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Never Trust Your Current Landlord to Sublease Your Space. (True Story)

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By James Robertson Jr.
This podcast is all about business owners that want to be educated on how to find commercial space to operate their business in the U.S.
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Should I Lease or Should I Purchase Commercial Property?
Welcome to the Workspace Real Estate Podcast, I am your host James Robertson and today we are going to talk about when to lease vs when to purchase a property. As a business gets closer to maturity, starts building up cash reserves, there is always a temptation to set out and “get a property” to run the business. In another podcast, I talk about the advantageous of owning yoru own Commercial Property so definitely check that out, but today I want you to think about this one question: What are my expectations for the property? 5 Years, 10 Years? When you sell the business, will you also sell the real estate? Do you have any other Commercial investments? What is your experience level with running or managing properties? Who is going to manage the property? Have you run the numbers on what it will cost to acquire, develop, maintain the property and How does that compare with a lease? How susceptible is your business to changes in size or location? Let me be clear, businesses are successful and love to lease and purchase property depending on the situation they are in. Typically people that should lease: • Need to be in a certain location or market where purchasing the land or property would be cost prohibitive (or they cant afford it) • They don’t have the experience or desire to run a property • They are still in growth mode where there cash reserves need to be reinvested in the business This is a big one because people tend to overlook the fact that purchasing a commercial property will cost you at least 25% to 35% down unless you get an SBA loan which is still 10%. That is a ton of cash that could and should be invested to help your business grow. This is a good Segway to which types of businesses should purchase property: • If your business is “grown up” strong cash flow, strong processes, established market share • Ability to purchase without compromising the optimal location yoru business needs to operate Too often I see business owners cut corners here, and try to locate outside of their optimal location in order to save money on a deal. This can really hurt you when it is time to sell your property and all of your competitors are in a better location. • You have the desire, experience, resources to properly manage and lease up the property • You have a clear picture of what you expect the property to produce for you If it is an investment, you know what sort of return you want, if you are going to build as you grow you have plans and purchased the right amount and configuration of land to grow with you. To wrap things up, I think that most people at some point in their business have a desire to own their own commercial property. Just make sure that once your ready to pull the trigger you know exactly the scenario you expect, then talk to some local experts in the market to help you put those pieces together to achieve your goals. Thanks for listening! I hope this information was helpful to you, if you like this podcast please subscribe! This is James RObertson signing off, I hope that you get the Best Location, For the Best Price, with the Best Terms possible on your next deal!
January 22, 2019
Never Negotiate by Email
Great deals are made, they are never found. This Episode goes into detail on how to make great deals happen with your office or industrial lease by telling a true story.
January 16, 2019
The Best Way to Negotiate a Lease Deal
This episode goes into detail on the philosophy in the process necessary to give proper time and attention to negotiate your office or industrial lease. Most businesses neglect this at their peril, listen, learn and enjoy!
January 10, 2019
Never Trust Your Current Landlord to Sublease Your Space. (True Story)
Thanks for listening to Workspace Real Estate, I am your host James Robertson and today we are going to talk about a topic that will soo help you if your a tenant that is looking to give back space to the landlord. It’s a given that the most effective way to give back space to the landlord is via a sublease, or the tenant leasing the space to another tenant, collecting rent, and then paying the landlord. There are multiple ways to execute a sublease, which is something that I will have to cover in another podcast, but the focus of today’s podcast is why you should NEVER, Ever, Never Ever Ever trust the current landlord to sublease your current space. Let me give you the reasons upfront and then I will explain. First of all, there is a conflict of interest, the landlord is already getting rent from you and will always try to lease out other spaces that are not producing income before yours. You will be last on the list every time. Secondly, if they control the ability to market the sublease, and we have already demonstrated why they are not motivated to lease it, then your listing will not be properly advertised , if at all. Many times a landlord will just “bring” up that they have a space that “may” be available for sublease to a prospective tenant INSTEAD of using all of the proper advertising channels available to us brokers to expose the space to the broadest audience possible. I could go on, but if those two points have not convinced you, I don’t think you will listen to the other points because those are the strongest ones. Instead of elaborating on the points, let me tell you a true story of why you should never trust the landlord to do this. Not even one month ago, a drywall company hired us to find space for them in the Houston market. They wanted a short term lease so we included a sublease in the options. The landlord broker was slow to give us details for the property, did not show up on the tour, was even slower in providing the proper documents for us to review in order to get a deal done, and the worst part is that he forced the current tenant to pay for the concessions we negotiated. Now this was not a problem for our client, we got a great deal... The problem is that if this poor tenant who had the sublease actually hired a broker that had a fiduciary responsibility to look out for HIS best interest, he would have gotten the deal done a lot faster, and saved his client thousands of dollars, while getting him out of his lease. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to paint the landlord broker with a negative brush, we are all big boys and girls and in commercial real estate it is assumed that these business owners are responsible for their decisions, good and bad. I don’t know why, but for some reason, some tenants hold their landlords and their respective brokers in such high esteem that they allow themselves to be unfairly exposed to expenses and liabilities that are unfair. I hope this information will help you avoid making the same mistakes and helps you get the best deal, at the best location, at the best price possible. This is James Robertson signing off, thanks for listening!
