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The Intellectual People Podcast

The Intellectual People Podcast

By Jason
I’ve always loved speaking with people, whether they’re the founder or a tech company, a customer service representative, or a showroom floor associate. People who are passionate about their product and often, their journey is just as interesting. Join me for candid conversations with guests across industries, on The Intellectual People Podcast.
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The BEST Guitar Strings? | Stringjoy Founder Scott Marquart
Yes, that's right; USA made guitar strings for your guitar & bass.  Hear the story how Stringjoy was formed and what makes their strings stand in a league of their own.  #StringJoy  #GuitarStrings  #BassStrings
April 28, 2022
Alisa Metzger and Jen Shane of INNBeauty Project | Ep 50
Alisa and Jen share their story about how INNBeauty Project came about.  This is a fascinating insight into how women's makeup companies have operated for so long and how INNBeauty is changing the regimen for quality budget friendly products filling a gap at Sephora.   "Unless you truly can't live without making this idea come to life, it's extremely hard...there are sleepless nights" ~ Alisa Metzger of INNBEAUTY PROJECT  #INNBEAUTY  #SEPHORA  #AnimalFriendly
January 27, 2022
Know Yourself - Self Care - Mental Health Prevention Practices | Matheo Galatis | Ep 49
Matheo is the founder of The Know Yourself teachings aimed at supporting you to cut through the confusion in the personal development industry and support you to learn about the hidden dynamics that affect your life.    He has trained over 200 professional coaches, was a director of a coaching company in South Africa, worked in organizations such as Oracle, Strate South Africa, Mars Africa, Nedbank, Transnet, Loreal and has worked with clients from 27 different countries, ranging from successful CEO’s, political and public personalities, executives, coaches, trainers, therapists and entrepreneurs.   Matheo is taking the personal development industry to a whole new level by supporting people to find what he calls ‘your transformational why’ – the one thing that usually prevents people from getting unstuck and achieving their desires.  #knowyourself #MatheoGalatis #MentalHealth
January 27, 2022
A simple workout? FitFighter Founder and CEO Sarah Apgar | Ep 48
Sarah is a Firefighter, Military Veteran and now an entrepreneur.  Here is her journey through serving her community that led to the formation of FitFighter.    "FitFighter was founded on the simple belief that anyone can begin a journey to lifelong strength and embrace every challenge that comes their way. Fitness for us isn’t about measurement, metrics or competition; it’s about the freedom to live a happier, healthier life". - Sarah Apgar   #FitFighter #SteelHose #Workout
December 30, 2021
Good Good Jam, Keto Friendly Foods, Natural Sweetners | Co-Founder Gardar Stefansson | Ep 47
The Good Good story begins in 2015 with three friends in Iceland discussing diet and modern lifestyle problems. Two of them had close relatives with type 2 diabetes and all three were very concerned with the immense amount of sugar ingested by the modern diet. Every meal seemed to be full of sugar.   Our mission at GOOD GOOD is to sweeten up your life - without any added sugar!  #GoodGood #Pancakes #Keto
December 16, 2021
California Cowboy with CEO Drew Clark | Ep 46
Drew Clark explains what social technical apparel is.  Further, he explains the process of designing and manufacturing clothing.  Brick and mortar Store  1841 Polk St San Francisco, CA 94109   In Drew's words:  I’m an extreme extrovert who was born and raised in Southern California. For most of my childhood, I relished in the great outdoors - on the beach, in the mountains, and most importantly around friends new and old. That abruptly came to a halt when I became very ill at 17. I missed most of my senior year in high school and was thrust into isolation because of my suppressed immune system. This forced isolation allowed me a deeper understanding of the deep need for human connection.   Flash forward - I spent 15 years in the apparel industry studying how and why people choose their clothes, how your style allows you to silently communicate your identity.  