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The SundayMonday Show

The SundayMonday Show

By Jane Kennedy
Glorify God in your work. Start here.

The SundayMonday Show is a podcast about being bold in faith, work, and life.

It's an invitation to be the person God created you to be, both in your faith and in your career. It takes courage, conviction and community to be a woman who brings all that she is into the workplace. You're not in this alone: our mission is to equip and empower you to make it happen. Let's get to work.

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55. Battling Loneliness
Ahh the battle of loneliness. We’ve all been there – that Friday night without plans, that day you just want to celebrate with friends over dinner but don’t know who to ask, that sunny day perfect for a picnic but you’re headed out to read alone… Why is it that loneliness cuts us so deeply, is so common, yet leaves us feeling so helpless? In this episode, I talk about the battle against loneliness, share super practical ways to cultivate (fun, normal, deep) friendships, and bring the longing to God through specific prayer. I hope this episode encourages you!
June 21, 2022
54. Battling the Need for Approval
Welcome back to the podcast! This week, we're kicking off our summer school series inspired by St. Joan of Arc – battling whatever pulls us away from God, steals our peace, and disturbs our joy. We're starting with "battling the need for approval" because you know your girl has struggled with this one. Listen in for four tips on how to battle this need for approval and for encouragement on keeping your peace and joy no matter what!
June 14, 2022
53. Five Questions for More Fulfilling Work
What's the purpose of work? How do I find a job/company/role that fulfills me? Is it realistic for work to be meaningful? How much can I really expect from my job? Questions around "meaningful work" are by far the most popular we get in our DMs and emails, so today I'm sharing the five questions I use to reflect on where I am in my work life. These questions are designed to help us discern where and how God is calling us to work in our current season! I try to reflect on them at least twice a year.  Our lives are meant to be intentional, and we're all about helping one another be bold in our faith, work, and lives. The five questions: Do I have a vision of where this role is taking me? Is there something else that God is calling me to right now? Am I being realistic about my state in the workforce or am I being idealistic? How is this job affecting my mental, spiritual, and physical health? Do I have fair expectations for what work is and the place it has in my life?
April 05, 2022
52. Beauty, Pride, Modesty and More with Bridget Handy
I know I say this every week, but this episode is SO GOOD. Bridget is back, and we're talking all about beauty. How do we define beauty? What does it mean to be beautiful? How can we steward the gift of our beauty in a world that is bent on driving us towards comparison, competition, and self-doubt? Bridge and I explore the gift of femininity and the ways that we present ourselves in the world while offering some tips on how to protect and honor the gifts that God has given us. Enjoy!
March 29, 2022
51. Friendship with Erica Carnohan
Making friends and maintaining friendships as an adult can be a challenge. Today, my bff Erica is on the pod, and we're talking all about how we keep our long-distance friendship alive and thriving! We cover ways to make friends when moving to a new city, what we look for in our friendships, how to discern if it might be time for a friendship to end, and so many other little tips and stories about friendship! Enjoy :) 
March 08, 2022
50. Spiritual Attack 101
I find it so fitting that our fiftieth episode of the podcast is one of my favorite topics: spiritual attack! This quick episode covers how to identify spiritual attack, weapons for fighting back, and resources that have helped me in my own journey of experiencing and fighting against spiritual attack. Resources: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis Be Healed by Bob Schuchts  Unbound by Neal Lozano Spiritual Warfare Series on "The Place We Find Ourselves" Podcast - Spotify (Episodes 41-47) Spiritual Warfare Series on "The Place We Find Ourselves" Podcast - Apple Podcasts (Episodes 41-47)
March 01, 2022
49. Living Lent at Work and in Life
Lent is coming up, and I wanted to explore some ways we can live Lent well in a work environment! Using inspiration from St. Josemaria Escriva's "The Way," this episode dives into ways that we can best live this season in a way that glorifies God and points those around us to Him! 
February 22, 2022
48. Put down the phone :)
This is our most controversial episode yet…and also our shortest. Tune in for a quick reflection on this week’s first reading, Jeremiah 17:5-8.
February 15, 2022
47. Moving from Kentucky to NYC, making big decisions, and a heart to heart with Katie Mittel
I'm SO excited to introduce you to my dear friend Katie on this week's podcast! Katie and I became friends this past fall after moving to NYC around the same time, and she's been one of the greatest gifts the big apple has offered me! Katie is wise, generous, funny, and so smart, and her story of discerning God's call on her life and her courage to move to NYC is pretty amazing.  I'm so sorry for the whistling of the radiator (especially at the beginning of the episode) but I promise it eventually subsides AND it's an effort to make this a truly authentic NYC experience ;)  Resrouces referenced within: God's Voice Within - a superb book about wise discernment The Defining Decade - a must-read for anyone in their 20s!
February 08, 2022
46. Six Simple Tips for a Morning Prayer Routine
"In order to succeed in prayer, it should be done when we first awaken, when our whole being is calm and recollected. We need to make our meditation before anything else." - St. Peter Julian Eymard "Every morning prepare your soul for a tranquil day." - St. Francis de Sales Morning prayer is the foundation of a life lived boldly for God – but I know what it's like to have no idea what to do or where to begin. In this short episode, I'll share six thoughts on morning prayer, including my favorite resources, habits and tips for making and protecting prayer time, and encouragement for structuring/opening/closing prayer. 
January 25, 2022
45. Welcome to Season Two! Living order, setting goals and 2022 with Erica Carnohan
We are BACK and I couldn’t be more excited to a) be on the mic again and b) usher in season two with my bestie. Today, Erica and I wrap up 2021, share our words for 2022, and chat about our goals. We also explore the space between offering everything up to grace and working as if things depend on us, and talk a little bit about where The SundayMonday and the podcast are headed this year. As we mention in the podcast, this season we’re going “back to basics” and I can’t wait to share our all-star lineup with you! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. See you next week!
January 18, 2022
44. Are you proactive or reactive?
With all of the distractions of our lives and work, it's so easy to get constantly sidetracked and distracted by interruptions. This can wreak havoc on our peace, purpose, joy, and prayer. This week, I'm exploring a few ways that we can reclaim our daily lives, which in turn makes us more available and obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He wants our joy and wants our peace!
