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Transformations with Jayne

Transformations with Jayne

By Jayne Nakata
Jayne Nakata, resident of Japan, creator of PodLaunch with Jayne, and the Team Jayne Coaching for Japanese Women, shares her learning and interviews women from all walks of life, making it work on their terms.
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Taking action no matter what, with Tracey Northcott
In this episode, I'm talking to Tracey Northcott. She is an inspiration, with how she has created so many businesses across different markets. Her business Tokyo Family Stays has been an amazing success, until Covid closed the borders and her main market could no longer travel to Japan.  In this episode we talk about: How Tracey and others were affected by the Covid Pandemic A great online group for entrepreneurs in Japan we have found a lot of support from How Tracey started what became a 7 figure “Minpaku” business Being a bridge between newcomers and locals The importance of niching down Some cool ideas for places to spend this summer in Japan Australian Tracey Northcott of Enfour, Tokyo Family Stays and Tracey Northcott Consulting is a serial entrepreneur and multi-preneur based in Tokyo, Japan. She is one of the most successful Airbnb hosts in Tokyo, at one point having 23 properties for rent in the Tokyo 23 Wards. She also runs Software development company Enfour with her family as well as Tracey Northcott Consulting where she helps other hosts discover the true potential of their STR or Airbnb business maximizing their investment, enjoyment and hospitality standards. Make March Matter: Social
February 28, 2021
Persistence and Creativity with Kristen McQuillin
I first met Kristen in person a couple of years ago and was pleased to become reacquainted with her again at the end of 2020. On the show we talk about: How Kristen came to be in Japan and living in the countryside end of Chiba Fun things about living in the Japanese countryside The reward for being persistent with yoga practice Jayne announces her “Theme Word of the Year” Kristen also announces hers! Advice for getting started with painting Kristen says: “The worst question ever is “What do you do?” because it's hard to pin me down to doing just one thing. I have reinvented myself so many times that I can list 64 different jobs I have been paid for - some in the arts, in technology, in education, and in business management. I'm currently focused on art, yoga, and making sense from chaos. I’ve been on the Internet since 1991 and was for many years the first search result for “Kristen” but was later eclipsed by actress Kristen Stewart”. MEDIATINKER (personal) Instagram  @mediatinker Facebook LinkedIn DRAWING MEDITATIONS (work) Instagram @drawing_meditations_workshops Facebook Also mentioned in the show: Katheryn Gronauer: Daily yoga class: Next Class with Kristen:
February 21, 2021
Surviving and Thriving with Harumi Suzuki
Harumi and I were planning to record an episode in March 2020. That didn't happen and you will hear more about that in the episode, but I think we have a great episode for you this time given all that has happened during the last nearly one year. In 2018, when we met for the first time, Harumi was just finding her confidence to even call herself a photographer. Now, (when the situation allows!) she spends her time between Malaysia and Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture. Photographs for luxury brands and is working with women to help them market their businesses through excellent images. We talk about: How having two businesses helped her to survive in 2020 Ways she and her family have managed being apart How she has transformed into a "photographer" Lessons from working with luxury brands and their customers for her own businesses Harumi Suzuki is an international photographer based in Japan and Malaysia. She specializes in portraits, profiles, events, food, landscape, travel, hotels, and street photography. Her work with clients in the luxury lifestyle space has taken her to the UK, Malaysia, Australia, and all over Japan. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Tatler Malaysia, Robb Report, and YTL Life, and she has worked with a number of luxury brands such as Lexus, Marriott Hotels, and The Ritz-Carlton. Instagram: @sunshineruru Youtube:
February 14, 2021
Talking Tea and Resilience with Xenia Blanco
It's been a while since we have had a guest on the Transformations with Jayne Podcast, and it was my plan to bring Xenia on the show before leaving Sweden. It really helps if you can be in the same time zone for recordings!! Unfortunately, we were foiled by croaky voices and other things so we are finally doing this! In our episode we talk about:⁠ How she came to love Japan and Japanese tea Challenges she faced when the Coronavirus launched at the same time as her business Tea combinations and pairings Her advice for those starting out with learning about tea  You can find out more about Xenia at the links below. (WIP) Need help with your own podcast? Not sure if you should launch one? Do you need help with keeping your show going?  Find out how Jayne can help you here:
January 31, 2021
How NOT to move countries in a pandemic
Hello!  Not since the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in my back yard have I had such a challenging week as just before Christmas when we tried to move back to Japan during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This week is the first episode I have recorded for the year and from my very own recording studio/walk-in closet back in Iwaki, Fukushima.  and I am talking about: How NOT to move countries in a pandemic. 1) Don't get taken to hospital by ambulance on the day you are moving 2) Don't miss your PCR test that is key to the whole family being able to return to Japan 3) Don't nearly give yourself a heart attack waiting for your test results...and more! Even when it feels horrible and you wonder how you can get to point B, eventually, you will get there and realise you are where you so badly wanted to be before. Touching down in Japan and passing through immigration was a huge relief, right up there with escaping from Fukushima during the nuclear meltdown.  I know. Talk about dramatic. Jeez, can't you just move countries like a normal person?!?! Apparently not.  I'm also talking about what 2021 might hold for us now that we are in Japan, how I'd like to contribute to our community as we come to the 10th anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.  I'll be bringing you more voices this year in the form of new shows and I'll even be managing some of them too!  To find out more about my podcasting services you can find that information here:
January 24, 2021
Encore Episode with Mr Nakata
Hello!  This week I am sharing a very special episode with you. We are safely back in Japan and have cleared self-quarantine. It has been a very busy time so I will just play this episode for you with no special intro!  Not long after I started my podcast I had an idea to do an episode with one of my biggest supporters, my husband Koichi. This podcast episode proved to be one of the most popular episodes ever with so many people sending questions in before it even was recorded. We met nearly 20 years ago when I was first sent to Iwaki as an English teacher and he just happened to be in the class I was teaching - naughty! 🤗😂 Fast forward and we have several international moves, a dog, two kids and a partridge in a pear tree, just kidding! I am extremely lucky to have so much support from him and that we value the same things. It is hard to believe how much our lives changed even since this was recorded- we will have to get another episode on the books for 2021. Who wants to hear Mr N back on the TWJ Podcast? 😃  You can find out more about starting your own podcast or even having me manage your whole show for you!
