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Curious Expeditions

Curious Expeditions

By Jason Yoong
An exploration of mental models. We dive deep into what drives the decisions of peculiar people.
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Episode 001 - Fireside Chat with Smart People Podcast Creators: Chris & Jon

Curious Expeditions

Episode 002 - Fireside Chat with Shawn Xu (Floodgate & Anchor List)
Shawn is a Senior Associate at early-stage venture capital firm Floodgate. I first heard of Shawn because he is the curator of the Anchor List, an annual honor roll that celebrates talented operators and advisors in tech building the world’s fastest-growing startups.   In this fireside chat, we dive into lessons learned from Anchor List and how Shawn learns and stays curious.    Anchor List site -  Curious Expeditions newsletter -
July 29, 2021
Episode 001 - Fireside Chat with Smart People Podcast Creators: Chris & Jon
Chris & Jon are the cofounders and hosts of Smart People Podcast, where they interview thought leaders from every profession. If you have not heard of Smart People Podcast, the following listener description is spot-on:   --- “It’s like getting to talk with bright people at a dinner party and skipping the small talk to get to the really interesting stuff!”   In this fireside chat, we dive deep into lessons learned, favorite questions to ask, interviewing skills, how Chris & Jon have grown from episode 1 to 380+, and more.    Smart People Podcast site -  Curious Expeditions newsletter -
July 22, 2021