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Wellness Alchemy

Wellness Alchemy

By Janelle Twine
Inspiration and conversation around the alchemy of health, truth and adventure. Your host, Janelle Twine has been a Naturopath since 2009 running her own clinic, workshops & fasting retreats mostly based in tropical North Queensland, Australia. However, now on a bit of journey to finding her new home after changes in her personal life challenged her to question how she lost her zesty spirit & love of life? She is a keen adventurer & is always willing to dig deep into her own soul to find the truth of what health & happiness is all about.
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9. The power of breath + ice baths with Campbell

Wellness Alchemy

20. Honouring the needs of small business owners with Lynda James
Small business doesn’t have to satisfy someone else’s needs.  Lynda James is an accountant and money coach who helps empathetic, thoughtful, intuitive and creative business owners to unravel challenging monetary beliefs and patterns & uncomplicate business finances so they can create sustainable and profitable businesses that improve their lives and others.  In this episode we discuss:  - Slowing consumerism by being intentional business owners that designs our business around our goals & health needs.  - Co-dependency on big corporates has not been good on our health. We’ve become consumers rather than simply citizens or community members - over working & undernourished  - The small business world can sometimes orientate itself around simply getting tax done. At times there is no time given to sit back & assess how money can be spent & managed in an intentional way  - Small business is the fabric of how a community exists. Lynda’s travels through Europe have created a remembering of this.  - The more empathic, concerned & kind ways we do business essentially is just an exchange of resources. Money is simply used for convenience.  - In the West, business has been used to potentially maximise profit margin, etc. Exponential growth has become the focus.  - The volume of sales is dependent on the goal, so being clear on our individual goal is really important.  - “Company of 1” by Paul Jarvis is a great book that Lynda recommends.  - Some things are so engrained in our culture that we don’t question them…  - Glorification of busy is common in our modern world… Greece doesn’t glorify busy. Being present offers connection which strengthens a community.  - How do we balance being active & being receptive. Down time to connect is healthy & important.  - What is a sustainable business? By paying attention to our needs we are able to run a more sustainable business. Getting clear on our own individual goal aids this. Choosing accurate pricing honours the whole person… so that the person is more cared for. The transactions that follow encourage conscious spending.  - Pricing enacts discernment & therefore we become more considered in how we purchase or spend. Which slows down the sales cycle, allowing for consideration & reflection. We need more time so that choices are not unconscious.  - Mainstream marketing triggers a crazy amount of fear which sometimes leads to spending.  - Our internal ‘junk’ around money can be used as clues to navigate how we behave around money.  - Hard work = Success (Underlying message from society)  - By connecting to the natural world we find it harder to ignore our health needs. The natural rhythms can’t be ignored.  - When we run our own business we get to CHOOSE – intentional business design, not reactive. INTENTIONAL business design can fit in local economy.  - Being financially well needs to be spoken of more – small business owners can take care of themselves & not fall into the trap of glorifying busyness. Don’t underplay how valuable it is to be yourself in the scheme of running your business.  - Let’s create small business owners that THRIVE!  @lynda_valofinancial
November 20, 2020
19. Diluting mindfulness, with Han Wee Tan
Han has been teaching Yoga and Mindfulness in Cairns with a single, sincere wish to share the benefits of practice with others. His approach to the practices are lighthearted and is known for his capacity to deliver complex concepts in an accessible manner. For him, the practices are a way of thinking and living rather than just a band aid for life. Show notes: Has mindfulness become diluted?  It is now an awkward word to use? Yoga in the Western world has become diluted, however is still a useful practice due to the fast food/fast lifestyle we live in - all of it is supportive in some may.  But choosing your teacher & tool is important. The simplicity of mindfulness is that we pay attention.  The word has value.  Mindfulness is a process of reduction.  You can't DO more to get mindful.  The harder you try - the further you are from it. You can only do less.  In today's world we often believe if we want something we must work for it.  John Cabot's working definition of mindfulness is 'the intentional placement of attention without judgement or reaction or with an appropriate attitude.'  Intention is different to attention. The application of mindfulness is the intention of doing nothing, to do nothing, to get nothing. Stress is the product of addition.  Feeling the burden of more.  