January 17, 2021
Encore episode with Minori Hanashima
Are you looking for change? In February of 2020 I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my wonderful clients and long-time fan of my podcast, Minori Hanashima.  Minori is an account manager and translator based in Tokyo in the PR Industry. I was so proud of Minori for coming on the show and stepping out of her comfort zone to join me and how far she has come even though she didn’t change anything on the outside, only on the inside.  In the episode:  How she built a network around her interest in translating  Her transformation from stressed sick to happy and satisfied with her life  The reason behind her previous lack of confidence and how she is now  The change in her thinking habits that decreased her stress levels  Her guiding word for the year and why she prefers that over goals  There is so much value in listening to someone who is actually going through their transformation, I hope you will find some great inspiration in her story. I love seeing my clients reach success and helping them get there.  My "Team Jayne", one to one and group coaching program for Japanese women is open again in February 2021. To find out more and join the free training:
January 10, 2021
Encore episode with Jacqui Miyabayashi
Earlier in 2020, I interviewed Jacqui MIyabayashi, a fellow Kiwi & I am sure she won’t mind me saying, a bit of a serial entrepreneur! We talk about her new business North South Stewart but it is important to note that this is not Jacqui’s first or even SECOND business. This is also not her first time on the podcast as she was one of my first guests way back when I started and a big supporter. Jacqui is a long-term Osaka resident and mum to two boys and one of her pet peeves- being cold! Which is why she started a new business in recent times importing New Zealand wool accessories.  The episode is all about: How Jacqui started her first online business to where she is today  The value of experimenting  Being your own influencer  Overcoming fear and leaving your comfort zone  For more information on Jacqui head to her website here  Or follow the winter woollies store on Instagram:  PodLaunch with Jayne:  #transformationswithjayne #podcast #podlaunch #podlaunchwithjayne #rereleasedgems #jacquimiyabayashi #northsouthstewart #japanresident
January 3, 2021
Encore episode with Jennifer Shinkai
Firstly a huge congratulations to Jennifer Shinkai on the release of her podcast- Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai (I may or may not have played a part in that!) Not long before our move to Sweden, I interviewed Jen for my podcast- Jen is British and a long-term resident of Tokyo where she lives with her family focusing on integrating Ikigai (life purpose) into her daily work as well as an inclusion and diversity specialist. If you miss this episode the first time, I highly recommend a listen and then head over to Jen’s channel to check out her new podcast and show her some love.  In this episode we talk about:  The recent typhoon and flooding (in October 2019)  How Jennifer came to be in Japan  What is "ikigai" Points of You ® coaching  Jennifer runs a lot of online workshops now as well so be sure to check her website or FB page for more details especially if you are interested in learning more about Points of You or Ikigai.  Website:  Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai:  #transformationswithjayne #podcast #podlaunch #podlaunchwithjayne #rereleasedgems #ikigai #jennifershinkai #ikigaiwithjennifershinkai #japanresident
December 27, 2020
Encore Episode with Sarah Furuya
In 2018 I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Furuya for my podcast.  Sarah is a life coach, executive coach and facilitator who works with entrepreneurs, educators, executives and more. Sarah has a BSc Hons in Human Psychology and Human Biology, is a certified practitioner of Lumina Spark and Saville Wave psychometrics and a graduate as a trained Systems Coach (ORSC) and in 2019, not long after we recorded this she started her own interview series which is now also a podcast. In this episode we talk about: How Sarah came to be where she is today How Sarah uses a word of the year CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility and what that looks likes for Sarah About being bold and the importance of visibility The three similarities Sarah sees across her coaching clients And so much more! If you missed it the first time, definitely listen in- or perhaps it is time for a re-listen. At the time, her legends interview series was still a thought in the back of her mind- we had no idea at the time that I would then consult with her to get her own series online in podcast form!  Earlier in 2020 I consulted with her to make it happen- you can check it out here-  Sarah’s one year coaching programme starts in February 2021:  Website:  PodLaunch with Jayne Nakata: #transformationswithjayne #podcast #podlaunch #podlaunchwithjayne #rereleasedgems #sarahfuruya #legendsinterviewseries
December 20, 2020
Let's review 2020 together
Episode 83: Hello! If you are listening on Monday the 14th of December, 2020, my new offer: PodLaunch with Jayne is now live! This year more and more people have been coming to me for help with launching their own podcasts. I’ve been working behind the scenes with Sarah Furuya to help her bring her Legends Series to you in podcast form, and also Jennifer Shinkai who has just launched her new show: Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai.  So I’ve finally made it easier for you to work with me!  Today I'm talking about: Some good things to come from the pandemic How I'm reframing our leaving Sweden prematurely Making your own thing a priority, despite big things happening around you.  How we can spend a short time reviewing 2020.  Mentioned in this episode: PodLaunch with Jayne:  Legends Interview Series with Sarah Furuya Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai  Jo Bendle
December 13, 2020
How are we doing Christmas this year?
Episode 82: So this year what does Christmas look like at your place? I am of course assuming you celebrate Christmas. Perhaps you celebrate the New Year instead, like families in Japan do. Or perhaps there is some other end of year rights that you follow. This week in the episode it's an exciting one with real voice messages from some listeners!  We are talking about : How Christmas is different this year, due to Covid-19 pandemic.  How Jayne's family is spending their Christmas in self-quarantine in Japan! Sarah's mini Christmas activity advent calendar idea What Kumiko is doing differently this year for Christmas How Andreia is spending Christmas when she would normally be traveling Hop over to the blog to see the Christmas gingerbread Jayne mentions in the episode:  Mentioned in this episode: The blog where you can see the images mentioned: Jayne's podcast consulting: Andreia Olaru:
November 29, 2020
Sayonara Sweden
Well! There is never a dull moment in 2020, am I right? The saga of our ping pong ball lifestyle continues as the Nakata family finds out they will be sent back to Japan - this time for good! Well for a while at least! This week I'm telling a bit of the story around our being sent back to Japan permanently and several years early Some of my coping strategies that have been helping I also have some messages to share with you that my friends and listeners gave me, that I hope might also help you!  Here is also the link for the Sayonara 2020 Online Workshop (In Japanese) Watch here: Read here:
November 15, 2020
What do you know to be true now that you didn't know a year ago?
A lot can happen in a year and 2020 has blown it out of the water for changing the way we live and what is "true". In this episode I talk about: - Things we've learned during our first year in Sweden - How what is "true" changes - A short journaling exercise I'd love to hear your discoveries from your journaling. What did you find that is now true that wasn't true a year ago?  Find me over at @transformationswithjayne on Instagram.  Watch here: Read here:
November 1, 2020
Success at (insert your age here)
In this episode you will hear about: - Reflections on being 41 - Using a birthday for a big fresh start - Other fresh starts we can take advantage of - Some of the things that really made me see progress with my own goals - Making the actions towards goals visible To watch on Youtube: To read more:
October 18, 2020
Check your Connection
**These are ideas and inspiration that might help you to find a way to make your own situation more enjoyable, whatever it may be, and wherever in the world you may be. My wish is for you to find more peace and calm during these times so please make your own decisions based on what is happening where you are. Please be safe in whatever you choose to do.** This week I am continuing my solo episodes that focus on small tweaks that can make a real difference to us as we continue to try to find our way forward, living with COVID-19.  In this episode I talk about connection: The importance of in-person connection How online is not a replacement How to do a quick connection audit to see where you are missing/overloading connection Some ideas I have used to create space when I was overloaded (this is for the introverts) One to one coaching: Want your podcast started for you? Contact me to find out more about how I help people do this. Watch here on Youtube:
October 4, 2020
How's that uncertainty working out for you?
We are all living with a level of uncertainty that reaches far and wide. How is it going for you? Since the start of 2020, the Covid Pandemic has been on everyone’s minds. In March, things got real for many more of us. As I write this it is now September and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, and winter is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere and so are rumours and fears of a second wave. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that I have to get better with living with uncertainty. Not just on the level of “What’s for dinner?”. In today's episode, I'm talking about: An example from my own life overcoming huge levels of uncertainty My top practical tips for how we can feel better right now One to one coaching: Want your podcast started for you? Contact me to find out more about how I help people do this.  Sarah Furuya's Legends Series: Watch here on Youtube:
September 13, 2020
One small step back onto the path
Have you noticed that you've put on weight during corona?  Perhaps your body is not in the condition it was before?  Maybe you are using more caffeine, alcohol, television to get you through the day?   I found myself raising my hand to all of the above!!   It's hard not to immediately go down the path of "Bad girl!", "You have no self control!" the full range of nastiness we direct at ourselves regularly.   But what if you could learn one new thing about yourself or remind yourself about one thing that you might have forgotten?  That's what I'm talking about in today's episode. Watch here on YouTube:  Read here: Want to join the 1-1 coaching?
September 6, 2020
Aand we are back!!
Click here to watch on YouTube Wow. That was some five months of craziness! If you have been wondering where the "Transformations with Jayne Podcast" has gotten to, I'm back to tell you all about it! In this episode, I'm talking about : - Our sudden covid repatriation to Japan - Our "Back to the Future" lifestyle in Japan - Four things that helped us to get through our time Covid exile You can check out the blog post that goes with this episode HERE, with some bonus photos of our "Show Era" living quarters.  If you think you'd be a good fit for the podcast, please get in touch with me, through this blog, or on instagram @transformationswithjayne I love to profile and talk to women like you, living your life your way, wherever you may be.
August 23, 2020
Connecting the Dots
What can we do with this thing that is called "The Past". Should we forget it? Move on and don't look back?  Sometimes I think so, other times I don't.  In this episode I cover: - Some of the things that are useful to take with you from the past - A short exercise for finding the positive themes of your life - How "should" interfere with our real purpose By connecting the dots, we can see where we might go if we give up on those "should" things.  I'd love to hear from you if you've found a new "connect the dots" that helps you with your future direction! 
March 8, 2020
Magic can happen when we take responsibility in our lives
It's been nearly 9 years exactly since my world was turned completely upside down. One minute I was a first time mother expecting a baby and living a very usual life in a small town in Japan (just your average kind of life! ha ha!).  The next minute a massive earthquake and tsunami has set off the worst natural and man made disaster in the history of the world. My house became uninhabitable for a 7 months pregnant woman, I thought we'd lost everything. I had one small bag of clothes and the car we drove away from Fukushima in.  We thought we might never see our old life again.  Fast forward 9 years and here I am living a most unexpected life in Sweden. Not Japan at all.  This week I'm discussing how we can change the course of our lives with tiny seemingly insignificant steps forwards.  I also talk about a workshop I held for parents here in Sweden, despite the fact that I am "new" and despite that "I don't know much about Gothenburg yet"... I'd love to hear how you are not letting things keep you from trying. From taking a tiny step. They can set off a chain of events that will take you in a direction you never dreamed of! Woo hoo!  