California Cowboy was born from my realization that technical products should not only be designed for athletic performance. They can “perform” in more meaningful ways, to help you connect.   I always loved those indulgent moments of socializing after sport - colloquially known as “Après.” Tacos and beers after surfing. Cracking jokes around a fire pit after skiing. Toes in the sand moments. Hot tub dips.   California Cowboy exists to help people indulge in these moments, to help people come together like we did before notifications flooded our pockets and distracted our brains.   We’re fighting for more living in the moment. Inspiring more of what makes us feel truly alive. It’s our vision, to help everyone be more human. And all that from clothing. Ambitious, right?   #CaliforniaCowboy  #Extrovert  #SocialTechnicalClothing
December 02, 2021
Alex's Awesome Sourdough Gut-Friendly Pizza | Alex Corsini | Ep. 45
Alex explains about his use of Sourdough and the benefits that it has for making his Alex's Awesome Sourdough Pizza.  Healthier Ingredients sourced carefully are the difference among a few others.  Take a listen and try not to get hungry.   #Pizza  #Sourdough  #GutFriendly
November 29, 2021
TikTok Inspirators @jt_laybourne, @eddudez Join Forces with ZOA Energy to Prove What #KindnessCAN Do
JT and Ed discuss how they met online and their partnership with ZOA Energy, a brand rooted in positivity, to showcase how #KindnessCAN change the world. Can YOU be kind?   JT on TikTok   Ed  on TikTok   Zoa Energy   #KindnessCan  #ZoaEnergy  #TheRock
November 12, 2021
Clayton Shaw of Spatial Audio | Ep 43
As a young 12 year old, Clayton Shaw enjoyed building speakers.  He always knew what he was looking for, however, reaching the goal took many years and life experiences to achieve his goal.  Now at 64, in his opinion after 52 years has reached the pinnacle in open baffle speaker design.  Take a listen to Clayton's journey as he navigates through the speaker building business.   #spatialaudio  #hifi  #openbafflespeakers
November 05, 2021
Functional Medicine with Dr. Dan Stock | Ep. 41
Dr. Dan Stock made headlines when he spoke at a school board meeting on his views of Covid.  He runs PureHealth Functional Medicine based in Indiana.  Please see the links below for Dr. Stock's practice.  ttps://  #functionalmedicine  #covid  #schoolboard
November 01, 2021
Sinus and Respiratory Health | Nate Jones Founder, President of Xlear | Ep 42
In 1998 Nate's father invented a child's nasal spray to prevent ear infections which contains Xyitol.  Nate explains the formation of Xlear and about the current trials for Covid treatment.  Dental Brand Spry  #xlear #sinus #nasalspray
November 01, 2021
Geshelli Labs | Ep 40
Like many people in audio, Geno built what he thought would be a one off Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).  Little did he know that would turn into leaving his previous life as a Computer Scientist and he and his wife Sherri starting Geshelli Labs.  The Erish2 (E2) Balanced Headphone Amp and J2 DAC using the ES9026PRO are latest products in the lineup.  Geshelli manufactures the products in their Florida Space Coast Factory.       Geshelli pronounced Ja-Shelli  0:00 - Intro  0:22 - Thanking the Audio Forums  0:56 - Geno and Sheri From Geshelli Labs  1:10 - What is Geshelli Labs?  1:55 - How did Geshelli Labs get started?  7:53 - Is Geno an Engineer by trade?  8:55 - How long did Geno stay in Computer Field?  10:11 - Were you involved in Computer Programming  11:20 - Deeper Insight of Geshelli Labs as a whole  14:30 - What Separates Your Equipment from other makers of the Exact Items?  15:35 - Duties of Geno and Sherri in Geshelli Labs  16:57 - What are the differences between JNOG and J2?  19:06 - Difference between Objective Measurements from JNOG to J2  19:58 - Do you find Yourself Going Back to AK Chips if they are available again?  21:32 - What are the differences between amplifiers?  26:44 - Input to Output Balanced Topology of E2 and J2  27:57 - Does Geshelli Labs have anything coming down the pike that viewers should know about?  30:08 - How many Employees make up Geshelli Labs?  30:53 - Is there any Reason an Audiophile can't use J2 as their DAC for Home Audio System  33:14 - Do you want to Design a Tube Amplifier? 34:36 - J2 with ESS Chips  35:00 - Is there anything that hasn't been Announced?  38:22 - Do you Test every Units to see if they Pass Audio Precision APx555?  40:08 - Outro   #geshelli  #headphone  #dac  #amp