Just by pausing we can support ourselves through stress.   Rest is the beginning step (like calling time out in the middle of a basketball game). Accepting the mess is the second step - surrendering.  Metta = The friendliness of kindness & compassion is an important attitude to bring to the process.  A softness.  A lightness. Guilt itself is a heavy emotion - no matter what you feel guilty of. Addictions are a result of trying to run away from an inner reality. The more we practice emotions the more they become us (anger, depression, etc).  We are made up of our thinking mind. Do less & find the sweet spot.  Or do less & the sweet spot will come. Doing nothing, small or large, like having a cup of tea is enough of a practice.  But don't feel pulled to fill the time while it cools.  Incidental awareness is key (eg. incidentally look at the birds) to bring softness. The key piece to mindfulness & peace is a willingness to do less, allowing life to unfold.  Whether there be birds, breeze or not.   Han runs classes, private sessions & retreats.  You can find all the info you need at -
October 03, 2020
18. SIBO with Emily Sugars
Emily Sugars is a Naturopath at The Biome Clinic in Northern NSW, specialising in functional digestive disorders. She has worked closely with Dr Nirala Jacobi, international SIBO expert, since graduating as a naturopath 9 years ago, and has also recently completed a postgraduate Honours in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine. Emily also is the Operations Manager and Practitioner Consultant for SIBOtest, which offers at home breath tests for the diagnosis of SIBO and education for practitioners in the treatment of SIBO Emily loves  music, animals and nature and loves nothing more than spending time with her dog and exploring the beautiful part of the world that they live in. KEY POINTS: - SIBO: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth - This overgrowth produce gasses that interfere with our digestion causing nutrient deficiencies, bloating, gas, alternating bowels, etc - SIBO is similar yet different to IBS - Clues: Bloating happens immediately after meals, 'Never been well since', more fibre can worsen symptoms, etc - SIBO is a consequence of something & is a chronic relapsing condition. If a person relapses the whole picture hasn't been considered, for example if a person is in fight & flight they will not digest their food (21 century syndrome). - Breath testing is how SIBO is assessed.   - Treatment depends on the result of the breath test (whether hydrogen or methane gas is reported).  Following this treatment involves identifying the underlying cause, addressing the bacteria imbalance & supporting the sluggish motility due to stress &/or bacteria. Resources: Quiz - Testing - Underlying Causes Questionnaire - The clinic Emily works at:
August 17, 2020
17. Things you need to know about periods with Claire Baker
- "50 things you need to know about periods" is Claire's new book.  It provides something simple to digest & empower both men & women around charting the feminine cycle. - Coming off The Pill & what may happen due to it's suppression of ovulation. - Menstrual awareness work can create such a feeling of being alive mentally, physically, spiritually - The 4 phases of the feminine cycle: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.   WINTER: The period cave.  Release & reset. Going inward. SPRING: Get moving on projects with work, playful, calendars, start something new (even self care routine).  SUMMER: Ovulation - highest levels of oestrogen, plus a bump in testosterone, resilient, extroverted,  a feeling of successfully spinning all the plates.  AUTUMN: Drop in oestrogen after ovulation - the body is no longer fertile. The truth telling, no f's giving, setting boundaries, wild woman creative energy, taking time for yourself is easier in this phase. Progesterone is present to nurture a potential baby. The "adulting phase". How we feel during this phase may depend on how we nurture our body. - Liver loaders can affect our cycle...for example drinking less to no coffee can show an improvement in premenstrual symptoms like sore breasts.  Caffeine & alcohol can impact how oestrogen is eliminated through the liver.   - There is a natural order to a menstrual cycle. A sense of an inhale & exhale.  Charting gives us a handrail. Maybe more time needed for a bath during the pre-menstrual phase vs the social feeling of ovulation/Summer.  If we try to maintain the superwoman cape throughout the whole cycle we can fall. eg. too much on our plate during our Autumn/pre-menstrual phase can lead to rage or anger due to not giving yourself the space needed. Giving ourselves a break during the Autumn phase & learning to say no can actually dim the feeling of PMS. More sleep & hydration can remedy PMS. - Wholefood chocolate, hot chocolates with cacao, sweet potatoes (complex carbs) can support our changes in blood sugar levels which also support PMS symptoms.  - If unusual patterns are presenting blood tests are a good place to start.  - Stress shortens our cycle in length. However, sometimes it is lengthened due to ovulation being delayed, because the body doesn't want to create a fertile environment for a baby, due to the environment being stressful. - Be grateful for the changes the body shows due to it's WISDOM. Be thankful for these communication tools - Waking at the same time, going to bed at the same time, having plenty of water, whole foods, exercise, etc helps create hormonal order just by caring for our basic needs. - Lara Briden educates women on ovulation being a key component of healthy bones, a sign of fertility & health.  - Stress, low body weight & liver loaders like medications can impact the absence of bleeding. - Our body knows & communicates through it's wisdom.  Subtle stressors that we term as 'normal' in our current lifestyle impacts our body's natural rhythm.  You may need to also learn to take your foot off the accelerator like Claire & I are learning & consider each phase as a SUPERPOWER. WEBSITE: BOOK: INSTAGRAM:  
