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Vocation Chats

Vocation Chats

By Vocations Syracuse
"A podcast from the other side of the altar." This podcast is sponsored by the Syracuse Diocese Office of Vocation Promotion, and will give you a glimpse of the humanity of the priesthood. You will hear our priests and those in formation for the priesthood speak candidly on trending Church topics as well as share their personal experience of a life of service in the Church today.
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Vocations Chats: Celibacy as Gift

Vocation Chats

Vocation Chats: Called By Name???
Father Jason Hage interviews Father John Manno, Pastor of Holy Family Church in Fairmount and the Vicar for Priests for the Diocese of Syracuse, on the impact of being "called by name."  Father Manno shares his powerful testimony of how his home parish literally called him by name when he was in high school.  His childhood pastor organized a weekend whereby parishioners wrote the names of the young people in their parish who they thought would make a great priest and/or religious.  Father Manno was shocked when his pastor handed him a stack of index cards submitted by parishioners all with his name on it!  His story demonstrates the power of lay people calling forth vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life from their parishes.   
April 13, 2022
Vocation Chats: The Art of the Ask
Father Jason Hage and Father Chris Celentano interview Bishop Emeritus Robert J. Cunningham on the art of the ask.  Bishop Cunningham speaks about the necessity for the People of God to not be afraid to ask our young people to consider the call.  Bishop Cunningham reflects on his own vocation story and how when he was in Middle School his Bishop as well as his pastor asked him to consider the call to the priesthood and how their ask never left him throughout his life.  He then explains how a gentle, loving open invitation to our young people could actually be the catalyst for a young person to be able to seriously consider and say yes to their vocation.  
February 17, 2022
Vocation Chats: Trust and Surrender
Father Jason Hage and Father Christopher Celentano interview the Sisters of Life about the role of trust and surrender in the life of a discerner.  The Sisters speak about the two great pillars of discernment, Eucharistic and Marian devotion, and how these two pillars allow us to trust more and more what God has in store for us in this life.  Sister Mary Catherine is one of the special guests on the podcast, and she is a native of the Diocese of Syracuse coming from Divine Mercy Parish in Central Square.  
October 25, 2021
Vocation Chats: Theology of the Body and Self-Gift
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview a very special guest, Jason Evert, national chastity speaker and author, on the true nature of the vocations crisis going on in our Church today.  Jason helps pinpoint the larger issue at work among our young people, which is a growing fear of commitment.  Jason speaks to some of the currents in our culture that inhibit young people from trusting the total gift of self in service to Christ and His Church.  He believes that there is no crisis surrounding the call, but more of a crisis of young people's inability to hear the voice of Christ and to say "yes" to His invitation.   
October 07, 2021
Vocation Chats: Crossing the Threshold
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Brendan Foley, newly ordained priest for the Diocese of Syracuse and parochial vicar of Holy Cross in DeWitt and St. Anthony's in Syracuse, about how one can take the next step in their discernment of God's will for their lives.  He shares about his personal experience of the fear and hesitation that sometimes accompanied his decision to enter the seminary.  He helps listeners understand that the best thing we can do when we are about to say "yes" to God's will for our lives is to just take the next step right in front of us, breaking down our discernment into small thresholds rather than saying "yes" to the whole things all at once.  
September 05, 2021
Vocation Chats: Hearing Christ's Voice in the Culture
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Dennis Walker, newly ordained priest for the Diocese of Syracuse and parochial vicar of St. Rose of Lima in North Syracuse and St. Margaret's in Mattydale, about hearing Christ's voice in the culture.  He shares his experience of the struggle to hear the voice of Jesus in the midst of a noisy culture, and the simple steps he took at the beginning stages of his discernment to open himself up to God's call.  In his story, we learn the necessity of putting ourselves out there and taking calculated risks to plug into a faith community that can help clear away the many voices demanding our attention and focus in on the still small voice speaking to us within.  
July 29, 2021
Vocation Chats: Does discernment ever end?
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Daniel Caughey, newly ordained priest for the Diocese of Syracuse and parochial vicar at St. Mary's in Cortland, about the burning question of whether or not discernment ever ends in the life of a disciple.  He shares his moving story of once being married for 25 years before his wife unexpectedly passed away, serving as a permanent deacon, and now serving as a ministerial priest.  In his story, we learn that we can never stop discerning where God is leading us because the life of a disciple is always full of unexpected surprises and new beginnings.  
June 29, 2021
Vocation Chats: You are a priest forever...Really?!
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Christopher Seibt, the pastor of Divine Mercy in Central Square as well as the diocesan Director of Liturgy and RCIA, about what happens to a young man when he is ordained a priest of Jesus Christ.  Both Father Seibt and Father Celentano reflect on the impact of their childhood pastor, mentor, and spiritual father (Msgr. Eugene Yennock) upon their own discernment and the living out of their own vocations today as priests.  Father Seibt then unpacks the powerful prayer of an ordination Liturgy, and how the young man receives an indelible character as a priest of Jesus Christ that can never be wiped away.  Lastly, Father Seibt shares with listeners some encouraging insights about priesthood as a configuration to Christ Crucified, and how a priest living out his vocation authentically clinging to the Cross is the most effective vocation promotion tactic in the Church today.
May 20, 2021
Vocation Chats: A Feminine Voice Speaks to the Masculinity of the Priesthood
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Christina Palazzoli, the Director of Catechesis at St. Rose of Lima in N. Syracuse, about how the feminine voice can inform the masculine priesthood.  Christina discusses how the call to priesthood is primarily a call to fatherhood.  She shares her own moving story about the impact of the fatherhood of priests in her life, and how her family and her home continues to treasure the presence of this spiritual fatherhood in their lives.  If you would like to know more about the Third Order Carmelites in our diocese, please visit:
April 22, 2021
Vocation Chats: Why does Father seem so busy?
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Ken Kirkman about the busyness of Holy Week and Easter and how a priest tries to move through busy seasons in his life.  Father Kirkman speaks very candidly about his experience of juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments as a person of faith.  He shares his insights on how to remain focused and centered on Christ in the midst of this juggling act.  
March 25, 2021
Vocation Chats: The Personality of the Priest is the Bridge to Christ
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Nathan Brooks about how the personality of the priest acts as the bridge to Christ.  Father Brooks discusses how God calls us as we are for who we are and does not ask us to become someone we are not.  When we say yes to God's will for our lives, we become the best version of ourselves.  
February 25, 2021
Vocations Chats: Celibacy as Gift
Fr. Hage interviews Fr. Celentano about his experience of his call within a call.  He discusses the joy and beauty of his call to celibacy, and how it is truly a profound gift in his life as a priest.
February 11, 2021