September 30, 2021
Treat Early - Fluvoxamine, Camostat, Selva SLV213, Doxazosin and Niclosamide | Steve Kirsch | Ep 39
Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch who holds an early patent for the optical mouse decided to get involved in treating Covid.  Steve put in $1MM of his own money and  raised $5MM in an effort to treat Covid in the early stage.  #treatearly  #covid  #fluvoxamine
September 16, 2021
Booking Producer for FOX & Friends and FOX News Channel | Alison Morrow | Ep 38
Alison Morrow quit her TV news career in 2019 after 12 years as a reporter.  She worked in several states working for FOX & Friends and FOX News Channel and most recently for the NBC affiliate King TV in Seattle.     Her perspective is quite interesting as someone who has been in the business.  Alison's stories at K5 News | King 5 Seattle  #news  #foxnews  #kingtv
September 03, 2021
How did NwAvGuy help JDS Labs? | John from JDS Labs | Ep 37
John Seaber set out on a mission.  He wanted a well performing headphone amp.  Little did he know that his search would form a very successful business manufacturing the well received NwAvGuy's design, the O2 (Objective).  Selling tens of thousands of these units, yes, you read that right; ultimately led to his own design.  His story is quite neat to listen to.   Enjoy!   JDS Labs  NwAvGuy Blogspot  #jdslabs  #hifi  #headphoneamp  #dac
August 27, 2021
How do Apples, PecanPi, Galium Nitrade (GaN), Class D make audio equipment? | Orchard Audio | Ep 36
Leonid (Leo) Ayzenshtat, full of passion; started Orchard Audio to maximize the dollar to performance ratio.  Take a listen to hear about Leo's journey from concept to reality!  #galiumnitrade  #starkrimson  #pecanpi  #hifi
August 13, 2021
Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of using "RNA as a drug" and core mRNA and DNA vaccine technologies | Ep 35
Dr. Robert Malone provides us with an in depth discussion on his past of how he invented the mRNA and DNA technology.  You are sure to learn a lot in this highly interesting topic.     0:00 Intro  0:22 Background Information  1:08:29 Covid Related  Reading: The True Story of How mRNA Vaccination was Invented  #covid #mRNA #DNA
July 27, 2021
Dan Wright of ModWright Instruments | Ep 34
Dan Wright started ModWright Instruments as a hobby to modify equipment.    Today, ModWright has grown into a well respected Audio Company which leverages Dan's design skills along with some of the industry leading circuit designers.  Please enjoy Dan's story as it's quite an interesting one!  #modwright #hifi #music
July 19, 2021
Carbon Fiber Guitars | KLOS Guitars | Skill Board USA | Ep 33
Adam explains to us about the formation of KLOS Guitars and how they're made.  He and his brother Ian's formal education of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering have certainly helped their journey of KLOS Guitars.  They have also started a company called Skill Board USA for the ultimate in human balance control.  #klosguitars  #travelguitar  #guitar  #carbonfiber
July 02, 2021
Ethan Winer | RealTraps | Room Treatment | Ep 32
Ethan Winer joins for an hour of explanation of room treatment and explains his views on many other audio related topics including his book The Audio Expert.  YouTube channel:  Here are a few related to what we discussed:
June 18, 2021
Kii Audio, Purifi Audio, Mola Mola & Hypex | Bruno Putzeys | Ep 31
I have the pleasure to sit with the brilliant Bruno Putzeys from Hypex Audio fame.  It's no secret that he truly broke ground to make Class D amplification mainstream within the HiFi community. #purifi #hypex #kiiaudio
June 11, 2021
Pastor Cal from Married at First Sight | Calvin Roberson | Ep 30
Pastor Cal tells us about the authenticity of Married At First Sight along how he got involved in being part of it.  His book: Marriage Ain't for Punks! Would you do it?    #MAFS  #PastorCal  #Marriageaintforpunks  #marriedatfirstsight