July 12, 2020
16. Optimum Pet Wellness - Naturopath Nikki Fischer
Nikki Fischer - Optimum Pet Wellness Bio: Nikki has been a Naturopath for 14yrs, focusing mainly on human health and specialising in areas such as fertility, mental health & behaviour, and acute prescribing. In the last 5yrs however her clients have been transitioning from 2-legged to 4-legged as Nikki now concentrates her skills, efforts and business on helping your pets to live their best lives. Nikki founded Pet Potions & Remedies in 2017 in response to local demand for her information and alternatives to standard veterinary advice, and requests for remedies to support and promote pet health rather than just masking symptoms. Having become a first time dog mum 2yrs prior, this passion was born out of navigating the very confusing and often conflicting information presented to pet parents that just seemed at odds with all of her professional training and experience. It began with a range of herbal medicines addressing the most common concerns and has grown to incorporate whole-food supplements, naturally fermented probiotics, homeopathic first aid kits, essential oil sprays, and offering nutrition and health consultations to help pet parents navigate the path to their pets optimum health and wellness. Based on the Sunshine Coast (& currently awaiting the arrival of her first child!), Nikki operates her business predominantly online via her website. Website: Instagram: @petpotions Facebook: /petpotions Show notes: - An ear infection with Nikki's dog Jetty gave her a inkling that maybe the food had been part of the problem? Nikki then dived down the rabbit hole of information & research. - The herbal dispensary Nikki was working in enabled her to begin holistic pet care, gaining great results - You can decrease the chances of your dog developing long term chronic disease by increasing fresh raw food by 20% into their diet - Meat only diet can create other health problems due to lack of calcium, vitamin D, iodine, etc. - Best ratio to follow (using BARF guidelines.. Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding): 2-3% of animals body weight per day. 80% muscle meat (lamb, pork, duck, chicken, turkey, fish, roo, heart, tongue, lung, tripe, etc): 10% raw bones (ground or whole bird carcass, chicken neck, duck feet, brisket, whole fish with bones, etc): 5% liver: 5% other excreting organs (kidney, spleen, etc) + fresh fruit & veg (blended or ground is ideal - spinach, kale, broccoli, beans, carrot, asparagus, pumpkin, sweet potato, veg pulp, berries, etc).  Frozen in ice cubes is handy. 10-20% of fruit/veg extra is ideal - can be used as a treat.  Supplemental foods are ideal as well; spiralina & coconut oil ice cubes, flax oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds (soaked), kraut, etc. - Turmeric paste/golden paste to reduce inflammation can be used as a supplemental food.   - The food we feed an animal affects their behaviour - Vets have a tricky & demanding role as they need to be across all categories; so be kind to them.  Nutrition is not their focus in their training.  - Titre testing allows a vet to assess the antibodies in an animals body - so revaccination isn't needed. Homeopathics can be an alternative.  - Flea & tic medication can be dangerous - observe your pet's behaviour if they are off food or even worst case scenario they can die. Observe your risks at first. Tics need to be on your animal for 24-48hrs to have an impact, so daily checks can support this. The chews concentrate in the tissues after running through their blood stream, so therefore you need to poison your dog in order to poison tics. Tremors, stumbling, seizures, etc can occur. Sonic devices perhaps? - Pet Potion Tinctures & probiotics
February 13, 2020
15. Post C-section, Scar Tissue & Visceral Manipulation with Physiotherapist Shelley Cottle
