Climate and Chaos with Jay Bisciaio

Thanks for finding me!! Here's what's what.

An episode of Climate and Chaos with Jay Bisciaio

By Jay Bisciaio
A look at current political issues through the scope of a Judeo-Christian conservative. Edgy at times but always to the point, Jay, an Iraq War combat vet, offers his insights into today's political climate and the usual chaos that's associated with it. He is also a contributing podcaster for Free American Media.
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More places to listen

Patriotism On Trial -- "The Squad"
In podcast #3, I break down the freshman democrats and their unamerican and unpatriotic antics.  I have recorded this on a Shure 58A microphone and the new Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Generation 3 Audio Interface so the quality is OUTSTANDING!  Thank you SO much for listening, and please follow me @ProudOIFvet on Twitter and Parler.
July 22, 2019
USWNT Wins Title, USA Takes the L
An in depth look at the polarizing actions of Megan Rapinoe and Team USA women's soccer team in relation to our nations level of division, as well as Megan's actions and how they effect the team and country.  What should be a joyous event leading to renewed patriotism, has become a controversial issue creating new divide. Follow Jay at @proudOIFvet on Twitter and Parler Follow Free American Media @realfreeamerican on Parler or at Questions or comments?
July 15, 2019
Democrat Debate Lies and Recants -- Just Vote Trump 2020!!
This is a short, introductory view of what I'm all about.  I focus on Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, with emphasis on Kamala's arrogance, recants, and record.  Enjoy!!
July 7, 2019
Thanks for finding me!! Here's what's what.
Actual episode is coming VERY soon.  This is who I am.  Follow Free American Media on Parler @realfreeamerican and YouTube.  Follow me @proudOIFvet on Parler and Twitter.  
July 1, 2019
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