June 04, 2021
Duratex Speaker Cabinet Coating | Acry-Tech Coatings | Miki Cappello
In 1985 Miki's father Dan, started Acry-Tech Coatings.  While it started as a paint company, Dan quickly developed new industry leading products.    Please have a listen to Miki to learn about Acry-Tech and learn about the new formula of DuraTex that makes it stand out from their competitors.  From car audio, home audio/theater or Pro Audio, DuraTex Coating has you covered.  ;) DuraTex Anti-Slip Coating Acoustic-X Waterproof Roof Coatings  #duratex #coating #acrytechcoatings #madeintheusa
June 01, 2021
Todd Welti on multi-subwoofers! | Harman
Hired by Dr. Floyd Toole 20 yrs ago, it was an honor to have  Distinguished Engineer Todd Welti on from Harman.  Todd speaks openly what his daily job consists of; room modeling, subjective correlation, headphone acoustics, machine learning to product development.     Links below for what was mentioned:  "Optimal Configurations for Subwoofers in Rooms Considering Seat to Seat Variation and Low Frequency Efficiency: Color Plots"   and "Part One: How Many Loudspeakers?"  #hifi  #subwoofers  #jbl  #harman  #speakers
May 21, 2021
Shareablee | Founder and CEO Tania Yuki
Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO of Shareablee explains her journey of starting Shareablee.  If you're in a corporate setting where data analytics is your specialty, this is for you!    The data is available; the question becomes how do you use it and that's what Shareablee will help your team accomplish with their custom tailored solutions.     About Shareablee:  Shareablee’s curated data empowers brands to drive success on social. Monitoring more than 1M global companies and 9M+ influencers, Shareablee has been the leading authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights since 2013.   With comprehensive monitoring in more than 55 countries, Shareablee is the world’s largest system of social performance data for brands and agencies who want to understand the impact of their cross-platform campaigns.   Our partnerships include the Facebook Media Measurement Program, Microsoft Partner Network and the Bloomberg Marketplace.  #InsightStudio #marketedge #dataanalytics #shareablee #tiktok #influencers
May 17, 2021
Roswell Pro Audio | DIY Microphone-Parts | Matthew McGlynn
From the Roswell Pro Audio site:   Roswell Pro Audio was founded by Matthew McGlynn, whose first entry into the pro audio gear industry was RecordingHacks provides detailed analysis and descriptions of thousands of microphones, as well as some of the most ambitious mic shootouts ever produced.   McGlynn's deep experience with hundreds of microphones over many years — learning how they're built, and why they sound the way they do — led to the formation of, a DIY electronics company that sells premium studio microphones in "do it yourself" kit form.   Roswell Pro Audio borrows from the research and development work done by MicParts, but takes its products in a different direction. Roswell's designs distill the various capsule and circuit combinations into best-in-class offerings that have won acclaim from musicians, home studio owners, and Grammy award-winning producers and engineers.  #nammshow  #roswellproaudio  #minik47  #minik87  #Colares
May 07, 2021
Factory Five Racing (FFR) | Dave Smith
The man behind FFR, Dave Smith explains what led to the formation of his company which has sold over 12,000 kits and $300M of products.  We learn about the tough parts of building a small automotive business including a lawsuit by Ford Motor Company.  #ffr #cobra #ford #fordracing #sema
April 30, 2021
Dutch & Dutch 8c Speakers | Martijn Mensink
In this video, we learn about the formation of Dutch & Dutch and how Martijn got his start in speaker design.  Martijn also speaks about how the 8c design came about along with the features of such design.  There's certainly a lot to unpack in this video!   #dutchdutch  #loudspeaker  #speakers  #hifi  #8c
April 23, 2021
Do you really need surge protection? | Jim Minadeo of Zero Surge Explains
In this video, Jim Minadeo of Zero Surge explains how his past Chemistry experience led to a voting machine patent and ultimately becoming the owner of Zero Surge in January 2014 from J. Rudy Harford.
