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JMT 032 Antoine Desroches @antoinejdtri

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JMT 042 Megan Pennington @megjpenn
After a rough 2017 season that ended early with an injury, Megan was determined to make 2018 her comeback year. That was an understatement! With an overall win at the Patriot 1/2 Triathlon, an age-group win (and Kona qualifier) at Ironman Lake Placid, she went to the big island and then set a PR!! She did all this while still being an amazing Mom, a loving wife, and a triathlon coach to both adults and children. Go follow Megan for motivation and positivity and lots of smiles!
November 27, 2018
JMT 041 FDNY Triathlon Team @fdnytriathlonteam
Today I had the honor to chat with Eddie Vega; NYC Firefighter and President of the FDNY Triathlon Team...a group of badass men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe, while also finding time to crush it on the race course. We chat about the origins of the team and how the crazy schedule of a firefighter and EMT is not conducive to triathlon training...yet somehow they get it done!! www.fdnytri.com #jaymactris
November 20, 2018
JMT 040 Jeff Fairbanks & Nathan Turner @race_team_triumph
I am stoked to be racing with Team Triumph this year and into the 2019 Tri season. There are many reasons...from the amazing teammates to the awesome sponsors to the totally rad kits...but all these things couldn’t come together if not for the two leaders: Jeff and Nathan. I got to know Jeff right after he completed his Triumph Project journey of 21 half iron-distance tri’s in 21 days and the documentary is finally coming out! Through Jeff, I then had the privilege of being introduced to Nate’s transformation of weight loss and goal of racing every 70.3 in North America. These two dudes are as humble as they are amazing triathletes and I couldn’t be any happier to toe the line with them next season and have them on my show right NOW! #jaymactris www.thetriumphproject.org/
November 13, 2018
JMT 039 Julie Bockey @bockeylife
Whatever I write here won’t do any justice to describe how incredible Julie is. She’s a Veteran, a Mom to 2 beautiful boys, a wife to her amazing soulmate Shawn and she just completed her 11th triathlon season by crossing the finish line at Ironman Louisville (her first IM!)...all while living with Type 1 Diabetes. BUT if that isn’t enough to call her a ROCKSTAR, both of her boys are autistic and Jacob is also Type 1. Julie doesn’t look for excuses or seek out sympathy, but what she does want is AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE. She has teamed up with some amazing companies including @diabetessportsproject and @Zootsports to help her bring advocacy to issues that are close to her heart. I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Julie which includes some laughing, some seriousness and some snorting...
November 5, 2018
JMT 038 Jack Felix @jackhhi
After suffering through a gut wrenching race where your heart rate is cranked at 200 against some of the fastest triathletes in the world, Jack heads back to his hotel room, fires up his laptop and works on his next assignment for his Queens University MBA. This is fun conversation with a guy who has a background in all three disciplines, but if not for some nagging injuries while running at Clemson, might not have been able to find a career racing for Team USA and now in the SuperLeague Triathlon Series. He earned his Golden Ticket to race against the best in the world, but not before he completes his homework. www.jackfelixracing.com #jaymactris
October 30, 2018
JMT 037 Jillienne Sanders @chasingraspberries
With a love for fashion and triathlon, Jillienne has created a nice little niche by providing in-depth reviews of various Tri kits and suits. You can find her on IGTV www.instagram.com/chasingraspberries taking the time to put them through rigorous workouts both in the pool or on the trainer. She just came back from Kona, where she spent some time with prior Pod guest Tarsh (founder of Stomp the Pedal) supporting athletes and having a fun time soaking in the atmosphere. But don’t let that amazing smile fool you; Jillienne has crushed multiple Ironman races and has dreams of racing at Worlds some day soon. #jaymactris
October 25, 2018
JMT 036 Todd Buckingham @toddbuckone
