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My Monkey Mind

My Monkey Mind

By Jane Nash
As a therapist and columnist - I often need a place to rant, a place to share thoughts and experiences, a place to connect with others in comparison to the lone activities of listening, advising, hypnotising and writing.

Bwebwenato, as the Marshallese say.
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001. Evil and Mrs E

My Monkey Mind

001. Evil and Mrs E

My Monkey Mind

001. Evil and Mrs E
I believe in evil. I shouldn’t. I’m a therapist and subscribe to neurological and psychological theories relating to the origins of behaviour. But then there is that which I can’t dispute, no matter how the brain is formed. What do I consider as evil? Pedophilia. Child abuse, to name just two. Let’s name a third. Establishments who encourage gambling. There are plenty who would disagree with me and I welcome discourse, it’s healthy, leave a message and record your opinion for me.... but what I really want to do, right now, is tell you a story.
November 18, 2020