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Know Ya’ Worth

Know Ya’ Worth

By J.Brandice
A podcast created to reach purpose-filled women who may be overcoming hardships in life, love, business as well as for those that strive to become the change they wish to see...
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Dating (Online & Face-to-Face) Pt. 2: Emotional Availability
Many times, we find ourselves in connection with emotionally unavailable people and expect the relationship to be productive. Until we address the source of the emotional unavailability, we will continue to find ourselves in toxic relationships. We’ll discuss the difference between emotional availability and unavailability, as well as the importance of a Christ centered life.
June 6, 2020
Dating Issues (Pt.1): Sex, Dating & Marriage
We’ll uncover the truth behind what many men call an “unrealistic expectation” that women have pertaining to dating.
May 22, 2020
KYW Purpose
May 19, 2020