ITU World Championships, Age Group Nationals, a PhD, and cinnamon rolls?? This is fun conversation about a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously until it’s time to put his head down and crush the competition. But even then, he still has a smile on his face. For the past five years, Todd has been a force in endurance racing, from multiple AG Nationals podiums, to a sub 2:30 marathon PR, and a World Championship to finish off his 2018 season. He’s still trying to figure out what the future holds, but for now, he’s going to put his PhD to work. Don’t forget to use “tbuckingham18” for a 25% discount on Every Man Jack products and be sure to visit www.toddbuckingham.com #jaymactris
October 18, 2018
JMT 035 Justin Lippert @justin_lippert
“I want to to be the worlds most famous Age Group Triathlete.” Wearing only a Speedo and a handle-bar mustache, Justin won both the USAT Age Group National Championship Olympic and Sprint distance races...so he is well on his way to achieving his goal. This is a fun conversation about having passion in whatever you do and also doing it FullSend. We talk about how he juggles school (he’s studying for his MBA at Queens U), a job, triathlon training, and racing for the Queens U and Dudes of Nor'Easter Tri teams. He also has his sights set on USAT AG National Long Course Championships next month in Miami; and he is not afraid to make sure that the best of the best are towing the line with him...so he can solidify that he is in fact the Worlds Best AG Triathlete. www.instagram.com/justin_lippert #jaymactris #FullSend
October 11, 2018
JMT 034 Talbot Cox @talbotcox
The most dangerous thing you can do in life is play it safe.”- Casey Neistat. A self-proclaimed “pro triathlete fan boy” and “not great photographer,” my conversation with Talbot is more about following your passion and channeling your inner Gary Vee to make a career out of what you love. Although his photos and videos are epic, Talbot wants to be remembered more for his passion and energy, as well as building a business from nothing except a camera and a dream. It’s been a year since Talbot bust on the triathlon scene at Ironman Kona, so after you listen to our convo, be sure to follow his journey as he captures the top athletes in our sport. www.talbotcox.com
October 4, 2018
JMT 033 Peter Ward @pjweezy
Not one to do anything half-assed, the first year of Peter’s jump into endurance sports has been nothing short of going FullSend. He has raced the NYC Marathon, IronMan Lake Placid, as well as two trail races of 42k & 50k. But this won’t surprise you knowing Peter’s career choice: he is a Real Estate Agent in the toughest city in the world...Manhattan. Give Peter a follow on IG, and you will see pictures of his training, his sheep-dog @nycsheepdog as well as multimillion dollar NYC Real Estate @engelvolkersnyc #jaymactris
September 27, 2018
JMT 032 Antoine Desroches @antoinejdtri
“Train your weakness, but race your strength.” With a background in cross country skiing, this guy definitely knows how to suffer. After a short stint in ITU racing, Antoine moved up to 70.3 and full Ironman distance because the longer the race, the longer he can make people hurt. Fun convo with another young gun in our sport...oh and did I mention he does it all on a plant-based diet?! Follow Antoine at www.instagram.com/antoinejdtri #jaymactris
September 20, 2018
JMT 031 Erin Ray @littleeray
After Erin earned her Pro Triathlete card at IMTX 70.3, she had very little time to celebrate her achievement, as she had to get back to her other job as a Real Estate agent. This is a great conversation about how her success in real estate has carried over to her success in triathlon, but now Erin is twice as busy focusing her time and energy on both! We chat about her preparation and goal setting for IM and how our mutual coach, Ivan Dominguez was an integral part of her success; as well as what she needs to focus on for the future. #jaymactris
September 13, 2018
JMT 030 Claudia Behring @claudia.behring
Think that the indoor trainer is just for cold, rainy training days? Think again! Claudia is the Zwift National Champion who will be riding this weekend at the CVR World Cup in Vancouver for a chance to win $10,000. Before Claudia was kicking ass inside, she was crushing it outside as well. She's qualified for both Boston and IM 70.3 World Champ's three times, and has some pretty fast PR's from IronMan to the Olympic distance. When she's not racing, she's also coaching athletes of all levels and abilities. You can learn more about her coaching at http://cbarperformance.com/
June 21, 2018
JMT 029 REV3 Quassy recap with Erik Barone @bigguystri