November 02, 2021
43. You have permission to take a break
I think the title says it all, but this is a quick little episode here to remind you that you have permission to take a break. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted – you are NOT alone! This episode is for you, to offer some super practical tips to deal with any stress or overwhelm you're facing today. Enjoy! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
October 19, 2021
42. Confidence, Comparison, and Trust in God with Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton Wolfe
Today I’m joined by author, speaker, mother, TV Host, Miss USA 2009, and my friend, Kristen Dalton Wolfe! I’ve known Kristen for almost a decade and I’m so excited to have her on the show! We cover everything from comparison to confidence to trust in God, and she tells the story of how the Lord led her to her newest role as the host of her very own talk show! Her joy and faith are contagious and I hope you’re just as blessed by this episode as I was while recording it! About Kristen Dalton Wolfe Kristen Dalton Wolfe is a former Miss USA who helps women step into the radiance of their true identity. Though she wore the Miss USA crown, her life was changed when she realized her true identity was rooted in being a daughter of the King. Since then, Kristen has used her passion for women coupled with her degree in Psychology to launch, a faith blog to spread the truth that every woman is royalty. 400,000 readers are impacted every month by the site. Kristen and her husband, Kris Wolfe, founder of are based in Los Angeles and run men and women’s ministries, retreats and conferences. They speak regularly in churches, conferences, events and universities. Kristen is a TV host with her own nationally syndicated show. You may also see her in global print and commercial campaigns. You can find Kristen on Instagram at @kristenjdalton!
October 12, 2021
41. The Catholic Feminist is Here!! with Claire Swinarski
My dream podcast guest is here and I’m over the moon!! Claire Swinarski is a woman of many talents – an author, a podcaster, a writer, a mother, a missionary – and her brainchild, The Catholic Feminist, is one of my very favorite podcasts (and now newsletters!) ever. Since retiring the podcast late last year, Claire has been publishing some amazing newsletters on her sub-stack “Letters from a Catholic Feminist” (linked below), as well as publishing multiple middle grade books. Oh, and she also had her third baby. I’m so inspired by her, and I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it! About Claire Swinarski: Claire Swinarski is the author of multiple books, including What Happens Next and The Kate In Between. Her writing has been featured in The Washington Post, Seventeen, Milwaukee Magazine, and many other publications. She lives in small town Wisconsin with her husband and three kids, where they read a lot of books and bake a lot of bread. You can follow her on Instagram @claireswinarski. Letters from a Catholic Feminist About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
October 05, 2021
40. Q&A - Negotiation, Fear of Failure, Social Media, and Repetitive Sins
It's episode 40 (wow) and we're here with a question and answer episode! Thanks for submitting your questions this week – if you have a topic for me to cover on the next one, email! (1:18) I keep falling into the same sins, and I want freedom from that. I’ve been to confession, read books, and I’m still struggling.  (3:36) What are your best tips for salary negotiations? (6:00) I want to have a better relationship with social media, but nothing is working. I’ve tried unfollowing people and setting limits but I always ignore them.  (8:24) How can I discover my vocation?  (9:31) How is school going?  (10:53) Coming out of quarantine I want to do new things but I just hate failing. What is your advice for getting over that fear of failure?  About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
September 28, 2021
39. Girls just wanna have fun!! with Erica Carnohan
Your resident chill girls are back with an episode all about joy, fun, play, and not taking things too seriously!! In this episode, we share how we find joy in daily life, our suggestions for bringing play into our work, how having fun is actually a way to be more productive, and how Jesus wants and encourages our joy!  Our challenge to you after this episode is to do something that intentionally cultivates joy!! Send me a picture @thesundaymonday_ on instagram and we'll share them throughout the week. Work with Erica Carnohan About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
September 21, 2021
38. Follow up to "Joy in Seasons of Waiting" with Sarah Bui
It's the follow-up episode you've been waiting for!! This past spring, Sarah Bui and I recorded an episode (#4) on finding joy in seasons of waiting. We were both in the process of applying to school, and as of this past month, we're living that dream! Sarah and I talk about how the process shook out, what God taught us in the waiting, and advice for our former (and future) selves facing waiting and uncertainty of any kind. We hope our conversation leaves you encouraged to trust in the goodness of God and His plans for you! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
September 07, 2021
37. Authenticity, Intimacy with God, and a Heart to Heart with Bridget Handy
Bridget is one of the best people I know, and her radical faith and trust in God is contagious. I had to have her on to talk about all sorts of things – and her wisdom about developing a relationship with God, showing up authentically wherever He calls us, and navigating transitions with peace and purpose is all SO good. I hope this episode leaves you as encouraged to drop everything and meet up with God as it did for me! Enjoy! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
August 24, 2021
36. Mental Management, Performance under Pressure, and Developing a Confident Self Image with Heather Sumlin
I am SO excited about this episode! I was first exposed to Heather and her work in 2017, and over the past few years, she has played a major role in some of the most stressful/exciting moments of my life: from competing at Miss California to taking the GMAT and applying to business school! Her coaching has helped me develop a confident self image that has served me in my faith, work, and life, and I can’t wait for you to get to know her. In this episode, we talk about the three most important steps of developing mental strength: 1) Controlling our thoughts, 2) Building Skills, and 3) Developing our Self Image. Heather talks about ways that we as young women can make this process harder on ourselves, and offers solutions for how to address our mental roadblocks. We also talk about comparison and competition, and how celebrating the skills and talents of others actually helps boost our own confidence. You don’t want to miss this one!! If you’d like to connect with Heather and learn more about Mental Management Systems, you can reach her at In this episode, she references two of her father’s books, Freedom Flight and With Winning in Mind. You can learn more at About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