March 1, 2020
What's one thing that would improve your life?
Hello!!! This week's episode title speaks for itself: What's one thing that would improve your life? It might be an easy to answer question or not!  I talk about: - how we often don't notice areas for improvement - how we create barriers to keep doing what we've always done - ideas on ways you could improve your life by not doing something - how I've overcome my self inflicted barriers around grocery shopping! Small incremental changes add up to lots! I can't wait to see what I can achieve with the extra 2-3 hours of time I'm not wasting at the grocery store!! 
February 23, 2020
Interview with Minori Hanashima
This week I'm interviewing one of my wonderful clients: Minori Hanashima. Minori is an account manager and translator in the PR industry in Tokyo and a long time fan of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast! I love having people on the podcast who have been a listener and now are a contributor! We talk about: How she built a network around her interest in translating. Her transformation from stressed sick to happy and satisfied with her life The reason behind her previous lack of confidence  and how she is now The change in her thinking habits that decreased her stress levels Her guiding word for the year and why she prefers that over goals There is so much value in listening to someone who is actually going through their transformation, I hope you will find some great inspiration in her story. You can find out more about joining the Transformation with Jayne Mastermind here: I look forward to hearing from you!  Photography by Sunshine Ink
February 10, 2020
What beautiful things are you going to speak into existence?
Solo episode this week and I'm talking about how one of my gurus Jim Fortin reminds me: "We speak our lives into existence". We know that the words we use with ourselves and others is important but we often also forget this!  This week I'd love you to challenge yourself to notice what kinds of words you are using and what you are "speaking into existence". The Transformations with Jayne Mastermind is opening this month (February 2020) and will close to new members on the 23rd of February. To register for a 1-1 call with me to see if you would be a good fit, make sure you head to:  to read all about the mastermind. I have more wonderful guests coming up in the next few weeks so I hope you will listen and share the podcast with your friends and family! 
February 2, 2020
Interview with Jacqui Miyabayashi
This week I'm interviewing Jacqui Miyabayashi, fellow New Zealander and the creator of North South Stewart. You'll have to listen to find out more about: 🧣How Jacqui started her first online business to where she is today 🧣The value of experimenting 🧣Being your own influencer 🧣Overcoming fear and leaving your comfort zone So much good stuff in this episode and if you are dedicated listener you will recognise her as my first ever guest on the podcast almost exactly two years ago!  More on Jacqui: I'm a New Zealander who has lived in Japan for over twenty years. My husband and I have two teenaged kids and we live just south of Osaka. I am a business and marketing strategist for English-speaking entrepreneurs and business owners in Japan. I absolutely hate being cold and for that reason, I recently opened a new business with my husband, we are importers and retailers of New Zealand wool accessories. Links: Listeners can find out more about my consulting services here: And follow our new winter woollies store on Instagram:
January 28, 2020
Interview with Jodi Harris
This week I'm interviewing Jodi Harris from World Tree Coaching! Jodi Harris was born in the United States, but from a very early age was fascinated by the idea of living in other countries. Since her first study abroad experience in 1997, she has lived in Spain, Japan (twice), Northern Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and now Belgium. We talk about: What it's like to live in Madagascar How long it generally takes her to settle into a new country How mindfulness can help us in times of transition The 3 Rs of mindfulness Thriving vs surviving overseas A little more about Jodi: She is an ICF accredited coach, trained clinical social worker, Personal Leadership Senior Facilitator (a mindfulness-based cross-cultural communication framework) and writer. She has a BA in Spanish and a BA in English both with a focus on secondary education. In 2003, she shifted her career from education to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus on Clinical Social Work and Peace and Conflict Studies. With over 15 years' experiencing working with globally mobile communities, she's supported immigrants to the United States, trauma survivors, serial expats, diplomats and members of the military and their families, and Peace Corps volunteers. Jodi has a deeply rooted belief in each individual’s inherent ability to thrive and overcome challenge. Through her company World Tree Coaching, LLC, Jodi offers coaching, training and facilitation, and online courses which support expats and other globally mobile individuals in fostering resilience, cultivating everyday mindfulness practices and finding a safe place to grow no matter where their feet are planted Links: Website: Facebook page: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook group - Globally Mindful:
January 26, 2020
Word of the Year 2020
Hello!  This week I'm announcing my Word of the year for 2020 and how I came to choose it this time round. If you struggle with goal setting or find goals to be heavy and arbitrary, then perhaps a word or theme to guide how you want to act and feel could really help!  Also, the Women in Japan (and the World) Mastermind opens its doors again for round 3 (wow! Round 3 I can't believe it!) starting March 1st, 2020 and running until September 30th, 2020. We'll take a break for some of July and August so you can enjoy your summer so don't worry about that! Sign ups close on February 23rd, 2020. If you'd like to find out more or be considered for the Mastermind, make sure you listen to this episode and then message me.
January 19, 2020
Interview with Jo Ebisujima
If you are feeling like you are on a bit of a hamster wheel with how things are going in your life with your family and work, then this episode is for you! Jo Ebisujima is a British-born Japanese-living multi-passionate entrepreneur and bestselling author who lives among the rice paddies just north of Tokyo. She helps entrepreneur moms get organized at home, with the kids and in their business so that they have more time to build their empire. She uses an unconventional but effective combo of Montessori (for wrangling the kids) and Kaizen (for baby steps in business and life) to help you get stuff done. We talk about: How Jo started her business and how it's transformed over the years Montessori, Kaizen and the "Swiss cheese technique" Productivity Jo’s challenge for 2020 and how she's stepping out of her comfort zone You can find Jo here: Website: Wonder Mum Success Club:
January 12, 2020
Welcome to 2020!
Hello!! First episode of the new year today! Today I'm talking about some of the things that have helped me decide what I'm going to focus my energy on in 2020. Grab a piece of paper and as you listen jot down the things that pop into your head: What did you love about 2019 What are you going to do more of in 2020 I've been experimenting with how things will go now that I'm in Sweden. I've decided that I will definitely be continuing with the things that have brought me so much joy.  1) My Women in Japan Mastermind (we might need a new name...ha ha!) 2) Live events  3) Podcasting!  Things I'm going to work on more this year.  Just the one thing.  Fitness and health. Listen to the episode to hear more about the #sasukeonnachallenge !  What did you love in 2019 that you are going to do more of in 2020? 
January 5, 2020
Are you looking forward to or dreading the end of the year?
Hello again from Sweden!  We've heading into our third week in Sweden and starting to hit our stride a bit with things! This is the last episode for 2019! I'll be back after the winter holidays with more interviews for you!  In this episode I talk about: - Rookie mistakes of living in a Nordic country - Dreading or looking forward to Christmas and New Year? - Creating new traditions and giving up outdated ones I'd love to hear what you are giving up doing at this time of year! It's easy to add something new but harder to give up what no longer works for us.  Have a wonderful winter holiday and look out for the first episode in January! 
December 2, 2019
We're in Sweden!
Well, we are finally here!! After a sudden change to our moving schedule and three weeks to move, we made it here surprisingly stylishly!  In today's episode I'm talking about: Our move to Sweden How trusting helped us get through a usually extremely stressful time What's happening next for the Transformations with Jayne Podcast I'd love to hear from you all about what you'd like to hear more of in the future. Please drop me a message on instagram or on FB!
November 24, 2019
5 things I've learned hosting live events
This week I'm taking some time to discuss the learning I've had from creating live events for women here in Fukushima Prefecture.  I talk about  The dissonance between what you think you want and what you and the world actually needs My top five tips for creating and leading live events Feedback from my most recent event I hope that this episode will inspire you to go out and create something, no matter the size because it's so needed.  Start somewhere, anywhere is fine! It doesn't have to be and it won't be perfect the first time around. That's ok because you are already ahead of 90% of the other events that are still just ideas in someone's head.  Stay tuned for more updates as we hit the move to Sweden! 