This was such a fun episode and i'm excited to finally drop it! After finishing my first "A" race of the season, i wanted to record an audio race report...but rather than listening to me ramble for 30 minutes, i was fortunate to bring on my good friend, Erik Barone, so we could give our perspectives on how our races went down. Erik finished first in the Clydesdale division and we get to race again next month in Boston. This is such a fun conversation; i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! You can follow Erik at www.instagram.com/bigguystri
June 13, 2018
JMT 028 Kristin Mayer @bettydesigns
“Don’t wait for your life changing moment.” With a backpack full of 30 Betty Designs jerseys, Kristen made her way to Kona to see if her dream could become a reality...and a week later, her iconic brand was launched. This is a great conversation with an amazing woman who has made the most out of every opportunity that came her way. From leading group workouts on Zwift, to building a community of badass women, Kristin does everything with 100% passion and energy. www.bettydesigns.com
June 5, 2018
JMT 027 Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs @skratchlabs
"I was speaking the wrong language; I wasn't a chef or a dietitian." While working as a sport scientist and coach for a professional cycling team, Dr. Allen Lim started making his own training food and sports drinks from "scratch" for the cyclists because too many of the pre-packaged sports bars and drinks that were given to them were laden with artificial ingredients and literally making them sick to their stomach. Allen was able to go back to his familial roots of sitting around a table and enjoying real food and combine that with his education and background in the science of fueling our bodies to perform at their peak. He started Skratch Labs with a simple mission – to develop and sell food and drinks that taste great, that are made from real ingredients and that solve problems for active people. Learn more about Skratch Labs at www.skratchlabs.com
June 1, 2018
JMT 026 Sidney Smith @tri_nofeet
After going through the surgery of double amputation, Sidney was lying in the recovery room and was the watching the inspirational athletes competing in IronMan Kona...and knew that was the goal he would strive for. He could barely walk, but he knew he wanted to swim, bike and then run. Two years later, Sidney has competed in numerous tri's including three at the 70.3 distance. He'll be running his first marathon next month raising money for operation #lendaleg with the ultimate goal of Kona. Follow Sidney at www.instagram.com/tri_nofeet
May 23, 2018
JMT 025 Natarsha Tremayne @irontarsh
"A chick who loves to race." Those are Tarsh's words to describe her passion for triathlon and love of traveling the world to not only race, but to hang out with some amazing triathletes and just enjoy the experience. But don't let her smile fool you; she is an 8x IronMan finisher, as well as a competitive athlete in countless other triathlons and running races. Just this week, she led her first group workout on Zwift!! She also has a love for cycling clothing and her personal line, Stomp the Pedal, can be found at www.stompthepedal.co If you're not following Natarsha already, she can be found at www.instagram.com/irontarsh Enjoy!
May 16, 2018
JMT 024 Libby Dykes @iron_tica
What can i say about this conversation except that Libby is one of the most positive people i have ever met. Here is a woman who grew up in Costa Rica caring for her family, while trying to further her education...and eventually made her way to the U.S. But not before living in Canada for a few years, getting married and having 5 children! Her mantra: Pura Vida. Listen to our convo to learn more about what that means and how we should all live that way. Follow Libby at www.instagram.com/iron_tica As always, a big shoutout to Zane's Cycles for supporting my show. Find them at www.zanes.com.
May 9, 2018
JMT 023 Liz Hill @lizzielu7
I truly believe that Instagram was created so we can get to know people like Liz. After you listen to our Pod convo, go follow her and i beg you to find one picture that won't make you laugh. This BADASS single Mom is a 5x marathon finisher, 3x IronMan finisher, and just completed her 8th IM70.3. This is a fun conversation about putting 110% effort into training and life...and having fun along the way, while not taking yourself too seriously. Find Liz at www.instagram.com/lizzielu7 As always, a big thanks to Zane's Cycles for supporting my show! Learn more at www.zanes.com.