August 17, 2021
35. Budgeting and Financial Stewardship with Agape Investing's Katie Jones
Join Katie Jones from @agapeinvesting as she busts three myths about money and faith. Katie also covers investing apps, easy ways to save, values-based budgeting and spending, tithing, paying off debt and so much more! This episode features the audio from one of our most popular Instagram Live events (hosted in September of 2020), and we've heard from so many members of the community that this discussion was helpful in creating a new mindset around approaching finances with a stewardship mindset. I hope you enjoy! **Major apologies for the awful sound quality on my end – Katie sounds great, and she's sharing the wisdom so I encourage you to dive into it and just ignore my awful sound quality!** About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
August 10, 2021
34. Teaching in the Bronx and Praying Specific Prayers with Jacelyn Vo
In today's episode, you'll get to hear from one of the most beautiful and holy people I know – Jacelyn Vo! Jace and I went to UCSB together, and since graduating her life has been a grand adventure! I can't wait for you to hear how the Lord has worked in her life and how she has been courageous in pursuit of Him. Enjoy!! About Jacelyn Vo: Jacelyn is a full time first grade teacher at Brilla College Prep Elementary located in the South Bronx, a place she finds full of life, culture, and the presence of God. After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara, she found herself desiring to grow deeper in her faith and chose to move across the country for a job that has formed her beyond expectations. She believes that inviting God into her daily discernments has given her interior freedom and a deeper meaning of work. If you’re interested in learning more about a role as a missionary with Seton Teaching Fellows, please check them out on or on instagram @setonteachingfellows, where you can send them a DM, and schedule a meeting. If you’re interested in a full-time non missionary role at Brilla Schools, please see their job postings under “careers” at This is an incredible opportunity to work for a growing org whose ultimate mission is to bring children around the US to college and heaven. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
July 27, 2021
33. Dreaming a New Dream in the Midst of Heartbreak
We’re getting a bit vulnerable on the podcast today and talking about heartbreak. I’m not sure what’s going around, but it seems like a lot of people I love dearly are in the throes of disappointment, broken expectations, and heartbreak. It’s so hard to see this in lives of my friends, so I’m jumping on for an unscripted chat and prayer session (starting at about 13:30). The Lord meets us in our disappointment, in our hurt, in our broken expectations. He LOVES us. He also doesn’t want us to stay there. The Lord brings us dreams, planted in our hearts, to encourage us to trust in Him more deeply and more completely. If you’re going through it, know that you’re not alone. I pray that this episode gives you hope that your story is just beginning! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
July 20, 2021
32. I'm Going to Business School!
I have exciting news to share! After nine months of taking tests, writing essays, a million coffee chats, interviews, and more, I'm over the moon to share that I'm attending business school this fall. Applying for business school is a long, arduous process, so today I'm breaking down my experience and the tips and tricks I learned along the way. If you're interested in applying for MBA programs, or want to know what I've been doing for the past nine months, listen on! It's a pretty comprehensive and detail-oriented episode, so if this isn't your cup of tea, skip this one and come back next week :) Here's what's covered: 1:40 - Why Business School? (versus MPP/MPA/nothing) 7:35 - GRE vs GMAT 8:00 - Studying for the GMAT 13:00 - Things to do early on in the process 13:58 - Applying through The Consortium 15:39 - Making your List of Schools 21:43 - Writing Your Essays 24:55 - Should you hire an MBA consultant? 27:42 - What to do once your applications are submitted 27:57 - Interview Prep & Tips 31:55 - Deciding on a School! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the process! I wouldn't be here without the incredible support and encouragement of the people who went before me, and I'm here to pay it forward. Good luck!
July 13, 2021
31. Healing, Curing, and the Divine Physician with Dr. Tolu Rosanwo
I'm so SO excited to finally share this conversation I had with Tolu a few weeks ago. She is an incredible doctor, an accomplished academic, and so in love with Jesus it's contagious. We talked about all sorts of things, from her journey into medicine, her interest and research into Sickle Cell Disease. Tolu shares how her faith impacts her work, and shares a story that gave me serious goosebumps. Whether you work in medicine or not, Tolu's witness is inspiring for anyone seeking to offer their work to God. I know I'll come back to this conversation again and again to gain more wisdom! Enjoy!   About Dr. Tolulope Rosanwo Tolu is a current resident in Pediatrics in Boston, MA. Her keen interest in sickle cell disease is greatly owed to having many loved ones living with SCD. She has been a patient-advocate developing a mentoring program for chronically transfused children with SCD and medical students at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (where she studied) and has written an opinion piece on the need for anti-racism in the care of patients with SCD. Tolu is also a scientist and studies the normal and disordered development of red blood cells and investigates how a patients own cells can be used for cures of their own blood diseases using gene therapy. She has received numerous awards for her research and has presented her work on three continents, published her findings and wrote a textbook chapter on the critical care of patients with SCD. Medicine has been her calling and she looks to Jesus Christ as the Great Physician as her number one example of how to practice medicine. About The SundayMonday Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
