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Savvy Seniors with Jan Sattler

Savvy Seniors with Jan Sattler

By Jan Sattler the Savvy Seenager
Just because we are seniors doesn't mean we stop dreaming. Jan talks to seniors from all walks of life & shows us what life is like when you take off the blinders that either society or you have placed upon yourself. Discover what it means to dream, accept failure as a lesson, how losses & betrayals can make us stronger & discover ways to navigate your chosen path differently to achieve your goals. Gone are the days of being a SuperWoman/Man at the expense of our happiness, health and self-worth. Join us! Be a Savvy Seenager. Explore life like a teenager only with more wisdom!
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Exploring Osteoporosis - Become Too Fit to Fracture
In today's episode we'll explore: What is osteoporosis Signs of osteoporosis What we can do to alleviate symptoms How to review our medications for side-effects How to prepare ourselves for our annual visit with our chosen medical professional MED CHECK Jan's BLOG Osteoporosis Exercise Recommendations Connect with Jan  Have a wellness goal but not sure where to start?  Connect with Jan for a free 15 minute consultation. 
August 4, 2020
Breathe Easy with Healthy Lungs
Today we'll explore  our respiratory system and discover how horses breathe. AND we'll  review 4 respiratory diseases NOT caused by viral infections and how to prevent them.  PODCAST RESEARCH LINKS: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: Canadian Lung Association: Center for Disease Control: JAN"S FREE GUIDE   6 Natural Tips to Help You Breathe Easier BOOK FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION WITH JAN
July 20, 2020
Natural Strategies to Control the Pain of Arthritis
Today we'll learn a bit about arthritis that affects millions globally. We'll explore two main types of 'arthritis how we can control arthritis symptoms strategies we can include daily to help boot the pain of arthritis to the curb. FREE GUIDE:  11 Natural Solutions to Control Arthritis Pain
July 19, 2020
Healthy Heart
If we lived to 100 years old, our heart will have beat almost 4 billion times!   In this podcast we'll look at Heart Disease more closely and explore strategies we can incorporate into our daily lives to support the organ that keeps us tickin'❤️ ARTICLE: Webpage: Sources: Garlic: Green Tea: Fennel: Exercise Guideline 65+ CoQ10:
June 29, 2020
Exploring the Main Concerns of Seniors
Today we'll be exploring some of the main concerns seniors have as we age.  By understanding what may be in front of us, we can develop healthy and informed decisions that will allow us to live the lifestyle of our choice. Jan Sattler, The Savvy Seenager © P.S.  Get your free guide, 3 Ways Savvy Can Enhance Your Life HERE
June 22, 2020
The First Step to Being a Savvy Senior
Discover what a Savvy Seenager is and how you can reach for the things you have wanted all your life regardless of what others think! Jan Sattler, The Savvy Seenager P.S.  Grab my FREE gift that is just for you!  It's 3 Ways Savvy Can Enhance Your Life.  It's ready for you now so hop over to my website and download your gift HERE!
June 15, 2020
Welcome to the Savvy Senior Podcast Series
Join me on the launch of my first Podcast for Savvy Seniors - June 15, 2020  9 A.M.   Jan Sattler P.S.  I love to give things away so be sure to subscribe! 
June 12, 2020