May 9, 2018
JMT 022 Cody Beals @cody.beals
"A nerd in jock's clothing." After graduating top of his college class with a degree in physics, Cody decided to forge a different path and embarked on the journey of a professional triathlete. He's had his fair share of up's (recently won IM 70.3 Taiwan) and down's and has documented every juicy detail on his blog...including what it takes to live on a Pro Triathlete's budget. This is a fun conversation about humility and balance; and putting yourself out there for all to see. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with the professionals in our sport and Cody is one to follow! Learn more about him and his sponsors at www.codybeals.com
May 1, 2018
JMT 021 Misty Hibdon @inkedtriathlete
"Always give 110%; its the extra 10% that everyone remembers." Whatever Misty does in life, she's giving everything she has. Looking to get back in shape after her 3rd child, Misty begged people at her gym to run a 5k. A few years later, she was towing the line at her first triathlon and shortly thereafter her first IronMan. Like many of us, Misty has no problem working hard (when we recorded she had a triple training day), but with the help of her coach Mike Lovato, she has learned to pull back when she needs to, so that she can kick ass when she wants to. This is a conversation about positivity and having fun...and always crushing it along the way. Find Misty at www.instagram.com/inkedtriathlete Thanks to my biggest supporter, Zane's Cycles. Find them at www.zanes.com.
April 24, 2018
JMT 020 Tina Kunstbeck @trainingtoenjoylife
After an early career as a professional cyclist, Tina knew she had to rekindle the competitive fire, so she decided to start training for triathlons. She competed in numerous races including an IronMan and then focused on qualifying for Boston. She crossed the finish line in 2013 only to hear the news that would forever change our sport. Twenty minutes later she went from an emotional high to quickly realizing how precious life really is. She's had some struggles since then, including a battle with Lyme Disease, but 5 years later, Tina is towing the line again at Boston. This is a great conversation about training & racing and how it's so much more than getting on that podium. Follow Tina's positive journey at www.instagram.com/trainingtoenjoylife A special thanks to Zane's Cycles for supporting my show and race season. You can find them at www.instagram.com/zanescycles or www.zanes.com
April 10, 2018
JMT 019 Maddy Pesch @peschmaddytri
The day that Maddy earned her Pro card, there was no press release, no signing bonus, no fanfare...maybe a call from her Grandma...but her intense training continued as usual. After winning her age-group at USAT Age Group National's, Maddy spoke with her legendary coach, Siri Lindley, and knew that if she focused on her mental game, she could have tremendous success as a Pro. This is a great conversation about doing the "little" things to make you successful; such as focusing on recovery and nutrition, while working hard to strengthen your mind and mental fortitude. I'm looking forward to following Maddy's journey on her first year as a Pro. Follow Maddy at www.instagram.com/peschmaddytri and her coach Siri at https://www.teamsiriustriclub.com/
April 3, 2018
JMT 018 My Q&A with Jordan Rapp and Zwift @gozwift
As an avid Zwift user, i was beyond excited to have the opportunity to chat with Zwift Game Designer (and IronMan winner) Jordan Rapp to dig a little deeper into the virtual trainer tool. We chat about the future of Zwift, the areas they're focusing on, and also the growing pains. Thank you to my listeners who provided some of these questions. You can learn more about Zwift at www.zwift.com Ride On!
March 29, 2018
JMT 017 Jesse Thomas @jessemthomas
Jesse is like most age-groupers: he balances triathlon training with being a husband, being a Dad, and running a business...except that you need TWO hands to count the amount of times he's won Wildflower and he also has some IronMan wins as well!! I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with Jesse and dig in deeper on everything he's working on. From the origins of Picky Bars to what else he wants to add to his busy life, Jesse if one of the rare pros who puts his life (both training and personal) out there for all to see. Thanks again to Jesse for finding time to do this and to chat with one of his "cray ass fans." Find Jesse at www.leapdaysports and www.pickybars. #jaymactris
March 27, 2018
JMT 016 Jill Kuhn @ironwillironjill
"It ain't over 'til I say it's over, enough when I say enough...throw me to them wolves and close the gate up on me...afraid of what'll happen to them wolves"-Eminem. Jill Kuhn has said "FU" to so much in her life and she is such a Survivor that one wonders what she will accomplish next. She started running to find some peace as a mother of 4 boys and eventually found the itch to do a marathon. But that wasn't enough, so how about an IronMan? The problem was that she didn't know how to Swim! No problem: Done. She soon found out that she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis...so instead of slowing down, she decided it was time to push further and finish her first 50 miler. Stop there? Not a chance...next up: 100k and then a 100 miler! This is a great conversation about not only surviving what's thrown at you, but also enjoying what life gives us along the way. Follow Jill at www.instagram.com/ironwillironjill for daily positivity and inspiration.