Shelley Cottle, Physiotherapist - Post C-section, Scar Tissue & Visceral Manipulation Bio: Shelley Cottle is not a traditional physiotherapist.  She holds a Physiotherapy degree but practises a little differently to traditional Physios.  She has a particular interest in wanting to know why?!  She believes the human body is not random and there is always a precipitator for everything.  We move in the path of least resistance until our body can not longer maintain the adjustments; pain and dysfunction arise at that point. Shelley enjoys tracing the pain or injury back to its roots and treating it there. When she can properly treat the root cause the results are great and lasting.  She enjoys helping clients on a healing journey where they can see the start and end of the injury and ailment.  Her two biggest interests are feet and post C section healing. Key points: Shelley was initially disheartened with traditional physiotherapy until she started working in Canada & was encouraged to take some courses focusing on finding the driver of pain & issues Visceral manipulation helped Shelley to gain another layer of treating Caesarean scars 14 months ago Shelley got to experience first hand how to treat a Caesarean scar when she was forced to have a C-section Symptoms being presented by clients became better understood The body will always compensate for restriction or pain - which can then create multiple problems Visceral manipulation through the Barral institute identifies that if an organ is out of place the skeletal system will also be out of place.  By correcting the position of the organs first, everything else has a better chance of staying in place.  Our bodies are always trying to protect what is most important (eyes, nerves, blood vessels & organs) Visceral manipulation teaches to use the hands to identify if parts of the body are out of position Alongside the position the skeletal system, visceral manipulation assists to deal with common problems such as bladder issues, fertility issues, stomach issues, etc which provides a more holistic approach to treating an individual All visceral techniques are very gentle C-section operations mean that there are a lot of things cut into & then sewn back up.  This creates tension, similar to a shirt being tucked in tightly & therefore movement restricted The body wants things to be in position to function optimally & if not pain or restriction can present in order to encourage us to take action or at least take notice Our bodies are so intelligent - these symptoms need to be listened to Caesarean scars can cause bladder or fertility issues due to the restriction of blood or restricted positioning from scar tissue.  Even as simple as lifting arms above head post caesarean  8 months of consistent therapy gave Shelley full recovery from her symptoms Be aware of how you are moving, or even sitting after birth to ensure scar tissue doesn't harden in the wrong way.  After 6 weeks working with a visceral manipulation therapist to deal with the scar tissue appropriately is advised No matter how old the scar is, seek help from a visceral manipulation therapist to deal with the pain or restriction properly. Website:
February 07, 2020
14. Slow Fashion with Tricia Hart
Tricia Hart – Slow Fashion Bio: Tricia currently lectures in fashion studies and professional practice at TAFE Queensland and University of Canberra. Her career in fashion began with bridal design. From there she moved to retail management and buying before operating her own boutique. She also runs a creative industry with her partner which specialises in colonial and contemporary Australian history and culture. Tricia's research areas include sustainable and ethical fashion in particular critical analysis of imagery associated with ethical fashion. She has presented at conferences in India and Japan and led study tours to India and Japan. Key points: · Works at TAFE as a Fashion Teacher/Educator with a passion for sustainability. · Also lecturers at the University of Canberra in Creative Industries. · Grew up in a household where she was encouraged to be thrifty, plus have respect for nature & the environment - the key principles of ethical & sustainable fashion. . Jeans washed or not washed in 2 separate experiments over a 3 month period showed no difference in bacteria build up. · How does sustainability & ethics exist together? Ethical fashion must be sustainable – people & animals are part of the planet.  How do we navigate the overwhelm? · The supply chain in the fashion industry is complex – for example…where is the fibre grown & the material made? · If we all wore clothing with natural dyes there would not be enough land left to grow edible crops – which provides an interesting consideration for natural alternatives.  Clothes made off shore are cheaper which creates overconsumption. · Retailers normally buy more clothing than they can sell – which encourages over consumption. · Excess stock when not sold is then sold at a reduced price & then sadly dumped if not sold. · The laundering process of a garment is among the most damaging to our environment. Nano particles/micro fibres end up in our waterways when synthetic fabric is washed. These have been found in honey & the ice cores in the Arctic circle!  This of course enters our food chain. · The term 'Fashion' – means change.  How does one navigate slow fashion or 'ethical' fashion with change as its pivot?  Perhaps reflect on what your non negotiable values are to guide your choices. · How does the fashion industry promote & value 'change'? The fashion industry is the 3rd most wasteful industry.  · Blended fabrics or fibre blends – poly cotton - can’t be separated & therefore recycled, so consider this in your choice. . If wearing synthetic fabrics wash it less & not on a gentle cycle. . Think before you buy.  Buy natural.  Buy ethical.  Become more aware of the supply chain - do your research (Good On You app, Ethical Clothing Australia website, Baptist World Aid website).  · Green washing – many brands just promote an aspect of their making & not the whole process of that garment. · Being true to our own values is important. · Vegan leather is now able to be made out of pineapple fibres, rather than from plastics.  . Clothes swaps are a great way to REUSE clothing items. In SUMMARY: Value what you have.  Buy less.  When you do make a purchase do your research.  Buy quality - it lasts longer.  Make sure it fits (an overlooked area of sustainability).  Spot clean. Resources (Books/Websites): Fashion Revolution Textile Beat Ethical Clothing Australia Baptist World Aid Fashion Report Documentaries: The story of stuff The true cost River Blue Blood sweat and t-shirts Mrs Press
