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I'm a film director and this podcast is my way of socialising.

I'm a film director and this podcast is my way of socialising.

By Juliane Block
I'm a film director. I love what I do. I love emotions. I struggle. I fail. I succeed. I love all of it, specifically all the people intersecting with my journey. After doing a few first episodes on my own, I thought it's much more engaging to remember the memorable moments with them together.

PS: I'm also a mom, a tattoo lover, a challenge seeker and I live in Germany... if you must know.
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Filmmaker Darcy Weir - interview
Today I’m talking to Darcy Weir, a documentary filmmaker. We released our films through the same distributor and I was extremely impressed with Darcy’s ability to promote his docs. 0:07 Documentary filmmaker Darcy Weir 0:34 How “X-Files” and “Harry and the Hendersons” led to UFOs and Sasquatch documentaries 4:10 Having a distinctive target audience & getting your film out there: be passionate about what you do 6:31 Are members of UFO groups believers? 9:09 Telling your side of the story and how to deal with charlatans 16:25 Filming on sight, finding and interviewing your subjects If you want to connect with Darcy you’ll find all his films & trailers here:
May 28, 2021
Storyboard artist Graham Wyn Jones - interview
Today I’m talking to Graham Wyn Jones, a storyboard artist who has done huge blockbuster films, but also small, independent type of films, where he worked with only a small team. Listen to how he got into the industry and the joys of being a storyboard artist: 0:00 Graham Wyn Jones 0:52 The journey from merchant seaman to storyboard artist 6:44 Working on Hollywood blockbuster movies & the time it takes to get there 9:49 The storyboarding workflow 11:35 The skillset of a good storyboard artist 15:16 Different languages on set 16:42 Concept artist, storyboard artist, digital or pencil & paper Connect with Graham: About Graham: "Drawing storyboards is a richly rewarding experience for me. I visualise the written word from the script into cinematic storyboards. It is above all a communication tool of the Director`s vision for the production in terms of realising the narrative, composition/framing, lenses, lighting, stunts and vfx requirements. The drawings freeze lines, shapes light and visualises what the script can't describe in words." GRAHAM WYN JONES B.A. (HONS) is an award-winning free-lance storyboard artist with 23 years of experience in the film industry. He has worked the full spectrum of the media, from major Hollywood studios such as Marvel & Disney, to low-budget independent films, high-end TV drama, commercials, games, music, corporate, documentaries and 4D animation. Graham has been invited to teach Art & Design, illustration, MA Media studies across the UK in his downtime.
May 11, 2021
Actor and musician Jeff Weber - interview
For everyone who doesn’t know, once in a while I also do poster work, and that’s how I met Texas-based actor Jeff Weber, and we decided to do a podcast! Have a listen: 1:11 Introduction of Texas-based musician & actor Jeff Weber, and learning a classical instrument in your childhood 5:01 Getting into the movie industry (in your 40s) 7:42 The difference between shooting music videos vs a narrative film, and the story behind "What I’d Do For You" 11:37 Advice for aspiring actors and musicians 13:16 Killing bugs, spiders & scorpions 15:07 We are all a product of our environment 18:58 “The Curse of Hobbes House” & the characters of Naser (Waleed Elgadi) and Eury Saul (Jo Price) 20:40 What’s next Connect with Jeff: Instagram: @gojaydub Facebook: @theradiogunners Website: Referenced in the podcast: Podcast: Interview with language coach Clifford De Spenser Podcast: Interview with actor Waleed Elgadi "The Curse of Hobbes House" "Kinks"
May 07, 2021
Language coach Clifford De Spenser - interview
Today I spoke to Clifford De Spenser, who I first collaborated with on the film “3 Lives” and who become an invaluable member of my team ever since. 0:35 Intro of voice / language / dialect / dialogue coach Clifford De Spenser 2:27 The ups and downs in the film industry & the importance of networking 3:37 Glamour on set (or the absence of it) & wearing the right clothes 4.53 Shooting the film “3 Lives” 7:49 Guerrilla filmmaking has similarities to being in the army 10:16 The bigger the budget [..] the more silly they become 13:44 A film set is like a medieval court 15:03 The difference between dialect and dialogue coach (with a small detour to the early days of cinema) 17:52 Advice to actresses and actors who aspire to be successful internationally 21:07 What’s next If you want to connect with Clifford: Link to "3 Lives"
May 04, 2021
Colourist Filipe Fernandes - interview