April 16, 2021
Alone In The Backseat | Jennifer Lourie
Author Jennifer Lourie explains how her self written and self published Memoir came about.  Her life after divorce and into survival mode while  navigating dating life of a woman in her 40's.     Her book:  Instagram:  Blog:  Facebook:  #aloneinthebackseat #dating #singlelife
April 09, 2021
Captains For Clean Water | Florida Skiff Challenge
In this video, Capt. Mike tells us about the importance of Captains For Clean Water for Everglades Restoration.  This is something all boaters and fishers should watch and learn about.  Heck, anyone that cares about earth should watch this.  Yes, that means YOU!  ;)  #captainsforcleanwater #boaters #florida #water
April 08, 2021
Legacy Audio with Bill Dudleston
Bill Dudleston explains what got him into building speakers and ultimately Legacy Audio.  His history is quite interesting!     He even talks about Earl Geddes, the late Arnie Nudell and speaks about the powerful Legacy Audio Wavelet.     If you manufacture drivers, you might want to hear his request.  #legacyaudio #hifi #speakers #music
April 02, 2021
Shark Tank Supervising Casting Producer Mindy Zemrak | Mindy Casting
Do you love the ABC show, Shark Tank?  Supervising Casting Producer Mindy Zemrak is here to tell us about Shark Tank, including how to pitch your winning idea!   #sharktank #mindycasting #entrepreneur #entertainment #abc #WomansHistoryMonth
March 26, 2021
What is Audio Science Review? | Amir of Audio Science Review
In this video, Amir of Audio Science Review (ASR) explains his past career and what led to the formation of ASR.  He also explains the testing process of electronics and speakers using his $200k of measurement equipment. #audiosciencereview #hifi #science
March 19, 2021
Do audio cables matter? | Galen Gareis formerly of Belden Wire
Former Belden Wire Designer Galen Gareis explains how cables need to meet certain standards and the design parameters around them.  He also speaks about the actual science and the subjective side within hifi audio.    After many years of a business relationship with Blue Jeans Cable, he now leads the ICONOCLAST cable line.  #beldenwire #cables #hifi #1313A #iconoclast #science #subjective #objective
March 12, 2021
What is Audiophile Style? | Chris Connaker
We have the pleasure to hear from Chris Connaker the founder of Auidophile Style (Computer Audiophile) on how and why he initially started the forum.  The path is sure to surprise you! #computers #computeraudio #hifi
March 05, 2021
Accurate Sound Calibration using Digital Sound Processing (DSP)? | Mitch Barnett
Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound tells us about his journey to become a leading expert in Digital Sound Processing (DSP).  Accurate Sound is a remote service using Audiolense, Acourate and Room Eq Wizard (REW).     Check out Mitch  MItch's Book on DSP  Audiolense  Acourate
February 26, 2021
Need a unique mail order gift? | Georgia Crafted
Erin tells us how and why she created Georgia Crafted.  She has put together themed gift boxes or build your own from her many different talented artisans.      #giftbox  #mailorder  #georgiacrafted  #georgiamade  #locallove
February 20, 2021
Does digital sound better? | Blue Coast Records and Cookie Marenco
We all get a chance to hear from 5 Time Grammy Nominated Cookie Marenco.  We talk about studio equipment requirements, artist discovery and of course how she records and produces some of the best DSD recordings available on the Sonomoa DSD Recording System.  Any music lover is sure to enjoy this candid conversation!   Please be sure to watch, like and subscribe!   Meghan Andrews   What is DSD?  #dsd #recordingengineer #producer #grammys
February 19, 2021
Founder and CEO of Chuck Surack
The inspiring story of Chuck Surack who started in a VW Bus and has grown to over $1B in sales.  Chuck is a humble man who does a lot for music education on top of being a business leader in online music instrument sales.   See all brands here:   #sweetwater #CEO #music #vwbus #guitars
February 11, 2021
New Record Day Talks Subjective and Objective Audio Reviews | Ron Brenay
