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Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG

Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG

By Jason Lowe
Arthramid Vet is a new treatment for joint pain and arthritis in animals, clinically proven superior to and longer lasting than conventional treatments. Injected into the joint itself it acts as a bio-scaffold, modifying the disease process and restoring joint mobility and function. In Episode 1 we introduce this exciting new treatment for joint lameness and osteoarthritis in animals.
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Kim McKellar- Episode 5

Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG

Dr Leigh de Clifford discusses Case Selection
In this episode we talk to Dr Leigh de Clifford, clinical veterinarian and published author, about where he finds Arthramid Vet most useful in practice. 
August 10, 2020
Dr Leigh de Clifford - Episode 6 Discusses Published Literature
Dr Leigh de Clifford discusses the Published Literature to date for the development of the use of 2.5% PAAG in treating lameness
April 01, 2020
Kim McKellar- Episode 5
In Episode 5 we talk to Australian legend Dr Kim McKellar, Equine Veterinarian, about his experiences of Arthramid Vet from over 50 years in clinical practice; "I wish I had this product 30 years ago". 
March 02, 2020
Aziz Tnibar- Episode 4
In Episode 4 of our series we meet with Dr Aziz Tnibar, another of the original researcher's behind the use of 2.5% PAAG in the treatment of lameness and osteoarthritis in animals. Dr Tnibar says Arthramid Vet is "the best treatment we have for OA" and discusses the importance of an accurate diagnosis and good injection technique to achieve results > 82%. 
January 27, 2020
Equine Veterinarian Dr Marc Koene talks Arthramid Vet
"A major game changer in orthopaedic treatment" is how Dr Marc Koene describes Arthramid Vet.  Dr Koene is an equine veterinarian and partner at TIERKLINIK LÜSCHE GMBH EQUINE HOSPITAL in Germany. Dr Koene shares his insights having worked with the product for over 10 years and as one of the original researchers.  "I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid worldwide and have now used Arthramid for over 10 years in our clinic. We have injected over a thousand horses and have found it to be very safe. It has been a major game-changer in the way we treat OA in our patients. We have fantastic results with really frustrating cases and are still working on new indications and treatment schemes for the product".  There are not many “new” products implemented in our OA Toolbox in recent years. Regenerative medicine and Bisphosphonates were the greatest new assets and I rate Arthramid Vet in the same league. 2.5% PAAG gives us the chance to minimize corticosteroids and we have no threats of “doping positive “ cases. As well, some horses, instead of being destroyed, are happily back in business. I would encourage every orthopaedic vet to try the product. They will love it, if their case selection is appropriate. I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid worldwide and the results are quite astonishing”
December 20, 2019
How to use Arthramid Vet - Episode 2
This second episode in our series Dr Leigh de Clifford and Dr Jason Lowe discuss what sets Arthramid Vet apart from other hydrogels, how it works and how veterinarians can use Arthramid Vet in the management of joint lameness and osteoarthritis in horses. Osteoarthritis (OA) is considered the most important musculoskeletal disorder in both humans and horses. From a clinical perspective it is associated with lameness and dysfunction of the affected joint, and approximately 60% of all equine lameness is due to OA. Significant economic loss occurs as a result and coupled with welfare concerns, motivates ongoing research into innovative treatments. The rapid resolution of lameness by a reduction in pain is paramount, but treatments ideally, should also serve to arrest or slow the progression of the disease. The use of an intra-articular 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide (2.5% PAAG- Arthramid® Vet) to treat OA is now well proven. Following injection into the joint 2.5% PAAG is adsorbed into the synovial membrane through a combination of vessel in-growth and molecular water exchange and persists long term in the joint. This significantly improves joint lameness caused by both early (acute) and late (chronic) stages of OA, with clinical trials showing up to 82.5% of cases becoming lame free for up to 24 months. Significantly longer than current treatments.
December 17, 2019
An Introduction to Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG Episode 1
Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG is a pioneering treatment setting a new standard in arthritic care for animals. Rather than simply mask pain, it defies conventional treatments by restoring freedom of movement through its advanced gel, acting as a bio-scaffold that bonds with the injured tissue. This first in a series of podcasts from Innovative Medical Solutions, Veterinarians Dr Jason Lowe and Dr Leigh de Clifford introduce us to Arthramid Vet describing some of the background to the product. Used initially as a dermal filler in human cosmetic surgery, Arthramid Vet is specially formulated for intra-articular injection. It is non-adsorbable, non-degradable, non-pyrogenic and neuro-innocuous. These properties enable it to have a long lasting augmentation effect on the joint providing active cushioning, increased glide and restoring joint function. 
November 14, 2019