November 17, 2019
Interview with Amanda O'Brien of Jima Designs
This week I'm talking to Amanda O'Brien,  Designer at Jima Designs and 24 year resident of Osaka.  Amanda believes that there are no coincidences in life and that everything will turn out OK in the end. Mostly, her story is a result of living this philosophy wholeheartedly. She studied Industrial Design in Australia and on a whim in her final weeks of study she jumped on a plane and arrived in Tokyo. It was the waning years of the bubble era. She looks back now and wonders how in hell she found an apartment and a job the very next day, even though the only Japanese she knew was “konnichiwa” and “arigatou”. It was tough living in Tokyo though, and she left within two years vowing to not return. After leaving Japan, she returned again to Australia and worked as a kitchen designer. It wasn’t too long however, before she packed up and headed to live in London. It was on her first day here, passing through the train station, that she met Yoshiko the woman who introduced her to her husband. After two years together in London they travelled extensively and then finally returned to Osaka. They have three teenagers. This is her 24th year here. The longest place she has ever lived. We talk about: How Amanda came to be in Japan - it's a doozie! How she started an architectural firm in Japan with her husband Funny stories about name mix ups Using an architect vs a house building company A transformation that Amanda had gone through Being introverted and playing the extrovert Come and join us in the podcast club: Links of things mentioned in this episode: Website: IG:
November 10, 2019
Moving to Sweden, more lessons in trust
A solo episode for you this week! I'm talking about a shock we had recently that means we need to move to Sweden one month earlier than planned!  So today I'm talking about some of the lessons I learnt about "Letting others down" and trusting the process.
November 3, 2019
Interview with Melissa Uchiyama
One thing I love about podcasting is getting to know all the wonderful women who are out there doing things in their own corner of Japan. Without this podcast I wouldn't get that chance!  Melissa Uchiyama is a writer, a US National Board Certified educator, and mom who has made Japan her home for eleven years after growing up, getting her education, and marrying near the beaches of South Florida. In the episode today Melissa and I talk about:  Her road to finding her feet in Japan  How she created a writing camp in Tokyo   How we deal with "Bad Japan days" Creating a community around baking Her new project “Eat en”: Mentioned in this podcast: Best Living Japan: Tokyo Writers Camp: Bilingual Baking Classes: Other Links: IG:  More info about Melissa: Melissa is on a mission to document and showcase the beauty found in kitchens throughout Tokyo with her big Eat•en project! She believes that value is found in the process of creating, making, and procuring that which feeds us, while also believing that our food provides a window into culture, heritage, and the soul of a person, people, or a family, she has begun a project that brings her into the real cooking and dining spaces throughout Tokyo, where she documents the people, stories, and craft behind each meal, drink, or snack. More to come soon! *If you have special food that reflects your immigration story or family heritage in Japan or anywhere in the world, and you are based in or near Tokyo, wanting to welcome Melissa into your home kitchen, she would love to hear from you!
October 27, 2019
Interview with Jennifer Shinkai
We are very lucky to have Jennifer Shinkai joining us on this week's episode! Jennifer is from England and lives in Tokyo. She focuses on integrating ikigai (life purpose) into daily work, inclusion in a diverse workplace, resilient leadership development in times of change.  In this episode we talk about: The  recent typhoon and flooding How Jennifer came to be in Japan What is "ikigai" Points of You ® coaching Workshops Jennifer has coming up : Finding your Ikigai with the IKIGAI Card Game Workshop - November 6th 1:30pm "Hello Points" Points of You® Academy Level 1 in Tokyo in English December 3rd If you'd like to be featured in Jennifer's book, please contact Jennifer through her website if you'd like to share your story! Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:
October 20, 2019
Fresh starts and crossing the finish line in style
I'm recording these episodes as I experience them in real time, as I wanted to share with you all the process of an international move (with 2 kids).  Even if you are not moving, perhaps you are going through some kind of transition or have one coming up!  Today I'm talking about:  How we have a choice to feel stress   How we can choose to "cross the finish line" when it comes to long transition phases A chance I found for a "Fresh start" and a re-calibration of my morning routine  A new routine I'm starting to get more quiet time in the evening - yay! There's even a fun moment when the doorbell rings in this episode, but I deliberately left it in there because whatever happens on the TWJ podcast, perfection is not one of my goals! You'll have to listen to find out who it was.  To join the Reiki retreat, all the details are here: Come join us in the podcast club!
October 13, 2019
Interview with Alice Holmes from Look no Pura
This week I'm talking to Alice Homes,  I really enjoyed her take on how we can start to reduce our plastic consumption by focusing on one thing at a time! Now that sounds doable!  We talk about: How Alice came to be in Japan How she became involved in her current project with looknopura Overcoming helpless feelings and taking action Her tips for starting to live a less wasteful life A special offer for listeners Facebook: IG: Online Blog: Links of things mentioned in this episode: Anita Moorjani books: Dying to be me What if this is heaven Alice Holmes. Educator, bilingual public speaker, general busy body, currently living in Miyazaki City, Kyushu, Japan. Alice, a New Zealander, has spent most of her life in Christchurch, New Zealand. She currently works part-time teaching English at the University of Miyazaki, volunteering with the Miyazaki Eco no Kai, and does freelance speaking engagements. Her hobbies include sewing, crafts, reading (nonfiction) and gardening.
October 6, 2019
Live recording and a spooky story about vision boards
This week things have been wildly busy and I decided to put the episode out live on my Facebook Page and record for the podcast at the same time! This week I'm talking about  Different kinds of vision boards that you can make A cool story about manifestation and my vision board The details of the Reiki retreat on 14-17th of November, 2019 Look out for interviews with more fabulous women from our community coming soon, including: Alice Holmes Melissa Uchiyama  Amanda O'Brien  and Jennifer Shinkai! 
September 29, 2019
Interview with Joelle Kuiper (日本語のサマリー)
This week I'm talking to Joelle Kuiper, a New Zealander living in Saitama and now also an avid hiker. We talk about: How she came to be in Japan How she took her first steps to join a new community How Joelle started writing articles for a publication Taking the focus away from yourself, and focus on who your helping Mentioned in this episode: Mud Parks in Tokyo:  Hike it baby Website: IG: @shehikesjapan Twitter:  shehikesjapan Born and raised in New Zealand, Joelle moved to Japan looking for adventure and never looked back. After her son was born, a friend invited her to join Hike it Baby where she found a supportive community to raise her son in. Joelle is now a volunteer Hike it Baby ambassador. She also writes for Savvy Tokyo magazine and teaches part-time. Joelle is always looking for trails to head out on with her young son and her camera, many of which turn into Hike it Baby hikes!
September 22, 2019
Do you make decisions based on "time and money"? (日本語サマリー)
You may have noticed my IG feed has been rather obsessed with the #manusamoa team who have been staying here for 5 days for their pre World Cup Training camp. I didn't think I'd be so excited about this in the lead up to the event but going out and meeting the players and their staff, and creating that connection was just so much fun. This week I'm talking about some recent opportunities and the benefits of   - Taking up the opportunity to learn something new - What we miss when we make decisions based on "time and money"  - Unexpected bonuses of leaving your comfort zone and unexpected new connections Watch this space, I'm manifesting a trip to a NZ or Samoa RWC game ;)  Mentioned in today's episode: Reiki Retreat:  Inspire You in Yumoto
September 15, 2019
The pieces of the puzzle fit together(日本語のサマリー)
Thank you so much for all the kind wishes and congratulations that have come through since last week's episode came out. If you haven't listened to that one, go do that now before you listen to this one!  This week continues on from last week with an update on some big puzzle pieces that have started to fit together!  I talk about how just a $65 investment in myself set me off on a new project How the all those puzzle pieces of life are fitting together What is a Marathoner vs a Sprinter Let me know which one you are!  Join us in the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club! 
September 8, 2019
When life sends you a huge curve ball
Hello! You don't want to miss this week's episode.  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IN THERE! So just go listen! I get right to the point.  This week I'm talking about: - A BIG change happening in our family, my initial shock and overcoming negative thoughts - How we make big decisions as a family - Some plans for the future regarding this podcast and Jayne's coaching I'm super excited about this next phase and looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks as we go!  Don't forget the Women In Japan Mastermind is starting again on September 15th, 2019.
September 1, 2019
Episode 50: Summer is over. Now what??