Ron explains his past in audio and how he transitioned into being a content creator for YouTube audio reviews.  We also speak about the science within audio and how to increase the use of making reviews more objective while not losing the subjective side.  Ron also shares a personal story of him and his wife.     New Record Day on YouTube:​  Is there anybody out there? The comeback video that is referenced:​  #hifi​ #newrecordday​ #speakermeasurements​ #erinsaudiocorner
February 08, 2021
Larry Dixon Racing 2 Seat NHRA Top Fuel Dragster
In this video, I sit with the 3x Champ Larry Dixon to discuss his past and present.  The history of his racing career and even the details of what it costs to run a competitive NHRA Top Fuel Team.     We learn about the 2 seater Top Fuel Dragster that YOU can rent a ride in.  Yes, that's right, 0 -100mph in 1 second!     Larry's mention of the warmup video:  Contact Larry:
February 05, 2021
High-end audio design & PCB layout with Tom Christiansen, Neurochrome & TCA | Part 2
In this video I speak with the brilliant Tom Christiansen of Neurochrome and Tom Christiansen Audio (TCA). We cover a wide range of topics, including circuit design for manufacturing, PCB layout and its influence of circuit performance, and the influence of component selection on audio performance just to mention a few. We also touch on marketing, consumer psychology, cognitive psychology, and even briefly explore the neuroscience of gender identity. Enjoy!   This is part two of a two-part series.   Part 1 is here: Be sure to like and subscribe.  Neurochrome:   TCA:   Doug Self’s book that was mentioned:
January 31, 2021
High-end audio design & PCB layout with Tom Christiansen, Neurochrome & TCA | Part 1
In this video I speak with the brilliant Tom Christiansen of Neurochrome and Tom Christiansen Audio (TCA). We cover a wide range of topics, including circuit design for manufacturing, PCB layout and its influence of circuit performance, and the influence of component selection on audio performance just to mention a few. We also touch on marketing, consumer psychology, cognitive psychology, and even briefly explore the neuroscience of gender identity. Enjoy!   This is part one of a two-part series.   Be sure to like and subscribe.   Neurochrome:  TCA:  Doug Self’s book that was mentioned:
January 31, 2021
Why buy a Teardrop Camper? Tom from WeeRoll!
I sit with Tom from WeeRoll about his multiuse campers and learn about the history of WeeRoll.
January 29, 2021
Over one MILLION followers for the Drunk Donkey? | Mike's Weather Page
Today I chat with Mike from Mike's Weather Page and learn how he got into building a weather page and doing live videos with his guests.     His FaceBook page has over 1M followers and he's quickly becoming the go-to online unofficial meteorologist around the world.   His webpage:​  His FaceBook page:​  Where Drunk Donkey came from:
January 22, 2021
Erin's Audio Corner buys a $100k Klippel NFS
I recently had Erin from Erin's Audio Corner on my podcast.  We talked about his recent acquisition the $100k Klippel NFS
January 17, 2021
Wood Pallet Recycling for Greenhouse Heating | Novem Industries
In this video, Brad of Novem Industries explains how his company recycles wood pallets for heating for the largest Greenhouse in the USA.   Please be sure to subscribe for new content!     Follow The Intellectual People Podcast on FaceBook:
January 15, 2021
Boat Building and Boat Racing with Steve Stepp of Velocity Powerboats and HydraStepp
I sit down with legendary boat builder Steve Stepp.  In this video we talk about building boats and his journey of racing along with growing two successful boat companies.     Please visit HydraStepp:
January 08, 2021
From Flo Rida to Florida Ski Riders and Jetski Excursions with Randy Cabrera
I sit down with the leader of Florida Ski Riders to hear how he has built an online Personal Watercraft (PWC) community of 20,000 members.     Link to Randy  Link to Capt. Ron  FL Ski Riders on FaceBook 
January 01, 2021
Waveguides, Acoustics and Speaker Design with Dr. Earl Geddes
In this first episode I sit down with Dr. Earl Geddes who has been a pioneer in speaker design.     Here is the link to the mentioned waveguide design thread:  Please visit his website at for his white papers   Contact me through: https://www.theintellectualpeoplepodc...
December 30, 2020