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Jason's Journal

Jason's Journal

By Jason Perry
This is a podcast where I discuss matters of the heart. I am in love with living a positive life. I am a Christian black man in my 40s. Single father of a toddler. Raised on a farm in southern Louisiana, living in Dallas, TX. I'm educated, well-traveled, and have experienced a lot in life. So I know a little bit about a lot.

I use this platform to express ideas and sharpen my mind. I post a lot on relationships and love, as I am focused on being in love and living a life with my family. Check out my blogs on Jason's Journal -
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Abortion. Where Do You Stand?
Where do you stand with the recent issues regarding abortion and the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court? This episode will entail my opinions, a brief backstory of Roe v. Wade and may give you some insight into this subject. Take a little time to check out other posts on my blog - Jason's Journal @ This episode is also available as a blog post:
May 07, 2022