 This week I'm talking about how we can get back into the groove post Summer vacation. ⁠ If you are struggling then this is the episode for you! ⁠ I also talk about the Women in Japan Mastermind which starts September 15th, 2019.⁠ Also mentioned: ⁠ -What is a mastermind⁠ -Who needs a mastermind⁠ -What kind of things can you achieve as part of a mastermind⁠ If you'd like to join, please DM me on Instagram @jaynenakata⁠ or Facebook at Transformations with Jayne⁠ 
August 25, 2019
Episode 49: Interview with Louise George Kittaka
 The Transformations with Jayne Podcast will be taking a break until after the summer holidays! The next new episode will be in September.  This week's guest is Louise George Kittaka, from New Zealand.  Louise George Kittaka is a writer, editor, university lecturer and cross-cultural training consultant. She was born in New Zealand and majored in Japanese and Economics at the University of Waikato. She also has an MA in Intercultural Studies from SUNY Buffalo. Louise is ‘mum’ to a son, two daughters and three very fat, spoiled cats.  After coming to Japan on work training, she subsequently met her Japanese spouse and settled here. She was hired as the first full time non-Japanese employee for Benesse Corporation, Japan’s largest educational publisher, and later worked in the USA as a researcher at Vanderbilt University.  As a freelance writer and editor for Japan’s educational publishing sector, she has contributed to numerous textbooks, study courses and national English exams. She is a regular columnist and features writer for the Japan Times newspaper and Savvy Tokyo, an online community for international women, and contributes to various other English media, including BBC Storyworks, GPlus Media, Campaign Asia and Kansai Scene.  We talk about: How Louise came to be in Japan and the wonderful story about meeting her husband.  Having children studying overseas Unexpected things that come up with having kids studying overseas Becoming a freelance writer in Japan Louise and Melody Cook will be releasing a book on Educational choices for international families in Japan: Summer 2019.  A link will be added when available. Japan Times: Savvy Tokyo: Facebook: Sparkle Community(日本語)
July 7, 2019
Episode 48: What do you do when you just want to quit?
This week is a solo episode, discussing those blue or down days we all have and some of the things I've been doing to get through them. Yes, I too have some real ripper days where I just want to throw my computer out the window and zone out with Netflix.  Mentioned in this episode: Transformational Reiki Retreat with Silke Tyler:  Women in Japan Mastermind opens for enrolment in September 2019.
June 30, 2019
Episode 47: Interview with Helen Otori, White Rose CCC
Join the Podcast Club on Facebook here:  This week I’m interviewing Helen Otori, from the UK and a resident of Japan for 30 years. She now runs her own English school: White Rose CCC in the Kishiwada area of Osaka. Helen has experienced being the “first foreigner in town” arriving in Ishikawa Prefecture as an ALT, and then finding her way to Osaka, raising a family and starting a business from home. LOADS of gold in there for anyone wondering what it might be like in the future with kids going on to study overseas after majority of schooling in Japan.  We talk about: Crazy Japanese festivals, including the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival How Helen came to be in Japan How she started her own English school Suffering from burnout and how she recovered  Helen’s ideas and dreams for the future!  Links of things mentioned in this episode: Helen’s recipes: LINE@: White Rose C.C.C
June 23, 2019
Episode 45: Interview with Elizabeth Ralph
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club. This week I'm talking to Elizabeth Ralph about how we can improve our money mindset. Everyone can get a lot of benefit from this, even if you are not a business owner.  Elizabeth comes from a corporate background in finance, but has learnt from her own experiences as an entrepreneur how hard it is to sell when you are the product.  We talk about: What “Money Mindset” is The biggest mistakes people make when making financial decisions How we can turn the tables on our money stories to help us see our own value How can we start to change our relationship with money One of the biggest red flags she see with women in business Find out more about Elizabeth: Website: Facebook group called Financial Story ( Instagram: 
June 9, 2019
Episode 44: What's life like if you are only in Japan for a short time?
I'm talking to short term resident Kimberly today. I was touched that she reached out to me to be on the podcast and it was very interesting to hear her perspectives as someone who is still fairly new to Japan and trying to make a life here for a very short time.  About Kimberly: After 17 years as a self proclaimed "Corporate Cog” in companies in California and Chicago, Kimberly Gimbel took a year off to Live in Japan with her researcher husband and their toddler.  This first time Stay at Home mom has been moving every 3 months, experiencing expatriate  life in Tokyo, Kyoto and soon Sapporo. She documents this and her interests on Instagram as @pecaninjapan   Due to unforeseen circumstances she’s going to need to go back to America early in September and is beginning the transition back to the workforce, as essentially a single mom after having a gap in employment. She also has problems with follow through and motivation.    We talk about: How Kimberly came to be in Japan What life is like for a short term expat in Japan What living in Japan taught her  Returning to the workforce after being away overseas Advice for women who are about to move to Japan for a short time LinkedIn: Instagram:
June 2, 2019
Episode 43: Time to do a quick check in with yourself
Hello!  In this week's episode I'm talking about how we can "recalibrate" as we head towards the halfway point of the year. Mentioned in this episode: Jayne's Sumo wrestler snood!  Victoria Close's jewelry brand: Bikudesigns  Helen Iwata's style transformation  Helen's style coach, Aya Jean  Corin Kanazawa, stylist in Tokyo Do come and join us in the Podcast Club! 
May 26, 2019
Episode 42: Interview with Laura Marushima (日本語サマリーあります)
 Make sure you are a member of the Podcast Club!  We talk about: How Laura came to be in Japan. Japanese school PTA insider information Why she decided to start a business from home Laura’s life hacks for balancing 3 kids and a business About Laura: Laura Marushima is an Australian living and raising a family in Japan, keeping on top of everything by using her organizational skills. Raising three kids in a country that is not her own means she has to have systems and help in place to make sure everything gets done. She has always been an organized person, but four years ago she turned these talents into a business, and Full Circle Consulting was born.  She helps other Japan-based entrepreneurs with their businesses - some clients call her their executive assistant, others call her a VA (Virtual Assistant) and others call her their Chief of Operations. She refers to herself as an Administration Consultant but is happy to go by many names as long as they feel she is helping them and their businesses grow! Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:
May 20, 2019
Episdoe 41: Why "Mini Upgrades" are as good as "Big Upgrades" (日本語サマリー)
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club here! Jumpstart with Jayne is open for registration until May 16th, sign up here. Shout outs to Stacy and May on this episode!  Today I'm talking about  #miniupgrades, which I learnt about from Sarah Furuya. How our brains process achievements What is a "mini upgrade", why is it as good as a "big upgrade". Jayne's mini upgrade and some from listeners As always you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.
May 12, 2019
Episode 40: Interview with Gretchen Miura, Dairyuji Temple, Akita (日本語サマリーあります)
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club here! Jumpstart with Jayne Information : We start May 20th, 2019!  This week's guest is the amazing Gretchen Miura. I know I've had so many questions I've wanted to ask about her life in Akita!  Gretchen is an American living on the Oga peninsula (Akita prefecture in the Tohoku region of northern Japan). She runs mindfulness weekend retreats at the Zen Temple Dairyuji with her husband Keno, who is a Zen Soto-shu priest. She also runs a handmade bento and eco friendly bags company called SORAbento.   We talk about: How Gretchen came to be in Japan Her introduction to Zen Buddhism  What it’s like to be the wife of a Buddhist priest What mindfulness is Her upcoming Mindfulness Retreat: June 14-16, 2019. Don't forget to mention you heard about it on the Transformations with Jayne Podcast! Links of things mentioned in this episode: Mindfulness Retreats at Zen temple Dairyuji Websites - instagram SORAbento Handmade bento bag company About Gretchen Miura:
May 5, 2019
Episode 39: How do we raise our children with two languages? 日本語サマリーあります。
Join Jumpstart with Jayne starting May 20th!  Hello! Today I'm talking about our journey with raising our two children to be bilingual and bi-cultural whilst living outside a major city in Japan.  In this episode I talk about: How my husband and I manage two languages in our house Making English the number 1 priority in our family and how that affects how we live Maximising the after school time for English  Looking to other families for inspiration rather than comparison 日本語のサマリーに、日本人の方はどんなことできるのかの話もあるので、是非、聞いてみてください。 Make sure you are a member of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club! 