January 31, 2020
13. Chemical free skin lovin' with Brad McDonald
Bio: Against The Grain Health is a business which challenges the status quo of what it means to love the skin you’re in. Providing effective, high integrity products which transcend skin deep beauty and possess a broad spectrum of uses for the individual and the family. The founder, Brad McDonald, makes no distinction between his values as a naturalist and the principle decision making within the business. At the core foundation of Against The Grain Health is the mantra ‘to be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship’. In order for us to thrive, not just survive, we must move with renewed reverence for nature just as we must for our own sovereignty. Going against the grain is in essence, going beyond all the stories, to a place where we are one and the same. Show notes: The original journey to beginning Against The Grain - an autoimmune issue with psoriasis sparked motivation The skin is the window in, so it opens up the conversation & many healing conversations are happening at regular markets.  The consciousness is shifting Brad is noticing. Chemicals have increased 400 fold between 1930-2001.  140,000 chemicals are registered for use in Australia & 75% of them have never been tested on the environment or animals.  When we take on chemicals quicker than they can escape our body, they bio-accumulate.  Not everyone is born with a clean slate now. These chemicals create endocrine disruption - affecting asthma, cancer, reproductive issues & infertility.  Some of the common issues. Our water, food & air quality also play a part in our whole body wellness.  BUT we always have a choice. Against The Grain was created to give people an option.  A healthy option. The products are very concentrated & serve many purposes.  A beautiful healing one pot wonder. Ethical Beeswax is a high quality ingredient that is included in ATG products. Zinc balm is magic for sun protection, has non-nano zinc oxide & is great for repairing nappy rashes, insect bites & supporting acne. It can be also used as a deodorant & tinted moisturiser.  It's easy to use & multi-functional. Future vision for ATG - flipping the script & allowing our largest organ (the skin) to absorb so many beautiful healing minerals.  Bringing some new products out, along with protocols to support detox & healing balms. Let's feel inspired for change!  Judgement only holds us back.
December 12, 2019
12. Holistic Dentistry & Oral Health - Dr David Cowhig
Bio: Dr David Cowhig has been the first choice for holistic dentist in Queensland for 20 years. Qualified as a dentist from Kings College London exactly 30 years ago (1989) and is still passionate about the important role he plays in optimising his patients health and longevity by creating Safer Healthy, Beautiful Smiles. He has owned his own practice in Brisbane for 20 years and is the founder of Dental Wellness in The Gap. To fuel his passion he realised early that there was much more to learn about the health of the body and the Oral Systemic Health link. Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 1998 (FACNEM) and Board Certified in Anti-Ageing Medicine 2016 (ACAAM) and has , throughout his career kept up to date with modern digital dentistry and many integrated complementary medical training seminars bringing what he has learnt to offer a unique comprehensive holistic biological dental experience. He is the Australian pioneer in placement of total metal free Zirconia dental implants and offers the first total metal free solution for all dental conditions.   Show notes: What is holistic dentistry? The health of the body is very connected to the health of the mouth - the first place we examine. Chronic illness signs can be identified in the mouth Optimise dental health to minimise risk factors for chronic health conditions Signs: Does chewing hurt? Pain, sensitivity? Tongue signs - mineral deficiencies, stress.  Bleeding gums.  Quality, deep sleep is the biggest impact recognised in the last 3 years - poor dental health affects deep sleep & vice versa.  Oral FITNESS - Function of the jaw, Inflammation & Infection, Toxicity, Nutrition, ENT (breathe through nose not mouth), Sleep, Smile SMART protocol - Safe removal of mercury fillings (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) this is done with so much detail & care is explained by Dr Cowhig.  ( to find holistic dentists who use this protocol, if you are not based in Brisbane). The potential need for supplements & nutrigenomics to support detox.  However, sleep & saunas also play a key role. Dentistry is designed to save teeth - so what is the role of a root canal?  Low grade infections can challenge the body due to a low structure in the mouth.  The infection is in the jaw & in the ligament, not just the tooth.  Rapid healing can occur by drawing blood from the arm & then spin the blood to separate the red blood cells to the fibrin.  The fibrin is set aside & used once the tooth, ligament, etc & cleansed with ozone & the fibrin is used to accelerate rapid healing. Daily steps for oral health - David's input around lemon water, oil pulling (it actually calms our nervous system as we are forced to breathe through our mouth), supplements for gum health, etc. (free ebook available via website)