July 06, 2021
30. Are you my mentor?
Are you my mentor? Mentorship is a buzzy concept – especially around young professionals – but what the heck is a mentor, and how do I find one? In this episode, I dive into the definitions of mentors and mentorship, share my experiences with my own board of directors, talk about the differences between a mentor and a company sponsor, and share red flags and green lights to look for when discerning a mentor. Then I jump into how to find a mentor – where to look, what to say, and how to cultivate a relationship. If you’ve ever wondered how to develop mentorship relationships, this is the episode for you! Two announcements: 1. Our very first bible study is looking for trial groups! It’s called the Work/Life Bible Study and it’s a six week study on what God says about work, integrating our faith and work lives, and challenging ourselves to grow bolder in our faith, work, and life. If you can gather a small group of 3-10 people for the study and start by mid-August, please email me at or fill out the form in the link in our Instagram bio! 2. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss next week’s episode with Tolu Rosanwe! She’s an incredible pediatric resident at Harvard University Hospital, and her faith is so bold you’ll be left powered up to go out and live the life God calls you to live with courage! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
June 29, 2021
29. Evangelization through Beauty with Singer-Songwriter Marie Miller
"Every expression of true beauty can be acknowledged as a path leading to an encounter with the Lord Jesus." Pope Francis Beauty captivates – and beauty transforms. We cannot help but be drawn in by the true, the good, and the beautiful. In today's episode, I'm sitting down with singer-songwriter Marie Miller, whose beautiful music is doing just that!  During our conversation, Marie tells the story of how she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in performing, and what it looks like to be a professional musician – before, during and after the craziness of the COVID pandemic! She also shares how she handles the pressures of a competitive and comparative industry, and how her faith has made her a better artist. We talk about social media use, discerning our gifts, and embracing the places God is calling us. Finally, Marie reveals the importance of pursuing excellent art, and how as believers we should seek out, celebrate, and support artists! Once you're done with the episode, head over to Marie's Spotify page and add her music to your queue if it's not there already. I'm so grateful for Marie's time, wisdom, and joy! Enjoy the episode! About Marie Miller: Marie Miller is a singer/songwriter and mandolin player from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Her favorite musical moments include singing for Pope Francis and 700,000 attendees in Philadelphia,PA. Miller’s music was also featured on ABC Dancing with the Stars, SiriusXM,, The Huffington Post, and MTV’s Teen Mom. She recently released a full length project “Little Dreams” available on all streaming platforms. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
June 22, 2021
28. Faith in the Spotlight with Broadcast Journalist Kara Dixon
What's the best way to live our faith in the world? How do we bring our authentic selves to work, when it feels vulnerable to do? In this episode, Kara shares her experience working as a broadcast journalist and sharing stories for a living. We discuss the importance of using our gifts to serve society and the kingdom, living our faith when it feels challenging to do so in a professional environment, and how to balance faith and work. Kara is an absolute hoot and this conversation is filled with gems! I hope it leaves you inspired to go out and live boldly, following in Kara's example! About Kara Dixon: Kara Dixon is a TV reporter based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Kara's mission in life is to bring awareness to the beauty and diversity of the world through her stories. When she's not reporting, stockpiling books for her library, or belting out her favorite Hamilton show tunes at karaoke, you can find Kara volunteering in different ministries at her church. You can follow her on Instagram @Karadixontv or on Twitter @karawavy. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
June 15, 2021
27. Women in STEM, Tough First Jobs & Go Irish with Laura Bobich
Today I am honored to have one of my oldest and dearest friends: superstar engineer and Carondelet High School Class of 2013 Salutatorian, Laura Bobich, on the podcast! Laura shares her journey from her first job at a toys and games store to her current role as a structural engineer. She talks about what drew her to engineering and what her experience is like now as a woman in the male-dominated field. Laura also shares what she learned from her first job, and how that tough experience led her to a role that's far more fulfilling but different than what she originally thought she'd enjoy out of school. It's an episode FULL of wisdom and I'm so excited for you to enjoy Laura's joy, wit, and wisdom!  About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
June 08, 2021
26. The SundayMonday is ONE!
The SundayMonday is ONE!!! I cannot believe it’s been a year since these doors were opened and this community began. It’s been the coolest, most eye-opening, most fun year, and it’s all because of you! Thank you for being here, thank you for bringing your joy and light and experiences – The SundayMonday is a gift, because you all are gifts! In today’s episode, I share five reflections on the past year. I talk about facing fear of failure, being obedient to the Holy Spirit when it’s hard, releasing control, working with friends, comparison, and more! It was wild to reflect on the past year (especially since it was such a roller coaster) but I’m grateful to get to do all of this in such a great community. If you’d like to hear the origin story of The SundayMonday, head back to episode one and give it a listen!
June 01, 2021
25. Should you take the job?
This episode is inspired by a question sent in by a friend - "Should I take this offer, or wait for a more perfect job?" This is such a common issue and so I'm taking to the podcast to dive in. There's one question that we need to ask before taking a job, and unfortunately so many of us forget it in the rush of excitement over our offers! When you ask this question, you're setting yourself up for a career with vision, purpose, and joy.  Have a question or topic you'd like addressed? Email me at and your question could be featured on the show!
May 25, 2021
24. Body Image, Intuitive Eating, and Self Care with Erica Carnohan
Today I'm joined again by my friend, Erica Carnohan, as we discuss some of our favorite topics: body image, intuitive eating, and self care! In this episode, Erica and I share our personal journeys and  struggles with our bodies, food, and exercise. We talk about the culture that we live in and how health and wellness has become distorted from the truth of how God created us: unique, beautiful, and strong. After long struggles to embrace this truth, we both came to Intuitive Eating over the past few years, and have found unbelievable freedom, healing, and peace in the process. If you're struggling with your body, food, and/or exercise, we hope that our stories might offer hope that there is freedom on the other side, and that wants so much more for you! *Disclaimer* We are NOT registered dietitians, doctors, or medical professionals. The advice shared within is simply from our own experiences. This should not be used as a replacement for professional medical advice, which we both recommend if you're struggling with food, exercise, and your body. Food Psych Podcast It's Not About the Food Podcast Abby Sharp YouTube Channel Dr. Morgan Francis Instagram
May 18, 2021
23. Welcome to the Real World: Graduating Seniors Q&A Part 2 ft. Caroline Rose Owens and Lauren Niesen
This episode is part two of our episode answering questions sent in by graduating seniors! I’m joined by Lauren Niesen and Caroline Rose Owens to jump into even more awesome topics. In this part, we discuss all sorts of questions including: Time management Negotiating your salary Budgeting Building a life outside of work Finding hobbies and activities outside of work Tithing How can you show that you’re committed to work but it’s not your whole life? How do you budget your salary? What about life outside of work? What do you do at night, on weekends or after work? How do you not fall into the trap of watching Netflix falling asleep every night? And what about hobbies?? Do you have them, how do you do that? Is there anything else you’d like to share as we wrap up? Lauren and Caroline and I had such great time answering these and hope this information is helpful for you. If you’re looking for more resources to be bold in your faith, work, and life, check out our website for tons of free resources and articles written by women at all stages of life striving to do the same!