Today I'm talking to Filipe Fernandes, a colourist I had the pleasure of working with on 3 of my films: "8 Remains", "3 Lives" and "The Curse of Hobbes House" 0:00 How Filipe Fernandes became a colourist in the film industry 3:01 What skills do a colourist need?  4:28 Advice to filmmakers from a colourist what not to avoid during shooting 5:44 The story about turning the runner into forest greenery (Filipe’s magic wand)  7:16 The process of colour grading 9:24 "8 Remains" - a project saved in colour grade (DoP Marcus Schwemin)   13:22 Case study "The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady", a short film with a VFX animated statue as the lead character in a real environment   16:24 Working and living the European dream  Connect with Filipe: Website: Instagram: @filipe_fernandes_grade Film Shed’s Website: Trailer of "The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady" Link to "8 Remains"
April 30, 2021
Singer-songwriter Georgie Fisher - interview
Georgie Fisher is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, who has made Berlin her home. Have a listen: 0:00 Georgie Fisher 1:16 Career choice: singer-songwriter 5:08 Writing music for a film vs creating a song 7:02 What’s next? 8:44 How do you create a pop song? 11:05 Next: the production of the song - a different skillset 12:30 Advice for aspiring musicians 14:49 Talking about the glamour of being a musician on tour Connect with Georgie: Music Streaming Spotify Bandcamp Website/Socials Website Instagram Facebook
April 27, 2021
Post producer Pat Wintersgill - interview
Pat Wintersgill is a producer and the managing director of the post house Filmshed, which is responsible for the colour grading of my last three feature films. I had a chance to chat with him. Have a listen: 0:12 Introduction & being a runner in the film industry 1:26 The evolution of film to digital 3:35 The history of Pat’s company Filmshed 4:14 The process and importance of post production 9:33 Things to look out for to avoid problems in post, frame rate & green screen 15:13 The use of stagecraft 18:33 Pat’s own productions If you want to connect with Pat: Website: Instagram: @film_shed Facebook: Twitter: @Film_Shed
April 23, 2021
Actor & writer Waleed Elgadi - interview
With the release of “The Curse of Hobbes House” coming up in the UK (March 8th 2021), I had a chance to catch up again with Waleed Elgadi, who recently also starred in “Mosul”. Have a listen! 00:00 Introduction and “The Curse of Hobbes House” 02:25 Working with a zombie trainer 04:18 “Mosul” and filming “The 355” 11:14 Social Media in show business and COVID19 17:15 Take away for aspiring actors and actresses If you want to connect with Waleed: Insta: @waleedium Twitter: @WaleedElgadi FB: @WaleedElgadi
March 05, 2021
Actor Kevin Leslie - interview
Today I’m speaking to Kevin Leslie, who I had the pleasure of working with in “8 Remains”, as well as “The Curse of Hobbes House.” 00:47 The importance of action and cut when you work in a different language. 03:24 “The Curse of Hobbes House” 04:31 How Kevin prepared to play Nigel Thatcher 08:00 What’s important in a role in order to commit playing the character? Making a difference and seeing the world differently when getting older. 15:12 Being privileged and entitled. 21:25 The movie “Lockdown” 25:50 Takeaways for aspiring actors and actresses 34:14 Remembering the shoot of “The Curse of Hobbes House” 35:06 There’s no point going to work if you hate your job 36:09 Gender balance on set If you want to connect with Kevin, check out the links below: Twitter - FB - Insta - His movies we spoke about: Lockdown - 8 Remains - The Curse of Hobbes House -
February 27, 2021
Hair and make- up artist Pamela Ip - interview
Today I'm talking to Pamela Ip, a very talented hair and make-up artist with whom I worked with on my film 3 Lives. I simply love her work. 01:33 Following your passion and your childhood dreams 03:25 Working with other film departments and getting your hands dirty 05:18 The beauty of being a bit older when you find your calling 05:50 The most rewarding aspect of being a hair and make-up designer, every day is different and be prepared & organised! 08:53 Misperceptions about the job 10:18 Working with actresses and actors 11:48 Special FX make-up 13:15 Waiting for post COVID 16:00 Recommendations for people interested in becoming an hair and make-up artist . . Want to check out ‘3 Lives’, the film I worked on with Pip, click here: Watch 3 Lives! If you want to connect with Pip: Instagram: @pip_wham
February 19, 2021
Director/cartoonist/writer Virginia Kennedy - interview
Today I'm talking to my long time friend, collaborator, director, cartoonist, writer, and much more - Virginia Kennedy, an Australian living in Malaysia (that's where we met.) 00:20 Two white ladies in Malaysia. 01:08 About Virginia Kennedy. 01:45 Virginia and I co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the comedy mockumentary Kinks. The low-budget journey was fun, and stress, and took us to a lot of interesting locations, like a jungle camp. We also talk about low budget directing and the experience of co-directing, as well as my acting abilities. 10:13 How a German production got kicked out of Malaysia. 13:31 Shooting by the rules, with or without permit and bribery. 17:35 Stupid things white people do. 19:59 The things we really love about Malaysia. 24:10 The funniest receptionist ever. 27:11 Virginia’s future projects, 9 to 5 jobs vs. following your dream. 29:59 My future projects & breaking into the German market. 32:01 Persistence & passion are key. . . Want to check out 'Kinks', the film Virginia and I wrote, produced and directed? Click here! If you want to connect with Virginia, here's how: Instagram: @datadoll Facebook: @Virginiakennedypictures Web: . . If you want to connect with me, watch my films, or read more from me, you can find all links to do so here: Juliane Block