December 05, 2019
11. Birthing with a doula - Shelly Langford
Shelly Langford has been supporting women in various ways for 23yrs (running mother’s groups, president for playgroup, running home education parent support group & supporting foster families) & has been a professional birth doula since 2014. She supports women with whatever their choices are & wherever they choose to birth. She has experienced supporting women in hospitals, home births & free births (unassisted birth).  Shelly has also travelled to PNG once a year for the last few years to support women in remote villages, educating & assisting their traditional births in the bush, as well as providing clean drinking water. Facebook: Birthing Doula Shelly Key notes: - What is a doula? - How does safety & trust impact the birthing process? - Nutrition & lifestyle factors impact the position of the pelvis - Encouraging a woman to deeply trust their inner knowing through education & building trust - Our bodies are designed to birth, as women. It is natural. It is not a medical procedure. - A woman needs to be in her primal brain to birth. This helps reduce or eliminate pain due to being present & not taken out to enter her logical brain. - Post birth requires some timetabling to enable a new mum to prioritise sleep, amongst other basic needs. A doula helps to support this new phase, post birth. - Creating the best birthing place & space is a part of a doula’s role based on personal experiences & needs. - Home birth is legal. - A doula observes, guides & makes suggestions for a birthing mother during the birthing process. But the mother knows what her body needs. - What is normal for labour is progress. Irrespective of time, if there is progress we are on the right track. - Sleep is key for post-natal depression recovery. As well as key nutrients & support. They are all key to keeping a new mama sane. - Sleep is key after birthing in general, because it gives the body a chance to heal, deeply.
November 21, 2019
10. Rewiring the toxic masculine - Johnny Foreman
Bio: John Foreman - Speaker, Naturopath, Exercise Scientist, Educator & Coach  Teaching self care and self mastery for the real world. Inspiring people to inspire themselves. Johnny whole-heartedly believes that the keys to thriving health and vitality are within you. That Gratitude and Love are the heart of healing. That your heart and your mind are the greatest apothecary on Earth. Johnny's true passion lies in guiding people back to their heart, and to the thriving state of health that is every human's birthright. Johnny is known for helping people navigate all of the conflicting information out there and discovering what truly nourishes every part of the holistic human being that you are. Show notes: Root cause medicine. Subconscious patterns can keep us stuck in our destructive behaviours which doesn't allow us to get maximum benefit from our lifestyle & nutrition changes. Men can tend to stand in the shadows for fear of being ridiculed. Feeling safe is essential to change! Triune brain - the 3 checkpoints of the brain. All information that comes into our senses has to get through all 3 checkpoints to be deemed safe.  Our emotion then creates a very powerful subconscious program which fires up instinctively in the future when in the same scenario potentially causing distress. Dealing with conflict, intimacy, etc. Joe Dispenza & Bruce Lipton identify that we only operate from this limbic part of the brain 5% of the time.  Therefore we largely operate on autopilot. If changes that happened yesterday didn't kill us the brain registers it as safe, whether it serves us or not. Understanding this survival mechanism is the first step.  Awareness is key to understanding this primitive mechanism & moving beyond it. Through awareness you create your own power of what needs to be changed.   Alcohol numbs the limbic brain which offers reprieve from processing the emotions. Men can break the stigma of showing emotion by getting intimate with what they are feeling.  Feeling a sense of empowerment by consciously choosing. Increased disease in the lower 3 chakras is common with men, due to how men are operating or suppressing themselves in today's society.  Our survival mechanisms are housed in the lower 3 chakras (eg. erectile dysfunction, colon cancer, prostate issues, testicular cancer, adrenal issues - correlate due to stuck energy in the lower chakras). All problems stem from miscommunication. Time & gentleness is needed by women to move through change. Everyone can benefit by giving themselves permission to work on themselves.