May 11, 2021
FOCUS Fridays 4: Kylie Armstrong, Ministry Operations Manager for Culture of Life Family Services
The inimitable Kylie Armstrong is our FOCUS Fridays guest today!! We cover olive oil, Agent Cody Banks, mission work, taking a leap of faith, and so much more. Kylie’s energy and passion for her work and community is simply contagious. We know you’ll love her just as much as we do! Kylie Armstrong is the Ministry Operations Manager for Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) in San Diego, California. She oversees all ministry programs within the organization including support programs for women in crisis pregnancy and pro-life education curriculum for the community. She started with COLFS in January 2020 as the Ministry Operations Assistant, and stepped into her current management role in December 2020. Before working for COLFS, Kylie served as a missionary for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) at UC Santa Barbara from 2017-2019. During her time as a missionary, she was blessed to lead a mission trip to Mexico City where she received the call to pursue pro-life work while visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe. Kylie is currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Divine Mercy University, and applies her counseling knowledge to her work with clients at COLFS on a daily basis.
May 07, 2021
22. Welcome to the Real World: Graduating Seniors Q&A Part 1 with Caroline Rose Owens and Lauren Niesen
On this episode I'm joined by the wonderful Caroline Owens and Lauren Niesen to tackle a whole bunch of questions from graduating college seniors! From making friends to setting boundaries to building a community and finding a parish to creating a budget to carving out time for prayer and exercise, all the way to questions like "what if I'm bad at my job?" – we get open and honest with the goal of equipping you to make the most out of these first few years post-college. Caroline Owens is the host of the "She Believed" podcast, and graduated from Ball State University last year. She works as an account manager for Ringlet and loves investing in her community and faith! Caroline resides in Washington, DC. Lauren Niesen is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, where she studied actuarial sciences (ask her all about it!). After graduation, Lauren will be moving to Omaha to work for Gallup as a financial analyst. Jane Kennedy is the founder of The SundayMonday, a website designed to help Christians be bold in their faith, work, and life. She works in criminal justice reform, but has also dabbled in tech marketing, pr, and federal government work. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 2017, she spent two years in San Francisco before moving to DC, where she currently resides. We had so much fun that we split the conversation into two episodes, so be sure to come back next week for part 2!
May 04, 2021
FOCUS Fridays 3: Michael Fuentes, Sales Manager
Our guest today is my good friend Michael Fuentes! Michael served for two years on campus at Columbia and George Mason University before moving into the world of sales. He shares his journey to faith and FOCUS, his transition process from mission to the secular workforce, and shares encouragement for anyone looking to make the jump! Michael Fuentes graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 2016. He then served as a FOCUS missionary for one year at Columbia University and two years at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. He’s worked as a sales manager and volunteers with the Washington Urban Debate League. Recently married to his college best friend and former debate partner Renee, Michael is enjoying newlywed life and the arrival of warmer weather in the DC area.
April 30, 2021
21. Wise Words with Nomi
Today my incredible grandmother, Mary Ellen Judson aka Nomi, is on the podcast! We talk about everything: her 50+ year marriage, her beloved three children and nine grandchildren, her amazing "sister the Sister," and how she's shared her God-given gifts at different stages of her life. Nomi is often my first call when I need advice, and I'm over the moon to share her with you all today!  Enjoy! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
April 27, 2021
FOCUS FRIDAYS: Missy Brassie, Harvard Business Publishing
Today we welcome Missy Brassie to the FOCUS Fridays series! This episode is contagiously joyful, and both Elli and I gained so much from Missy’s courage, faith, and trust. Missy shares how the cultural virtues of FOCUS have continued to serve her in her professional career: Personal excellence, joyful sacrifice, and vital unity. It’s a great episode, and Missy has so much to share about her journey into the secular workforce after a career with FOCUS! Missy Brassie is a Phoenix-based thirty-something who was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She originally studied theater in college but after a profound encounter with Jesus Christ on a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia, Missy embarked on a different path. She spent over a decade working in ministry, including seven years as a full-time missionary with FOCUS. She has also had numerous professional endeavors along the way, from administrative work at an environmental engineering firm to a short stint as a Venue and Events Manager for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She is currently working in Corporate Learning for Harvard Business Publishing, a Boston-based organization that delivers leadership development programs to major corporations around the world. She and her fiancé, Jeff, are getting married later this year, and they are united by their love of God and baseball. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
April 23, 2021
20. Q&A - WFH, juggling faith/work/life, birthdays, community, dating + more!
Wow, can you believe we’re already at episode 20?! I am so grateful to everyone who has been listening and also to my wonderful friends who said yes to joining me on the show! If you’ve missed any of the past episodes, I encourage you to go back and listen now. To celebrate 20 episodes, I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A about The SundayMonday and faith/work/life! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions through Instagram, Facebook, and the email list. I had a great time answering these questions, so let me know if you want more episodes like this in the future! Enjoy :) PODCAST Q&A 1:40 – Do you have a WFH routine - Nicole 4:34 – What are some women of faith summits/virtual conferences coming up in 2021? - Jenna (Given Institute link here) 5:28 – Favorite food? Favorite cafe/restaurant in DC? - Helen 6:33 – Why did you start the SundayMonday? Helen 8:35 – What are your thoughts on Online Dating? If you’re not a fan, how do you meet people? How do you deal with first date anxiety? - McKenna 14:50 – What was your favorite part of being 25? What are you looking forward to during 26? - Laura 16:50 – What’s your favorite podcast? - Hannah 19:00 – How do you make time to read? - Pilar 21:14 – How do you make time to do work and The SundayMonday? - Kristen 25:05 – How can I create community when it’s not present in my city? - Gabriela About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
April 20, 2021
FOCUS FRIDAYS: Greg Schmidt, Director of Development for the Capuchin Friars
Our first guest on the FOCUS Fridays series is Greg Schmidt! Greg is the Director of Development for the Capuchin Friars in the Western America Province. He funds the work of the 42 friars that serve schools, parishes, and the poor in California and Northern México. An avid golfer, Greg lives with his wife Elli in sunny Santa Barbara, California. In this episode, Greg shares how he received the call to FOCUS, reminisces on his great experiences on staff, and shares how he initially deleted the email that eventually led him to his current role with the Capuchin Friars! We love Greg (In fact, Elli loves him so much that she married him!) and we know you'll love him too.  About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
April 16, 2021
19. Law School, The Sabbath, and Biking from Texas to Alaska with Jacquelyn Clark
“I have an image of God to bear this week, and not an image of myself to build.” My incredible friend, Jacquelyn Clark, is on the podcast today, and we’re talking about all sorts of things! Jacquelyn is a second year (2L) at the George Washington University School of Law, where she’s learning how to balance her faith, work, and life like a superstar every day! We talk about her journey to law school, what it’s like to find balance in her crazy schedule, and how her contagious joy has affected her classmates and professors. Jacquelyn also shares her experience of biking from Texas to Alaska (!!) during the summer after her senior year of college at UT Austin in the Texas4000, which raises money for cancer research. Finally, Jacquelyn drops the wisdom of her amazing sabbath practice. She inspires me, and I know she’ll inspire you too! About Jacquelyn: Jacquelyn is a native Texan and went to undergrad at the University of Texas. She currently lives in DC where she is studying law and a member of her school’s Moot Court Team. This summer she’ll be clerking for the City of Austin fulfilling a dream of hers to work as a public servant. In her free time, she enjoys walking her cat, watching Audrey Hepburn movies, and making her friends take the Enneagram personality test. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
April 13, 2021
Introducing FOCUS Fridays!
