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Spark Kindness

Spark Kindness

By Jan Riordan
Our bi-weekly podcast has been developed to inspire more kindness in our world. We will discuss the science of kindness and how beneficial it is to be kind and considerate of one another. Please go to to log 'acts of kindness' that you or others have performed. Also, visit the Jennifer Riordan Foundation to read the history of our commitment to live a full life of being kind, loving, caring, and sharing.
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Spark Kindness inspiration with Jan Riordan, Ali Reed and Andrea Leo.

Spark Kindness

Spreading Kindness on a Daily Basis!
Having fun talking about ‘being more kind’ with Mrs. VT International, Jody Brouilette and Andrea Leo.
May 07, 2021
Spark Kindness inspiration with Jan Riordan, Ali Reed and Andrea Leo.
This episode includes our discussion about how kindness can increase productivity in the workplace and how the challenges of Covid can be minimized through being kind within our communities, families and friendships. Another fun topic we discuss are the qualities we each feel that a kind person possesses! 
March 30, 2021
What is Kindness?
In the first episode of the Spark Kindness Podcast we talk about how being kind can shape your life as well as inspire others to enjoy a meaningful life through being kind, loving, caring and sharing!
February 25, 2021