank you for listening, Jaime McMillan J.D Investment Manager 
June 21, 2020