I am over the moon to launch this series with my co-host, Elli Schmidt! In this series, we’re exploring the career paths of former missionaries who have moved into new roles in both the private and public sectors. Buckle up and get ready for this amazing series, launching Friday, April 16!
April 09, 2021
18. Finding our Identity in Seasons of Transition with Kelly Powers
In a world obsessed with identity, achievement, and prestige, moving on from something that we've held as our identity is hard.  After spending her childhood dancing, Kelly found herself on the biggest of stages as a professional dancer for the NFL. But after achieving such an incredible milestone, Kelly found herself asking, "Is this what God is asking of me?" Her journey through a transition out of a lifetime of competitive dance is so beautiful, and I know her story will increase your trust and hope in God and His perfect plan. Since I'm also going through a period of transition out of something that has meant so much to me over the past seven years, we talk about what it's like to be in the midst of transition and how we've experienced God's love in it all. Whether you're in the midst of a transition or preparing for something new, this episode is for you.  Kelly's Article - "God's Will or My Own" About Kelly Powers: Kelly lives in Los Gatos, CA. She’s a graduate from Saint Mary’s College of California and works as a marketing manager at eBay. Outside of work, she’s either teaching hip hop classes, watching sports with her husband, or reading Nicholas Sparks books. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
April 06, 2021
17. Young Adult Group 101 with Kendra Diaz
What's the point of Young Adult Groups? Will I be welcomed? Isn't YAG just a place to husband hunt?  Buckle up folks, because we're tackling these questions (and more) in today's episode. If you've ever been in a Young Adult Group, or have an interest in joining, this podcast breaks down the best ways to plug in, find your people, and create a community of people who will call you higher and help you grow. Joining me is my friend, Kendra, who I met in a San Francisco Young Adult Group! Kendra shares her experiences in YAG programs in Minnesota and SF, offers advice for people who are looking to explore the world of YAG, and tells the story of how she (unexpectedly) met her husband in a YAG. It's a good one! About Kendra Diaz: Kendra studied business at the University of Minnesota and works in Brand Management in San Francisco. She learned the power of a Young Adult Group in Minnesota, where she deepened her faith with the help of her peers. She later moved to San Francisco and found community in a thriving young adult group in the city. She soon joined their leadership team and created a hospitality role to make San Francisco a little more welcoming. Kendra is a newlywed who mastered the covid wedding, and has recently been enjoying cooking, virtual game nights and time with her husband. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
March 30, 2021
16. Living an Ordered Life with Mary Ellen Yep
What does it look like to live a life of order? What habits, routines, and disciplines can we implement to live a full, bold, and courageous life, with clear priorities and vision? My guest today is a fount of wisdom when it comes to this very topic, and I'm so thrilled to share her with you today! On this episode, Mary Ellen shares her "Olympian" mentality, how she's made space for silence, the habits that have had the biggest impact on her life, and why a life of order isn't boring. I know this episode is going to jazz you up and can't wait to put her advice into action in my own life! About Mary Ellen Yep: As a native Chicagoan, Mary Ellen was instilled with a passion for helping people at an incredibly young age. A daughter of an avid fisherman, business owner and Rotarian, Mary Ellen spent every summer volunteering and helping to coordinate events and benefits. She began her professional career working several years in the pharmacy and as a medical professional in healthcare. Mary Ellen's passion for health and wellness motivated her to attain her master’s in applied nutrition from the University of New England and is a certified life coach. An avid blogger and food enthusiast, Mary Ellen educates others on how to create a healthier rhythm of life. As Program Director for Yuma Center, Mary Ellen oversees all events for the professional development of women. She resides in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband, daughter, and German Shepherd named Lottie. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
March 23, 2021
15. Handling Uncertainty
On this minisode, we're tackling uncertainty. Uncertainty is a fact of life – we are simply not in control. How do we marry our uncertainty with our faith? Is it wrong to face doubt and anxiety about the future? Today, I'm talking all about how we can face uncertainty by bringing our fear and worry into the light! I'm sharing two actionable responses to uncertainty, as well as scripture and my absolute favorite prayer to whip out when things get shaky. Give this episode a listen, save it for the future, and share with a friend! Have a request for a future minisode? Send me an email at or DM us on Instagram at the link below! The Litany of Trust Scripture referenced: Matthew 7:7-11 Luke 12:22-32 About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
March 18, 2021
14. Know, Love, and Serve: Encountering the Homeless with Emily St. Paul
Today I’m welcoming Emily St. Paul to the podcast! Emily works for Christ in the City, and has spent the past year and a half working closely with the poor and loving those who she meets on the streets. In this episode, Emily shares her journey to becoming a Christ in the City missionary, offers insight into how we can best love those we encounter in our daily lives, and shares some of the stories and lessons she’ll take away from her time as a missionary. We are called to “know, love, and serve” the poor, and my hope is that this episode leaves you feeling encouraged and inspired to do just that! About Christ in the City: Website: Instagram: @christinthecity About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
March 16, 2021
13. Motherhood and Mission in the Workforce with Schyler Smith
The brilliant and beautiful Schyler Smith is here today to talk all about embracing motherhood and mission in the workplace! Schyler spent the past seven years working for FOCUS, but she's starting a new adventure as a real estate agent in sunny Santa Barbara! Schyler shares her discernment process, how she tackled the transition from mission-centric work to mission-inspired work, and how she fights lies about her value as a working wife and mother. I promise she'll leave you feeling so excited and encouraged to follow the path God places in front of us!  About Schyler Smith: Schyler Smith is a Southern California Valley girl born and raised. Growing up in Studio City, Schyler was enveloped in the entertainment world from a young age. Instead of following her father into acting she charted her own path. Upon graduating with a degree in Communications and Digital Media from the University of Colorado, Boulder (Go Buffs!), Schyler took a year to live and work in Denver before following the Lord's call to join FOCUS and become a missionary on the college campus. After serving 3 years at the University of California, Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos), Schyler then worked on the FOCUS Events team, planning FOCUS' annual SEEK and SLS conferences. After 7 years with FOCUS, Schyler is now a full time Realtor in beautiful Santa Barbara and when she's not helping people buy or sell homes you can find her at the beach with her husband Mike and two adorable kiddos. Follow Schyler Smith on Instagram: @schylersmith_sb About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