March 20, 2018
JMT 015 Nicole DeBoom @nicoledeboom
“When my body is fit and strong, my mind is fitter and stronger too.” After winning IronMan Wisconsin in 2004, Nicole set out to change the image of women's running...and she did just that when she founded Skirt Sports three days later. Today Skirt Sports has expanded from its initial running skirt to a full line of inspirational women’s fitness apparel sold in hundreds of stores across the US and throughout the world, as well as a huge focus on events as the main driving force for women to move their lives forward. We chat about balance and integration of owning a company, raising a family, and racing triathlons. We also joke about not being the most accomplished triathlete in your household. :-) I was truly humbled to be able to chat with Nicole and you can hear more from her on her podcast: Run This World. Follow Nicole @ instagram.com/nicoledeboom and www.skirtsports.com
March 13, 2018
JMT 014 Lindsay Berkebile @you_got_chicked
Her smile is so amazing...yet there are some past struggles that she has overcome thru the power of our sport: she is Lindsay Berkebile. Lindsay is a 3x IM 70.3 World Championship Qualifier (and even qualified at her first 70.3 race!) and is not stopping there. Growing up in a house where your Dad is a 5x Kona qualifier, Lindsay was destined to race triathlons, but early in life she struggled with an eating disorder that had her extremely unhealthy and even close to death. Through the power of endurance racing, she finished her first marathon, and immediately decided she was going to use triathlon to push her mind and body in the most positive way possible. She now appreciates everything that life gives her and harnesses the power of food as fuel and triathlon as inner strength to take on the world! Her smile shines in our convo, but follow her journey to see the real smile on instagram at www.instagram.com/you_got_chicked
March 6, 2018
JMT 013 Rocky Harris CEO of USAT
After an amazing career at his Alma Mater, ASU, Rocky took over the role as CEO of USA Triathlon, and immediately hit the ground running. (No pun intended). On day 2 of the job, he was meeting with the leaders of our sport and figuring out ways to grow triathlon membership. Immediately the My time to Tri campaign was formed, and he hasn't stopped. Rocky's ultimate goal is to make triathlon the all-inclusive sport of everyone and to grow membership by 100,000 members. His challenge to all of us is to invite 10 new people to Tri our amazing sport. His motivation and positivity is infectious and I'm excited to see where he takes triathlon over the next couple of years. www.mytimetotri.com #jaymactris
March 1, 2018
JMT 012 Christina Ekonomi @trirun_twinmom
Mom of twin boys, wife, Betty Squad member and badass triathlete who has set some lofty goals for the next 24 months...she is @trirun_twinmom Christina Ekonomi. We chat about what it takes to juggle a family, while training for multiple triathlons with the goal of making it to World Championships. We also talk about anxiety and how Christina used triathlon as her positive outlet versus relying on medication. Remember to follow the #iamlimitless campaign because as triathletes, we have no boundaries! @jaymac_tris
February 26, 2018
JMT 011 NYPD Triathlon Team @NYPDtriathlon
Today I had the honor to chat with 14 year NYPD Veteran Timothy Stamm. He’s a badass cop who’s also President of the NYPD Triathlon Team...a group of 40+ badass men and women who risk their lives to protect us, while also tearing it up on the race course. We chat about what the team stands for and how they give back to the community. We also talk about the work schedule of a police officer and how you fit in triathlon training. @NYPDtriathlon www.nypdtriathlon.com 🤘🏻@jaymac_tris #jaymactris
February 20, 2018
JMT 010 Ivan Dominguez @iamivandominguez
After a 24 year career as a professional cyclist, Ivan Dominguez retired...for about a year. He then earned his pro card in the sport of Triathlon and has been kicking ass and having fun ever since. We had a great conversation about the differences between pros and age-groupers (besides the obvious) and how he needs to keep his ego in check on the bike. You can find him leading group workouts on Zwift and he can also be your coach! Follow Ivan @iamivandominguez for daily motivation and laughs. 🤘🏻🤘🏻@jaymac_tris #jaymactris
