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Vocation Chats

Vocation Chats

By Vocations Syracuse
"A podcast from the other side of the altar." This podcast is sponsored by the Syracuse Diocese Office of Vocation Promotion, and will give you a glimpse of the humanity of the priesthood. You will hear our priests and those in formation for the priesthood speak candidly on trending Church topics as well as share their personal experience of a life of service in the Church today.
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Vocations Chats: Celibacy as Gift

Vocation Chats

Vocation Chats: Why does Father seem so busy?
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Ken Kirkman about the busyness of Holy Week and Easter and how a priest tries to move through busy seasons in his life.  Father Kirkman speaks very candidly about his experience of juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments as a person of faith.  He shares his insights on how to remain focused and centered on Christ in the midst of this juggling act.  
March 25, 2021
Vocation Chats: The Personality of the Priest is the Bridge to Christ
Father Hage and Father Celentano interview Father Nathan Brooks about how the personality of the priest acts as the bridge to Christ.  Father Brooks discusses how God calls us as we are for who we are and does not ask us to become someone we are not.  When we say yes to God's will for our lives, we become the best version of ourselves.  
February 25, 2021
Vocations Chats: Celibacy as Gift
Fr. Hage interviews Fr. Celentano about his experience of his call within a call.  He discusses the joy and beauty of his call to celibacy, and how it is truly a profound gift in his life as a priest.
February 11, 2021