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Jason Brueckner

Jason Brueckner

By Jason Brueckner
My stories! For now it is a reading of my blog posts, but I imagine they'll​ branch off into much more before too long. Thank you for listening!
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Our Crazy Move of June

Jason Brueckner

Florida Sun and Renewed Perspectives
Here’s my attempt at sharing some sort of update for the month of January. I wanted to share a whole lot more than I have been. After the absolute crazy transition a few months back, I found myself falling off of the writing bandwagon. That’s sad because there have been handfuls of people who leave us random messages and, with all that is going on our way, we have a hard time staying in touch with our dears friends that we moved away from. So here’s my attempt to share what’s happening with us. Read this entire post at
January 26, 2019
The Dust Has Settled
Another update from Jason Brueckner
August 24, 2018
Our Crazy Move of June
So, June, 2018 was absolutely crazy. What started as an invitation for Kortney to join the ranks at a new fitness studio, quickly turned into both her and I changing jobs, selling our house, and moving north a bit.
August 17, 2018
Initial Thoughts and Test
What's this all about, anyways? Thinking it'd be a great place to gather my words.
April 14, 2018