November 14, 2019
9. The power of breath + ice baths with Campbell
Campbell is a physiotherapist and a certified Wim Hof Method instructor. Alongside the Wim Hof Method, he has explored numerous breathing practices, taking what he finds to be useful and integrating elements into his workshops. He has combined his love of breath work with his physiotherapy knowledge and has developed workshops designed to teach people how to optimise their respiratory system, and how to use it as a tool for improved health and well-being, stress and anxiety relief, chronic pain management and chronic fatigue. His workshops connect people with their breath, mind and body through movement, targeted tissue release, and specific breathing practices. He has a deep passion for the breath, the body and the nervous system which has driven him to teach others how they too can take control. To find out more: Facebook - + Instagram Key points: What inspired Campbell to work more with the nervous system during his career as a physiotherapist? The nervous system sits on top of the hierarchy for wellness in the body - the master regulator.   The breath is the way in. A moment working in ICU that pushed Campbell further into investigating breath work.  It then became his passion & integrated into his physiotherapy practice. How can we work WITH stress rather than against it?  Stress isn't the enemy. How we react to stress is the problem. Stress can cause positive adaptation if we have tools to draw on - like breath.  The power of the visual field & our mind to enter into the parasympathetic nervous system based on Dr Huberman's research.  Everyone has access to their breath! We can use it to our advantage & positively impact our physiology.  How breath work & ice baths can increase our confidence. Our breath is often overlooked as a tool, because it's free. The Wim Hof method is simply a modern package of ancient principles.   Wim Hof's reason behind his passion was the death of his wife. He is on a mission to heal the world from mental health issues. Our body has untapped potential & wisdom but our mind can too often override that. Campbell shares the positive results observed from his workshops - weight loss, PTSD, Lyme disease, building resilience, sleep improves & the ability to shed emotional layers. Potent reminder: Our mind & body has a deep medicine cabinet that we can access.
November 08, 2019
8. The point of sitting still with Jane Cavanagh
After spending much of her life "not feeling her feelings”, Jane has learnt the importance of recognising how she actually feels and letting that emotion actually exist - even if it feels yuck for a while! Jane lives in Sydney and loves teaching the flute to enthusiastic young (and old) flute players. In this episode we discuss the point of sitting still.  Why we resist the word mindfulness & how meditation can be done in many ways.
October 31, 2019
7. Yoga In Everyday Life with Ash Hope
Ash Hope is on a mission to guide people to their optimal Health and Wellbeing. With her enthusiasm and dedication she brings out the best in people by integrating yoga, nutrition, mindfulness and meditation. Ash has been practicing the traditional Ashtanga method for over a decade and regularly studies with her teacher Nancy Gilgoff and in India. She is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, zen practitioner and facilitator of corporate health and wellbeing programs. Her plant based diet is a conscious decision out of love for all animals. Ash has led Yoga teacher training in Thailand, presented at the International Peace day in Cairns and was an Ambassador for the Yoga for Freedom project. She was featured several times in the Connect magazine and appeared on Cairns radio station FM 89.1. To share her passion for the Ashtanga method, Ash established a regular Mysore program in Cairns, the Sunshine Coast and worked at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Melbourne. Along with her partner Geoff she has recently moved to Brisbane to establish her own Ashtanga classes. Ash can be found on Instagram or Key Points: What inspired Ash to get into yoga? Her injury & her 100 day challenge to begin How her first teacher training in India gave her a deeper appreciation beyond the physical postures Yoga has a different status in the Indian culture today Indian boys can be sent to a school to learn more about chanting & vedic texts – shared via oral tradition How does yoga benefit Ash’s day Ash’s practice as a daily cleansing ritual, similar to cleaning her teeth or having a shower How the structure benefits her Vata constitution She never regrets the daily practice despite it being challenging some days The 8 limbs of yoga Meditation being a practice Ash believes if you can breathe, you can do yoga The benefit of the teacher student relationship Yoga in everyday life with her partner Geoff & how it creates stability & grounding
October 24, 2019
6. Interior Design & Interior Alchemy - LaToya Burton