April 21, 2019
Episode 38: Interview with Reiki Master Silke Tyler
My guest today is the lovely Silke Tyler.  She and I met in California last October. It was wonderful to reconnect with her again through this podcast episode.  We talk about: How we talk how we came to meet What “energy” means About Reiki healing and how it works What clients come for healing for Hypnosis and how it works Some stories of how Silke has helped others with Reiki and hypnosis. Links of things mentioned in this episode:  Website:  Free Heart Meditation: Silke's Free Facebook Group:
April 14, 2019
Episode 37: Annie Peguero is in the house! (日本語サマリー)
Annie from The Freedom Core Podcast and I did a join episode this time, you can catch the video over on my Transformations with Jayne Facebook page. Today we talk about:  What Annie does down in Okinawa How we can change our thinking to change our reality Using the question: "What could I do?" to find ways to serve your community Using experiments to help get you started You can find more about Annie here: Podcast: Facbeook: Instagram: Website: 
April 7, 2019
1 Year Anniversary Episode!
This month we are celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast!  You can take part by joining the Anniversary Celebration Team!  Sign up here: Jayne was recording from the Theatre Royal Hotel, Kumara Some photos of that trip are here:  If you are wondering what's under the desk..... PM me for the answer! ;P
March 31, 2019
Episode 35: Hate cooking? Jasmine Shea is here to help. (日本語サマリー)
This week I'm talking to Jasmine from Your Dinner is Planned (YDIP). We discuss:  How Jasmine went from corporate HR to writing cook books and creating YDIP. Her tips for enjoying healthy food and cooking more Jasmine's idea for spicing up miso soup! Jayne's tips for awesome miso soup! Website: Instagram: Podcast: Facebook:  Jasmine Ann Shea, also known as ‘JazzyThings,’ is the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned — the fastest and most affordable way for busy families to get healthy dinners on the table. Jasmine is also the host of the Dinner Table Talk podcast and the author of over 10 healthy cookbooks. With thousands of healthy recipes introduced into households across the world, Jazzy's continuous mission is to prove that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun!
March 24, 2019
Episode 34: Emilia Bergoglio: Be the change you want to see (日本語サマリー)
 To join the "1 Year Anniversary Celebration Team" for the Transformations with Jayne Podcast, please sign up here: Emilia Bergoglio is a PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Tokyo, having initially moved to Japan almost 4 years ago for an internship. Being Italian, art, craftsmanship, and clothing have always been an important part of her life, but her relationship with fashion changed forever once she discovered the huge environmental and human cost of the modern fashion industry. At the same time, in search of a creative hobby, she decided to sew all her clothes, giving up ready-to-wear altogether. Her love for traditional Japanese clothing and textiles brought her to scout kimono recycling shops and remnants markets, fashioning new outfits out of these salvaged materials. Soon after that, her brand Kintsugi was born, with the intention of giving new life to forgotten and discarded fabrics, while pursuing a zero-waste approach.   We talk about: Being a foreigner in Japan and those damn invisible walls and barriers How she came to start her side hustle fashion business Some things we can all do to reduce waste and our carbon footprint.  Links of things mentioned in this episode: You can find her on Instagram  Facebook: Website: and blog
March 17, 2019
Episode 33: Playing small? (日本語サマリー)
A solo episode today, it's the anniversary of 3/11 here in Japan.  Today I'm  talking about "Playing Small".  To get Tara Mohr's book "Playing Big" go here. For the information about the Women in Japan Mastermind which starts the week of April 1st 2019, go here. In today's episode I talk about: My family's experience being in Fukushima during the disaster in March 2011.  Some of the blessings that came out of that terrible time 3 things you can do to start "playing big"
March 10, 2019
Episode 32: Interview with Erinn from Off on a Whim(日本語サマリー)
 To find out more about joining the Women in Japan Mastermind, please check out the information here. We talk about: Life in Wakayama prefecture How Erinn came to start her online jewelry business  How she came to be in Japan Some of her funny Japanese language mistakes Her advice after over 30 years of living in Japan Links of things mentioned in this episode: The K.A. International Mothers Facebook Group.  Off on a Whim: 
March 3, 2019
Episode 31: Be the change you want to see (日本語サマリー)
Today I'm talking about being the change you want to see.  If you are interested in joining my online Women in Japan Mastermind, that will be starting on March 13th, 2019 (English). This is for someone who is looking for amazing accountability to get their project or business really moving forward. You can find out more here For the Japanese In Person Mastermind in Iwaki starting in April, please DM me to let me know you are interested.  Mentioned in this episode: Hamakon: Iwaki City International Association:
February 24, 2019
Episode 30: Interview with Cat Nakamichi(日本語サマリー)
This week's episode is sponsored by the Women in Japan Mastermind for women who want to live their best life and be the change they want to see!  This mastermind gets underway on March 13th, 2019. Find out more by signing up below.  We talk about: How a coin flip brought Cat to Japan How Cat became a translator  What life is like living next to Japanese in-laws Raising bilingual children in Japan Her book: The quick guide to Traditional Japanese Arts and Handicrafts After studying languages and linguistics at Monash University I caught the travel bug and came to Japan. I immediately fell in love with the culture, the people and the man who would become my husband. Once I married I became the wife of the eldest son in a farming family. Tradition. Tradition. Tradition.  I'm a passionate learner, an avid reader and people describe me as a go-getter. Not a day goes by when I do not learn something new. I bring this passion for discovery to every project I work on. You might wonder how I have time to be a mother (of two teenagers), heavily involved in the community in which we live and able to pursue my personal interests of sailing and embroidery as well as wearing and making kimono. My days are full but I start each one with a walk in the park with our Tohoku rescue-dog, Xyris.  Life has been good to me. It would be my pleasure to discover something new and add to my personal knowledge of Japan and her rich culture by working together with you to bring your words to life - in English.  You can find Cat:  Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:
February 17, 2019
Episode 28: Getting closer to your craft with Tia Haygood (日本語サマリー)
Tia Haygood is a Tokyo-based photographer who has helped over 200 Japanese and International- owned businesses in Japan with her own business, TopTia Photography. She’s skilled in event, portrait, product and food photography whose main focus is providing a visual catalyst to improve branding power to local artists and entrepreneurs. From covering annual business conferences to making children laugh at family portraits sessions, Tia brings an abundant amount of energy and compassion that her models and clients can enjoy. She is currently working towards obtaining her certification in professional photography for both America and Japan. During her free time she enjoys cycling, cooking new recipes and spreading awareness about Tokyo-based NPOs and NGOs.    We talk about: How she started out as a photographer How she grew during 2018 Being "closer with your craft". Photography retreat on April 6th and 7th, 2019.  Links of things mentioned in this episode: Robert Miller, Ginza Hub: FEW: When in doubt draw, Divya Marie Kato: Website: Facebook:  IG: @toptiaphotos LinkedIn:
February 3, 2019
Episode 27: Harumi Suzuki: Making the most of your life, where ever you live
 I'm excited to introduce you to Harumi Suzuki. First she was a fan of the podcast, now she's a student of my coaching course and appearing on the podcast herself! You can find out about the next round of Jumpstart with Jayne by joining the wait list here: We talk about: How Harumi came to be on this podcast! A super fun story! How Harumi became a photographer whilst being a single mother and living in rural Japan Her advice for people just starting to follow their passions Harumi says: I got into photography as a way to capture my memories and express my creativity. I find myself attracted to the majestic beauty of nature and the rawness of the human spirit, with photography providing me an outlet to share my perspective with others. Sunsets, flowers, blue skies and capturing the pureness of the human emotion are some of my favourite subjects. My photos focus on the brighter side of life and serves as a reminder that there is joy in everyday places if we care to look for it. When framing the mise en scène I love observing the environment through my camera lens, as it has become a form of meditation method that I use to soothe my soul. I am also a proud mother of one and privileged to call beautiful Hitachi my hometown. The countryside is closely connected to nature and as such has played a major influence in my life growing up. Some of my interests include fashion, craft, traveling and adventure, where you will find me with my loved ones enjoying life as a 21st century woman. Website: Facebook: sunshine ink My website: 
January 27, 2019
Episode 26: Thoughts become things
In today's episode I talk about some examples of how thoughts become things. Also: Join the wait list for the next round of Jumpstart with Jayne here Mega Clothes Swap in Tokyo Midtown on March 9th, 2019 Look out for Christy's upcoming podcast! Helen Iwata's Podcast: The Sasuga Podcast  Annie Peguero's Podcast: The Freedom Core Sarah Bull's Podcast: Translation Mavens
January 20, 2019
Episode 25: Word of the Year and "Problems" vs "Opportunities"
First episode of 2019! Today is a solo episode!  Today's episode is sponsored by "Jumpstart with Jayne", my 6 week course with live group coaching that starts January 16th, 2019. Find out more here:  Have you missed this intake?  Don't miss the next one! Make sure you are on the list!  In this episode I talk about: My word of the year for 2019 How I use my word of the year to guide me A recent "Problem" that became an "Opportunity" I'd love to hear from you about your word of the year or any problems you turned into opportunities. 
