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Right Now! with Jim Watkins

Right Now! with Jim Watkins

By Watkins Media
We cover race, gender, politics, religion and sex, you know, the stuff that really counts.

Warning: the views expressed on this podcast are an exercise of my First Ammendment rights to make sounds that in some circumstances might confuse or bewilder the listener. Approach with caution.

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Of God and Nature - Interview with Stephen C Meyer

Right Now! with Jim Watkins

Of God and Nature - Interview with Stephen C Meyer

Right Now! with Jim Watkins

Racism in America - Mara Gay
The real racism is coming from the Left and Mara Gay, editorial chief at the New York Times has a problem with Whiteness. Take a listen
June 8, 2021
Of God and Nature - Interview with Stephen C Meyer
Famed author and scientific philosopher Stephen C. Meyer joins us to discuss new genetic research which supports intelligent design theory. We also discuss mind, Natural Law and secularism impact on contemporary science. It’s a fascinating discussion. For more information on Stephen’s works go to:
June 2, 2021
Biden's World Is Crumbling and So Are We
In this episode we discuss current events and what it portends for the immediate future of the United States.
June 2, 2021
We are also told Joe Biden has our best interest in heart, and this is why we must engage with Iran, we must engage in the Paris Accord, we must allow immigrants to come in, that we must allow young children to transition to another gender, all of these things we do, raise a fist, take a knee, object to white colonialism, all to free us from the scourge that is ourselves and our rotten, embarrassing past as human beings.
May 26, 2021
RIGHT NOW! - The Mexican Problem
The Mexican is the American problem. Cartels run Mexico and those cartels are empowered by Americans buying and using their drugs. It isn’t the sole reason people flee to America, but in the current era, it is a primary driver because people are not only afraid of drugs and cartels shooting up their local police and media, but they are worried their children will someday work for these cartels and end up dead
May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021
RIGHT NOW! - The Real China Threat
Michael Olson China expert and host of China Uber Alles joins us to talk about Chinas plan to destroy the United States as a superpower.
May 25, 2021
In this episode we talk about the last twenty years in America and how we ended up with Donald Trump as president. The biggest thing about Trump is he showed us who the swamp creatures really were
May 24, 2021