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What Great Managers Do

What Great Managers Do

By Jan Makela
Welcome, Jan Makela's PODCAST What Great Manager Do. Where you will be exposed to what the best managers in the world do. In addition, you will hear topics to help you be one the best managers in your or any organization.
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Reduce Holiday stress at work.
Use these 4 things to help you reduce stress at work
December 11, 2019
Starting your own business segment 4
Final segment now go for it
October 23, 2019
Episode 3
Things to consider when starting a new business
October 22, 2019
Second episode of setting up a new business
Marketing to finance
October 17, 2019
So you want to start a new business
A multi part series for starting a new business while working full time
October 16, 2019
Interview with my own coach
Everyone needs a coach. An interview with JW Rayhons of Joshua Development
October 1, 2019
My interview with Murry Guest
Murry Guest is in Australia and is a coach and human development expert 
September 30, 2019
I hate networking events
7 ways to make networking events at least tolerable
September 19, 2019
Warren Buffet Quotes
Quotes from Warren Buffet
September 12, 2019
What percentage of US workers are Union members
Latest research on Union membership I'm the US
August 29, 2019
So you want to start your own business
For almost nine years I have helped business start-ups get established. In this episode I share why you should consider a coach 
August 22, 2019
Turn over cost of a hair stylist
This is an example of what it cost an employer when you lose someone you didn't want to lose
July 16, 2019
Second Part of attracting and retaining employees
Second part of retaining employees
June 7, 2019
How hard it is to recruit and retain employees
Two part series on recruiting and retaining employees
June 7, 2019
The value of Performance Gap Indicators
I am standing in the parking lot of a successful company. They are making money and doing well. I am going to show them their performance gap report and suggest ways they can even do better.
May 23, 2019
My radio interview on NBR New York
Listen to a gen Y radio announcer and I get in to a discussion of managers and why his generation wants something different
March 19, 2019
I hate the phase "We have always done it that way"
Why you want to challenge the phrase we have always done it that way
March 19, 2019
Communication Counts
Communication is one of the main issues that face organizations everyday. What and how communication happens with in teams is crutial for a successful team leader 
March 11, 2019
What my mentor taught me
In two minutes you will discover how to find what you want - but more important is why do you want it.
March 7, 2019
National Broadcast Radio Interview 7 Reasons Employees Are Not In To You
Pay attention to these 7 reasons why employees are just not into you and you can have a wonderful work environment. Employees come to work and do quality work because they want to. Not because they have to. 
February 15, 2019
Episode 11
Latest episode of What Great Managers Do
February 8, 2019
10-minute radio interview
Short radio interview on using the strengths of your team as a manager
January 23, 2019
It took Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles 6 Words to Teach a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence
Listen to the 6 words Nick says. If those words do not live in your team values, you are going to struggle as a team leader. If you want to take your team to the next level give me a call and in 12.5 minutes you will find out if we have a match to help your team grow. No obligation - just a conversation Call 443-364-8341
January 10, 2019
My Interview with NBR-FM on working from strengths
This the interview I did on NBR/FM Radio in New York about working from strengths and what it means to organizations and individuals
January 8, 2019
The end of the traditional manager
The world of management is evolving and changing at a increasing rate. The reason you need to think about how you manage
January 7, 2019
Human Resources For Managers
In today's world managers need to have an understanding of human resource law and how those laws affect them in the workplace
December 28, 2018
Episode 5
Latest episode of What Great Managers Do
December 26, 2018
Performance Gaps
If you have performance gaps you would want to know Right!
December 16, 2018
Do you hate networking events
Tips for you the next time you go to a networking event
December 7, 2018
Episode 3
Latest episode of Jan Makela
December 6, 2018
Be The Manager People Won't Leave
From the national best selling book Cracking The Code To Success & Be the manager people won't leave
December 4, 2018