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15 Minute Business Band-Aid

15 Minute Business Band-Aid

By Jami Bova- Whitehead
Actionable tips for your small business in easy to digest 15 minute podcasts. Based on the soon-to-be-published book, "Your Business Sucks and It's all your Fault", 15 Minute Business Band-Aid will empower you to take charge of any issue arising in your business and fix it; helping your business suck less and succeed more.
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15 Minute Business BandAid Podcast - Inaugural Episode
Could you be doing something better in business? The 15 Minute Business BandAid Podcasts tackles the issues that small business owners face in starting, running and growing their business; providing actionable tips to overcome them. In each, easy to digest, podcast episode, your host Jami Bova-Whitehead, tackles the issues that she has seen plague her small business clients and gives you real world solutions to make sure your business isn't taken down by one of them.  The podcast is based upon Jami's soon to be completed book, "Your Business Sucks and It's All Your Fault". But don't be intimidated by the name, each chapter and podcast is filled with tips to help you suck less and succeed more in business.  Jami truly believes that more can be learned from failures than successes and aims to guide you across the treacherous waters of small business ownership by learning where others have failed so you can take ownership and fully empower yourself to avoid their mistakes and be the successful business owner you want to be.  Learn about Jami, her background, the book and what you'll get from the 15 Minute Business Bandaid Podcast in this Inaugural episode. 
December 11, 2020