March 09, 2021
12. Keeping the Faith in Hollywood with Hayley Hunt
Today, my girl Hayley is on the show to talk about keeping the faith in Hollywood! Her first feature film appearance is out tomorrow, in Netflix's Moxie, and she shares the crazy God moments that led to her featured role in the film. She also talks about her journey to acting and shares reflections on what it takes to pursue a big dream. Whether you have Walk of Fame aspirations or not, this is a podcast episode that will fire you up for whatever challenge you're getting ready to tackle next! About Hayley Hunt: Hayley Hunt is an actress living in Los Angeles with her dog, Benny the Jet Rodriguez. She’s a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, the current Miss Hollywood, and a student at Utah Valley University. Hayley is making her feature film debut as a featured extra in the movie Moxie, premiering March 3 on Netflix. Here's the Pageant Guide Hayley referred to! I published it after seven years of competition with all my secrets ;)  About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
March 02, 2021
11. Painless (maybe even fun?!) Networking with Sophie-Anne Baril
Does the idea of networking make you squirm? Do you envision awkward cocktail tables and quiet zoom happy hours? Well, we're here to bust those networking myths and offer ideas that could even make you look forward to building out your network! Today, I have Sophie-Anne Baril on the show and we're tackling networking. Sophie-Anne shares her story, how she's found a lot of joy and success through developing her network, and her advice to early- and mid-career professionals who are looking to build out a bigger community or pivot into a new industry. Sophie's wisdom is priceless and I'm overjoyed to share her with you! About Sophie-Anne: Sophie spent part of her childhood in Haiti and later moved to the United States.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Nova Southeastern University and her graduate degree from The George Washington University in DC.  After working in the international development sector for a few years, she transitioned into working in the public sector as a federal employee in the international economics field.  Beyond her “9 to 5,” she enjoys curating her platform @thrivebeyond5, trying new recipes, and offering pro-bono consulting for her sister’s fashion line: Rielli. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday
February 23, 2021
10. What are you doing with your life?
In this Minisode, we're tackling a big topic: what are you doing with your life? The question seems overwhelming, but we've all asked it of ourselves – and usually not in a kind, encouraging way ;) How can we approach this question through the lens of faith and take proactive steps to explore what we are called to do and who we are called to be?  This episode offers three new questions and three actionable ways you can experience the joy, adventure, and purpose God has in store for your life! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
February 18, 2021
9. A Lent Well Spent! with Erica Carnohan
Happy Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras!! If you're listening on the day we release this, tomorrow kicks off the liturgical season of Lent, forty days during which the Church is invited to pause, reflect, and offer praise, fasting, and almsgiving in preparation for our Lord's passion and resurrection. If you're like me, you might not quite know what you're giving up yet. But good news! Today's podcast is all about how we can discern and decide how God desires to grow closer to us this season. My guest today is one of my very best friends, Erica Carnohan! In this episode, Erica explores how the harder thing isn't always the holier thing, offers questions to reflect on as we select a fast, and shares encouragement for how we can check the true intentions behind our fasts. We also talk about Harry Potter and cold showers, so you're getting a little bit of everything. Finally, Erica poses a challenge for all of us as we enter into this season! Erica is a San Diego native, a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, and a former missionary for FOCUS. She recently launched her own web design and copywriting business, Seedling Site Shop, where she helps purpose-driven brands craft their message and online presence. She currently lives in Southern California with her four pet chickens. Here's to a fruitful and prayerful Lent – I hope this episode helps you prepare and enjoy this season! Links from this episode: Register for the Yuma Center Professional Soiree here. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
February 16, 2021
8. From Ideas to Action: Entrepreneurship with Confidence with Julie Larkin
This week, my guest is the inimitable Julie Larkin! Julie is the founder and executive director of Girl Talk, an organization dedicated to building a sisterhood of self-worth through personal storytelling, deeper conversation, and authentic friendship. Girl Talk inspires every woman - from middle schoolers to moms - to recognize and radiate her inherent dignity. We talk about how to move forward when you have a dream or goal that you want to pursue. Julie shares her story of building Girl Talk from a one-time residence hall event in college to a major non-profit in multiple states. We discuss the challenges of finding the “right “ idea, how to tackle fear when stepping out in faith, and ways in which we can find harmony between what we do at work and what we do at home. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel ready to run out and get to work :) ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Use our voice memo feature on our episode website (here) to leave your questions, comments, and stories about work. We’ll pitch your stories (anonymous or not) to our audience and share what we get back on an upcoming episode! 2. Join me at the Yuma Center on Thursday, February 18 2021 at 8p ET for a Professional Soiree! I’ll be speaking on the five things I wish I knew when starting my first job. Tickets are $10 and 50% of the sales will go to the Kamalini Vocational Center in Gurgaon, India. To date, India is the country with the second highest number of Covid-19 cases, and Kamalini Center is in need of our support! Register here. More about Julie: Julie received her bachelors degree in psychology from The Catholic University of America and her masters in business from The Busch School of Business and Economics. Julie has spent nearly a decade working in higher-ed, not-for-profits, and startup organizations. She loves developing ideas, experiencing them come to life, and witnessing lives transformed in the process! About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
