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Own Your Style Confidence with Janine

Own Your Style Confidence with Janine

By Janine Coney
Style Confidence is so much more than what you wear, it’s who you are. It’s being authentically you. It’s loving who you are inside and out, whatever age you are. It’s about accepting your body . It’s about knowing what you like and what you don’t. It’s about knowing what shapes, cuts and colours works for you, your body and your life. It’s about being confident and happy in your decisions. It’s about being unapologetically and confidently you!
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Ep 4 - Welcome to 2021 - what are your dreams and goals for the year ahead ?!

Own Your Style Confidence with Janine

Ep 4 - Welcome to 2021 - what are your dreams and goals for the year ahead ?!

Own Your Style Confidence with Janine

Ep5 - Myth Busting Diets with my special guest, Registered Nutritionist - Claire Baseley
Claire is brilliant at Myth Busting diets and helping us to understand that healthy living is attainable to us all to help us feel great inside and out.
January 24, 2021
Ep 4 - Welcome to 2021 - what are your dreams and goals for the year ahead ?!
A welcome to 2021 with a reflection on the mood of the nation, my Covid Christmas and how to move forward with a positive and healthy mindset at this this beginning of the year .... Happy New Year ...
January 8, 2021
Ep 3 - How to Wear Colour with Confidence with Jules Standish, Colour Counsellor
Learn more about wearing colour with confidence, join me and my special guest expert for this episode  - Jules Standish, Colour Counsellor - expert personal style & colour consultant,  Head of Colour at the London College of Style, public speaker and author of the Amazon bestseller "How NOT to Wear Black" and "The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing" .  Within this episode we discuss how we can all mindfully use colour more in our wardrobes right now to motivate ourselves or to relax, how to introduce colour into your wardrobe for confidence and even how to choose the right colour to dress for interviews too! I trained with Jules in Advanced Colour Analysis and Jules has remained a trusted colour mentor and friend to me ever since,  I am delighted to welcome Jules to my podcast and share this interview with you all. Find out more about about booking your own online or in person colour consultation with me here  Jules books are both available through Amazon: How Not to Wear Black - Jules Standish The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing - Jules Standish
December 17, 2020
Ep 2 - What is Style Confidence & What is your Style Personality - do you know ?
Ever felt like you can't quite nail your signature style ? In this podcast I am joined by my special guest Emmeline Stevens from The Image Consulting Company as we discuss; What is style confidence, how to reconnect with yours and how to discover and and own your own unique style personality!  By taking time out to fully understand  ourselves and what we like (and what we don't) we can really express ourselves authentically!  When we feel good and look good we ooze style confidence....
December 1, 2020
Ep 1 - Detox your wardrobe and feel great
An introduction to my NEW podcasts and a quick 10 minute guide to making your wardrobe work for you and your life
November 11, 2020