January 13, 2019
Episode 24: Top 5 lessons from 2018
The first episode for 2019!! This episode was recorded at the end of 2018, I hope you will enjoy hearing about the things that made the year go really well.  You can join my online free training on January 6th here: Experience working with Jayne and hear more about the Jumpstart with Jayne course which starts in January 16th, 2019.
January 1, 2019
Episode 23: End of 2018 LIVE Christmas Party (日本語サマリーあります。)
This episode is sponsored by the "Jumpstart with Jayne" online course! Sign up for our free "Start 2019 Right" training here to hear more about it: The training is January 6th, 2019 8pm JST. This is a special end of year episode, I recorded this live with Jacqui Miyabayashi, Christie Arakawa and Helen Iwata who came along. You can see the video recording here: If you'd like to know more about Jacqui and her marketing services, check her out at Instagram: @jacquimiya If you'd like to hear more about Helen's podcast and retreats happening in 2019, you can find out here: Christy Arakawa will be starting her own podcast in 2019!! Woo hoo!! Look out for that, I'll have more information for you when that comes available. Thank you so much for all your support this year! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday.
December 17, 2018
Episode 22: Interview with Tamiko Kelly
Tamiko Kelly is the founder of Sleep Well. Wake Happy and the creator of The Feel Like Yourself Again Baby Sleep Solution. As a certified sleep consultant and holistic health practitioner, Tamiko helps tired moms feel like themselves again by teaching them how to get their babies sleeping through the night. She has spent over 50,000 hours sleep training babies and many of her clients have called her a "miracle worker" as they have been overjoyed after her methods restored sleep in their homes. Tamiko is an international speaker who has shared the stage with Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby on the Block and Dr. Jenn Mann of VH1 Couple's Therapy. Tamiko happily shares her advice across her social media platforms where she reaches over 12,000 tired moms. Her sleep advice has been featured on Yahoo Finance,, and she has appeared as a guest expert on Austin's ABC Affiliate TV Show, Studio 512. Tamiko lives in Austin where she jubilantly attends SXSW each year. In this episode we discuss: Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the US, how Tamiko and her family celebrate this event The effect of lack of sleep for parents How Tamiko built her business starting 10 years ago The importance of experiencing your ideal clients pain points yourself To get in contact with Tamiko or join her course: Facebook: Instagram: @iamtamikokelly To join Jayne's Start 2019 Right free training click here:
December 9, 2018
Episode 21: Interview with Mr Nakata(日本語のサマリーあります)
Koichi is my husband and one of my biggest supporters. I was very lucky to meet him 16 years ago when I was sent to Iwaki as an English teacher and he just happened to be in the class I was teaching. Fast forward 16 years, 1 international move, another move back to Japan, 1 dog and 2 kids later, here we are. People often ask me: “How is it that your husband is so supportive of you?”. I have to admit, I wonder that myself so it was very interesting to sit down and hash that out with him. Thank you to all the listeners who sent in their questions. I’ve never had such a response to an episode before. I hope you will not be disappointed! Want to get that list of values we have which helps us run our lives together? Download our family manifesto here: Thanks to IG friends: @thetokyochaper @mariannesiegmann @sawadalindsey @bikudesigns @alliko @chocolatine_tokyo Facebook friends: Gabriella and Heide
December 2, 2018
Episode 20: Interview with Gizem Sakamaki (日本語サマリーあります!)
Gizem Sakamaki is the face behind Foodie Tours Japan. Gizem is Turkish, born in Germany, married to a Japanese. She has been living in Japan since 2015, after falling in love with Japan during her Work and Travel Year in 2013. Gizem is a polyglot with an ongoing interest in learning new languages. She speaks German, Turkish, English and Japanese fluently. Her mixed cultural background led to a broad understanding of intercultural communication, its difficulties and its advantages. Her love for languages and the unknown, made her a passionate traveler and eater. Foodie Tours Japan is the result of her deep love for food, crossed with a strong dedication to hospitality. We talk about: Failing Japanese at university but still being able to “make it” in Japan. How things do fall into place and all the pieces will connect. Growing up bilingual in two cultures The importance of community/network when living away from family Starting a business without a website Gizem’s favourite Quote… FACEBOOK Foodie Tours Japan INSTAGRAM @foodietoursjapan WEB
November 25, 2018
Episode 19: Sarah Furuya
Sarah arrived in Japan in 2001. For one year. Since then she has built a home and business in Tokyo with her Japanese husband. She is a Life Coach, Executive Coach and Facilitator who has worked with entrepreneurs, business people, educators, executives, and expat family managers (sometimes called trailing spouses, a label she hates) since 2005. Her drive is to help people have a better more truthful experience in life and work, through listening to and working with people’s stories and systems. She firmly believes in starting from where you truthfully are and applies this principle to corporate, executive and life coaching clients. Her corporate clients come from a broad range of industries including tech, car, sports and finance and her private clients span ages 17-70 Sarah has a BSc Hons in Human Psychology and Human Biology, is a certified practitioner of Lumina Spark and Saville Wave psychometrics and in November 2018 will graduate as a trained Systems Coach (ORSC) In this episode we talk about: How Sarah came to be where she is today FEW: For Empower Women in Japan How Sarah uses words of the year CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility and what that looks likes for Sarah About being bold and the importance of visibility The three similarities Sarah sees across her coaching clients All the details of the Clothes Swap happening in Tokyo on December 8th, 2018 Sarah’s one year coaching programme which starts in February 2019: Links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
November 12, 2018
Episode 18: Phil from Sports Therapy Liverpool
Today's episode is Phil MacDonald, one of Jayne's first friends in Japan. Phil is a fully qualified level 5 sports therapist based at the Climbing Hangar Liverpool. He arrived in Japan in 2002 as an English teacher and has transformed from a teacher, to an travel guide, translator and is now a sports therapist helping people who are injured. Phil also works in professional cycling as soigneur to Team Wiggins and the Great Britain cycling team. In this episode, we discuss: We talked about: How Japan influenced him even after leaving Japan Finding your true path, despite being good at loads of languages! Phil’s experience volunteering in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture post 3/11 Getting involved in professional sport supporting cyclists Old injuries and emotional pain The most common problems he sees in his injury clinic Links: Instagram: sportinjuryphil Facebook: Website:
November 11, 2018
Episode 17: My biggest learning from attending BBD Live
In this episode Jayne talks about: How she came to be able to go to California How she built her support network Top take away from Business By Design Live with James Wedmore How she overcame her introversion to make the most of the event 日本語版 Inspire You in Yumoto: Make sure you get in touch with Jayne if you are wanting to start your own podcast on Instagram: jaynenakata Email: Mentioned in this episode: James Wedmore Jim Fortin Jo Bendle
November 4, 2018
Episode 16: Interview with Catherine O’Connell, Catherine O’Connell Law
Catherine O'Connell was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a Kiwi Dad and Aussie Mum and three brothers. She started out in tourism before going into law. Catherine left the Corporate world in March 2017 to take a brand-new path as a “Lawpreneur”, qualifying to become a Japan-recognised Foreign Registered Lawyer, and she then launched her own law practice from April 2018. Catherine is the first foreign female to run her own practice in Japan and first Kiwi to set up as a sole practitioner in Japan. Catherine’s business model is based on flexible lawyering with secondments to in-house legal teams, Japanese law firms and SME businesses which need legal support without hiring a full-time headcount. Catherine’s expertise is in commercial & corporate law and compliance & regulatory. In this episode we talk about:  How she came to be a lawyer in Japan and started her own law firm Some of her tools and support systems that helped her to become a “lawpreneur” What we should do to take care of our affairs when living in Japan Her word of the’s a killer! Find Catherine here Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:
October 24, 2018
Episode 15: An interview with Helen Iwata 日本語サマリーがあります!