February 15, 2018
JMT 009 Kennett Peterson & Adelaide Perr @realtricouple
Kennett Peterson & Adelaide Perr @realtricouple...married professional triathletes. Crazy! We talk what it takes to make a living as a newbie pro and the struggles (and enjoyment) of having your spouse doing the same thing. We also chat about how far they have come since Adelaide’s serious bike crash 4 years ago and what the future looks like. Shoutout to their local sponsors: @a2.bikes and @cuoreofswiss Shoutout to @gwozdzillaz for original music. #jaymactris @jaymac_tris
February 12, 2018
JMT 008 Jon Fecik @jafecik
Hear what it takes to be an up and coming professional triathlete. Hint: it involves a lot of training, eating , sleeping, and traveling. I talk with Jon Fecik about his path from age-grouper to pro and what the future holds. We also talk off-season training and eating! Shout out to Jon’s sponsors: Zane’s Cycles, CT Cycle Center, Diabetes Training Camp, and Southern CT Muscle and Joint Chiropractic. Special thanks to John Gwozdz for my original song! @gwozdzillaz #jaymactris
February 8, 2018
JMT 007 Erica & Mary @we_train_for
A Blond and a Ginger...Erica & Mary...We Train For. Two amazing ladies building a community of positivity and encouragement for anyone looking to join. From elites to off-the-couchers they have opened their community to anyone who is open to being part of it...with one caveat: positivity and awesomeness ONLY! 🤘🏻 @We_Train_For #jaymactris
February 4, 2018
JMT 006 Kati Papoosha @kati_papoosha
Kati Papoosha exemplifies crushing it with a smile. She is the owner of Iron House Fitness and is pretty badass. She talks practical strength training and how to incorporate it into an already crazy lifestyle of an age-group triathlete. Follow her for morning inspiration @kati_papoosha and @ironhouse_ct #jaymactris
February 2, 2018
JMT 005 Leann DeLorenzo @southjerseybelle03
Excuses for not having time to train for a triathlon: “I travel for work”...Leann is a flight attendant. “I’m in school”...Leann is a Doctoral student. “I have another hobby”...Leann started a female Tri team. Bam! #noexcuses #jaymactris @southjerseybelle03
January 30, 2018
JMT 004 Elizabeth Inpyn @inpyn
I am beyond excited to bring nutrition guru Elizabeth Inpyn to my show on a reoccurring basis. In this episode we discuss why “your morning smoothie sucks” and some easy ways to make it Awesome! Stay tuned for future episodes with Elizabeth where we talk all things nutrition. Find her everywhere at @INPYN. Thanks for listening! #jaymactris
January 25, 2018
JMT 003 Matt Chittim @rambling_runner
I welcome the host of the Rambling Runner podcast to my show to talk all things running. Matt will be a reoccurring guest on my show to discuss product reviews (from his YouTube channel) as well as some running info from his guests. He can be found all over social as @rambling_runner
January 22, 2018
JMT 002 Todd Spencer @ageaggressively
Have you thought about doing your first Obstacle Course Race, but didn't know where to start? I'm excited to have a conversation with one of my closest friends: Todd Spencer. He's a normal guy (Dad, job, etc), who happens to wear super-hero costumes while competing in 8+ hour Spartan races. We talk about how to get started in OCR and what kind of training you need to focus on to finish one of these grueling, yet fun, races. To follow Todd, and see what costume he'll be wearing this season, he's at @ageaggressively #jaymactris
January 11, 2018
JMT 001 Jeff Fairbanks @thetriumphproject
My first episode with a guest host and it is the Prince of Pain, Jeff Fairbanks of the Triumph Project. We talk about his 21 day journey, why he did it and what’s next for him. You will laugh and you will walk away with the motivation to Crush it With a Smile! #thetriumphproject #jaymactris
January 5, 2018
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