January 9, 2019
Love Your Location? Why you Still Need to Negotiate Your Lease Like Your Going to Move
The Renewal Lease is on your desk ready to sign, on top of the lease is a stickie note from your admin or CFO in bright red ink that says they are charging too much for this space! Would you sign the lease?
December 11, 2018
A Doctor’s 100k Mistake (A cautionary tale)
This episode is all about teaching you through other peoples experience. Negotiating a commercial lease can be a painful experience if you do it wrong, here is a story of how her doctor lost $100,000 because he didn’t know what to do.
December 10, 2018
Do I need to Sign a Personal Guarantee for my lease?
Don’t do it unless you have to. I’m thankful that I don’t have to be politically correct and I can speak my mind as a business owner and a commercial broker in the market right now. These provisions have put more people out of business and I care to count and must be understood carefully before moving forward. Join us as we discuss the personal guarantee clause in commercial leases.
December 7, 2018
The Absolute Best Way to Tour a Commerical Property.
In this episode we discuss the process that you should take when setting up a tour for you and your company to view space. This process has been extremely effective for us and we believe it will work for you as well to save you lots of time and frustration.
December 7, 2018
Who is responsible for damage in a commercial lease?
In today’s episode, we will talk about what cases the landlord is responsible for damage versus what cases the tenant is responsible for damage including HVAC.
December 6, 2018
How Long of a Lease Should I Sign?
Our philosophy is that you should only sign a lease for a term that allows you the maximum value in the way of concessions and rental rate. I can’t tell you how many attorneys I have spoken to that recommend to their clients to sign a one-year lease. I think this philosophy is not only foolish but detrimental to creating a contract that allows the business to grow and thrive.
December 6, 2018
Do I Have To Pay For My Broker on a Lease? My Landlord told me this so it must be true right?
In this episode we cover one of the more unethical statements that A small percentage of landlord will use in order to keep business owners from retaining help.
December 6, 2018
The Best Way to get the Best Deal on your next Lease.
In this podcast we go into great detail and covering all of the data points that you would need in order to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible on your next lease. We also show you how to use that data and work with your broker to produce the best results.
December 5, 2018
Will Using a Broker to negotiate my Commercial Lease raise my rent?
Scenario #4: You got a proposal from the Landlord, you want to get the best deal but you are scared that if you use a broker that your rent will increase. What do you do? In order to address this, it helps to understand how brokers operate and how they get paid. Over 85% of Commercial Deals in Commercial Real Estate involve the use of a Landlord or Listing Broker In the Listing Broker’s Agreement, there is Commissions set aside for BOTH the Landlord and the Tenant Broker (Which in Texas and most other places 6% of the total rent) If the Tenant chooses not to use a broker, the Landlord Broker in some cases doubles the commission they make on the deal If the Tenant chooses to use a broker then the Landlord Broker and Tenant Broker split the available commission Tenant brokers do not charge the Tenant for commission, they usually ask for a letter to prove they are in fact the designated broker so they can get the commission agreement from the landlord. If the Landlord were to actually charge the tenant for commission, what would this cost? Just take your monthly rent and calculate 2% to 4% of that number and there is your hypothetical commission. So if you pay $1,000 a month in rent and the landlord says that your rent will go up because you used a broker then they are “threatening” a $20 a month increase in rent. If you were to use a broker, what would you stand to gain? Experienced Negotiator Market Report showing all of your options 5-10 Year Rental History of the Building List of All the concessions that are reasonable in the market Knowlege of the Business Points of a lease: • When a Personal Guarantee is necesssary versus when it isn’t • When the landlord or tenant should be responsible for buildout • Can identify which lease provisions are unusual for the market • Identify which expenses to cap • Help the tenant pick which early termination clauses are reasonable • Negotiate the ability to expand, contract, and sublease the property if needed • Has attorneys to give a legal review of the lease What are the financial benefits from using a broker: Let’s use facts from my own deals: In 2018, our firm averaged 15% decrease in total rent or greater in Houston below the market. Our best work we cut over 25% of the rent cost saving this particular tenant over $125,000 dollars. So if you look at the numbers, really look at the numbers... take the worst case scenario where the landlord just flat out charges you for your broker’s commission you stand to gain more than 10 times that easily by the time the deal is done and that is not including the time and effort that you will save by not having to do this process yourself. I hope that did not sound like a commercial, I tried to be real, I made this podcast because I know that this is an area that tenants are really concerned about. Did I convince you to not be afraid to get the help that you need? Let me know in the comments if I need to do a podcast on how to pick the best brokers (because they are not all created equal)
December 4, 2018
How do I look for commercial space? A comprehensive guide from an expert Broker.
Looking for a space for your business can be a time and resources consuming task. Here is the best way to search for the best space at the best price for your business. Get your notepad ready and lets do this!
December 2, 2018
How do I determine how much commercial space I need to operate my business?
This inaugural episode details how professionals estimate how many square feet they need to operate any commercial space. Whether it’s office, industrial, or retail space, you will find Tipps here that would help you to get just enough space but not too much!
December 2, 2018
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