Helen Iwata, president of Sasuga Communications K. K., helps business professionals communicate with clarity and confidence in the global workplace, so that they can enjoy greater success and happiness. In this episode we talk about: How Helen’s obsession with languages brought her to Japan How Helen honed her communication skills and presentation skills Helen’s #1 tip for presenting Stepping out of and into your comfort zone The transformation Helen is currently experiencing Mentioned in the podcast Jim Fortin: Transformational Coach Retreat: Email Helen and tell her what you are looking for Helen’s newsletter: Website: Instagram: Sasuga You! Discovery Weekend (Japanese only) Facebook Page:
October 14, 2018
Episode 14: Interview with Heather Minowa (日本語サマリーあります)
Heather Minowa is an American mother of two who has been in Japan for nearly 12 years. She educates people on how to use doTERRA essential oils safely and effectively. She is a mandala artist and a world traveler. Her work and passion are to educate more people about doTERRA essential oils and to help them realize that their mindset is key to living a happy life. She also has gone through an amazing transformation herself recently. In this episode we talk about:  The starting point for Heather’s transformation Showing herself more care and love Her exercise regime and MuTu The Celebrate You with Essential Oils Retreat, Oct 20-21, 2018 in Iwaki, Fukushima Mentioned in this episode:  Celebrate You Retreat Information:  Doterra Essential Oils Mutu System Freedom Fit HIT workout with Annie Peguero: Find Heather here Website: Facebook: Instagram: 
October 7, 2018
Episode 13: A new level a new devil (日本語版は最後にあります!)
エピソードの最後に日本語のサマリーあります! On today’s episode I’m talking about: Upgrading my podcast! How my interview with James Wedmore from the Mind Your Business Podcast went The aftermath of the interview and how mindfulness helped me Exhaustion and negativity Dealing with negative thoughts My October Competition! Be into win a Compact Undated Passion Planner! Ways To Enter: Rate and review me in iTunes, or Follow me on Instagram at jaynenakata, screenshot you listening to the episode and your biggest take away and tag me @jaynenakata. If you haven’t already, join my mail list before October 31st The winner will be announced on November 1st.
September 30, 2018
Episode 12: Post Summer! How are you going?
Hello! How are things going post summer vacation? Lot's of things to catch up on so this episode is one of those solo episodes!
September 19, 2018
Episode 11: Transformational Talks with Tina Koyama
Tina Koyama is a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach for women, and a 2017 graduate of The Path of Self Love School. She guides women to let go of stress and bring in more self love and self care through tools and practices that support and nourish the body, mind and spirit. She is an American from South Carolina, USA and a long-term resident living in Niigata, Japan. We talk about: What it’s like living in Northern Japan on the “dark side” of Honshu Transitioning out of English teaching What “Self Love” is and how it’s different from “Self Care” Tina’s own work on transformation Perfectionism and the Inner Critic Jayne talks about her learning around control The Celebrate You with Essential Oils Retreat, Oct 20-21, 2018 in Iwaki, Fukushima IG: #braveheartedwellness Website: (coming soon) Facebook: The Brave+Hearted Sisterhood FB Group Facebook: Tina Koyama Holistic Life + Wellness Retreat Information:
September 6, 2018
Bonus Episode: Japan and NZ, This is How WE Do It.
How do you do it? Spending time in NZ and Japan with my family. On this episode I talk about: 1) Getting my husband on board with it 2) Getting support from my home country people 3) Planning in advance to make it happen 4)Finances: How I found the money to pay for our trips 5)What I do to make the transition between countries easier on us all Instagram: @jaynenakata
August 13, 2018
Bonus Episode: Talking about Loneliness
I've really noticed the topic of loneliness coming up. We are suffering from this more than ever. How do you combat loneliness? Today I talk about: Our summer trip to New Zealand so far How one person is combating loneliness in her small community In person vs online The digital divide in New Zealand and Japan Jayne's Japanese online community, ジェーンと一緒に変身コミュニティ Mentioned in the podcast: Jayne's Japanese Online Community: CommuniTea - Northern Buller: Mind your Business Podcast: Follow: Website: Instagram:  or @Jaynenakata Facebook:
July 31, 2018
Bonus Episode: Making a "dream" come true
In this bonus episode, you can hear how I manifested something completely amazing!
July 10, 2018
Episode 10: Interview with Sarah Bull
Sarah Bull has been a Japanese-to-English translator since graduating from the University of Queensland’s MAJIT program (Master of Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translating) in 2007. In addition to her roles as a legal translation instructor at UQ and as a Senior Legal Translator and equity partner with translation company TBSJ, she is currently preparing to launch Translation Mavens: a podcast and online community for people in the Japanese/English translation industry. Sarah is originally from the Sunshine Coast in Australia and has lived in Japan on and off since 1995. She currently lives in the Urawa area of Saitama with her 8-year-old daughter, Japanese husband, and her dog and two cats. Website: Facebook Page: Itunes:
July 4, 2018
Episode 9: Interview with Patricia Nakao of Tabitabiya
Patricia NOEL is from France. She has been living in Tokyo for about 21 years and is married with two girls. Ever since coming to Japan she's been teaching French as a Foreign Language. This is the job she's always wanted to do as a way to combine her liking for the French language and her wish to travel the world....Well, she thought she would travel the world more, but she stopped in Japan ! Several years ago, she made up her mind to launch, actually re-launch, her online shop for Japanese items. The idea behind Tabitabiya is to share her passion for Japanese traditional patterns. "I have always been very fond of them and it seems I just can't get enough of them !", she says. Website: Facebook: Instagram:
June 20, 2018
Episode 8: Interview with Lindsey Sawada
Today Lindsey and I are talking about being in Japan, being a Yogi, building a business when Japanese is not your first language and other fun things! Facebook Instagram @sawadalindsey Website
June 6, 2018
Bonus Episode : Just ask
In this bonus episode, I'll be talking about something super exciting that happened to my family recently because we asked. It turned into a 3 days whirlwind of fun. If you'd like to watch the episode of tv you can watch it here on your pc for a limited time: Just click on the Blue button that says: TVer はこちら. It's on the right hand side. May not work outside Japan.
May 29, 2018
Episode 7: Interview with Victoria Close
Victoria is the owner, designer and wearer of all hats at Biku Designs, a jewelry company that uses recycled kimono to give them a new lease of life. She’s anti “motainai” or “wasting things” and her beautiful necklaces are being sent all over the world as gifts. We talk about how she loves her life in Tokyo, recycling bath water, growing urban gardens. You can hear about where she goes to source the kimono for her designs and how they become they get a new lease of life, how she manages to get so much done alone in her business and what she’s got planned next! Boroichi Market: Best Living Japan WEB/ Newsletter: IG: FB: VIP: Victoria’s logo was designed by:
May 24, 2018
Episode 6: Interview with Johanna MacGregor
Johanna MacGregor writes the popular blog: The Tokyo Chapter. In this episode we discuss life in Japan as a mother, finding your own identity living in a different culture and we also answer some listener questions! Instagram: @thetokyochapter Facebook: Blog:
May 9, 2018
Episode 5: Money Blocks with Marianne Siegmann
This week I have the loveliest guest ever! Marianne Siegmann is from The Netherlands and is a money mindset and EFT coach. Marianne came to my Real Japan Retreat last November so we had a chance to meet and person. She is a wonderful calming voice of reason, so definitely give this episode a listen and you can hear me talking about my own money blocks too! Facebook: Webpage:
April 25, 2018
Episode 4: Transformation Talk with Sophie Lion Poulain
Sophie is joining us for this talk from France. She has experienced expat life living in the USA for 10 years, and now she works as a business coach and super networker. Have a listen to hear how her life changed after she joined the Real Japan Retreat in 2017. Sophie's 1 day retreat in Bordeaux: Find out about Jayne's events as they become available:
April 11, 2018
Bonus Episode!
Bonus episode for your Monday morning!!
April 8, 2018
Episode 3: Interview with Jacqui Miyabayashi
Jacqui Miyabayashi is a long term resident of Japan who helps expat women find their place in the world. We discuss the importance of community, parenting in Japan and being bold in 2018.
March 28, 2018
Episode 2: How do you use a "Word of the Year"
In this episode we talk about those "words of the year" and how you can apply them to your daily life!
March 15, 2018
Episode 1: Are you living the Dream
Are you living the dream? Am I? Listen and find out!
March 5, 2018