February 09, 2021
7. Engaging in Interfaith Discussions with Kayla Sallander
This is an episode I'm so stoked to share. My delightful roommate (and friend of 19 years) Kayla is on the show today, and we talk all about how to have respectful and engaging interfaith discussions. Kayla is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also referred to as the Mormon Church) and I'm Catholic. We grew up together and have seen each other grow and lean into our faiths, and now that we live together, we talk about our faith all the time. Kayla shares a bit about her experience on her mission in South Korea and how she made the transition back to "normal life," still with a missionary heart and purpose. We talk about sharing our faith at work, and offer ways to open up to friends who might not know much about our faith beliefs. Kayla shares some ways that we can really press into these conversations in a way that leaves everyone feeling encouraged and heard. I hope this episode inspires you to step out and ask questions to have these incredible and community-building conversations! Kayla Sallander lives in Washington, DC and is a medical student at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. She grew up in California (with Jane!) and loves to sing and swim and has watched every Marvel movie during Covid. She is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
February 02, 2021
6. Making Decisions with the Holy Spirit with Elli Schmidt
This week I'm joined by Elli Schmidt to talk all about making decisions with the Holy Spirit! It's only fitting since Elli is a major reason for my desire to invest in my own relationship with the Holy Spirit, a relationship that's poured out so much grace and peace in my life (and in my decision making!) Elli shares how she grew to know the Holy Spirit, shares a story of her own decision making and discernment, and offers encouragement and practical steps to deepen and develop our relationships with the Holy Spirit when we don't know where to begin. Elli Schmidt hails from Nebraska but is thrilled to now call Santa Barbara, California home. After five years as a campus missionary, Elli now serves as the Senior Manager for Career Services for FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) a role in which she gets to encourage and coach missionaries through the transition from mission on campus to mission in the world. Elli loves riding around town on her moped, hanging out with her gorgeous husband Greg, and surfing on the California coastline. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel equipped to dive into any decisions you're making today!
January 26, 2021
5. Dealing with Disappointment at Work
Tough days happen to all of us. The question is - how do you handle them? In our first minisode, I offer three practical steps to respond, three thoughts on disappointment, and three scripture verses on working well in the midst of frustration. My hope is that this episode will help you deal with whatever disappointment you're facing while continuing to glorify God in your work. What sets us apart as Christians is our ability and desire to stand up for truth, beauty, and goodness, to forgive, and to move forward with hope and conviction.  I hope these truths help you whatever you're facing today!
January 20, 2021
4. Joy in Seasons of Waiting with Sarah Bui
My dear friend Sarah and I are both in the graduate school application process and we're deeeep in seasons of waiting. What better time to talk about it! No matter what you're waiting on (a job, school, meeting someone, starting a family), waiting is hard. Sarah shares how God has been so present to her in this season and past seasons of waiting. We talk about practical ways to find gratitude in the present and stay grounded no matter what the outcome might be. We also share perspectives on looking back at things we really wanted and how God helped us discern our true desires and led us to His best. I hope this episode encourages you and reminds you that no matter where you are or what you're praying for, God is so good and is taking care of you! About Sarah: Sarah Bui has been involved in the Miss America Organization for the past 7 years, and has found building meaningful relationships with community members and other titleholders one of the most valuable aspects of her experience. She is a current student at Harvard University where she is completing her MPH in Epidemiology this spring, and works at Harvard Medical School on mobile health care financing and research. In her free time, she enjoys learning foreign languages (Mandarin Chinese at the moment!) and biking along the Charles River. About The SundayMonday: Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
January 19, 2021
3. Creating Community with Madeline Stoll
This episode is all about creating community! Let’s be real: it’s hard to make friends as an adult. So I went to my resident friendship expert, Mad Stoll, to get all the details on how she builds such incredible community no matter where she goes (4 moves in 4 years!). Mad is a former travel nurse and current burn unit nurse who now calls Austin home. In this episode, she shares helpful and practical tips for introverts and extroverts alike, and we talk about the importance of showing up as we are to ensure others feel comfortable to do the same. We discuss the value “friend dates” and why it’s important to find diverse friends, even if it’s harder to venture out of our more comfortable circles. We even confront the discomfort of silence, how to discern if we’re filling up all the space with noise and how to combat that impulse. Mad is so wise and generous and no matter your stage in life (or how many friends you have) there’s something beautiful to gain from this episode! Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message!
January 12, 2021
2. Faith and Work in the New Year with Julie Barham
Today I'm sitting down with Julie Barham to talk all things faith and work! Julie (@district__jules) shares her career journey from a bakery to her dream job as a consultant! We dive into being intentional and setting up organizational systems, and Julie shares why Bullet Journaling works for her and how it helps her bring God into her work week. There's also a bit of commiserating over the life of a procrastinator ;) . We also discuss sharing our faith in the workplace through living as joyful Christians. Finally, we explore how Instagram can be used as an evangelization tool, and pitfalls we experience while scrolling and posting. This episode has SO many practical tips for you to bring your Sunday into Monday this year! Follow Julie: @district__jules Follow The SundayMonday: @thesundaymonday_ Visit our website: Sign up for our newsletter: The SundayMonday Tuesday Share what's on your mind - leave us a voice message! 
January 06, 2021
1. Welcome to the SundayMonday Show!
Welcome to the SundayMonday Show! I'm so happy to have you here as we launch the official podcast of the SundayMonday Community. This episode is an introduction to Jane and The SundayMonday, and a quick sneak peek of what's in store for this podcast!  Send in a Voice Message here: Voice Message Instagram: @thesundaymonday_ Facebook: 
December 31, 2020