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The Real Estate Market Now

The Real Estate Market Now

By Jason Kardos
The Real Estate Market Now podcast, talks about the latest real estate trends, unscripted & unfiltered, so you can keep up to date on how the market is.
The hot tub podcast
A quick hot tub podcast with an evening weather report from Spring Valley, Ca.
April 25, 2019
Budgeting for Home Ownership
Listen to real estate broker Jason Kardos discuss some of the fees for services that home buyers aren't always aware of when they are budgeting for their loan down payment and other customary escrow closing costs in California.
January 15, 2019
10 things to know about water heaters
Ten Things to Know About Water Heaters 1. Water heaters should be off the floor and strapped and braced-Earthquake and potable water source. 2. They should have a pressure relief valve and pan to outside, expansion chamber. 3. Permits are required, can do an online permit. 4. You do not have to light them with a match anymore, barbeque lighter style. 5. Costs about $1,000 different brands, Home Depot, disposal. 6. Should drain each year and check connections for corrosion and exhaust. 7. Different kinds, gas, electric, propane, flash water heater, on demand. 8. Carbon Monoxide, enclosure inside or outside. 9. Can last 10 years or more, put date of install in Southern California, insulation not recommended. 10. Know where your water heater is, have a space clear around it and how to shut off the mainline water to it. County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services WATER HEATER STRAPPING REQUIREMENTS BUILDING DIVISION California Plumbing Code Section 507.2 requires that all water heaters shall be supported and strapped to prevent movement during an earthquake. Two metal straps, not less than 22 gauge, nor less than 5/8-inch wide shall be used. One strap shall be placed within the upper 1/3 of the water heater’s vertical dimension and the other shall be placed within the bottom 1/3 of the water heater’s vertical dimension. At the lower point, a minimum distance of 4 inches shall be maintained above the controls with the strapping. This 18” stand is required for heaters installed in a garage location. Inspection Checklist Hot Water Heater T&P Valve t-and-p-valve An overheated or over-pressurized 30-gallon water heater is the equivalent to a stick of dynamite. Without a working temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve in place, a water heater can explode, causing property damage, severe injury or death. Every hot water heater, gas or electric, tank or tankless, is required by law to have a correctly functioning (T&P) relief valve. This crucial valve allows water or steam to escape from the water heater if the water temperature is too hot or the pressure is too high. T&P valves open when the pressure reaches 150 pounds per square inch (psi) or when the temperature reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Water heaters are equipped with thermostats and electric water heaters have overload switches, but the T&P valve is the only protection against explosions and damage from both excessive temperature and high pressure. These conditions can occur - without warning - when an agency or municipality raises its water pressure or if the water heater malfunctions. San Diego County Realtor, Jason Kardos, who is the Broker of Mt. Helix Lifestyles Real Estate Services. Jason specializes in helping people Buy, Sell, & Rent properties and posts many of his listings, real estate tips, & community information for the East County Communities of La Mesa, Spring Valley, Mt. Helix, Rancho San Diego, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, Santee, Jamul, Julian, Golden Hills, Mission Beach, and surrounding areas. Mt. Helix Lifestyles Real Estate Services helps home buyers and sellers search La Mesa, Ca homes for sale, negotiate to our clients' advantage, and sell homes through cutting-edge marketing. Jason specializes in estate, trust, & probate sales with many resources of CPA’s, Attorneys, & Private Fiduciaries. Search 1,000's of properties at:
December 15, 2018
The Real Estate Market has Shifted
Jason Kardos, real state broker talks about how the real estate market has shifted in the 4th quarter of 2018 and some strategies for buyers and sellers for 2019.
December 07, 2018
Test - The Real Estate Market Now
December 07, 2018