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Sweet Nothings - with James Wolner

Sweet Nothings - with James Wolner

By James Wolner
Sweet nothings are the simple and brief moments in our lives which on the surface seemed almost insignificant at the time and yet, when we explore them later, are full of color and meaning and life. More than just bedtime stories, James Wolner cradles words and music and takes you on a relaxing walk down memory lane, sharing his own Sweet Nothings and those of listeners.

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Sweet Nothings Introduction
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Introducing a new podcast by James Wolner. Sweet Nothings are those simple slivers of our lives, brief moments that were almost insignificant.  They were almost nothing, and yet, somehow, to you, at the same time, they were almost everything.     Leave a voicemail: email:
December 14, 2020