July 16, 2020
Actress/producer Makenna Guyler - interview
00:25 Intro Makenna Guyler, actress & dog lover 02:04 Makenna in ‘The Curse of Hobbes House,’ the scene she loved the most, and a crazy children’s birthday party 10:55 Makenna’s exciting upcoming Sci-Fi mini-series and shooting during COVID19 13:42 The joy and advantages of shooting with smaller crews, teamwork and who should be responsible to get the coffee 18:20 Actor-director relationships 22:52 How does heart surgery compare to filmmaking and the importance of a good 1st AD 25:34 Advice from Makenna for aspiring actresses and actors and that relates to finding your identity and being enough for yourself 33:53 Kids are so authentic and can ground you 35:10 Mountain climbing (Makenna climbed the Kilimanjaro and the Mount Everest Base camp!) and expanding your limits 48:20 The Movie Method Want to check out 'The Curse of Hobbes House', in which Makenna is playing the lead role? Click here to sign up to get to know about the release.  If you want to connect with Makenna, here's how: Instagram: @makennaguyler Instagram: @themoviemethod Twitter: @MakennaGuyler coming soon:
July 06, 2020
Actress/producer/director Mhairi Calvey - interview
Mhairi Calvey started acting at an early stage. With five, she made her debut in 'Braveheart,' gaining international recognition. For me (Juliane Block) Mhairi has been a lifesaver, playing the lead in my feature '3 Lives,' coming on board only days before principal photography started. The collaboration was so successful that I knew I wanted to work with her again. And we did in 'The Curse of Hobbes House.' Today, Mhairi and I are talking about work, life as an actress, and things to look out for if you aspire to a career on screen. If you want to connect with Mhairi, here's how: IMDB: Instagram: @mhairicalveyofficial Facebook: Mhairi Calvey
June 29, 2020
From Hong Kong to Malaysia
At some point I moved to Malaysia. In this episode I tell you about why, and how that ultimately enabled me to make the move into the movie industry. From now on, I'll change to interview people I met during my journey, who I admire or who are dear to me. (I felt that talking just about myself is a bit boring.) You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 25, 2020
Why I hated my job in Hong Kong
I moved to Hong Kong, I thought let's see how long I'll last and then it turned out to be 6 years, which I stayed in Asia. Oh, and I absolutely hated my first job!  You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 24, 2020
Baby steps in Hong Kong & Racism
I've never been to Asia before traveling to Hong Kong planning to stay there. I'm talking about my very first steps, realising what it means to be a Caucasian in Hong Kong and how to find your inner strength. You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 22, 2020
Burn out & Hong Kong
I had one year I really didn't create ANYTHING creative of value... and then I just fled. To Hong Kong. That's my story. You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 20, 2020
Well, in this episode I talk about my time navigating school. Pros and cons. Have a listen to my ramblings and decide for yourself. You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 19, 2020
Being happy... a long road
Did you find the right job for you? I think I have, however, listen to this to hear about all the side steps I had to take...  You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 18, 2020
Did you have imaginary friends?
I did, and it worried my mom at some point. However, I think the source of all creativity is to tap into the stories we made up as children. Find your inner child and preserve it :) You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 17, 2020
Inner Monster
My introduction into the film world was through doing zombie make-up. My intro to do zombie make-up was through my mom's evening parties where she sold make-up. Wanna know more? Have a listen :)  PS: Episode art shows me in 2002 during a film project, where I did the make-up. You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 16, 2020
How it all started
My mental backstory. What epiphany as teenager lay the foundation for me to become a film director. Tapping into my relationship to my parents as well as my point of view on failure and challenge. You want to connect or check out more of my films or writings?
January 15, 2020