LaToya lives in a tiny home on the road with her husband & son.  She home schools her son & helps others with their homes & graphics for their business.  She has over 15 years experience in design.  !0 years at the Bureau of Architecture - a part of the San Fransisco Department of Public Works, designing recreation centres, libraries & city offices.  A bachelor or science degree in environmental design/interiors with a minor in African American Studies.  More recently LaToya has been delving into decluttering & organising, space redesign, home design consultation for those remodelling & rennovating.  She has also been working with sacred space deliving into inner landscapes.  Her art & nature photography is available as printable wall art & her graphic design services are available for entrepreneurs who are heartfelt change-makers needing help to express their visual story in a creative way. Tap into LaToya’s creative laboratory of life through the lens of interiors, imagination & inspiration.  Space is her medium. Key Points: The way latoya supports people to create an intentional space How Latoya supported Janelle in her own space How having an intention makes an impact with your space How Latoya began working with individuals How decluttering impacts our environment Latoya’s journey moving her life into a bus with her family Decluttering is not just about being a minimalist, it’s about having things with meaning Tools to creating a space that’s more meaningful Latoya’s ceremonies and her intention Where you can find Latoya -
October 17, 2019
5. The Jade Egg - Increasing sensual pleasure & releasing trauma with Justina Casuarina
Justina Casuarina is a women's educator, focusing on feminine embodiment, women's sexual sovereignty, menstrual wisdom, peri-menopause support and mothering. She specialises in Jade Eggs and the teachings that accompany them, for women's pelvic and sexual health and vitality - essential tools for all women. Justina holds a vision of a world where women carrying shame and guilt in their bodies is a thing of the past, and the new norm is women coming home to themselves, holding great love and reverence within, seeing their bodies as the sacred temples that they are. ​Justina is Australia's leading expert on Jade Eggs, having worked and studied closely with the world leading master Dr. Saida Desilets for more the past 11 years.  She has trained extensively as well as worked within the realms of the healing arts, dance, women's health, sexuality, birth and wellbeing for the past 20 years. She is a mother of two gorgeous children. Key Points: Justina’s introduction with Jade eggs How to use a Jade Egg The different jade egg practices The main ways Jade eggs can help women How they train the muscles around the pelvic floor and vagina Libido and orgasm breakthroughs Reflexology Points Accessing trauma Asking the body’s permission Holding the awareness that trauma may be released Creating a container How the Jade egg supports the feminine cycle Justina’s next workshops How to begin your practice Justina’s personal experience Reclaiming our bodies as women Ancestral clearing Where you can find Justina Relevant Links and Website: Facebook group -
October 14, 2019
4. Surrender, Play & Tapping into your truth with Ana Kinkela
Ana Kinkela guides ambitious, freedom-seeking women leaders to reclaim, unleash and embody their true, authentic soul vibration to create an aligned business and life where success isn't a destination, but a state of being that emerges from within. Ana is a mind/body/soul alchemist, with a therapist background, and over 10 years of experience holding and facilitating sacred containers of healing. Learn more about her by visiting her virtual home at, and/or tuning into her journey on Instagram by following her @theanakinkela. Key Points: Ana’s offerings and how she feels women can navigate their journeys How Ana facilitates her work Self Criticism and judgements with Entrepreneurs Helping people stepping into a place of power Learning how to be fully embodied Listening to the body and what it wants Where Ana’s passion stemmed from The importance of movement Activating the lower chakras Intuitive movement Fasting: to shed and let go Ana’s move from USA to Costa Rica Astrology Using astrology to empower how we lead in life How to work with Ana and where to find her Relevant Links and Website: Instagram -
October 03, 2019
3. Guilt free chocolate - Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson is the owner of Heavenly Cacao. A whole food chocolate company passionate about making chocolate health full! NO additives, NO refined sugar, NO dairy AND NO wheat.  We discuss the spiritual elements of cacao, the nutrients found in the fruit, the ethics of the chocolate industry & what you can do at home to avoid contributing to this industry & enjoy more of this incredible superfood in your diet! You can find all the ingredients, chocolate moulds, free chocolate recipes upcoming events at 
August 16, 2019
2. Clearing emotions with the Spiral Modality - Sarah Veitch
Episode 2 gives us a chance to meet the beautiful Sarah Veitch & learn what The Spiral modality is & how it can support your health.  What is this incredible technique for shifting & empowering your beliefs & how can you get your hands on it?!  Her Facebook group is: & her number is +61 424 058 981.  You will be so supported by Sarah.
May 17, 2019
1. Vision Questing while fasting with Rob Young
Together we get to know a little about what a Vision Quest is & the man behind the most heart felt, deep & pure opportunity to sit with your soul. Rob's website is & his phone number: +61 416 430 795.  He is based in South Australia & offers them twice a year (March & October), in the magical Flinders Ranges.
May 15, 2019