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The Second Generation Podcast

The Second Generation Podcast

By Imran Yussuff and Janac Meenachisundaram
A podcast about perspectives, stories and challenges of growing up as the children of immigrants in North America.

We discuss culture, religion, identity, health, relationships, career and any other impactful moments in the life of our guests. Each episode showcases the unique differences between cultures but also shows that people of seemingly disparate cultures, tend to have more shared challenges and common experiences than one would initially think.

Join your hosts Imran Yussuff and Janac Meenachisundaram, as they bring to light the relatable stories of second-generation Canadians.
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#1. [27M] Afghan - Overcoming Adversity

The Second Generation Podcast

[28M] Tamil (Canadian) - Decade of Consistency
Krisoth "Kris" Gnanenthra is a 28-year-old Canadian, born to Tamil Sri Lankan immigrants. Throughout his life, he has worked tirelessly by staying committed to a host of extra-curricular activities, including music, religious classes, multiple sports, helping run a family business, and most recently, becoming a real estate professional. Join us to hear about how his cultural background influenced his life, and how his sense of discipline continues to be instrumental to his ongoing success. 
August 29, 2021
#2. [27M] Pakistani (Canadian) - Defining Your Identity
Today's guest is Javed Ahmad, a 27-year-old Pakistani-Canadian, who is a financial advisor at TD Bank, a natural athlete and our friend of many years.
June 06, 2021
#1. [27M] Afghan - Overcoming Adversity
The first episode of The Second Generation Podcast! 
November 23, 2020